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WedJun 1620:00String Math 2021Pedro VieiraUma aula em teoria de cordas
WedJun 1621:00BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsKristine BauerTangent Infinity Categories
WedJun 1621:00Solvable Lattice Models SeminarArun RamLevel 0 modules of affine Lie algebras
WedJun 1622:00BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsMichael ChingDual tangent structures for infinity-toposes
WedJun 1623:00BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsAndré JoyalThe (higher) topos classifying ∞-connected objects
ThuJun 1702:00La Trobe University Statistics and Stochastic zoom seminarA/Prof Minh-Ngoc TranVariational Bayes on Manifolds
ThuJun 1703:00ANU Research School of Earth Sciences school seminarSarah Perkins-KirkpatrickThe status and next steps of event attribution in Climate Science
ThuJun 1705:30SMRI Algebra and Geometry OnlineMagdalena BoosAdvertising symmetric quivers and their representations
ThuJun 1707:00QGMM-Events LHAASO discussion sessionFelix AharonianPeVatrons, theory
ThuJun 1707:00Young Researchers between Geometry and Stochastic Analysis 2021Klas ModinIntroduction to geometric hydrodynamics I
ThuJun 1707:30One world meeting of young mathematicians in fluid dynamicsMarco BravinThe vortex filament equation and the well-posedness of the cubic NLS for irregular data
ThuJun 1707:45QGMM-Events LHAASO discussion sessionZhen CaoLHAASO experiment results
ThuJun 1708:15One world meeting of young mathematicians in fluid dynamicsEduardo García-JuárezThe Muskat and Peskin Problems with Viscosity Contrast
ThuJun 1708:30Séminaire Francophone Groupes et GéométrieTatiana NagnibedaSur des sous-groupes maximaux dans des groupes infinis de type fini.
ThuJun 1708:30QGMM-Events LHAASO discussion sessionBo-Qiang MaLIV with LHAASO
ThuJun 1708:45Young Researchers between Geometry and Stochastic Analysis 2021Ana DjurdjevacRepresentation of Gaussian random fields on spheres
ThuJun 1709:00Probability Victoria Seminar (PVSeminar)Ashkan NikeghbaliA remarkable random holomorphic function and its generalization
ThuJun 1709:15QGMM-Events LHAASO discussion sessionFree discussionTBA
ThuJun 1709:30One world meeting of young mathematicians in fluid dynamicsGabriela López RuizEffects of rough coasts on the wind-driven oceanic motion
ThuJun 1709:30Young Researchers between Geometry and Stochastic Analysis 2021Avi MayorcasDistribution dependent SDEs driven by additive continuous and fractional Brownian noise
ThuJun 1710:00Bilbao analysis and PDE seminarMarco OlivieriGround State approximation in Quasi-Classical regime for Quantum Fields models
ThuJun 1710:00High Energy Theory, Gravity and Cosmology Seminars @ NTUACarlo AngelantonjA short introduction to superstring theory III
ThuJun 1710:15Regensburg Seminar in Homotopy Theory and related AreasMauro PortaTBA
ThuJun 1711:00Leicester Algebra and Geometry Open ONline Seminar (LAGOON)David PauksztelloFunctorially finite hearts, simple-minded systems and negative cluster categories
ThuJun 1711:15Young Researchers between Geometry and Stochastic Analysis 2021Antoine LejayConstruction of Flows through the Non-Linear Sewing Lemma II
ThuJun 1712:00Al@Bicocca take-awayGiulia Dal Verme 🇪🇺Groupoid actions on topological spaces and Bass-Serre theory
ThuJun 1712:00Young Researchers between Geometry and Stochastic Analysis 2021Annika LangConnecting random fields on manifolds and stochastic partial differential equations in simulations
ThuJun 1712:00[K-OS] Knot online seminarVincent ColinVariations on Khovanov homology
ThuJun 1712:00Online Nottingham algebraic geometry seminarLaura EscobarWall-crossing phenomenon for Newton-Okounkov bodies
ThuJun 1712:15Oldenburg analysis seminarAlessandra PludaResolution of singularities of the network flow
ThuJun 1712:30One world meeting of young mathematicians in fluid dynamicsRoberta BianchiniNonlinear inviscid damping and shear-buoyancy instability in the two-dimensional Boussinesq equations
ThuJun 1712:30Семінар з фрактального аналізу / Fractal analysis seminarDmytro KarvatskyДослідження властивостей множини неповних сум ряду мультиузагальнених чисел Фібоначчі / Investigation of the set of subsums for a series of multigeneralized Fibonacci numbers
ThuJun 1712:30String Math 2021Lotte HollandsExact WKB and abelianization for the T3 equation
ThuJun 1713:00Harmonic Analysis, Approximation Theory and related topicsVirginia NaiboTBA
ThuJun 1713:00Real and complex GeometryLev RadzivilovskyEnumeration of rational surfaces and moduli spaces of configurations of points in the projective plane
ThuJun 1713:00CERN BSM ForumsAdmir GreljoA Model of Muon Anomalies
ThuJun 1713:00SMTH2: Short Model Theory Huddle 2Ulla KarhumäkiMinicourse #1
ThuJun 1713:00"SN Partial Differential Equations and Applications" WebinarApala MajumdarPDE problems in the Landau-de Gennes theory for Nematic Liquid Crystals
ThuJun 1713:00Young Researchers between Geometry and Stochastic Analysis 2021Karen HabermannStochastic processes on surfaces in three-dimensional contact sub-Riemannian manifolds
ThuJun 1713:00FD SeminarThomas BrüstleOn length functions for an exact category
ThuJun 1713:15One world meeting of young mathematicians in fluid dynamicsChistopher MaulénAsymptotic stability manifolds for solitons in the generalized Good Boussinesq equation
ThuJun 1713:30CENTRA SeminarPatrick BourgCritical collapse of a spherically symmetric ultrarelativistic fluid in 2 + 1 dimensions
ThuJun 1713:30String Math 2021Giovanni FelderSuperstring measure and the superperiod map
ThuJun 1713:40Function spacesPolona DurcikSingular Brascamp-Lieb inequalities with cubical structure
ThuJun 1713:45London Integrability Journal ClubLIJC Gong ShowTBA
ThuJun 1713:45Young Researchers between Geometry and Stochastic Analysis 2021Stefan SommerSub-Riemannian geometry in probabilistic geometric statistics
ThuJun 1714:00BIRS workshop : Novel Mathematical Methods in Material Science: Applications to BiomaterialsKoya ShimokawaHandlebody decompositions of the 3-torus and polycontinuous patterns
ThuJun 1714:00DinAmicI: Another Internet SeminarMauro ArtigianiDouble rotations and their ergodic properties
ThuJun 1714:00MESS (Mathematics Essex Seminar Series)Sergey DolgovDeep tensor decompositions for sampling from high-dimensional distributions
ThuJun 1714:00IFT-Madrid WebinarsManuel SzewcBayesian Inference for Four Tops at the LHC
ThuJun 1714:00One World Probability seminarAmir DemboTBA
ThuJun 1714:00Séminaire Français d'OptimisationAris DaniilidisCourbes et suite auto-contractantes
ThuJun 1714:15Copenhagen-Jerusalem Combinatorics SeminarLinda KleistOn a Problem from Outer Space: Minimum Scan Covers
ThuJun 1714:30BIRS workshop : Novel Mathematical Methods in Material Science: Applications to BiomaterialsMyfanwy EvansTriply-periodic tangling
ThuJun 1714:30HEP seminars TU Wien (Vienna)Matthew WaltersThermalization and Hydrodynamics in 2d QFTs
ThuJun 1714:30Harvard CMSA Thur: Quantum Matter/QFT/Condensed Matter/MathMikhail ShifmanWhat can supersymmetry do that other field theories cannot
ThuJun 1714:30One world meeting of young mathematicians in fluid dynamicsNeel PatelBlow-Up for SQG Patches
ThuJun 1715:00BIRS workshop : Novel Mathematical Methods in Material Science: Applications to BiomaterialsElisabetta MatsumotoTBA
ThuJun 1715:00BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsJonathan GallagherDifferential programming
ThuJun 1715:00Control in Times of Crisis. Online seminar.Hugo ParadaGlobal Well-posedness of KdV equation on a Star Shaped Network and an application to saturated stabilization
ThuJun 1715:00GOThIC - Ischia Online Group Theory ConferenceDan SegalGroups, Rings, Logic
ThuJun 1715:00Number Theory Web SeminarShou-Wu ZhangAdelic line bundles over quasi-projective varieties
ThuJun 1715:00One World Probability seminarNicholas CookTBA
ThuJun 1715:00Quantum Gravity and All of ThatSamir MathurContrasting the fuzzball and wormhole paradigms
ThuJun 1715:00SMTH2: Short Model Theory Huddle 2Rosario MennuniMinicourse #2
ThuJun 1715:15One world meeting of young mathematicians in fluid dynamicsAnnalaura StingoAlmost-global well-posedness for 2d strongly-coupled wave-Klein-Gordon systems
ThuJun 1715:15Global Poisson webinarCharlotte Kirchhoff-LukatTBA
ThuJun 1715:30Control in Times of Crisis. Online seminar.Luca SaluzziTBA
ThuJun 1715:30Recreational mathematics seminarTomás Guardia OrtegaEvidence of Modern Number Theory in Rithmomachia
ThuJun 1715:45BIRS workshop : Novel Mathematical Methods in Material Science: Applications to BiomaterialsRadmila SazdanovicTDA applications in cancer genomics
ThuJun 1716:00BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsBruno GavranovicCategorical Foundations of Gradient-Based Learning
ThuJun 1716:00Oxford-Warwick Complexity MeetingsLijie ChenHardness vs Randomness, Revised: Uniform, Non-Black-Box, and Instance-Wise
ThuJun 1716:00International Zoom Inverse Problems Seminar, UC IrvineKenneth GoldenOn Thinning Ice: Modeling and monitoring sea ice in a warming climate
ThuJun 1716:00Recent Advances in Modern p-Adic Geometry (RAMpAGe)Guido BoscoRational p-adic Hodge theory for non-proper rigid-analytic varieties
ThuJun 1716:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarPaolo CasciniBirational geometry of foliations on a complex threefold
ThuJun 1716:00String Math 2021Nathan SeibergQFT and beyond
ThuJun 1716:15BIRS workshop : Novel Mathematical Methods in Material Science: Applications to BiomaterialsSarah HarrisMultiscale Simulations of Biological Polymers
ThuJun 1716:30SFU Quarantined NT-AG SeminarSelvi KaraBlow-Up Algebras of Strongly Stable Ideals
ThuJun 1717:00Bachelier Finance Society One World seminar seriesJianfeng ZhangMean Field Game Master Equations with Monotonicity and Anti-monotonicity Conditions in Displacement Sense
ThuJun 1717:00BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsMario Alvarez-PicalloSoundness for automatic differentiation via string diagrams
ThuJun 1717:00ViBraNT (Virtual Brazilian Number Theory seminar)Ricardo MisturiniLaw of the Iterated Logarithm for a Random Dirichlet Series
ThuJun 1717:00Topos Institute ColloquiumChris HeunenSheaf representation of monoidal categories
ThuJun 1717:00String Math 2021Emily CliffModuli spaces of principal 2-group bundles
ThuJun 1718:00Seminario Latinoamericano de Teoría de NúmerosJose Ignacio Burgos GilAcomplamiento por la alturas entre ciclos superiores y estructuras de Hodge mixtas
ThuJun 1718:00Online logic seminarChristina BrechIsomorphic combinatorial families
ThuJun 1718:00String Math 2021Georg OberdieckDonaldson-Thomas theory of K3xE in higher divisibility
ThuJun 1719:00Seminário Brasileiro de Grafos, Algoritmos e CombinatóriaSusanna Figueiredo de RezendeTBA
ThuJun 1720:00LieJor Online Seminar: Algebras, representations, and applicationsGeordie WilliamsonSpectra in representation theory
ThuJun 1720:00Seminario de Geometría y Física - Matemática UCN-USPSilvina Ponce DawsonNested pooling for the efficient detection of infected samples
ThuJun 1721:00BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsDorette PronkExponentials and Enrichment for Orbispaces
ThuJun 1721:30BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsSusan NiefieldLinear Bicategories: Quantales and Quantaloids
ThuJun 1722:00BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsPriyaa SrinivasanTBA
ThuJun 1722:30BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsBryce ClarkeLenses as algebras for a monad
FriJun 1801:00IBS-CGP Mathematical Physics SeminarAlexander AlexandrovKP integrability of triple Hodge integrals
FriJun 1801:00Logic SupergroupVerónica BecherRandom!
FriJun 1807:00Young Researchers between Geometry and Stochastic Analysis 2021Xue-Mei LiSecond order Sub-elliptic operators and its intrinsic geometry: Recent Progress and problems
FriJun 1807:30One world meeting of young mathematicians in fluid dynamicsPei SuBoundary control problem of the water waves system in a tank
FriJun 1807:45Young Researchers between Geometry and Stochastic Analysis 2021Klas ModinIntroduction to geometric hydrodynamics II
FriJun 1808:00East Asian String WebinarsJuan PedrazaBit threads, Einstein's equations and bulk locality
FriJun 1808:15Theory of Markov Semigroups and Schrödinger OperatorsTomasz KomorowskiDiffusive and superdiffusive limits for a kinetic equation with a boundary condition