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TueApr 2312:00Function spacesArran FernandezFunction spaces for fractional integrals and derivatives
TueApr 2312:00One World Numeration seminarShunsuke UsukiOn a lower bound of the number of integers in Littlewood's conjecture
TueApr 2312:00Sheffield Number Theory SeminarJohannes DroschlOn modular representations of $GL_n$ over a p-adic field
TueApr 2313:00CAvid: Complex Analysis video seminarThomas KeckerGeometric approach for quasi-Painlevé Hamiltonian systems
TueApr 2313:00Seed Seminar of Mathematics and PhysicsCatherine WolframThe dimer model in 3D
TueApr 2313:00UEA pure maths seminarMike PrestLinear algebra over general rings
TueApr 2314:00Malliavin Calculus and its ApplicationsAndrey DorogovtsevProcess of random knots with folding
TueApr 2314:00Seed Seminar of Mathematics and PhysicsNiklas AffolterDiscrete Integrability, Dimers and Geometry
TueApr 2314:00West Switzerland Geometry, Algebra and Topology SeminarThiziri MoullaOn the minimal volume entropy of finitely generated groups
TueApr 2315:00Feza Gursey Center Higher Structures SeminarsElena Caviglia2-stacks and quotient 2-stacks
TueApr 2315:00The Isogeny ClubGuido Maria LidoA survey on modular curves and their applications
TueApr 2315:00Topology and Geometry Seminar (Texas, Kansas)Darrick LeeCharacterizing paths and surfaces via (higher) holonomy
TueApr 2315:00Beyond VoganishMathilde Gerbelli-GauthierCounting non-tempered automorphic forms using endoscopy
TueApr 2316:15Northwestern Applied Mathematics SeminarTom DeanContrail Climate Impacts: Modeling and Mitigation Strategies
TueApr 2317:00VaNTAGeMichael StollHow to translate a proof into Lean
TueApr 2318:30NHETC SeminarIbrahima BahAspects of topological symmetry, holography, and branes
TueApr 2319:00Harvard MIT Algebraic Geometry SeminarHannah LarsonThe Chow ring of the universal Picard stack over the hyperelliptic locus
TueApr 2319:30Purdue HETDaniel GreenCosmic Surveys and the Quantum Universe (rescheduled)
WedApr 2406:00Trends in Mathematical ResearchDr. Juang JongA Novel Discrete Time and Discrete State Cucker-Smale Model
WedApr 2407:00Modelling of materials - theory, model reduction and efficient numerical methods (UNCE MathMAC)Erin CarsonBalancing Inexactness in Matrix Computations
WedApr 2407:30Moscow-Beijing topology seminarRuben LouisOn Nash resolution of (singular) Lie algebroids
WedApr 2408:00Eastern Hemisphere Colloquium on Geometry and Physics (EHCGP)Conan LeungEquivariant Lagrangian correspondences and applications
WedApr 2411:00Barcelona Mathematics Informal Seminar (SIMBa)Eva PhilippeRegular subdivisions and triangulations
WedApr 2411:15Gothenburg statistics seminarRadu StoicaApproximated inference for marked Gibbs point process
WedApr 2411:30Prague-Hradec Kralove seminar Cohomology in algebra, geometry, physics and statisticsKaren StrungAn introduction to the classification of C*-algebras
WedApr 2412:00CERN Theory ColloquiaJean-Yves OllitraultQCD thermodynamics from LHC data
WedApr 2412:00Longitudinal Algebra and Geometry Open ONline Seminar (LAGOON)Pieter BelmansHochschild cohomology of Hilbert schemes of points
WedApr 2412:30IUT Mathematics and Statistics Research SeminarYu KitabeppuCoarse Ricci Curvature of Hypergraphs
WedApr 2412:30IPM Mathematics ColloquiumValery LuntsVector field on plane in characteristic zero and p>0
WedApr 2413:00Sheffield Pure Maths ColloquiaCatherine MeusburgerTBA
WedApr 2413:00Virtual seminar on geometry with symmetriesJuan Sebastián RodríguezIsospectrality in Symmetric Spaces
WedApr 2414:00Seminar on Algorithmic Aspects of Information TheoryEsther GalbrunThe minimum description length principle for pattern mining (MDL4PM).
WedApr 2414:00Professor Ivo Babuška - Mathematician of World Importance - We RememberVit Babuska,Lenka BabuskaPerspectives on the lives of Ivo and Renata Babuska
WedApr 2414:30Professor Ivo Babuška - Mathematician of World Importance - We RememberDouglas N. ArnoldIvo Babuska, Trailblazer of Computational Mathematics, Science, and Engineering
WedApr 2414:55Professor Ivo Babuška - Mathematician of World Importance - We RememberLeszek F. DemkowiczProf. Ivo Babuska - my Friend and Teacher’
WedApr 2415:00London number theory seminarMohamed TawfikBrauer-Manin obstructions for Kummer surfaces
WedApr 2415:30F1 World SeminarJeff TolliverEquivariant vector bundles on tropical toric schemes
WedApr 2415:50Professor Ivo Babuška - Mathematician of World Importance - We RememberJan ChlebounSeveral Stops on the Scientific Journey of Ivo Babuška (in Czech with slides in English)
WedApr 2416:00Metagovernance SeminarCade Diehm, Benjamin RoyerResearch notes on Digital identity
WedApr 2416:00Topological Quantum Field Theory Club (IST, Lisbon)Sebastian SchulzSpectral networks and G2
WedApr 2416:15Professor Ivo Babuška - Mathematician of World Importance - We RememberMiroslav FeistauerMy memories of Ivo Babuška (in Czech with slides in English)
WedApr 2419:00Harvard number theory seminarJennifer BalakrishnanShadow line distributions
WedApr 2419:00Noncommutative Geometry in NYCPeter HochsThe equivariant Fried conjecture for suspension flow
ThuApr 2501:30Geometry, Algebra and Physics at KIASValentin BuciumasHecke algebras, Whittaker functions and quantum groups
ThuApr 2511:00Maths seminars at the University of GalwayMarcelo Dias[Engineering Seminar] Some Investigations on Stress Localization in Thin Elastic Sheets
ThuApr 2511:00Mathematical models and integration methodsV.E. AdlerNegative symmetries: properties and applications. Continuation, part 2
ThuApr 2513:00DEGAS SeminarElvin IsufiTBA
ThuApr 2513:00(ED-3S) Essex Data Science Seminar SeriesDr Yi ZhangOn discounted Markov decision processes and their extensions
ThuApr 2513:00SFT@Cloud Journal ClubMichael KroyterOn Democratic String Field Theories
ThuApr 2514:00Maths seminars at the University of GalwayDoireann O'KielyMoving out of plane: wrinkling and buckling
ThuApr 2515:00Seminar on the Mathematics of Reaction NetworksStefan MüllerFrom reaction networks to "positive algebraic geometry" - and back
ThuApr 2515:00Number Theory Web SeminarTheresa AndersonCounting with new tools
ThuApr 2515:30Seminar on the Mathematics of Reaction NetworksDavid F. AndersonChemical mass-action systems as analog computers: implementing arithmetic computations at specified speed
ThuApr 2517:00Bachelier Finance Society One World seminar seriesJohannes RufThe numeraire e-variable and reverse information projection
ThuApr 2517:00Topos Institute ColloquiumGioele ZardiniCo-Design of Complex Systems: From Autonomy to Future Mobility
ThuApr 2517:00Art and Math SeminarXavier GràciaMusical scales, a never-ending story
ThuApr 2518:00Online logic seminarBrian ZilliOn the spectra of computable bounded analytic functions
ThuApr 2519:00Early Career Math ColloquiumYupei HuangTBA
ThuApr 2520:00STAGEJane ShiConstruction of elliptic curves of large rank
ThuApr 2520:00UCLA analysis and PDE seminarAlexandria RoseLattice Covering Densities and Additive Combinatorics
ThuApr 2520:30M-seminarMurad AlimFrom Gromov-Witten to Donaldson-Thomas invariants via resurgence
ThuApr 2521:00PIMS-CORDS SFU Operations Research SeminarJoão Gouveia (UBC-O hosted)Self-dual polyhedral cones and their slack matrices
ThuApr 2521:00UCSD number theory seminarJon AycockTBA
FriApr 2607:00Kyushu University Algebra SeminarKang Zuop-adic Simpson correspondence, motivic Higgs bundles and Katz convolution
FriApr 2610:00Yeditepe Mathematics SeminarsMahmut ElbistanTBA
FriApr 2610:00University of Birmingham theoretical computer science seminarBartek KlinTBA
FriApr 2611:00Bilkent University Quantum Computing SeminarSelman IpekApplications of Categorical Quantum Mechanics to quantum computation: ZX calculus
FriApr 2612:40ODTU-Bilkent Algebraic Geometry SeminarsYaacov KopeliovichThe fundamental group of compact algebraic curve above complex numbers
FriApr 2614:00Quiver MeetingsVishnu JejjalaTBA
FriApr 2614:30Columbia - Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic SeminarBao Le HungEquivariant homology of affine Springer fibers and Breuil-Mezard cycles
FriApr 2616:00GEOTOP-A seminarPablo Suárez SerratoTopics in Geometric Learning
MonApr 2907:00KIAS Strings SeminarYi ZhangUnderstanding Fermionic Generalized Symmetries
MonApr 2909:00NKUA HEP SeminarsNicolaos ToumbasA time dependent ER=EPR for closed FRW cosmologies
MonApr 2911:15CAM seminarRagnar WintherWhat about $p$?
MonApr 2912:00Paris algebra seminarMarco RobaloChoices of HKR isomorphisms and exponential maps
MonApr 2912:15Munich-Copenhagen-Santiago Mathematical Physics seminarSimon LarsonOn a Hardy-Morrey inequality
MonApr 2913:40Nečas Seminar on Continuum MechanicsChiara GavioliTBA
MonApr 2914:00Geometric and functional inequalities and applicationsXiaodong WangTBA
MonApr 2915:00European Non-Associative Algebra SeminarErik DarpöNon-associative algebras in an associative context
MonApr 2915:00Beyond VoganishLeticia BarchiniTBA
MonApr 2916:00FRG Grad Seminar (Averages of of L-functions and Arithmetic Stratification)Brian ConreyTBA
MonApr 2918:00OARS Online Analysis Research SeminarManik DharTBA
TueApr 3001:30Geometry, Algebra and Physics at KIASSunghyuk Park3d quantum trace map
TueApr 3007:00Nonlinear Analysis Seminar SeriesDr. You Wei-ChenA self-improving property of Riesz potentials in BMO
TueApr 3007:00Necas PDE seminarPetr KaplickyTBA
TueApr 3007:00KIAS Strings SeminarNobuyoshi OhtaQuantum Improved Kerr Black Holes and Thermodynamics
TueApr 3007:30IBS/KAIST Discrete Math SeminarMaximilian GorskyTowards the half-integral Erdős-Pósa property for even dicycles
TueApr 3008:00Tricontinental Quantum Fundamentals SeminarAristotelis PanagiotopoulosIncompleteness Theorems for Observables in General Relativity
TueApr 3008:00SEU Yau Center Theoretical Physics Seminars 2024Fabio ApruzziTBA
TueApr 3008:30Algebra and Geometry Seminar @ HKUSTArkadij BojkoUniversal Virasoro constraints for quivers with relations
TueApr 3012:00Function spacesValentina CicconeEndpoint estimates for higher-order Marcinkiewicz multipliers
TueApr 3012:00Sheffield Number Theory SeminarBence HevesiTBA
TueApr 3013:00CAvid: Complex Analysis video seminarJohn KingComplex-plane analysis of a quasilinear parabolic PDE
TueApr 3013:00One World Combinatorics on Words SeminarMichael BaakeHats, CAPs and Spectres
TueApr 3013:00UEA pure maths seminarSylvy AnscombeTBA
TueApr 3013:00Applied Maths and Stats @ UEAAlice ThompsonFeedback control and continuation for deformable bubbles
TueApr 3013:00Bilecik Algebra and Number Theory General SeminarKen OnoThe partition function modulo 2 and 4
TueApr 3013:00Seminars on Inverse Problems Theory and ApplicationsGrigorii AgafonkinConstruction of a potential for given essential spectrum of the singular Schrodinger operator on the half-line
TueApr 3014:00Seminar on Biological Control SystemsYing TangNeural-network solutions to stochastic reaction networks
TueApr 3014:00One world IAMP mathematical physics seminarAernout van EnterDyson models: One-sided and two-sided aspects
TueApr 3014:00International seminar on automorphic formsJesse ThornerTBA
TueApr 3014:00Malliavin Calculus and its ApplicationsKateryna HlynianaFiltration problem for SDE with interaction