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WedFeb 0809:30ICTS String SeminarsAradhita ChattopadhyayaNumerical experiments on coefficients of instanton partition functions
WedFeb 0810:00Computational AlgebraManolis TsakirisUnlabelled Principal Component Analysis
WedFeb 0811:30RA SeminarKarin BaurFrieze patterns and cluster theory
WedFeb 0814:00Abu Dhabi Stochastics SeminarAnton NikitenkoMeasuring shapes with random Delaunay mosaics
WedFeb 0814:00Sheffield Pure Maths ColloquiaJohannes GirschIntroduction to the representation theory of $p$-adic groups
WedFeb 0814:30F1 World SeminarTBACancelled
WedFeb 0816:00London number theory seminarBrian TyrellFurther afield and further, a field: remarks on undecidability
WedFeb 0816:00Selected Topics in Mathematics - Online EditionAndy HoneContinued fractions from hyperelliptic curves
WedFeb 0816:00Virtual seminar on geometry with symmetriesJason DeVitoThe non-simply connected double soul conjecture
WedFeb 0816:20Geometry of differential equations seminarAlexander OrlovHurwitz numbers, matrix models, commuting operators
WedFeb 0817:00Harmonic analysis e-seminarsFrancesca BartolucciWhat's new in wavelet phase retrieval?
WedFeb 0817:00Metagovernance SeminarPhilipp ZahnCompositional Game Theory and Institutional Design
WedFeb 0817:00Topological Quantum Field Theory Club (IST, Lisbon)James MacphersonLocally wide quasi-fiat 2-categories and their coalgebra 2-representations
WedFeb 0819:45Carleton-Ottawa Number Theory seminarKatharina MuellerIwasawa main conjectures for graphs
WedFeb 0820:00Harvard number theory seminarJared WeinsteinHigher modularity of elliptic curves
WedFeb 0820:00NYC noncommutative geometry seminarFrancesco D'AndreaCW structures in noncommutative geometry
WedFeb 0820:00CRG Weekly SeminarsAlisa A. SedunovaA logarithmic improvement in the Bombieri-Vinogradov theorem
WedFeb 0821:30Early Career Math ColloquiumSarah StrikwerdaOptimal Control in Fluid Flows through Deformable Porous Media
ThuFeb 0900:00New York City Category Theory SeminarMikhail KhovanovUniversal construction and its applications.
ThuFeb 0900:10Berkeley applied mathematics seminarZhiyan DingMean-field analysis of interacting particle system and overparameterization of neural network
ThuFeb 0905:00ANU Research School of Earth Sciences school seminarDr. Steven ConstableMixing Electricity with Water: The World of Marine Electromagnetic Methods
ThuFeb 0910:00Online Nottingham algebraic geometry seminarIacopo BrivioInvariance of plurigenera and KSBA moduli in positive and mixed characteristic
ThuFeb 0911:00Geometry and Physics @ LisbonHerwig HauserModuli of n points on the projective line
ThuFeb 0911:00Mathematical models and integration methodsА. В. БоровскихГрупповой анализ уравнения эйконала
ThuFeb 0912:15Gothenburg statistics seminarTBATBA
ThuFeb 0913:30Семінар з фрактального аналізу / Fractal analysis seminarEvgen AndreievФрактальна геометрія Всесвіту / Fractal geometry of the Universe
ThuFeb 0914:00Barcelona Analysis SeminarMatthew HydeQuantitative rectifiability in metric spaces
ThuFeb 0914:00(ED-3S) Essex Data Science Seminar SeriesMateo SallesSupervised Learning for Untangling Braids
ThuFeb 0914:00SFT@Cloud Journal ClubAmr AhmadainTBA
ThuFeb 0914:00FD SeminarSeverin Barmeier$A_\infty$ deformations of extended Khovanov arc algebras and Stroppel’s Conjecture
ThuFeb 0914:30Семінар з фрактального аналізу / Fractal analysis seminarDmytro KarvatskyТригонометричні ряди та канторвали / Trigonometric series and Cantorvals
ThuFeb 0915:00MESS (Mathematics Essex Seminar Series)Barbara BaumeisterPresentations of Artin groups and quasi-Coxeter elements
ThuFeb 0915:00Seminar on Analysis, Differential Equations and Mathematical PhysicsEravimangalam Krishnan NarayananToeplitz operators on quotient domains
ThuFeb 0915:15Copenhagen-Jerusalem Combinatorics SeminarCosmin PohoataConvexity, color avoidance, and total domination
ThuFeb 0916:00Analysis, Quantum Fields, and ProbabilityWojciech de RoeckClassification of short-range entangled quantum states and pumping processes
ThuFeb 0916:00London Learning LeanAnand Rao Tadipatri + Siddhartha GadgilFormalising Giles Gardam's disproof of Kaplansky's Unit Conjecture
ThuFeb 0916:00Seminar on the Mathematics of Reaction NetworksElisenda FeliuOn the generic dimension and nondegeneracy of steady states of reaction networks
ThuFeb 0916:00Number Theory Web SeminarSarah PeluseDivisibility of character values of the symmetric group
ThuFeb 0916:00Quebec Analysis and Related Fields Graduate SeminarMahishanka WithanachchiPolynomial approximation in local Dirichlet spaces
ThuFeb 0916:00Turkish Math Society - Distinguished Colloquium SeriesIngrid DaubechiesPostponed due to Earthquake
ThuFeb 0916:30Seminar on the Mathematics of Reaction NetworksSarang Sunil NathConstructing Equivalent Electrical Circuits for (Bio)chemical Reaction Networks
ThuFeb 0917:00Mathematics, Physics and Machine Learning (IST, Lisbon)Ben EdelmanStudies in feature learning through the lens of sparse boolean functions
ThuFeb 0917:00Topos Institute ColloquiumPrakash PanangadenNuclear ideals in monoidal *-categories
ThuFeb 0919:00Michigan Tech Specialty Seminar in Partition Theory, q-Series and Related TopicsDarlison NyirendaTBA
ThuFeb 0919:00Online logic seminarLiling KoComputable smallness is not intrinsic smallness
ThuFeb 0920:00Matroids - Combinatorics, Algebra and Geometry SeminarMichael JoswigGeneralized Permutahedra and Positive Flag Dressians
ThuFeb 0920:00New York Number Theory SeminarAlex IosevichFinite point configurations and complexity
ThuFeb 0921:15CUNY Geometric Analysis SeminarConghan DongStability of the Euclidean 3-space for the positive mass theorem
ThuFeb 0921:30M-seminarSemon RezchikovCategorical aspects of the Fueter Equation
ThuFeb 0922:00Govbase LabsProject UpdatesProject Updates
ThuFeb 0922:00UCSD number theory seminarSimon MarshallLarge values of eigenfunctions on hyperbolic manifolds
ThuFeb 0922:10Lethbridge number theory and combinatorics seminarCristhian GarayAn invitation to the algebraic geometry over idempotent semirings (Lecture 2 of 2)
ThuFeb 0923:30SFU NT-AG seminarEva-Marie HainzlUniversal types of singularities of solutions to functional equation systems
FriFeb 1009:00BIMSA Integrable Systems SeminarPavel NikitinSemifinite harmonic functions on Bratteli diagrams
FriFeb 1009:30Séminaire de géométrie arithmétique et motivique (Paris Nord)Arnaud EteveAutour de Langlands local en profondeur 0 en égale caractéristique
FriFeb 1011:00Algebra and Logic SeminarYacine Barhoumi-AndréaniA New Approach to the Characteristic Polynomial of a Random Unitary Matrix
FriFeb 1011:00Geometry and Physics @ LisbonHerwig HauserModuli of n points on the projective line
FriFeb 1011:30Bilkent University Quantum Computing SeminarIgor SikoraCohomological framework for contextual quantum computation
FriFeb 1012:15AMS PhD SeminarKonstantinos KonstantinouGlobal quantile regression and comparison of n-samples tests of correspondence of distribution functions without and with nuisance factors.
FriFeb 1013:00IIT Bombay Virtual Commutative Algebra SeminarSaugata BasuHomology of symmetric semi-algebraic sets
FriFeb 1013:30Differential Geometry Seminar TorinoAlvaro PampanoExistence and Properties of Closed Free p-Elastic Curves
FriFeb 1014:00(LAGARTOS) Latin American Real and Tropical Geometry SeminarAndreas GrossVector bundles in tropical geometry
FriFeb 1014:15Symplectic zoominarDavid White (NSCU)/Kai Hugtenburg (Edinburgh)/Patricia Dietzsch (ETH)Three 20min research talks
FriFeb 1015:00Functional analysis and operator algebras in AthensM. LupiniDefinable refinements of classical algebraic invariants
FriFeb 1015:00Banach spaces webinarsDaniel FreemanStable phase retrieval in function spaces, Part I
FriFeb 1015:00VCU Geometry and Topology SeminarGretchen MatthewsCoding for distributed storage using algebraic geometry
FriFeb 1015:30Columbia - Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic SeminarJ. E. Rodríguez CamargoSolid locally analytic representations, D-modules and applications to p-adic automorphic forms
FriFeb 1015:30Harvard CMSA: Quantum Matter in Math and Physics (QFT/Condensed Matter)Hotat LamNon-invertible Symmetry Enforced Gaplessness
FriFeb 1016:00CRM - Séminaire du CIRGET / Géométrie et TopologieMaxime Fortier BourqueTBA
FriFeb 1016:00GEOTOP-A seminarSteve OudotSigned rank decompositions for multi-parameter persistence: from Moebius inversion to relative homological algebra
FriFeb 1018:30Gauge theory virtualJiajun YanA New Gauge-Theoretic Construction of 4-dimensional Hyperkähler ALE Spaces
FriFeb 1019:00CUNY Harmonic Analysis and PDE's SeminarPhilip R. GreengardEfficient Fourier representations for Gaussian process regression
FriFeb 1020:00Stanford algebraic geometry seminarAaron LandesmanSplitting types of finite monodromy vector bundles
FriFeb 1021:30University of Regina pims distinguished lecturesEmily RiehlA reintroduction to proofs
SatFeb 1115:00QM Foundations & Nature of Time seminarMarc Fleury, Richard Gill, Jarek Duda, Álvaro García, Robert Close, James TankersleyBell mini-conference
MonFeb 1307:00KIAS String SeminarsZhenghao ZhongHiggsing SCFTs in d=3,4,5,6
MonFeb 1310:00Séminaire de physique mathématique IPhTEmmanuel GuitterHamiltonian paths on random bicubic maps and KPZ
MonFeb 1311:00Geometry and Physics @ LisbonHerwig HauserModuli of n points on the projective line
MonFeb 1313:00Paris algebra seminarWille LiuTranslation functors for trigonometric double affine Hecke algebras
MonFeb 1314:00Greek Algebra & Number Theory SeminarChris BirkbeckOverconvergent Hilbert modular forms via perfectoid methods
MonFeb 1314:00Cogent SeminarMathilde Gerbelli-GauthierGrowth of cohomology of arithmetic groups and endoscopy
MonFeb 1314:40Nečas Seminar on Continuum MechanicsMalte KampschulteSelf-contact for inertial problems in continuum mechanics
MonFeb 1315:00European Non-Associative Algebra SeminarJustin McInroyClassifying quotients of the Highwater algebra
MonFeb 1315:00European Quantum Algebra Lectures (EQuAL)Angela TabiriPlane Curves which are Quantum Homogeneous Spaces
MonFeb 1315:00Geometric and functional inequalities and applicationsMichael RoysdonIntersection Functions
MonFeb 1315:00Cogent SeminarAnantharam RaghuramSpecial values of Rankin-Selberg L-functions over a totally imaginary base field.
MonFeb 1315:30Oxford Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Finance SeminarNikolas TapiaStability of deep residual neural networks via discrete rough paths
MonFeb 1317:00FRG Grad Seminar (Averages of of L-functions and Arithmetic Stratification)Rizwanur KhanThe fourth moment of Dirichlet L-functions and related problems
MonFeb 1319:00Lethbridge number theory and combinatorics seminarKelly EmmrichThe principal Chebotarev density theorem
MonFeb 1321:00STAGEKenta SuzukiComplex tori and abelian varieties
TueFeb 1405:00ANU Research School of Earth Sciences school seminarThuany Costa de LimaTBA
TueFeb 1407:30IBS/KAIST Discrete Math SeminarRaphael SteinerStrengthening Hadwiger’s conjecture for 4- and 5-chromatic graphs
TueFeb 1413:00Algebra, Geometry and Physics seminar (MPIM Bonn/HU Berlin)Jan PlefkaScattering amplitudes and hidden symmetries in supersymmetric gauge theory
TueFeb 1413:00One World Numeration seminarYining HuAlgebraic automatic continued fractions in characteristic 2
TueFeb 1414:00CAvid: Complex Analysis video seminarAdolfo GuillotMeromorphic vector fields on algebraic surfaces having univalent solutions
TueFeb 1414:00Feza Gursey Center for Physics and Mathematics Higher Structures SeminarsYusuf Barış KartalFrobenius operators in symplectic topology
TueFeb 1414:30Mathematical Picture Language SeminarAnne-Marie AubertA bridge between the Baum-Connes conjecture and the Langlands program
TueFeb 1415:00Manifolds, homotopy theory, and related topicsOwen GwilliamRandom matrices and quantizing the Loday-Quillen-Tsygan theorem
TueFeb 1415:00Quantum Groups SeminarArthur TroupelTBA
TueFeb 1415:00Symmetry SeminarClay CordovaTBA
TueFeb 1416:00Geometria em Lisboa (IST)Gonçalo OliveiraFrom electrostatics to geodesics in K3 surfaces