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MonJun 1401:00IBS-CGP weekly zoom seminarWonbo JeongTBA
MonJun 1408:00Bremen Online Dynamics SeminarSeonhee LimBrownian motion in negative curvature
MonJun 1411:15Warsaw Number Theory SeminarJason BellEffective isotrivial Mordell-Lang in positive characteristic
MonJun 1411:30HUJI-BGU Number Theory SeminarUmberto ZannierAbelian varieties not isogenous to any Jacobian
MonJun 1412:00Monday's Nonstandard SeminarGiuseppina di BlasioSymmetrization for fully anisotropic elliptic equations
MonJun 1412:00Paris algebra seminarJustine FasquelRationality at admissible levels of the simple W-algebras associated with subregular nilpotent elements in sp_4
MonJun 1413:00One World Combinatorics on Words SeminarGolnaz BadkobehLeft Lyndon tree construction
MonJun 1413:00Geometry and Physics @ LisbonSean LawtonFlawed Groups
MonJun 1413:00Heilbronn Virtual Visiting Professors 2021Emmanuel BreuillardApproximate groups
MonJun 1413:00Monday's Nonstandard SeminarLeah SchätzlerHölder continuity for a doubly nonlinear equation
MonJun 1413:30Mathematical Challenges in Quantum Mechanics 2021 WorkshopEric SeréDirac-Coulomb operators with general charge distribution: results and open problems
MonJun 1413:30One World Optimization seminarDarinka DentchevaSubregular Recourse in Multistage Stochastic Optimization
MonJun 1414:00From 3-manifold invariants to number theoryDon ZagierFrom 3-manifold invariants to number theory
MonJun 1414:00Extremal and probabilistic combinatorics webinarNicolás Sanhueza-MatamalaDegree conditions for spanning structures in dense graphs
MonJun 1414:00Groups, Operators, and Banach Algebras WebinarPrzemyslaw OhryskoInversion problem in measure and Fourier-Stieltjes algebras
MonJun 1414:00Geometric and functional inequalities and applicationsSvitlana MayborodaGreen Function vs. Geometry
MonJun 1414:00Leiden Algebra, Geometry, and Number Theory SeminarXavier CarusoFast evaluation of some p-adic special functions
MonJun 1414:00Quantum Groups SeminarSatyajit GuinEquivariant spectral triple for the compact quantum group $U_q(2)$ for complex deformation parameters
MonJun 1414:15Algebraic geometry Freie Universität BerlinAniket ShahA q-analogue of Brion's identity from quasimap spaces
MonJun 1415:00BIRS workshop : Novel Mathematical Methods in Material Science: Applications to BiomaterialsCristian MichelettiKnots and links in channel and slit confinement: static and dynamics
MonJun 1415:00Mathematical Challenges in Quantum Mechanics 2021 WorkshopMichael WeinsteinTight binding approximation of continuum 2D quantum materials
MonJun 1415:00Oxford Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Finance SeminarJean-Pierre FouqueLinear-Quadratic Stochastic Differential Games on Directed Chain Networks
MonJun 1415:15BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsRick BluteSyntax And Semantics Of Differentiation
MonJun 1415:30BIRS workshop : Novel Mathematical Methods in Material Science: Applications to BiomaterialsFred MacKintoshMechanical phase transitions and elastic anomalies in biopolymer gels
MonJun 1416:00BIRS workshop : Novel Mathematical Methods in Material Science: Applications to BiomaterialsWilma OlsonSurprising Twists in Nucleosomal DNA with Implication for Higher-order Chromatin Folding
MonJun 1416:00CRM-Montreal analysis SeminarJavier Gomez-SerranoComputer-assisted proofs and counterexamples in spectral geometry
MonJun 1416:00Quantum Matter meets Maths (IST, Lisbon)Clement DelcampOn tensor network representations of the (3+1)d toric code
MonJun 1416:00Spectral geometry in the cloudsJavier Gómez-SerranoTBA
MonJun 1416:00Fields Number Theory SeminarPeter JossenOn Exponential motives and their Fundamental Groups
MonJun 1416:15BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsJean-Simon LemayThe World of Differential Categories: A Tutorial on Cartesian Differential Categories
MonJun 1416:30McGill Theoretical High Energy Physics SeminarsBenjamin LillardBubble-Of-Nothing Decay of the de Sitter Universe
MonJun 1416:45BIRS workshop : Novel Mathematical Methods in Material Science: Applications to BiomaterialsLouis KauffmanKnotoids and Their Applications
MonJun 1417:15BIRS workshop : Novel Mathematical Methods in Material Science: Applications to BiomaterialsEleni PanagiotouTBA
MonJun 1417:15BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsRobin CockettThe Faa Di Bruno Construction and Skew Enrichment
MonJun 1418:00BISTRO - Billiards and Surfaces à la Teichmüller and Riemann, OnlineMaxim KontsevichWall-crossing for abelian differentials
MonJun 1419:00Harvard Special ColloquiumMichael DouglasTopics in computers and mathematics
MonJun 1419:30UBC String Theory SeminarsXiao-Liang QiEntanglement island, miracle operators and the firewall
MonJun 1420:00CRM Applied Math Seminartesttest
MonJun 1421:00BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsGeoffrey CruttwellIntroduction to tangent categories
MonJun 1422:00BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsBen MacAdamAn introduction to differential bundles
MonJun 1423:00BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsRichard GarnerWeil spaces, and the embedding theorem for tangent categories
TueJun 1502:00KEK Theory SeminarKazuya YonekuraAtiyah-Patodi-Singer index theorem from axial anomaly
TueJun 1507:30OIST representation theory seminarSira GratzGrassmannians, Cluster Algebras and Hypersurface Singularities
TueJun 1508:00Higher Spin Gravity online-clubGuilia IsabellaOn-shell effective theory for higher spin dark matter
TueJun 1508:00Japan Europe Number Theory Exchange SeminarAde Irma SuriajayaGoldbach representations and exceptional zeros of Dirichlet L-functions
TueJun 1508:35Japan Europe Number Theory Exchange SeminarTanja Isabelle SchindlerA central limit theorem for the Birkhoff sum of the Riemann zeta-function over a Boolean type transformation
TueJun 1510:00CCTP HEP SeminarsKostas SkenderisHolographic cosmology and the origin of time
TueJun 1510:15Mathematics of Deep LearningDaniel CremersSelf-supervised Learning Approaches to Shape Reconstruction and Analysis
TueJun 1511:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarEveline LegendreValuative stability for polarised varieties
TueJun 1512:00Algebra, Geometry and Physics seminar (MPIM Bonn/HU Berlin)Andras SzenesThe Verlinde formula and parabolic Hecke correspondences
TueJun 1512:00Joint Theory Seminar between Vienna University of Technology and University of ViennaJun NishimuraTBA
TueJun 1512:30One World Numeration seminarSam ChowDyadic approximation in the Cantor set
TueJun 1512:30POINT: New Developments in Number TheoryFrancesco BattistoniOn elliptic curves over $\mathbb{Q}(T)$ and their ranks
TueJun 1512:30ItaCa Fest 2021Olivia CaramelloTBA
TueJun 1513:00CAvid: Complex Analysis video seminarGalina FilipukAspects of nonlinear differential equations
TueJun 1513:00International seminar on automorphic formsChao LiBeilinson-Bloch conjecture and arithmetic inner product formula
TueJun 1513:00Non-local operators, probability and singularitiesTomasz GrzywnySubordinated Markov processes: estimates for heat kernels and Green functions
TueJun 1513:00POINT: New Developments in Number TheoryGeoffrey AkersOn a universal deformation ring that is a discrete valuation ring
TueJun 1513:30Pangolin seminarMelanie RupflinLojasiewicz inequalities near simple bubble trees
TueJun 1513:30Mathematical Challenges in Quantum Mechanics 2021 WorkshopAri LaptevSymmetry Results in Two-Dimensional Inequalities for Aharonov–Bohm Magnetic Fields
TueJun 1513:30Uniba Mathematical Physics SeminarEva-Maria GraefeA non-Hermitian PT-symmetric kicked top
TueJun 1513:30ItaCa Fest 2021Paolo SaraccoTBA
TueJun 1514:00BIRS workshop : Novel Mathematical Methods in Material Science: Applications to BiomaterialsSlobodan ZumerTopological analysis of 3D active nematic turbulence in droplets
TueJun 1514:00CRM CAMP (Computer-Assisted Mathematical Proofs) in Nonlinear AnalysisZbigniew GaliasChaos in the Chua's circuit
TueJun 1514:00Galois geometries and their applications eseminarsGary McGuireLinear Fractional Transformations and Irreducible Polynomials over Finite Fields
TueJun 1514:00Geometry in ComoMarco CastrillónHomogeneous structures in pseudo-Riemannian manifolds and beyond
TueJun 1514:00Free Mathematics SeminarJohan AsplundChekanov-Eliashberg dg-algebras for singular Legendrians
TueJun 1514:00One world IAMP mathematical physics seminarGordon SladeMean-field tricritical polymers
TueJun 1514:00Mathematical Picture Language SeminarJeongwan HaahTopological phases of discrete time evolution
TueJun 1514:00NCG&T Prague - Noncommutative geometry and topology seminarTomasz BrzezińskiTBA
TueJun 1514:00Seminars on Numerics and ApplicationsYannis KevrekidisNo equations, no variables, no space, no time: Data and the modeling of complex systems
TueJun 1514:00Mathematical Picture Language SeminarJeongwan HaahTBA
TueJun 1514:00Regensburg low-dimensional geometry and topology seminarThomas BarthelméTBA
TueJun 1514:15Geometric Structures Research SeminarBoulos El HilanyComputing efficiently the non-properness set of polynomial maps on the plane
TueJun 1514:15Munich-Aarhus-Santiago Mathematical Physics seminarBernard HelfferSemi-classical edge states for the Robin Laplacian (after Helffer-Kachmar)
TueJun 1514:30BIRS workshop : Novel Mathematical Methods in Material Science: Applications to BiomaterialsRajeev KumarGenerating Knotted Configurations in Polymers using Field Theory Approach
TueJun 1514:30Online asymptotic geometric analysis seminarSusanna SpektorOn the applications of the Khinchine type inequality for Independent and Dependent Poisson random variables
TueJun 1514:30Oxford Random Matrix Theory SeminarsJon PitchfordTBC
TueJun 1515:00BIRS workshop : Novel Mathematical Methods in Material Science: Applications to BiomaterialsAlexandra ZidovskaInterphase Chromatin Undergoes a Local Sol-Gel Transition Upon Cell Differentiation
TueJun 1515:00BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsThomas EhrhardDifferentiation in probabilistic coherence spaces
TueJun 1515:00B.O.W.L Geometry SeminarLaura FredricksonALG Gravitational Instantons and Hitchin Moduli Spaces
TueJun 1515:00Derived seminarGeorg OberdieckAnother visit to the Donaldson-Thomas theory of K3xE
TueJun 1515:00Emmy Noether Kolloquium MainzPieter BelmansHochschild cohomology of Fano 3-folds
TueJun 1515:00Mathematical Challenges in Quantum Mechanics 2021 WorkshopCharles FeffermanGraphene edge states in a tight binding model
TueJun 1515:00Harvard CMSA Math Science Literature Lecture SeriesSergiu KlainermanNonlinear stability of Kerr black holes for small angular momentum
TueJun 1515:00Virtual East-West Several Complex Variables SeminarJennifer BrooksTBA
TueJun 1515:45BIRS workshop : Novel Mathematical Methods in Material Science: Applications to BiomaterialsDavid SwigonDynamical and stochastic simulations of knotted and linked DNA
TueJun 1515:45BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsMichele PaganiAutomatic differentiation in PCF
TueJun 1516:00Geometria em Lisboa (IST)Antoine SongTBA
TueJun 1516:15BIRS workshop : Novel Mathematical Methods in Material Science: Applications to BiomaterialsJavier ArsuagaDNA knots and liquid crystals in icosahedral bacteriophages
TueJun 1516:30BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsMarie KerjeanFrom categorical models of differentiation to topologies in vector spaces
TueJun 1517:00Online Seminar "Geometric Analysis"Martin RumpfRiemannian calculus in shape spaces
TueJun 1517:30BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsLionel VauxTBA
TueJun 1519:00Seminar Alexander Zavadskij on Representation of Algebras and Their ApplicationsDavid Reynoso MercadoUn modelo para las álgebras canónicas de bimódulos de tipo (1,4) sobre el anillo de polinomios truncados
TueJun 1519:00N3AS Zoom SeminarPrashanth JaikumarSignature of a quark-hadron phase transition from g-mode oscillations in neutron stars
TueJun 1521:00BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsRory Lucyshyn-WrightConnections in Tangent
TueJun 1522:00BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsRichard GarnerThe free tangent category on an affine connection
TueJun 1523:00BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their ApplicationsBen MacAdamNew tangent structures for Lie algebroids and Lie groupoids
WedJun 1602:00BIMSA Geometry and Physics SeminarsEva SilversteinHyperbolic compactification of M theory and de Sitter quantum gravity
WedJun 1607:00Variational Analysis and Optimisation WebinarBruno F. LourençoError bounds, amenable cones and beyond