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TueOct 2617:00Online Seminar "Geometric Analysis"Henrik SchumacherRepulsive Curves and Surfaces
TueOct 2617:00VaNTAGeNoam ElkiesSupersingular reduction of elliptic curves
TueOct 2617:30BIRS workshop: Gravitational Emergence in AdS/CFTHenry LinTBA
TueOct 2617:30IAS High Energy Theory Monday Seminar SeriesNima Arkani-HamedSpacetime and Quantum Mechanics; Particles and "Strings"; Polytopes, Binary Geometries and Quiver Categories
TueOct 2617:30Upstate New York Online Number Theory ColloquiumYakov VarshavskyThe Hrushovski-Lang-Weil's estimates
TueOct 2618:00UC Davis algebraic geometry seminarTimothy LogvinenkoThe Heisenberg category of a category
TueOct 2618:00Brandeis Topology SeminarZihao LiuScaled homology and topological entropy (in person)
TueOct 2618:00CMO-Bound-Geometry & Learning from DataRuriko YoshidaTree Topologies along a Tropical Line Segment ↓
TueOct 2618:00University of Maryland Algebra-Number Theory Seminar Fall 2021Ananth ShankarCanonical heights on Shimura varieties and the Andre-Oort conjecture
TueOct 2618:30NHETC SeminarDavide GaiottoGiant gravitons in twisted holograpy
TueOct 2618:50UTK Geometric Analysis SeminarSimon BlattAnalyticity of solutions to fractional partial differential equations
TueOct 2619:00CMO-Bound-Geometry & Learning from DataJun ZhangInformation Geometry: A Tutorial
TueOct 2619:00PALS Panglobal Algebra and Logic SeminarMichael PinskerUniqueness of Polish topologies on endomorphism monoids of countable structures
TueOct 2619:00Seminar Alexander Zavadskij on Representation of Algebras and Their ApplicationsClaudia ChaioSobre la composición de tres morfismos irreducibles en el radical a la cuarta de la categoría derivada acotada
TueOct 2619:30CRM-Séminaire Physique MathématiquePeter Koroteevq-Opers, QQ-systems and Bethe Ansatz
TueOct 2620:00BIRS workshop: Gravitational Emergence in AdS/CFTSpyros AlexakisTBA
TueOct 2620:00Fellowship of the RingJulia PevtsovaTBA
TueOct 2620:00PDE Analysis SeminarSylvia SerfatyTitle to be announced
TueOct 2620:30MIT number theory seminarMyrto MavrakiOn the dynamical Bogomolov conjecture
TueOct 2620:40BIRS workshop: Gravitational Emergence in AdS/CFTDominik NeuenfeldTBA
TueOct 2621:00University of Arizona Algebra and Number Theory SeminarYousheng ShiKudla-Rapoport conjecture at a ramified prime
TueOct 2621:00UCLA analysis and PDE seminarMonica VisanOrbital stability of KdV multisolitons in $H^{-1}$
TueOct 2621:30CMO-Bound-Geometry & Learning from DataYalbi Itzel Balderas-MartinezPanel: AI & Public Institutions
WedOct 2700:00Variational Analysis and Optimisation WebinarNghia TranSharp and strong minima for robust recovery
WedOct 2700:00Solvable Lattice Models SeminarRichard KenyonThe five-vertex model
WedOct 2708:00IBS Biomedical Mathematics ColloquiumAnnabelle BallestaSystems Pharmacology towards Personalized Chronotherapy
WedOct 2708:00One World Signal Processing Seminar SeriesGitta KutyniokRadioUNets: Next Generation Radio Maps using Deep Learning
WedOct 2708:15Göttingen Seminar Noncommutative GeometryBoris BilichNoncommutative holomorphic functional calculus for double coverings
WedOct 2709:30Prague-Hradec Kralove seminar Cohomology in algebra, geometry, physics and statisticsJean-Pierre MagnotOn the differential geometry of groups of diffeomorphisms and of non-formal pseudo-differential operators
WedOct 2709:30ICTS virtual seminarMiranda ChengMachine learning and theoretical physics: some applications
WedOct 2711:10Geometry and Dynamics seminarDaniel TsodikovichBilliard Tables with rotational symmetry
WedOct 2712:00African Mathematics SeminarChristian MaireOn Galois representations with large image
WedOct 2712:14Computer Physics and Quantum Informatics SeminarJustyna GolecMultimodal matching – metody pozwalające na określenie podobieństwa pomiędzy tekstem a obrazem
WedOct 2712:45Hodge SeminarFranco RotaTBA
WedOct 2713:00Warwick Combinatorics SeminarRob SilversmithCross-ratios and perfect matchings
WedOct 2714:00Barcelona Set Theory SeminarMartina IannellaConvex embeddability on linear/circular orders and connections to knot theory
WedOct 2714:00CERN Theory ColloquiaRebecca LeaneDetecting Dark Matter in Celestial Bodies
WedOct 2714:00CMO-Bound-Geometry & Learning from DataMaks OvsjanikovEfficient learning on curved surfaces via diffusion
WedOct 2714:00Dynamical systems and PDEsSylvia SerfatyMean-field limits for singular flows
WedOct 2714:00Hodge SeminarDougal DavisMixed Hodge modules, Lusztig-Vogan polynomials, and unitary representations of real reductive groups
WedOct 2714:00Fields Medal Symposium in honour of Peter ScholzeYves AndréOn the canonical, fpqc and finite topologies of Noetherian schemes: old questions, new answers
WedOct 2714:00Harmonic Analysis and Symmetric Spaces 2021Etienne Le MassonEigenfunctions on random hyperbolic surfaces
WedOct 2714:00Heriot-Watt algebra, geometry and topology seminar (MAXIMALS)Martín BlufsteinParabolic subgroups of two-dimensional Artin groups
WedOct 2714:00Iskovskikh seminarAlexei PiskunovSymmetric powers of Severi-Brauer varieties
WedOct 2714:00STAGENiven AchenjangVojta's approach to the Mordell conjecture II
WedOct 2714:45Leeds Models and SetsDilip RaghavanGalvin’s problem in higher dimensions
WedOct 2715:00BIRS workshop: Gravitational Emergence in AdS/CFTOlga PapadoulakiTBA
WedOct 2715:00CMO-Bound-Geometry & Learning from DataXavier PennecCurvature effects in Geometric statistics : empirical Frechet mean and parallel transport accuracy
WedOct 2715:00Theoretical and Mathematical PhysicsAndrei ParnachevStress tensor and conformal correlators
WedOct 2715:00Heilbronn number theory seminarSamantha FairchildTBA
WedOct 2715:15Fields Medal Symposium in honour of Peter ScholzeMatthew MorrowA prismatic analysis of A1 -invariant motivic cohomology
WedOct 2715:15Harmonic Analysis and Symmetric Spaces 2021Bart MichelsMean square asymptotics and oscillatory integrals for maximal flat submanifolds of locally symmetric spaces
WedOct 2715:30Quadratic forms, linear algebraic groups and beyondJean-Louis Colliot-TheleneQuadratic forms and stable rationality II
WedOct 2715:30IISc Geometry/Topology SeminarDylan AllegrettiTeichmüller spaces, quadratic differentials, and cluster coordinates
WedOct 2715:40BIRS workshop: Gravitational Emergence in AdS/CFTElena GiorgiElectromagnetic-gravitational perturbations of Kerr-Newman black hole
WedOct 2716:00CMO-Bound-Geometry & Learning from DataChris ConnellTensor decomposition based network embedding algorithms for prediction tasks on dynamic networks.
WedOct 2716:00Em-CatsJohan García VargasGalois theory and Hopf monads (rescheduled)
WedOct 2716:00Virtual Seminar of the International Institute of PhysicsRodrigo PereiraMajorana fermions bound to line defects in Kitaev spin liquids
WedOct 2716:00Metagovernance SeminarSacha Saint-LegerIntroducing Gardens, a framework for effective on-chain governance
WedOct 2716:00Statistical Mechanics SeminarLuis Renato FontesRandom walk in a birth-and-death dynamical environment
WedOct 2716:00Simons Bootstrap Collaboration Seminar SeriesNO SEMINARTBA
WedOct 2716:00Theoretical Physics Colloquium @ ASUAndrew W. SteinerMulti-messenger astronomy and the physics of hot and dense matter
WedOct 2716:15STARS: Superalgebra Theory and Representations SeminarAlex Sherman and Crystal HoytMinicourse on Duflo-Serganova functors (part 2)
WedOct 2716:20Geometry of differential equations seminarOleg MorozovIntegrable PDEs and extensions of Lie-Rinehart algebras
WedOct 2716:30Carnegie Mellon theoretical physicsMatt LewandowskiGravitational Causality and the Self-Stress of Photons
WedOct 2716:30Fields Medal Symposium in honour of Peter ScholzeKęstutis ČesnavičiusThe perfectoid approach to purity questions
WedOct 2716:30Harmonic Analysis and Symmetric Spaces 2021Matthew BlairLp bounds for eigenfunctions at the critial exponent
WedOct 2716:50BIRS workshop: Gravitational Emergence in AdS/CFTArvin Shahbazi-MoghaddamTBA
WedOct 2717:00TCS+Shravas RaoDegree vs. Approximate Degree and Quantum Implications of Huang's Sensitivity Theorem
WedOct 2717:00Webinários do PPGMat - UFRGSJoão Pedro RamosRevisiting the subcritical case of Hardy’s uncertainty principle
WedOct 2717:30BIRS workshop: Gravitational Emergence in AdS/CFTMihalis DafermosTBA
WedOct 2718:00CMO-Bound-Geometry & Learning from DataNina MiolaneTBA
WedOct 2718:00Categories seminar UNAMAkif Mehmet ErdalActions of monoidal categories and (co)stabilization
WedOct 2718:10Berkeley applied mathematics seminarSong MeiThe efficiency of kernel methods on structured datasets
WedOct 2718:30Brazilian algebraic geometry seminarJacqueline ArancibiaSome applications of Bott's Localization Formula in Enumerative Problems
WedOct 2718:30M-seminarBen DavisonCohomological DT theory and nonabelian Hodge theory for stacks - 2
WedOct 2719:00CMO-Bound-Geometry & Learning from DataKaty CraigA Blob Method for Diffusion and Applications to Sampling and Two Layer Neural Networks
WedOct 2719:00Georgia Tech CNS Nonlinear WebinarK. Zeng, Carlo Perez de Jesus, Daniel FloryanCharting dynamics from data
WedOct 2719:00Harvard number theory seminarWei Zhangp-adic Heights of the arithmetic diagonal cycles
WedOct 2719:00NYC noncommutative geometry seminarAndrey GlubokovCluster algebra and Jones polynomials
WedOct 2720:00Boston University Geometry/Physics SeminarStephan StolzTMF-cohomology via 2-dimensional QFTs
WedOct 2720:00MIT Lie groups seminarYuri BerestTopological realization of rings of quasi-invariants of finite reflection groups
WedOct 2721:00Quantitative Finance SeminarSamuel CohenArbitrage-free neural-SDE market models
WedOct 2722:00UBC Number theory seminarArtane SiadMonogenic fields with odd class number
ThuOct 2800:00Centre for Quantum Software and Information Seminar SeriesAnirudh KrishnaAbstract and physical constraints on quantum LDPC codes
ThuOct 2802:00ANU Research School of Earth Sciences school seminarYen Joe TanThe 2016 central Italy earthquake sequence
ThuOct 2806:00ARCSIN - Algebra, Representations, Combinatorics and Symmetric functions in INdiaDigjoy PaulSymmetric $q,t$ Catalan polynomials
ThuOct 2808:00Probability Victoria Seminar (PVSeminar)Alain-Sol SznitmanOn disconnection and the bubble set for random interlacements.
ThuOct 2808:15EDDy weekly seminarMaria WestdickenbergLocal mins, saddle points, and Gamma-convergence in a Cahn-Hilliard problem: insights and challenges
ThuOct 2809:00Online Nottingham algebraic geometry seminarAndrea BriniQuantum geometry of log-Calabi Yau surfaces
ThuOct 2810:00Bilbao analysis and PDE seminarClaudio VasconcelosInhomogeneous cancellation conditions and boundedness of Calderón-Zygmund type operators on $h^p(\mathbb{R}^n)$
ThuOct 2810:30One World Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) seminarMichael Gutmann Publications TeachingTBA
ThuOct 2810:30Special Functions and Number Theory seminarAkshaa VatwaniLimitations to equidistribution in arithmetic progressions
ThuOct 2811:00Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory seminar - ISTAMirko MauriOn the geometric P = W conjecture
ThuOct 2811:00Longitudinal Algebra and Geometry Open ONline Seminar (LAGOON)Amnon NeemanFinite approximations as a tool for studying triangulated categories
ThuOct 2811:00Tel Aviv number theory seminarJens MarklofHow random are the roots of quadratic congruences?
ThuOct 2811:00Mathematical models and integration methodsMaxim PavlovNon-diagonalisable Hydrodynamic Type Systems, Integrable by Tsarev's Generalised Hodograph Method
ThuOct 2811:30CERN BSM ForumsFelix KlingForward Physics Facility: Sites, Experiments, and Physics Potential
ThuOct 2812:00[K-OS] Knot online seminarPaolo BellingeriVirtual Artin groups
ThuOct 2813:00University of Copenhagen DidMat-seminarBerta BarqueroThe ecological dimension in the research field of mathematical modelling
ThuOct 2813:00PDE seminar via ZoomMatthew RosenzweigGlobal solutions of aggregation equations and other flows with random diffusion
ThuOct 2813:00"Partial Differential Equations and Applications" WebinarHelena Nussenzveig Lopes2D Navier-Stokes equations on a bounded domain with holes and Navier friction boundary conditions
ThuOct 2813:00Dublin Algebra and Number Theory SeminarScott AhlgrenCongruences for the partition function