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SunFeb 2820:00UF HEP Theory mini workshopA. Tiwari, M. DogruCosmology for Grads (3)
MonMar 0100:00Quantum geometry and representation theoryLinhui ShenModuli spaces and cluster theory I
MonMar 0101:30KEK Theory SeminarNoriyuki SogabeTopological color-superconductivity in QCD with one flavor
MonMar 0101:30Quantum geometry and representation theoryAlexander ShapiroK-theoretic Coulomb branches and cluster algebras I
MonMar 0103:00Quantum geometry and representation theoryHyun Kyu KimLecture I: Higher Teichmüller spaces and cluster varieties
MonMar 0109:00Quantum geometry and representation theoryIvan IpPositive representations of split real quantum groups I
MonMar 0110:30Quantum geometry and representation theoryDavid JordanDecorated character stacks and quantum cluster algebras via factorization homology I
MonMar 0113:00Bilkent Topology SeminarJulie BergnerVariants of the Waldhausen S-construction
MonMar 0113:00Monday's Nonstandard SeminarLuboš PickMaximal non-compactness of Sobolev embeddings
MonMar 0113:00Paris algebra seminarAmnon YekutieliRigidity, Residues and Duality: Overview and Recent Progress
MonMar 0114:00One World Combinatorics on Words SeminarMickaël PosticOpen and closed complexity functions of infinite words
MonMar 0114:00Extremal and probabilistic combinatorics webinarVishesh JainTowards the sampling Lovász local lemma
MonMar 0114:00Geometric and functional inequalities and applicationsManuel Del PinoDynamics of concentrated vorticities in 2d and 3d Euler flows
MonMar 0114:00Additive categories between algebra and functional analysisLidia Angeleri Hügelminicourse: Silting and tilting theory I
MonMar 0114:00Monday's Nonstandard SeminarMihai MihăilescuA Monotonicity Property for the Principal Eigenvalue of the p-Laplace Operator
MonMar 0114:15Oxford Geometry and Analysis SeminarCatherine CannizzoHomological mirror symmetry for genus two curves
MonMar 0114:30One World Optimization seminarAntonin ChambolleDerivatives of Solutions of Saddle-Point Problems
MonMar 0114:40Nečas Seminar on Continuum MechanicsJiří OutrataOn the solution of static contact problems with Coulomb friction via the semismooth* Newton method
MonMar 0115:00Groups, Operators, and Banach Algebras WebinarAli RaadExistence and Uniqueness of Canonical Cartan Subalgebras in Inductive Limit C*-algebras
MonMar 0115:00IFT-Madrid WebinarsDavid CerdenoDirect detection window to light new physics
MonMar 0115:00Leiden Algebra, Geometry, and Number Theory SeminarJan VonkQuadratic Chabauty and modular curves
MonMar 0115:00Quantum Groups SeminarNo talk------
MonMar 0115:00UAB dynamical systems group international seminarYilei TangTBA
MonMar 0115:00String Theory Seminar (IST, Lisbon)Jan ManschotVafa-Witten theory and quivers
MonMar 0115:00Additive categories between algebra and functional analysisSven-Ake Wegnerminicourse: Non-abelian categories in functional analysis I
MonMar 0115:00Classical knots, virtual knots, and algebraic structures related to knotsCarmen CaprauMovie moves for singular link cobordisms in 4-dimensional space
MonMar 0115:30Knots and representation theoryM. KhovanovIntroduction to universal construction of topological theories
MonMar 0116:00IML Number Theory semester (spring 2021)Sandro Bettin & Sary DrappeauThe distribution of the Estermann function and other quantum modular forms
MonMar 0116:00سمينار التحليل الرياضي وتطبيقاتهAhmed ZayedFractional Transforms and their Applications
MonMar 0116:00Newton 1665 - seminars on fundamental physicsNirmal RajDark Matter Direct(ional) Detection at the High Mass Frontier
MonMar 0116:00Oxford Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Finance Seminar‪Michael RöcknerTBA
MonMar 0116:00Warsaw Number Theory SeminarMikołaj FrączykSarnak’s density hypothesis in horizontal families
MonMar 0116:00Additive categories between algebra and functional analysisYann Paluminicourse: Extriangulated categories I
MonMar 0116:30Newton 1665 - seminars on fundamental physicsDavid DunskyShocking Signals from CHAMP Cosmic Rays
MonMar 0117:00BISTRO - Billiards and Surfaces à la Teichmüller and Riemann, OnlineDawei ChenConnected components of the strata of k-differentials
MonMar 0117:00Quantum Matter meets Maths (IST, Lisbon)Simon BeckerMathematics of magic angles for twisted bilayer graphene
MonMar 0117:00Spectral geometry in the cloudsGrigori RozenblumTBA
MonMar 0117:00Webinar in Additive CombinatoricsJimmy HeTBA
MonMar 0117:00HA-GMT-PDE SeminarPolona DurcikMultilinear singular and oscillatory integrals and applications
MonMar 0117:00Additive categories between algebra and functional analysisBernhard Kellerminicourse: Derived categories of exact categories I
MonMar 0117:00Fields Number Theory SeminarWenzhi LuoCircle Method and Automorphic Forms
MonMar 0117:30Purdue HETHoracio CasiniEntropic order parameters for symmetries in QFT
MonMar 0117:30McGill Theoretical High Energy Physics SeminarsGia DvaliS-matrix constraints on de Sitter and on black holes
MonMar 0117:30Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures Webinar SeriesCatherine SulemTBA
MonMar 0119:00UMass Amherst Representation theory seminarTheo Johnson-FreydStrongly-fusion 2-categories are grouplike
MonMar 0119:30IAS High Energy Theory Monday Seminar SeriesSurjeet RajendranFirewalls in General Relativity
MonMar 0119:30Kadanoff seminarsSid ParameswaranTBA
MonMar 0120:00Georgia Tech School of Physics ColloquiumRuth Murray-ClayThe Tip of the Planetary Iceberg: How Observed Planets May Differ from their More Distant Cousins
MonMar 0120:00Harvard Special ColloquiumAnkur MoitraRobustness Meets Algorithms
MonMar 0120:00York University Applied Algebra SeminarFoster TomTBA
MonMar 0120:00MIT Geometry and Topology SeminarArun DebrayStable diffeomorphism classification of some unorientable 4-manifolds
MonMar 0120:00Probability and Analysis WebinarNicholas CookUniversality for the minimum modulus of random trigonometric polynomials
MonMar 0121:00American Graduate Student Algebraic Geometry SeminarMelissa Sherman-BennettCluster structures on Schubert varieties in the Grassmannian
MonMar 0121:00JHU analysis seminar fall 2020Ilyas KhanTBA
MonMar 0121:10Informal string-math seminarAndrea BriniQuantum geometry and physics of Looijenga pairs
MonMar 0121:15Boston University Number Theory SeminarJohn BergdallReductions of certain semi-stable Galois representations
MonMar 0121:15MIT probability seminarTom AlbertsTitle to be announced
MonMar 0121:30Computability theory and applicationsKirsten EisenträgerA topological approach to undefinability in algebraic extensions of the rationals
MonMar 0121:30MIT topology seminarAchim KrauseTitle to be announced
MonMar 0122:00OARS Online Analysis Research SeminarLinhan LiCarleson measure estimates for the Green function
MonMar 0122:00Graphs and MatroidsO-joung KwonA unified half-integral Erdős-Pósa theorem for cycles in graphs labelled by multiple abelian groups
MonMar 0122:00SITP seminarRenato RennerA thought experiment to test the range of validity of quantum theory
MonMar 0123:00UBC Vancouver Algebraic Geometry SeminarYefeng ShenVirasoro constraints in quantum singularity theory
TueMar 0200:00Quantum geometry and representation theoryAlexander ShapiroK-theoretic Coulomb branches and cluster algebras II
TueMar 0200:00UCLA Number Theory SeminarRobert CassA geometric construction of central elements in affine mod $p$ Hecke algebras
TueMar 0200:002021 UNR Spring Matrix SeminarSarah PloskerCentrosymmetric Stochastic Matrices
TueMar 0201:30Quantum geometry and representation theoryLinhui ShenModuli spaces and cluster theory II
TueMar 0203:00Quantum geometry and representation theoryShunsuke KanoCategorical dynamical systems arising from sign-stable mutation loops
TueMar 0207:30OIST representation theory seminarAaron Yi Rui LowAdjustment matrices
TueMar 0207:30IBS/KAIST Discrete Math SeminarKevin HendreyA unified half-integral Erdős-Pósa theorem for cycles in graphs labelled by multiple abelian groups
TueMar 0208:00Necas PDE seminarDavid LannesSome problems arising in wave-structure interactions
TueMar 0209:00Higher Homotopical Structures (CRM intensive research program)Pedro Boavida de BritoTBA
TueMar 0209:00Higher Spin Gravity online-clubEvan McdonoughCosmological Signatures of Higher Spin Fields
TueMar 0209:00Quantum geometry and representation theoryIvan IpPositive representations of split real quantum groups II
TueMar 0210:30Quantum geometry and representation theoryHyun Kyu KimLecture II: Quantization problems for cluster varieties
TueMar 0211:00Ashoka University mathematics seminarsS. M. SrivastavaThe birth of set theory
TueMar 0212:30Industrial mathematics in Chebyshev laboratoryЕвгений БурнаевЗадачи оценки многообразий для предсказательного моделирования
TueMar 0213:00Algebra, Geometry and Physics seminar (MPIM Bonn/HU Berlin)Jean-Louis Colliot-TheleneTBA
TueMar 0213:00CERN String SeminarsChiara ToldoRotating black holes in Anti-de Sitter and updates on the search for multicenter AdS4 black holes
TueMar 0213:00Computability theory and applicationsLuca San MauroClassifying word problems
TueMar 0213:00Dobrushin Mathematics Laboratory SeminarEvgeny VerbitskiyAbsolutely continuous invariant measures for random dynamical systems
TueMar 0213:00Joint Theory Seminar between Vienna University of Technology and University of ViennaJames GrayMachine learning and SU(3) structures on six manifolds
TueMar 0213:30Analysis Seminar TrentoGareth SpeightWhitney Extension and Lusin Approximation in Carnot Group
TueMar 0213:45B.O.W.L Geometry SeminarGábor SzékelyhidiUniqueness of certain cylindrical tangent cones
TueMar 0214:00CAvid: Complex Analysis video seminarPaweł WójcickiTBA
TueMar 0214:00One world IAMP mathematical physics seminarMargherita DisertoriSupersymmetric transfer operators
TueMar 0214:00Irish Geometry SeminarBen McKayLocally homogeneous complex analytic geometric structures
TueMar 0214:00Additive categories between algebra and functional analysisLidia Angeleri Hügelminicourse: Silting and tilting theory II
TueMar 0214:30Oxford discrete mathematics and probability seminarJustin SalezSparse expanders have negative Ollivier-Ricci curvature
TueMar 0215:00CRM-CAMP (Computer-Assisted Mathematical Proofs) in Nonlinear AnalysisJ.D. Mireles JamesTBA
TueMar 0215:00Galois geometries and their applications: young seminarsMarco TimpanellaAlgebraic curves and (one of) their applications
TueMar 0215:00Data Science and Computational Statistics SeminarManfred OpperTBA
TueMar 0215:00Free Mathematics SeminarNicholas WilkinsQuantum Steenrod operations are covariant constant
TueMar 0215:00Malliavin Calculus and its ApplicationsIvan FeshchenkoOn sums of marginal subspaces
TueMar 0215:00Mathematical Picture Language SeminarAntii KupiainenIntegrability of Liouville Theory
TueMar 0215:00One World Numeration seminarVitaly BergelsonNormal sets in $(\mathbb{ℕ},+)$ and $(\mathbb{N},\times)$
TueMar 0215:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarFernando CukiermanDeformations of exterior differential ideals and applications
TueMar 0215:00Additive categories between algebra and functional analysisSven-Ake Wegnerminicourse: Non-abelian categories in functional analysis II
TueMar 0215:15Geometric Structures Research SeminarAkos MatszangoszTBA
TueMar 0215:30MIT number theory seminarHuajie LiAn infinitesimal variant of Guo-Jacquet trace formulae and its comparison
TueMar 0215:30Online asymptotic geometric analysis seminarMaria Alfonseca-CuberoTBA
TueMar 0215:30Oxford Random Matrix Theory SeminarsDiane HolcombTBC