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FriDec 0912:45Crosscurrents in number theory, analsis and geometry (2022)Asbjørn NordentoftThe distribution of closed geodesics in the homology of modular curves
FriDec 0914:00Not only scalar curvatureLarry GuthTBA
FriDec 0914:00Zoominar in Dynamical Systems @ PortoAle Jan HomburgTBA
FriDec 0914:15Crosscurrents in number theory, analsis and geometry (2022)Peter HumphriesSparse equidistribution of hyperbolic orbifolds
FriDec 0914:15Symplectic zoominarRobert CardonaPeriodic orbits and Birkhoff sections of stable Hamiltonian structures
FriDec 0915:00ICTP Math - Basic Notions SeminarDiletta MartinelliWhat is a Moduli Space?
FriDec 0915:15Not only scalar curvatureRobert YoungTBA
FriDec 0915:30Columbia - Automorphic forms and arithmetic seminarAri ShnidmanTorsion points on abelian surfaces with potential quaternionic multiplication
FriDec 0915:30Crosscurrents in number theory, analsis and geometry (2022)Maksym RadziwiłłNon vanishing of twists of GL(4) L-functions
FriDec 0916:00CRM - Séminaire du CIRGET / Géométrie et TopologieSally CollinsHomology cobordism and knot concordance
FriDec 0916:00GEOTOP-A seminarFrancesco Di GiovanniOver-squashing and over-smoothing through the lenses of curvature and multi-particle dynamics
FriDec 0916:00VCU Geometry and Topology SeminarPengyu LiuA graph polynomial that distinguishes tree topologies and its applications
FriDec 0917:00Geometry Webinar AmSur /AmSulIlka AgricolaOn the geometry and the curvature of 3-(α, δ)-Sasaki manifolds
FriDec 0918:00Discrete Optimization TalksClaudio ContardoMIP-based branch-and-bound for the discrete ordered median problem
FriDec 0918:30Discrete Optimization TalksAnand SubramanianTBA
FriDec 0920:00MIT Infinite Dimensional Algebra SeminarAlexey BorodinTitle to be announced
SatDec 1019:00Little school dynamicsJames KellyChaos and entropy in linear dynamical system
MonDec 1208:00French-Korean webinar in number theoryJungyun LeeThe mean value of the class numbers of cubic function fields
MonDec 1212:00Mathematics and Machine LearningAlex DaviesMachine Learning with Mathematicians
MonDec 1213:00Paris algebra seminarRaphaël RouquierCoherent realizations of 2-representations
MonDec 1214:00Greek Algebra & Number Theory SeminarStelios SachpazisA different proof of Linnik's estimate for primes in arithmetic progressions
MonDec 1214:40Nečas Seminar on Continuum MechanicsSourav MitraExistence of a weak solution for a compressible multicomponent fluid-structure interaction problem
MonDec 1215:00IM CAS logic seminarJán PichTowards P != NP from Extended Frege lower bounds
MonDec 1215:15Munich-Aarhus-Santiago Mathematical Physics seminarPavel ExnerTime-reversal asymmetric quantum graphs
MonDec 1216:00CRM - Séminaire du CIRGET / Géométrie et TopologieKaya FerendoFI-calculus and representation stability
MonDec 1217:00Clusters and braids seminarGreg MullerTBA
MonDec 1217:00FRG Grad Seminar (Averages of of L-functions and Arithmetic Stratification)Alexander DobnerOptimization and moment methods in number theory
MonDec 1219:30Gauge theory virtualJason LotayStability and neck pinches in Lagrangian mean curvature flow
MonDec 1220:00Harvard MIT Algebraic Geometry SeminarSamir CanningThe Chow ring of the moduli space of degree 2 K3 surfaces
MonDec 1221:00CRM Applied Math SeminarTesttest
MonDec 1221:00Fellowship of the RingJanet PageExtremal Surfaces in Positive Characteristic
MonDec 1221:15MIT probability seminarHoi NguyenOn roots of random trigonometric polynomials and related models
TueDec 1301:00Nonlinear Analysis Seminar SeriesNeal BezAn introduction to Strichartz estimates III
TueDec 1307:00KIAS String SeminarsBrandon C. RayhaunClassification of Unitary Rational Conformal Field Theories with Small Central Charge and Few Primaries
TueDec 1308:00SEU Yau Center Theoretical Physics Seminars 2022Mykola DedushenkoTBA
TueDec 1309:30IPM Algebraic Geometry SeminarJihun ParkSasaki-Einstein 5-manifolds and del Pezzo surfaces
TueDec 1313:00Algebra, Geometry and Physics seminar (MPIM Bonn/HU Berlin)Stephan TillmanOn the topology of character varieties of once-punctured torus bundles
TueDec 1313:00One World Numeration seminarHiroki TakahasiDistribution of cycles for one-dimensional random dynamical systems
TueDec 1313:30Differential Geometry Seminar TorinoGiuseppe PipoliTBA
TueDec 1314:00One world IAMP mathematical physics seminarSinya AokiLattice QCD: Introduction, results and challenges
TueDec 1314:00Non-local operators, probability and singularitiesThe Anh BuiOn Sobolev norms involving generalized Hardy operators
TueDec 1314:00Vienna Geometry and Analysis on Groups SeminarMotiejus ValiunasBiautomatic and hierarchically hyperbolic groups
TueDec 1315:00International seminar on automorphic formsAlex DunnBias in cubic Gauss sums: Patterson's conjecture
TueDec 1315:00Quantum Groups SeminarErik HabbestadTBA
TueDec 1316:00Geometria em Lisboa (IST)Nicki MagillSymplectic embeddings of Hirzebruch surfaces
TueDec 1316:00The Isogeny ClubMarc HoubenHorizontal racewalking using radical isogenies
TueDec 1316:00ViBraNT (Virtual Brazilian Number Theory seminar)Ayla GafniTBA
TueDec 1316:00STAGEXinyu ZhouThe étale-Brauer obstruction and insufficiency of the obstructions
TueDec 1319:30NHETC SeminarPetr HořavaTopological Quantum Gravity of the Ricci Flow
WedDec 1404:00Malliavin Calculus and its ApplicationsAlexander WeissIntermittency Phenomena for Mass Distributions of Stochastic Flows with Interaction
WedDec 1410:00STAR seminarsSaul JackaOptimal Stopping and Technical Analysis
WedDec 1411:00ICCUB SeminarsCésar Fernández RamírezMachine Learning for Hadron Spectroscopy
WedDec 1411:30RA SeminarAmnon NeemanVanishing negative K-theory and bounded t-structures
WedDec 1412:30Prague-Hradec Kralove seminar Cohomology in algebra, geometry, physics and statisticsFlorio CiagliaJordan algebras, coadjoint orbits, and information geometry
WedDec 1414:00DEGAS SeminarHaggai MaronSubgraph-based networks for expressive, efficient, and domain-independent graph learning
WedDec 1414:00Geometry of differential equations seminarSergey Tsarev, Folkert Müller-Hoissen, Dmitry Millionschikov, Boris KonopelchenkoOne day workshop in honor of Maxim Pavlov's 60th birthday
WedDec 1414:00Sheffield Number Theory SeminarBodan ArsovskiTBA
WedDec 1415:00AnLy Strings and Fields online seminarsThomas Van RietA supergravity view on a possible AdS1/CFT0 correspondence
WedDec 1416:00London number theory seminarRong ZhouIndependence of $\ell$ for $G$-valued Weil--Deligne representations associated to abelian varieties
WedDec 1416:00Quebec Analysis and Related Fields Graduate SeminarBillel GuelmameOn some regularized nonlinear hyperbolic equations
WedDec 1416:00Selected Topics in Mathematics - Online EditionJohn BlackmanTBA
WedDec 1416:00Theoretical Physics Colloquium @ ASURalf RappElectromagnetic radiation probing QCD matter
WedDec 1417:00Metagovernance SeminarTed Rau, Alex RodríguezWho Decides Who Decides: Recursivity in Grammars of Governance
WedDec 1422:00UBC (online) Number Theory SeminarGreg KnappTBA
ThuDec 1500:00New York City Category Theory SeminarGemma De las CuevasA framework for universality across disciplines
ThuDec 1501:00IBS Virtual Discrete Math ColloquiumMaya SankarHomotopy and the Homomorphism Threshold of Odd Cycles
ThuDec 1505:00ANU Research School of Earth Sciences school seminarNainaTBA
ThuDec 1508:30BIMSA Geometry and Physics SeminarAndres CollinucciFlops of any length, Gopakumar-Vafa invariants and 5d Higgs Branches
ThuDec 1509:30EDDy weekly seminarNiklas KolbeNumerical and data-based methods for networked scalar conservation laws
ThuDec 1511:15Göttingen Seminar Noncommutative GeometryMichelle GöbelGraded algebras and induction of representations and C*-hulls
ThuDec 1512:00Longitudinal Algebra and Geometry Open ONline Seminar (LAGOON)Jasper van de KreekeDeformation theory of gentle algebras
ThuDec 1513:00Geometric Structures Research SeminarValentino MagnaniSurface area on sub-Riemannian measure manifolds
ThuDec 1513:00[K-OS] Knot online seminarSteven SivekFloer homology and non-fibered knot detection
ThuDec 1514:00Barcelona Analysis SeminarAdem LimaniTBA
ThuDec 1514:00FD SeminarVolodymyr MazorchukGraded extensions of Verma modules
ThuDec 1514:15Gothenburg statistics seminarPeter GuttorpVadan och varthän?
ThuDec 1514:40Function spacesZoe NieraethExtrapolation in quasi-Banach function spaces
ThuDec 1515:00MESS (Mathematics Essex Seminar Series)Argha MondalThe role of Mathematical pathways in modelling Computational Neurosciences
ThuDec 1515:15Copenhagen-Jerusalem Combinatorics SeminarNick EarlyTBA
ThuDec 1515:30Real reductive groups/atlasSomebodySomething
ThuDec 1516:00Number Theory Web SeminarWilliam DukeOn the analytic theory of isotropic ternary quadratic forms
ThuDec 1516:00GiC (Geometry in Cardiff) seminarEd SegalA survey of hybrid models
ThuDec 1517:00LieJor Online Seminar: Algebras, representations, and applicationsPavel ZalesskiCombinatorial theory of pro-p groups
ThuDec 1517:00Mathematics, Physics and Machine Learning (IST, Lisbon)Bruno LoureiroPhase diagram of Stochastic Gradient Descent in high-dimensional two-layer neural networks
ThuDec 1517:00Topos Institute ColloquiumAndrei RodinUnivalent Foundations and Applied Mathematics
ThuDec 1519:00Online logic seminarFrancesca Zaffora BlandoTBA
ThuDec 1522:00Govbase LabsNathan SchneiderGovernable Spaces Feedback
ThuDec 1522:30PIMS Geometry / Algebra / Physics (GAP) SeminarAleksei IlinBethe subalgebras of Yangians
FriDec 1607:00Combinatorics Today Series - ITBCsilla BujtásTriangle packings and coverings
FriDec 1609:30ICTS String SeminarsArnab RudraOn-shell Supersymmetry and higher-spin amplitudes
FriDec 1611:30Yeditepe Mathematics SeminarsYusuf Barış KartalTBA
FriDec 1611:30Bilkent University Quantum Computing SeminarSelman IpekTBA
FriDec 1612:00IIT Bombay Virtual Commutative Algebra SeminarUtsav ChowdhuryTBA
FriDec 1612:40ODTU-Bilkent Algebraic Geometry SeminarsÖzhan GençFinite Length Koszul Modules and Vector Bundles
FriDec 1613:30The London geometry and topology seminarDmitry KaledinHow to enhance categories, and why
FriDec 1614:15Symplectic zoominarMarcelo AlvesHofer's geometry and braid stability
FriDec 1616:00CRM - Séminaire du CIRGET / Géométrie et TopologiePaula TruölStrongly quasipositive knots are concordant to infinitely many strongly quasipositive knots
FriDec 1616:00GEOTOP-A seminarReidun TwarockGeometry in the Fight against Viral Infection
SatDec 1712:00Mathematical Physics Days 2022Oğul EsenOn the Legendre Transformation
SatDec 1712:50Mathematical Physics Days 2022Edmilson Roque dos SantosReconstruction of Weakly Coupled Sparse Networks from Data