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FriOct 2210:30Young Researchers in Extremal and Probabilistic CombinatoricsDimitry ZakharovZero subsums in vector spaces over finite fields
FriOct 2211:00Algebra and Logic SeminarPeter DanchevOn Some Special Decompositions of Matrices over Fields and Finite Commutative Rings
FriOct 2212:00Deformation Quantization SeminarSeverin BarmeierStrict deformation quantizations of polynomial Poisson structures
FriOct 2212:00Durham Maths HEP seminarsRiccardo BorsatoA classification of solution-generating techniques in supergravity and of canonical transformations of sigma-models
FriOct 2212:00Modular representations and geometryRoman BezrukavnikovModular representations and geometry, 4
FriOct 2212:00IIT Bombay Virtual Commutative Algebra SeminarAmalendu KrishnaChow groups and Euler class groups of affine varieties
FriOct 2212:00Workshop on Sociophysics: Social Phenomena from a Physics PerspectiveGuillaume DeffuantGroup dominance or group hierarchies emerging from interplay between gossip and group prejudice
FriOct 2212:30The London geometry and topology seminarLewis TopleyFinite W-algebras and the orbit method
FriOct 2212:30Семінар з фрактального аналізу / Fractal analysis seminarSerhiy DmytrenkoДвосимвольні системи кодування чисел, пов'язані з ланцюговими дробами, та їх застосування (за матеріалами канд. дисертації) / Two-symbol systems of encoding of numbers related to continued fractions and their applications (presentation of the C.Sc. thesis)
FriOct 2212:30Workshop on Sociophysics: Social Phenomena from a Physics PerspectiveFabiano RibeiroThe Physics of Cities
FriOct 2213:00Algebraic and Combinatorial Perspectives in the Mathematical SciencesSophie SpirklModular relations for the Tutte symmetric function
FriOct 2213:00Automorphic Project & Research SeminarAnne-Marie AubertA nonabelian Fourier transform for tempered unipotent representations of p-adic groups I
FriOct 2213:00CMO- Real Polynomials: Counting and StabilityKhazhgali KozhasovThe many faces of polynomial capacity
FriOct 2213:00GGTI Online SeminarsIlia ItenbergLecture 4: Areas in K3-surfaces
FriOct 2213:00VCU ALPS (Analysis, Logic, and Physics Seminar)Corey SwitzerWhen is a set of reals "weird"?
FriOct 2213:00Zoominar in Dynamical Systems @ PortoAli TahzibiEquilibrium states for discretized Anosov flows
FriOct 2213:00Workshop on Sociophysics: Social Phenomena from a Physics PerspectiveAriel Olaf SalgadoThe R Network evolution: characterization of a collaborative network of software
FriOct 2213:15Symplectic zoominarYakov EliashbergTBA
FriOct 2213:15Workshop on Sociophysics: Social Phenomena from a Physics PerspectiveSebastián GonçalvesUrban Scaling of COVID-19 across countries
FriOct 2213:45Workshop on Sociophysics: Social Phenomena from a Physics PerspectiveMarcelo KupermanThe destructive effect of human stupidity: a revision of Cipolla’s fundamental laws
FriOct 2214:00CMO- Real Polynomials: Counting and StabilitySimone NaldiSpectrahedral representations of hyperbolic plane curves
FriOct 2214:00Webinar on Diophantine approximation and homogeneous dynamicsAlex GorodnikProducts of linear forms and distribution of translated measures
FriOct 2214:00(LAGARTOS) Latin American Real and Tropical Geometry SeminarAlfredo NajeraCluster algebras, deformation theory and beyond
FriOct 2214:00MIT Infinite Dimensional Algebra SeminarAnne MoreauNilpotent orbits arising from admissible affine vertex algebras
FriOct 2214:00Queen Mary University of London Algebra and Number Theory SeminarMax KutlerMotivic and topological zeta functions of matroids
FriOct 2214:00Selected Topics in Mathematics - Online EditionAlexey SossinskyEnergy Functionals and the Normal Forms of Knots and Plane Curves
FriOct 2214:00Virtual Maxwell Analysis SeminarGuido De PhilippisMultilinear Kakeya and Michael-Simon inequality for anisotropic stationary varifolds
FriOct 2214:00Zoominar in Dynamical Systems @ PortoTamara KucherenkoFlexibility of the Pressure Function
FriOct 2214:15Workshop on Sociophysics: Social Phenomena from a Physics PerspectiveJosé FontanariWisdom of crowds: much ado about nothing
FriOct 2214:30Algebra and Number Theory Seminars at Université LavalFilippo NuccioExplaining the finiteness of the class group of a number field to a computer
FriOct 2214:30BIRS workshop: New Perspectives in Colouring and StructureMaria ChudnovskyInduced subgraphs and tree decompositions
FriOct 2214:30Columbia Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic SeminarYunqing TangThe unbounded denominators conjecture
FriOct 2214:30Harvard CMSA: Quantum Matter/QFT/Condensed Matter/MathNetta EngelhardtRecent Holographic Developments on the Black Hole Information Problem
FriOct 2215:00BIRS workshop Mathematics of the Cell: Integrating Signaling, Transport and MechanicsKhanh Dao DucImpact of ribosomes on translation across scales and new metrics for biological shape analysis
FriOct 2215:00CRM - Séminaire du CIRGET / Géométrie et TopologieYang LiMetric SYZ conjecture
FriOct 2215:00CMO- Real Polynomials: Counting and StabilityJ. Maurice RojasCounting Pieces of Real Near-Circuit Hypersurfaces Faster
FriOct 2215:00Fluid Dynamics and Application in Climate and Atmospheric SciencesJames BoothMidlatitude weather and climate change: expectations and uncertainties
FriOct 2215:00Quantum Gravity Across ApproachesMarkus Aspelmeyer and Sougato BoseTBA
FriOct 2215:00mms&convergenceMattia FogagnoloMinkowski inequalities in manifolds with nonnegative Ricci curvature
FriOct 2215:30BIRS workshop: New Perspectives in Colouring and StructureSophie SpirklLogarithmic treewidth
FriOct 2215:40BIRS workshop Mathematics of the Cell: Integrating Signaling, Transport and MechanicsJay NewbyDynamic self organization and microscale fluid properties of nucleoplasm
FriOct 2216:00CMO- Real Polynomials: Counting and StabilityLucia Lopez de MedranoOn maximally inflected hyperbolic curves
FriOct 2216:00Fluid Dynamics and Application in Climate and Atmospheric SciencesAnna FrishmanOn turbulence-mean-flow interactions in two dimensions
FriOct 2216:10BIRS workshop: New Perspectives in Colouring and StructureMarcin PilipczukThe Gyárfás' path argument and quasi-polynomial time algorithms in P_t-free graphs
FriOct 2216:30Probability and the City SeminarColin McSwiggenRandom matrix models arising from projections of orbital measures
FriOct 2216:40BIRS workshop Mathematics of the Cell: Integrating Signaling, Transport and MechanicsTom ChouBiophysics of X-inactivation and integration site T cell populations in HIV-infected individuals
FriOct 2217:00CUNY Harmonic Analysis and PDE's SeminarSuen Chun Kit AnthonyVanishing parameter limit for a class of active scalar equations
FriOct 2217:00Seminario de álgebra, combinatoria y teoría de LieGunther CornelissenUsing spectra of twisted Laplacians to detect equivalence of Riemannian coverings
FriOct 2217:10BIRS workshop: New Perspectives in Colouring and StructurePaweł RzążewskiPolynomial-time algorithm for Maximum Independent Set in bounded-degree graphs with no long induced claws
FriOct 2217:30Fluid Dynamics and Application in Climate and Atmospheric SciencesGeorgios MargazoglouNoise-induced transitions in climate models: Brownian vs Levy types
FriOct 2218:00Yale Geometric Analysis & Applications SeminarKeaton NaffRotational symmetry of ancient solutions of Ricci flow in higher dimensions
FriOct 2218:30CRM-Montreal analysis SeminarYannick SireSome results on harmonic maps with free boundary and beyond
FriOct 2222:00UCLA analysis and PDE seminarAlan ChangThe Kakeya needle problem for rectifiable sets
SatOct 2314:00Algebraic Geometry NorthEastern Series (AGNES)Jack PetokKodaira dimensions of some moduli spaces of hyperkähler fourfolds
SatOct 2314:30Algebraic Geometry NorthEastern Series (AGNES)Rachel WebbThe moduli of maps has a canonical obstruction theory
SatOct 2315:00Algebraic Geometry NorthEastern Series (AGNES)Max WeinreichThe pentagram map
SatOct 2315:30Algebraic Geometry NorthEastern Series (AGNES)Claudia YunHomology representations of compactified configurations on graphs
SatOct 2318:00Algebraic Geometry NorthEastern Series (AGNES)Ryan ContrerasPlane $\mathbb{A}^1$-curves on the complement of strange rational curves
SatOct 2318:30Algebraic Geometry NorthEastern Series (AGNES)Sarah FreiReduction of Brauer classes on K3 surfaces
SatOct 2319:00Algebraic Geometry NorthEastern Series (AGNES)John KopperAmple stable vector bundles on rational surfaces
SatOct 2319:30Algebraic Geometry NorthEastern Series (AGNES)Joaquín MoragaReductive quotient of klt singularities
SunOct 2414:00Algebraic Geometry NorthEastern Series (AGNES)Levi HeathQuantum Serre duality for quasimaps
SunOct 2414:30Algebraic Geometry NorthEastern Series (AGNES)Nawaz SultaniGromov-Witten invariants of some non-convex complete intersections
SunOct 2415:00Algebraic Geometry NorthEastern Series (AGNES)Wern YeongAlgebraic hyperbolicity of very general hypersurfaces in products of projective spaces
SunOct 2415:30Algebraic Geometry NorthEastern Series (AGNES)Aline ZanardiniThe moduli space of rational elliptic surfaces of index two
SunOct 2418:00Algebraic Geometry NorthEastern Series (AGNES)Samir Canning + Hannah LarsonChow rings of Hurwitz spaces and moduli spaces of curves
SunOct 2418:30Algebraic Geometry NorthEastern Series (AGNES)Kai HuangK-stability of Log Fano Cone Singularities
SunOct 2419:00Algebraic Geometry NorthEastern Series (AGNES)Lena JiThe Noether–Lefschetz theorem in arbitrary characteristic
SunOct 2419:30Algebraic Geometry NorthEastern Series (AGNES)Fumiaki SuzukiAn O-acyclic variety of even index
MonOct 2501:00IBS-CGP weekly zoom seminar (Fall 2021)Sheel GanatraCategorical non-properness in wrapped Floer theory
MonOct 2512:00Paris algebra seminarLucien Hennecart(Canonical) bases of the elliptic Hall algebra
MonOct 2512:30Bilkent Topology SeminarOsman Berat OkutanPersistent Homology and Injectivity
MonOct 2513:00One World Combinatorics on Words SeminarFabien DurandBeyond substitutive sequences : Self-induced dynamical systems and sequences on compact alphabets
MonOct 2513:00Cogent SeminarMartin DerauxNon-arithmetic lattices in PU(2,1)
MonOct 2513:40Nečas Seminar on Continuum MechanicsKatharina BrazdaMultiphase biological membranes
MonOct 2514:00CMO-Bound-Geometry & Learning from DataJuergen JostTBA
MonOct 2514:00Fields Medal Symposium in honour of Peter ScholzeLaurent FarguesGeometrization of the local Langlands correspondence
MonOct 2514:00Geometric and functional inequalities and applicationsStefan SteinerbergerMean-Value Inequalities for Convex Domains
MonOct 2514:00Quantum Groups SeminarJonas WahlAn introduction to diagram algebras
MonOct 2514:00Cogent SeminarRuth KellerhalsThe non-arithmetic cusped hyperbolic 3-orbifold of minimal volume
MonOct 2515:00CMO-Bound-Geometry & Learning from DataAnna SeigalGroups and symmetries in Gaussian graphical models
MonOct 2515:00Noncommutative Geometry and PhysicsJohn BarrettThe Euclidean contour rotation in quantum gravity
MonOct 2515:00Oxford Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Finance SeminarIsao SauzeddeBrownian windings
MonOct 2515:15Fields Medal Symposium in honour of Peter ScholzeCong XueCohomology of stacks of shtukas
MonOct 2516:00CMO-Bound-Geometry & Learning from DataShantanu JoshiTBA
MonOct 2516:00Quantum Matter meets Maths (IST, Lisbon)Manfred SalmhoferRenormalization in condensed matter: Fermionic systems – from mathematics to materials
MonOct 2516:00Spectral geometry in the cloudsValentin BlomerEigenvalue statistics of flat tori
MonOct 2516:00CRM-Spectral geometry in the cloudsValentin BlomerEigenvalue statistics of flat tori
MonOct 2516:00Fields Number Theory SeminarJavier FresánA non-hypergeometric E-function
MonOct 2516:15St. Petersburg algebraic groups seminarRoman FedorovOn the purity conjecture of Nisnevich for torsors under reductive group schemes
MonOct 2518:00CMO-Bound-Geometry & Learning from DataNancy Arana-DanielTBA
MonOct 2518:30IAS High Energy Theory Monday Seminar SeriesMichael LevinLattice Edge Theories for Topological Phases of Matter
MonOct 2518:30M-seminarBen DavisonCohomological DT theory and nonabelian Hodge theory for stacks - 1
MonOct 2519:00CMO-Bound-Geometry & Learning from DataBenjamin Sanchez-LengelingTBA
MonOct 2519:00Western Hemisphere colloquium on geometry and physicsIbrahima BahNon-supersymmetric smooth solitonic solutions in Einstein-Maxwell type theories
MonOct 2519:00Probability and Analysis WebinarPavel Zorin-KranichTBA
MonOct 2520:00CRM Applied Math SeminarAaron BerkTBA
MonOct 2520:00MIST High-Energy Theory SeminarJonathan HeckmanDisorder Averaging and its UV (Dis)Contents
MonOct 2520:15MIT probability seminarErik BatesTitle to be announced
MonOct 2520:30Computability theory and applicationsSarah ReitzesTBA
MonOct 2521:00Computability theory and applicationsDiego RojasTBA
MonOct 2521:00OARS Online Analysis Research SeminarHong WangTBA