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ThuNov 3023:30SFU NT-AG seminarMark ShoemakerCounting curves in quiver varieties
FriDec 0108:00SEU Yau Center Theoretical Physics Seminars 2023Jia-Rui SunTBA
FriDec 0111:00Algebra and Logic SeminarJörg KoppitzCharacterization of Ideals of Q-algebras Related to its G-part
FriDec 0112:00Workshop on Quantum-Hardware Systems 2023Miiroslaw SopekProtecting Blockchains fom Quantum Threats: A Catalyst for Progress in Quantum Cryptography
FriDec 0112:40ODTU-Bilkent Algebraic Geometry SeminarsNil ŞahinMonotonicity of the Hilbert Functions of some monomial curves
FriDec 0113:00Combinatorics in algebraic structures: Invariant Theory and its ApplicationsVesselin DrenskyFrom Commutative to Noncommutative Invariant Theory: transfer of results
FriDec 0113:00Workshop on Quantum-Hardware Systems 2023Krzysztof PomorskiActivity of FLuxonics Society and European Quantum Industry Consortium
FriDec 0113:45Combinatorics in algebraic structures: Invariant Theory and its ApplicationsFabian ReimersVector invariants of permutations groups in characteristic zero
FriDec 0114:00Algebraic and Combinatorial Perspectives in the Mathematical SciencesMatilde MarcolliTBA
FriDec 0114:00Workshop on Quantum-Hardware Systems 2023Lukasz StepienDifferent skyrme models and their applications
FriDec 0114:20Combinatorics in algebraic structures: Invariant Theory and its ApplicationsSilvia BoumovaSymmetric polynomials in free associative algebras over a field of arbitrary characteristic
FriDec 0114:40Workshop on Quantum-Hardware Systems 2023Krzysztof PomorskiRound discussion on strategies of development of quantum technologies in Poland
FriDec 0114:55Combinatorics in algebraic structures: Invariant Theory and its ApplicationsPreena SamuelInvariants of mixed tensor spaces
FriDec 0115:00Cross Alps Logic SeminarZoltán VidnyánszkyHomomorphisms in the choiceless world
FriDec 0115:00Quiver MeetingsFrancesco MignosaComplete prepotentials of 5d higher-rank theories
FriDec 0115:30Columbia - Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic SeminarDeepam PatelMotivic Properties of Generalized Alexander Modules
FriDec 0116:00Combinatorics in algebraic structures: Invariant Theory and its ApplicationsMátyás DomokosOn the classification of moduli spaces of quiver representations
FriDec 0116:00GEOTOP-A seminarWojciech ChacholskiData, geometry, and homology
FriDec 0116:45Combinatorics in algebraic structures: Invariant Theory and its ApplicationsBenjamin Blum-SmithDegree bounds for rational invariants
FriDec 0117:00Geometry Webinar AmSur /AmSulEveline LegendreThe Einstein-Hilbert functional in Kähler and Sasaki geometry
FriDec 0117:20Combinatorics in algebraic structures: Invariant Theory and its ApplicationsPedro Antonio Muniz MartinsSeparating invariants for two-dimensional orthogonal groups over finite fields
FriDec 0117:45Combinatorics in algebraic structures: Invariant Theory and its ApplicationsCalin ChindrisHive-type polytopes for quiver semi-invariants and the membership problem for quiver moment cones
FriDec 0118:20Combinatorics in algebraic structures: Invariant Theory and its ApplicationsRebecca PatriasWeb invariants for noncrossing partitions
FriDec 0119:30Stanford algebraic geometry seminarMatt SatrianoBeyond twisted maps: crepant resolutions of log terminal singularities and a motivic McKay correspondence
FriDec 0120:00MAAGC 2023Linda ChenQuantum cohomology and mirror symmetry of flag varieties
FriDec 0122:00MAAGC 2023Aaron PixtonTautological rings and competing conjectures
FriDec 0123:30SFU Mathematics of Computation, Application and Data ("MOCAD") SeminarHansol ParkEmergent behavior of mathematical models on manifolds
SatDec 0207:00ITB Mathematics Distinguished Lecture SeriesProfessor Senjo ShimizuFree boundary problems for the Navier-Stokes equations
SatDec 0214:00MAAGC 2023Jonah BlasiakCatalania
SatDec 0216:00MAAGC 2023Laura ColmenarejoThe quantum Schubert world: polynomials, posets, and operators
MonDec 0410:00Frontiers of Holographic Duality-5Jacob SonnescheinA simple model, extracted using holography, of a domain wall between a confining and a de-confining phases and its velocity
MonDec 0410:00NKUA HEP SeminarsSašo GrozdanovPole-skipping in a large number of spacetime dimensions and the reconstruction of QFT spectra
MonDec 0410:30Cihan OkayKevin Ivan PitermanAdvances on Quillen's conjecture
MonDec 0411:00Frontiers of Holographic Duality-5Giuseppe PolicastroBinding Complexity and the Cost of Entanglement
MonDec 0413:00Frontiers of Holographic Duality-5Semyon MandryginTorus shadow formalism and exact global conformal blocks
MonDec 0413:00Paris algebra seminarJonah BerggrenConsistent Dimer Models on Surfaces with Boundary
MonDec 0413:15Munich-Copenhagen-Santiago Mathematical Physics seminarArne JensenOn the continuum limit of discrete Schrödinger operators
MonDec 0413:30Frontiers of Holographic Duality-5Marina UsovaRenormalization group flows in 3d holographic model
MonDec 0414:40Nečas Seminar on Continuum MechanicsAnastasia MolchanovaVariational Model of a Hyperelastic Capacitor
MonDec 0415:00European Non-Associative Algebra SeminarAmir Fernández OuaridiOn the simple transposed Poisson algebras and Jordan superalgebras
MonDec 0415:00Geometric and functional inequalities and applicationsMalabika PramanikPoints and distances
MonDec 0415:00Quantum Groups Seminar [QGS]Siegfried EchterhoffProper actions, fixed-point algebras, and deformation via coactions
MonDec 0415:30Knots and representation theoryMartinez-Garcia JesusModuli of Fano varieties via K-stability
MonDec 0417:00Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures Webinar SeriesLaurette TuckermanTBA
MonDec 0419:00CRG Weekly SeminarsSebastian Zuniga AltermanMöbius function, an identity factory with applications
MonDec 0419:30IAS High Energy Theory Monday Seminar SeriesErez UrbachThe Black Hole/String Transition in anti de Sitter Space
MonDec 0420:00Early Career Math ColloquiumAntonio AgrestiReaction-diffusion equations with transport noise
MonDec 0421:30MIT Topology SeminarAkhil MathewTBA
MonDec 0423:00CHAT (Career, History And Thoughts) seriesHélène EsnaultCodimension one in Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry
TueDec 0501:00Nonlinear Analysis Seminar SeriesPiotr HajłaszTBA
TueDec 0505:00Geometry, Algebra and Physics at KIASBen DavisonTBA
TueDec 0507:30OIST representation theory seminarEric MarbergFrom Klyachko models to perfect models
TueDec 0508:00BIMSA Integrable Systems SeminarAlexandr BuryakQuantum intersection numbers and the Gromov-Witten invariants of the Riemann sphere.
TueDec 0508:00SEU Yau Center Theoretical Physics Seminars 2023Gabriel CuomoTBA
TueDec 0510:00Frontiers of Holographic Duality-5Ali MollabashiTimelike Entanglement Entropy
TueDec 0511:00Frontiers of Holographic Duality-5Juan PedrazaGravity from Optimized Computation
TueDec 0513:00Function spacesIgor I. SkrypnikSome remarks on the weak Harnack inequality for unbounded minimizers of elliptic functionals with generalized Orlicz growth
TueDec 0513:00Sheffield Number Theory SeminarChris BirkbeckFormalising modular forms, Eisenstein series and the modularity conjecture in Lean
TueDec 0514:00One World Combinatorics on Words SeminarMatthieu RosenfeldWord reconstruction using queries on subwords or factors
TueDec 0514:00Frontiers of Holographic Duality-5Ali HajilouMagnetic Catalysis in Holographic Model with Two Types of Anisotropy for Heavy Quarks
TueDec 0514:00Non-local operators, probability and singularitiesFrancesco RussoTBA
TueDec 0514:00UEA pure maths seminarOmar León SánchezSome remarks on differentially large fields and CODFs
TueDec 0514:30Mathematical Picture Language SeminarDimitri ShlyakhetenkoFree dimension via the Wasserstein Metric
TueDec 0515:00Florida Atlantic University Crypto CaféDominic GoldTDA-Preprocessing Yields Quantifiable Efficiency Gains in Privacy-Preserving ML Models
TueDec 0515:00Frontiers of Holographic Duality-5Hao GengTBA
TueDec 0515:00Feza Gursey Center Higher Structures SeminarsMerlin ChristComplexes of stable infinity-categories
TueDec 0515:00International seminar on automorphic formsMin LeeTBA
TueDec 0517:00Online Seminar On Undergraduate Mathematics EducationLionel LevineMath (education) for AI safety
TueDec 0518:00VaNTAGeDaniel LittGalois theory of local systems
TueDec 0519:30NHETC SeminarFrancois LanusseTBA
TueDec 0520:00Harvard MIT Algebraic Geometry SeminarJeff BaudinOn Ueno's conjecture in positive characteristics
TueDec 0521:00Carleton-Ottawa Number Theory seminarHarun KirThe refined Humbert invariant as an ingredient
TueDec 0521:00MIT number theory seminarHélène EsnaultSurvey on some arithmetic properties of rigid local systems
TueDec 0521:00University of Arizona Algebra and Number Theory SeminarBhawesh MishraA Generalization of the Grunwald-Wang Theorem for $n^{th}$ Powers
TueDec 0521:00UCLA analysis and PDE seminarMax EngelsteinThe Robin problem on rough domains
WedDec 0606:00Trends in Mathematical ResearchMelaine SaillenfestCoevolution of moons and the spin axis of their host planet
WedDec 0607:30Moscow-Beijing topology seminarHaimiao ChenTBA
WedDec 0610:00Frontiers of Holographic Duality-5Oleg AndreevInsights on Pentaquarks through Gauge/String Duality
WedDec 0611:00Frontiers of Holographic Duality-5Mihailo CubrovicWeak chaos in the string S-matrix
WedDec 0612:15CAM seminarTBATBA
WedDec 0612:30Prague-Hradec Kralove seminar Cohomology in algebra, geometry, physics and statisticsHong Van LeUnital $C_\infty$-algebras and the real homotopy type of simply connected compact 8-manifolds
WedDec 0614:00DEGAS SeminarXiaowen DongOn the stability of spectral graph filters and beyond: A topological perspective
WedDec 0614:00FGC-HRI-IPM Number Theory WebinarsEmre SertözComputing linear relations between univariate integrals
WedDec 0614:00Frontiers of Holographic Duality-5Mikhail KhramtsovDropping a diary into semiclassical black hole microstates
WedDec 0615:00Machine Learning SeminarKyu-Hwan LeeData-scientific study of Kronecker coefficients
WedDec 0615:00Frontiers of Holographic Duality-5Pavel SlepovHolographic Beta-Function for Quark-Gluon Plasma with Heavy/Light Quarks
WedDec 0615:00Turkish Math Society - Distinguished Colloquium SeriesIngrid DaubechiesOld-fashioned Machine Learning: Using Diffusion Methods to Learn Underlying Structure
WedDec 0615:30Bristol Logic and Set Theory SeminarMerlin CarlSpace and time complexity for Infinite Time Turing Machines
WedDec 0616:00Seminar on Algorithmic Aspects of Information TheoryMarius ZimandLossless expanders and Information Reconciliation with no shared randomness.
WedDec 0616:00Frontiers of Holographic Duality-5Yuya KusukiTBA
WedDec 0616:00Input-to-State Stability and its ApplicationsDelphine Bresch-PietriInput-to-State Stability and converse Lyapunov Theorem for Linear Difference Equations and Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations
WedDec 0616:00London number theory seminarPol van HoftenOn Exotic Hecke correspondences
WedDec 0616:00Quasiworld SeminarMalavika MukundanConstructing dynamical approximations for entire functions
WedDec 0616:00Selected Topics in Mathematics - Online EditionDerek KitsonRigid graphs in dimension 3
WedDec 0616:00Virtual seminar on geometry with symmetriesLee KennardTorus actions with connected isotropy groups
WedDec 0616:20Geometry of differential equations seminarSergey AgafonovHexagonal circular 3-webs with polar curves of degree three
WedDec 0617:00Metagovernance SeminarTanusree SharmaInclusive.AI: Engaging Underserved Populations in Democratic Decision-Making on AI
WedDec 0617:00Quasiworld SeminarPjotr BuysTBA
WedDec 0617:00Topological Quantum Field Theory Club (IST, Lisbon)Francesco ConstantinoStated skein modules of 3-manifolds and TQFTs
WedDec 0617:20Geometry Seminar at Penn StateFrancisco Arrana HerreraTBA