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TueAug 1605:30Holography 2022: quantum matter and spacetimeMin Gu KangTBA
TueAug 1606:00ANU Mathematics and Computational Sciences SeminarGiuseppe BarcaTowards Exascale Computational Quantum Mechanics
TueAug 1607:00Holography 2022: quantum matter and spacetimeMoon Jip ParkTheory of Moire Magnets and Topological Magnons: Applications to Twisted Bilayer CrI3
TueAug 1607:30IBS/KAIST Discrete Math SeminarNoleen KöhlerTesting first-order definable properties on bounded degree graphs
TueAug 1610:30ICTS String SeminarsMoumita PatraAspects of N=3 Chern-Simons Quiver gauge theories with ADE classification
TueAug 1612:008th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolEyüp YalçınkayaLectures on Spin(7) Geometry
TueAug 1613:308th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolErnani Ribeiro Jr.Four-dimensional gradient Ricci solitons
TueAug 1614:00One world IAMP mathematical physics seminarJonathan DimockUltraviolet Stability for Quantum Electrodynamics in d=3
TueAug 1614:00Manifolds, homotopy theory, and related topicsMikala Ørsnes JansenUnstable algebraic K-theory
TueAug 1619:30Purdue HETKeiichiro FuruyaAn Algebra of Observables for de Sitter Space
WedAug 1700:30Holography 2022: quantum matter and spacetimeSabrina PasterskiTBA
WedAug 1702:00Holography 2022: quantum matter and spacetimeSeung-Sup LeeDMFT+NRG: From models to real materials, from local to nonlocal correlations
WedAug 1705:30Holography 2022: quantum matter and spacetimeSungBin LeeExotic phenomena in quasicrystals
WedAug 1707:00Holography 2022: quantum matter and spacetimeAnatoly DymarskyTBA
WedAug 1707:00KIAS String SeminarsEdwan PreauChern-Simons term and baryons in holographic QCD
WedAug 1709:30ICTS String SeminarsDaniel HarlowTBA
WedAug 1712:008th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolEyüp YalçınkayaLectures on Spin(7) Geometry
WedAug 1713:308th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolErnani Ribeiro Jr.Four-dimensional gradient Ricci solitons
WedAug 1715:00pombeTalksPranas Grigaitis"Prediction of metabolic strategies in Schizosaccharomyces pombe based on optimal resource allocation"
WedAug 1715:30pombeTalksAbhishek Poddar"Membrane stretching activates calcium-permeability of a putative channel Pkd2 during fission yeast cytokinesis"
WedAug 1716:00Metagovernance SeminarOpen SlotOpen Slot: Submit a proposal in #seminar-planning
ThuAug 1800:00Probability Victoria Seminar (PVSeminar)Yimin XiaoSample Path and Extreme Value Properties of Multivariate
ThuAug 1800:00La Trobe University Statistics and Stochastic zoom seminarProf Yimin XiaoSample Path and Extreme Value Properties of Multivariate Gaussian Random Fields
ThuAug 1800:30Holography 2022: quantum matter and spacetimeThomas HartmanCoarse graining pure states in AdS and CFT
ThuAug 1802:00BIMSA Geometry and Physics SeminarThomas HartmanTBA
ThuAug 1802:00Holography 2022: quantum matter and spacetimeJordan CotlerBlack Hole Microstate Statistics and Mesoscopic Quantum Gravity
ThuAug 1805:30Holography 2022: quantum matter and spacetimeDario RosaOperator delocalization in quantum networks
ThuAug 1806:00ANU Research School of Earth Sciences school seminarYongze SongWhat Makes Geospatial Decisions Different?
ThuAug 1807:00Holography 2022: quantum matter and spacetimeHyun-Seok YangAlgebraic Properties of Riemannian Manifolds
ThuAug 1807:30Holography 2022: quantum matter and spacetimeVictor JahnkeHolographic teleportation with conservation law
ThuAug 1808:30EDDy weekly seminarMartin UlmerPerturbation theory and the Carleson condition for the $L^p$ Dirichlet boundary value problem
ThuAug 1812:30Семінар з фрактального аналізу / Fractal analysis seminarMykola MorozПредставлення дійсних чисел рядами Перрона та нормальні властивості чисел, визначені в термінах цього представлення / Expansion of real numbers in Perron series and normal properties of numbers defined in terms of this expansion
ThuAug 1814:15Copenhagen-Jerusalem Combinatorics SeminarMehtaab SawhneyOn low-degree dependencies for sparse random graphs
ThuAug 1814:30Real reductive groups/atlasJeffrey AdamsHermitian forms on dimensional representations
ThuAug 1817:00LieJor Online Seminar: Algebras, representations, and applicationsAlberto ElduqueTensor categories, algebras, and superalgebras
ThuAug 1818:00Online logic seminarRamyaaAdvances in Differentiable Program Learning
ThuAug 1819:00Rocky Mountain Rep Theory SeminarAngela GibneyFactorization resolutions
FriAug 1900:30Holography 2022: quantum matter and spacetimeJunggi YoonDoes negative central charge always imply non-unitarity?
FriAug 1901:00Learning Seminar on Quantum TopologyLouis H. KauffmanTemperley-Lieb Recoupling Theory and Invariants of Classical and Virtual Knots and Links
FriAug 1901:00Holography 2022: quantum matter and spacetimeHugo CamargoBlack Hole Microstate Statistics and Mesoscopic Quantum Gravity
FriAug 1902:00Holography 2022: quantum matter and spacetimeYunseok SeoImpurity induced metal-insulator transition in holography
FriAug 1902:30Holography 2022: quantum matter and spacetimeKyung Kiu KimThermodynamics of Holographic BCFT
FriAug 1910:00Algebra and Logic SeminarHristo IlievExamples of non-reduced components of the Hilbert Scheme of smooth projective curves using ruled surfaces
FriAug 1912:008th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolEyüp YalçınkayaLectures on Spin(7) Geometry
FriAug 1913:308th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolErnani Ribeiro Jr.Four-dimensional gradient Ricci solitons
FriAug 1915:00GEOTOP-A seminarLisbeth FajstrupCollapsing in directed topology
FriAug 1917:00Geometry Webinar AmSur /AmSulLucas AmbrozioZoll-like metrics in minimal surface theory
MonAug 2207:00KIAS String SeminarsHaowu WangTBA
MonAug 2208:008th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolAlberto RafferoLectures on closed G_2 structures
MonAug 2209:30The mathematics of motionNoy Soffer AranovFields Prize Talks: Sphere Packings - on Maryna Viazovska's result
MonAug 2210:40The mathematics of motionAlan SoraniFields Prize Talks: Hodge Theory in Combinatorics – June Huh’s results
MonAug 2212:008th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolMustafa KalafatLectures on Minimal Surfaces
TueAug 2306:00ANU Mathematics and Computational Sciences SeminarCharles O'Neill & Jack MillerEigenvalue initialisation and regularisation for koopman autoencoders and beyond
TueAug 2307:30IBS/KAIST Discrete Math SeminarRaul Wayne Teixeira LopesTemporal Menger and related problems
TueAug 2308:008th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolAlberto RafferoLectures on closed G_2 structures
TueAug 2309:30ICTS String SeminarsJulius JuliusTBA
TueAug 2312:008th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolMustafa KalafatLectures on Minimal Surfaces
WedAug 2406:00POINTS - Peking Online International Number Theory SeminarMasatosho KitagawaUniformly bounded multiplicities in the branching problem and D-modules
WedAug 2407:00KIAS String SeminarsYi ZhangGravitational anomalies of higher-spin fields
WedAug 2409:30ICTS String SeminarsMadhu MishraTBA
WedAug 2416:00Metagovernance Seminar--No Seminar (At DWeb Camp)
WedAug 2416:00Theoretical Physics Colloquium @ ASURoxanne P. SpringerUsing large-Nc to order nucleon-nucleon interactions
ThuAug 2501:00IBS Virtual Discrete Math ColloquiumBrett LerouxTBA
ThuAug 2508:008th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolAlberto RafferoLectures on closed G_2 structures
ThuAug 2509:00Online Nottingham algebraic geometry seminarTristan HübschLaurent Smoothing, Turin Degenerations and Mirror Symmetry
ThuAug 2509:30The mathematics of motionRon RosenthalFields Prize Talks: Phase transitions in statistical physics – Hugo Duminil-Copin’s results
ThuAug 2510:40The mathematics of motionNoy Soffer-AranovFields Prize Talks: The Duffin-Schaefer Conjecture - on James Maynard's Results
ThuAug 2512:008th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolMustafa KalafatLectures on Minimal Surfaces
ThuAug 2512:00Complexity MeetingsShuichi HiraharaNP-Hardness of Learning Programs and Partial MCSP
ThuAug 2512:00DANGER2: Data, Numbers, and GeometryAlexey PozdnyakovMurmurations of elliptic curves
ThuAug 2513:15DANGER2: Data, Numbers, and GeometryMargaret ReganUsing data as an input to parameterized polynomial systems
ThuAug 2514:15Copenhagen-Jerusalem Combinatorics SeminarRadoslav FulekTBA
ThuAug 2515:00DANGER2: Data, Numbers, and GeometryHenry KvingeHow Deep Learning is Being Made More Robust, More Domain-Aware, and More Capable of Generalization Through the Influence of Algebra and Topology
ThuAug 2516:15DANGER2: Data, Numbers, and GeometryJesus De LoeraOn the Discrete Geometric Principles of Machine Learning and Statistical Inference
ThuAug 2517:00LieJor Online Seminar: Algebras, representations, and applicationsVictor PetrogradskyTBA
ThuAug 2517:00Topos Institute ColloquiumAndrea CensiCategorification of Negative Information
ThuAug 2518:00Online logic seminarXavier VidauxTowers of totally real nested square roots: undecidability, the lattice of subfields, and the quartic extensions within the tower
FriAug 2607:00Combinatorics Today Series - ITBMieczyslaw BorowieckiTBA
FriAug 2608:008th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolAlberto RafferoLectures on closed G_2 structures
FriAug 2609:00DANGER2: Data, Numbers, and GeometryGeordie WilliamsonEquivariant deep learning: a hammer looking for a nail
FriAug 2610:15DANGER2: Data, Numbers, and GeometryAnthea MonodApproximating Persistent Homology for Large Datasets
FriAug 2612:008th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolMustafa KalafatLectures on Minimal Surfaces
FriAug 2613:00DANGER2: Data, Numbers, and GeometryMichael R DouglasNumerical methods for Calabi-Yau and special geometry metrics
FriAug 2614:15DANGER2: Data, Numbers, and GeometryMaria CameronComputing Committors in Collective Variables via Mahalanobis Diffusion Maps
FriAug 2617:00Geometry Webinar AmSur /AmSulLuis FloritA Nash type theorem and extrinsic surgeries for positive scalar curvature
MonAug 2907:00KIAS String SeminarsHeeyeon KimTBA
TueAug 3006:00ANU Mathematics and Computational Sciences SeminarAmanda ParkerTBC
TueAug 3007:00KIAS String SeminarsHeeyeon KimTBA
TueAug 3007:30IBS/KAIST Discrete Math SeminarJun GaoNumber of (k-1)-cliques in k-critical graph
TueAug 3009:30ICTS String SeminarsMd AbhishekTBA
TueAug 3014:00One world IAMP mathematical physics seminarJian DingRepeated emergence of 4/3-exponent
TueAug 3014:00Manifolds, homotopy theory, and related topicsJan SteinebrunnerThe genus filtration of the surface category
WedAug 3100:00AI for Pandemic Seminars SeriesChinasa T. OkoloMaking AI Explainable for Novice Technology Users in Low-Resource Settings
WedAug 3107:00KIAS String SeminarsHeeyeon KimTBA
WedAug 3116:00Metagovernance SeminarNicholas VincentData Leverage: A Framework for Empowering the Public and Mitigating Harms of Artificial Intelligence
ThuSep 0106:00ANU Research School of Earth Sciences school seminarJessica HargreavesPhD exit seminar
ThuSep 0112:00Monthly Global Diffeology SeminarPhilip SavilleTBA
ThuSep 0113:00Online Nottingham algebraic geometry seminarAlfredo Nájera ChávezNewton–Okounkov bodies and minimal models of cluster varieties
ThuSep 0113:30JoMaReC - Joint Online Mathematical Relativity ColloquiumBadri KrishnanTBA
ThuSep 0114:15Copenhagen-Jerusalem Combinatorics SeminarAlexandros HollenderTBA