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FriMar 3111:00STAR seminarsChrista CuchieroSignature methods in finance IV
FriMar 3111:30Bilkent University Quantum Computing SeminarSelman IpekQuantum universality and magic state distillation
FriMar 3112:00Functional analysis and operator algebras in AthensE.T.A. KakariadisEntropy and phase transitions for KMS-states of Pimsner-type algebras
FriMar 3112:40ODTU-Bilkent Algebraic Geometry SeminarsTolga KarayaylaOn a class of non-simply connected Calabi-Yau 3-folds with positive Euler characteristic-Part 1
FriMar 3113:00Algebraic and Combinatorial Perspectives in the Mathematical SciencesAnnika BurmesterPost-Lie algebras related to multiple (q-)zeta values
FriMar 3113:00IIT Bombay Virtual Commutative Algebra SeminarAlexandra SeceleanuPrincipal symmetric ideals
FriMar 3113:15Symplectic zoominarGeorgios Dimitroglou RizellA relative Calabi-Yau structure for Legendrian contact homology
FriMar 3114:00Cross Alps Logic SeminarLudovic PateyCanonical notions of forcing in Reverse Mathematics
FriMar 3114:00Harvard CMSA: Quantum Matter in Math and Physics (QFT/Condensed Matter)Abijith KrishnanA Plane Defect in the 3d O(N) Model
FriMar 3114:00VCU Geometry and Topology SeminarAlmut BurchardWhat is the best shape? Geometric problems arising in aggregation models
FriMar 3114:30Columbia - Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic SeminarGregorio BaldiThe Hodge locus
FriMar 3115:00CRM - Séminaire du CIRGET / Géométrie et TopologieMihai PaunInfinitesimal extension of pluricanonical forms and injectivity.
FriMar 3116:00GEOTOP-A seminarKoya ShimokawaApplications of band surgery on knots and links
FriMar 3116:20Study seminar on homotopy theory and applicationsAmartya Shekhar DubeyExtended Reflection Positivity for Invertible TQFTs III
FriMar 3117:00Geometry Webinar AmSur /AmSulRuy TojeiroInfinitesimally Bonnet bendable hypersurfaces
FriMar 3117:00CUNY Harmonic Analysis and PDE's SeminarMichael A. PerlmutterGeometric Scattering on Measure Spaces
FriMar 3122:30SFU NT-AG seminarAlexandru ConstantinescuCotangent Cohomology for Matroids
MonApr 0307:00KIAS String SeminarsCyril ClossetTBA
MonApr 0308:00French-Korean webinar in number theoryGuillaume RicottaKloosterman paths of prime powers moduli
MonApr 0309:00Séminaire de physique mathématique IPhTValentin FérayComponents of meandric systems and the infinite noodle
MonApr 0310:30Bilkent Topology SeminarAziz KharoofSimplicial categories II - Dwyer-Kan localizations
MonApr 0312:00Paris algebra seminarAmnon YekutieliAn Algebraic Approach to the Cotangent Complex
MonApr 0313:00One World Combinatorics on Words SeminarJeffrey ShallitNew Results in Additive Number Theory via Combinatorics on Words
MonApr 0313:40Nečas Seminar on Continuum MechanicsMarco MorandottiSemi-discrete modeling of systems of disclinations and dislocations
MonApr 0314:00String Theory Seminar (IST, Lisbon)Johan HenrikssonAveraging over codes and an SU(2) modular bootstrap
MonApr 0315:00European Non-Associative Algebra SeminarPřemysl JedličkaNon-degenerate involutive set-theoretic solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation of multipermutation level 2
MonApr 0316:00Algebra, Particles, and Quantum theoryJohn HuertaThe algebra of grand unified theories
MonApr 0316:30Lethbridge number theory and combinatorics seminarHarald Andrés HelfgottExpansion, divisibility and parity
MonApr 0320:00Boston University Number Theory SeminarHelen GrundmanTBA
MonApr 0320:30STAGEGefei DangHodge structures and variations
MonApr 0321:30NYU CDS Math and Democracy SeminarRanthony Edmonds and Parker EdwardsQuantifying Communities of Interest in Electoral Redistricting (rescheduled)
TueApr 0407:00Necas PDE seminarAbbatiello, Chaudhuri, FasangovaTBA
TueApr 0407:00The mathematics of motionDaniel IngebretsonOn the symbolic dynamics and fractal geometry of the Kuperberg minimal set
TueApr 0407:30IBS/KAIST Discrete Math SeminarIstván TomonConfigurations of boxes
TueApr 0408:00SEU Yau Center Theoretical Physics Seminars 2023Lakshya BhardwajDiscrete Relationship of Generalized and Mirror Symmetries
TueApr 0411:15Gothenburg statistics seminarNicoletta D’AngeloSelf-exciting point process modelling of crimes on linear networks
TueApr 0413:00Non-local operators, probability and singularitiesOleg ButkovskyStochastic equations with singular drift driven by fractional Brownian motion
TueApr 0413:30Mathematical Picture Language SeminarJohn CardyTTbar deformation of 2d quantum field theory and modular forms
TueApr 0414:00One world IAMP mathematical physics seminarLingrui GeMultiplicative Jensen’s formula and quantitative global theory for ID quasiperiodic operators
TueApr 0414:00Malliavin Calculus and its ApplicationsMykola VovchanskiiThe Arratia flow and some applications of the algebraic decomposition of the Karlin-McGregor determinant
TueApr 0414:00Symmetry SeminarDaniel BrennanTBA
TueApr 0415:30Forum "Economic principles in cell physiology"TBANon-growing bacteria
TueApr 0415:30Forum "Economic principles in cell physiology"Organizer: Ralf SteuerThe physiology of non-growing cells
TueApr 0416:00Online Seminar On Undergraduate Mathematics EducationFok-Shuen LeungThe studio and the stadium
TueApr 0416:15Northwestern Applied Mathematics SeminarEva KansoTBA
TueApr 0417:00VaNTAGeBryden CaisIwasawa theory for class group schemes in characteristic $p$
TueApr 0418:30NHETC SeminarAnnika PeterTBA
TueApr 0419:00Harvard MIT Algebraic Geometry SeminarGavril FarkasResonance and Koszul modules in algebraic geometry
TueApr 0419:30Purdue HETRoy AraizaTBA
TueApr 0420:10LSU Algebra and Number Theory SeminarPiper HJoint Shapes of Quartic Fields and Their Cubic Resolvents
TueApr 0420:30MIT number theory seminarLinus HamannGeometric Eisenstein series and the Fargues-Fontaine curve
TueApr 0420:30Topology and Geometry Seminar (Texas, Kansas)Emilio MinichielloDiffeological Principal Bundles, Čech Cohomology and Principal Infinity Bundles
WedApr 0507:00Algebra and Geometry Seminar (HKUST)Jens EberhardtTBA
WedApr 0509:00Machine Learning SeminarYang-Hui HeUniverses as Bigdata: Physics, Geometry and Machine-Learning
WedApr 0511:00ICTS String SeminarsAtakan Hilmi FaratBootstrapping closed string field theory
WedApr 0511:30Prague-Hradec Kralove seminar Cohomology in algebra, geometry, physics and statisticsSvatopluk KryslTwistor complexes in symplectic geometry
WedApr 0512:00CERN Theory ColloquiaRuth Durrer ZimmermannTesting General Relativity with cosmological large scale structure observations
WedApr 0513:30F1 World SeminarJoachim KockSome basic steps in objective linear algebra
WedApr 0514:00Abu Dhabi Stochastics SeminarOctavio Arizmendibmt-independence: combining notions of independence
WedApr 0514:00AnLy Strings and Fields online seminarsSebastian MizeraEvaluating one-loop string amplitudes
WedApr 0514:00FGC-HRI-IPM Number Theory WebinarsAlia HamiehTBA
WedApr 0515:00Quasiworld SeminarCaroline DavisTBA
WedApr 0515:00Selected Topics in Mathematics - Online EditionEgon SchulteSkeletal Polyhedral Geometry and Symmetry
WedApr 0516:00Metagovernance SeminarMetagov CommunityMetagov Short Talks
WedApr 0516:00Quasiworld SeminarAlessandro SistoTBA
WedApr 0516:00Topological Quantum Field Theory Club (IST, Lisbon)Kevin WalkerTwo approaches to a universal state sum
WedApr 0516:20Geometry of differential equations seminarKonstantin DruzhkovLagrangian formalism and the intrinsic geometry of PDEs
WedApr 0518:45Carleton-Ottawa Number Theory seminarSash ZotineKawaguchi-Silverman Conjecture for Projectivized Bundles over Curves
WedApr 0519:00Harvard number theory seminarRachel NewtonEvaluating the wild Brauer group
WedApr 0519:00CRG Weekly SeminarsOlga BalkanovaThe second moment of symmetric square $L$-functions over Gaussian integers
WedApr 0521:30Early Career Math ColloquiumKatherine Zhiyuan ZhangOutflow Problems in Plasmas and Fluids
WedApr 0522:00Virtual seminar on geometry with symmetriesAlejandro TolcachierSpecial Hermitian structures on products of Sasakian manifolds
WedApr 0523:10Berkeley applied mathematics seminarYangwen ZhangTBA
ThuApr 0601:00IBS Virtual Discrete Math ColloquiumJie HanSpanning trees in expanders
ThuApr 0603:00OneSchool SeminarNathan DuignanPerspectives on Dynamical Systems and Their Application to Nuclear Fusion
ThuApr 0603:00KIAS String SeminarsMichèle LeviTBA
ThuApr 0607:00Probability Victoria Seminar (PVSeminar)Andrea CollevecchioLocalization in Strongly Reinforced Random Walks
ThuApr 0608:30EDDy weekly seminarRiccardo CristoferiTBA
ThuApr 0613:00SFT@Cloud Journal ClubCumrun VafaTBA
ThuApr 0613:30JoMaReC - Joint Online Mathematical Relativity ColloquiumOliver Lindblad PetersenWave equations in subextremal Kerr-de Sitter spacetimes
ThuApr 0613:40Function spacesOlli SaariTBA
ThuApr 0614:00Maths seminars at the University of GalwayDr. Abolfazl MohajerSmoothness of Hodge Loci and Applications
ThuApr 0614:15Copenhagen-Jerusalem Combinatorics SeminarBenjamin JanyTBA
ThuApr 0614:30International Polyhedral Product SeminarMartin BenderskyTBA
ThuApr 0615:00Number Theory Web SeminarKannan SoundararajanCovering integers using quadratic forms
ThuApr 0615:00Quebec Analysis and Related Fields Graduate SeminarPierre-Olivier PariséInvolutions of multicomplex numbers
ThuApr 0615:00Seminar on Analysis, Differential Equations and Mathematical PhysicsMark LawrencePartially holomorphic functions in several variables
ThuApr 0618:00Online logic seminarSandra MüllerTBA
ThuApr 0618:50Geometry, Physics, and Representation Theory SeminarClaire FrechetteTBA
ThuApr 0620:00Rocky Mountain Rep Theory SeminarShigenori NakatsukaOn Feigin-Tipunin type extension of W-algebras
ThuApr 0621:00Govbase LabsResearch Field MappingMapping Research Fields Relevant to Govbase
ThuApr 0621:00UCSD number theory seminarNha TruongSlopes of modular forms and geometry of eigencurves
ThuApr 0621:30Seminar In the Analysis and Methods of PDE (SIAM PDE)Gautam IyerUsing mixing to accelerate convergence of Langevin systems, and applications to Monte Carlo methods
ThuApr 0622:30PIMS SFU Operations Research SeminarMarco CaoduroOn the Packing and Hitting Numbers of Axis-parallel Segments
FriApr 0702:00IBS Biomedical Mathematics Online ColloquiumGeorge KarniadakisBINNS: Biophysics-Informed Neural Networks
FriApr 0709:00BIMSA Integrable Systems SeminarIevgen MakedonskyiDuality theorems for current algebras
FriApr 0709:00Geometric Structures Research SeminarIgor ZelenkoGromov's h-principle for corank two distribution of odd rank with maximal first Kronecker index
FriApr 0711:30Yeditepe Mathematics SeminarsAtabey KaygunTBA
FriApr 0712:40ODTU-Bilkent Algebraic Geometry SeminarsTolga KarayaylaOn a class of non-simply connected Calabi-Yau 3-folds with positive Euler characteristic-Part 2
FriApr 0714:00Functional analysis and operator algebras in AthensAlexandros EskenazisDiscrete logarithmic Sobolev inequalities in Banach spaces