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general relativity and quantum cosmology HEP - experiment HEP - lattice HEP - phenomenology HEP - theory

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 09:00-10:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Ioannis Papadimitriou*
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Please email tomeasb(at)gmail(dot)com to obtain the meeting link and password. Unless explicitly requested otherwise, your email address will be included in our seminar mailing list.

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MonOct 2810:00Dimitrios TsimpisTBA
MonNov 1110:00Jorge RussoTBA
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MonJul 0809:00Georgios PalkanoglouΕξωτική πυρηνική υπερρευστότητα σε πυρήνες και πυρηνική ύλη
MonMay 2709:00Erik TonniAspects of Entanglement Hamiltonians
TueMay 2109:00Daniel GrumillerCarroll black holes
MonMay 2009:00Γεώργιος ΛιναρδόπουλοςB-type anomaly coefficients of holographic defects
MonMay 1309:00Αντωνία ΠαρασκευoπούλουIs M-theory emergent?
MonApr 2909:00Nicolaos ToumbasA time dependent ER=EPR for closed FRW cosmologies
MonApr 0809:00Michele RediThe meso-inflationary axion scenario
TueMar 2610:00Geoffrey CompèreMemory effects in de Sitter and the Lambda-BMS group
MonMar 1110:00Mehrdad MirbabayiAn Observer's Measure of De Sitter Entropy
MonMar 0410:00Shai ChesterBootstrapping N = 4 SYM for all N and coupling
MonFeb 1210:00Carlos NúñezAspects of gauge-strings duality
TueJan 2310:00Matthew RobertsMonodromy Defects in QFT and Holography
MonJan 2210:00Achilleas LazopoulosΕνεργός θεωρία πεδίου για το Καθιερωμένο Μοντέλο/Developments in Standard Model Effective Field Theory
MonJan 1510:00Congkao WenExact integrated correlators in N=4 super Yang-Mills
MonJan 0810:00Dimitrios KatsinisGenerating solutions of sigma models efficiently
MonDec 1110:00Matthew DodelsonBlack hole bulk-cone singularities
MonDec 0410:00Sašo GrozdanovPole-skipping in a large number of spacetime dimensions and the reconstruction of QFT spectra
MonNov 2010:00Nana Geraldine Cabo BizetNon-Abelian T-dualities in (0,2) gauged linear sigma models
ThuNov 0909:00Elias KiritsisHolographic cosmological reheating [Canceled]
TueOct 3110:00Dimitris KosmopoulosΜελετώντας Βαρυτικά Κύματα με Πλάτη Σκέδασης/Gravitational Waves from Amplitudes
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