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ThuJul 0910:00Western Sydney University Abend SeminarsXiao-Wu ChenLeavitt path algebra via the singularity category of a radical-square-zero algebra
ThuJul 0912:00Maths Seminar at ShanghaiMartin de BorbonCalabi-Yau metrics with cone singularities along intersecting complex lines: The unstable case
ThuJul 0912:00Quantum Aspects of Space-Time and MatterPaolo CreminelliInitial Conditions for Inflation
ThuJul 0912:00SCMS-Fudan Algebraic Geometry SeminarEyal MarkmanThe Hodge conjecture for abelian fourfold of Weil type
ThuJul 0913:00Colóquio Rio de Janeiro de Análise e Equações DiferenciaisAlexander QuaasThe sharp exponent in the study of the nonlocal Hénon equation in Rn. A Liouville Theorem and an existence result
ThuJul 0913:00Harvard CMSA Thur: Quantum Matter/QFT/Condensed Matter/MathDebanjan ChowdhuryDeconfined metallic quantum criticality-I
ThuJul 0913:00ICTP Math SeminarJorge AntezanaMath Associates Seminar: Sampling, tilings, and quasicrystals
ThuJul 0913:00PDE seminar via ZoomXavier TolsaUnique continuation at the boundary for harmonic functions
ThuJul 0913:00FD SeminarAndrea SolotarBounded extension algebras and Han's conjecture
ThuJul 0913:30CENTRA SeminarLorenzo AnnulliStirred and shaken: dynamical behavior of boson stars and dark matter cores
ThuJul 0913:30t-,T- & mu dependence in QFTMarkus HeylQuantum many-body dynamics in two dimensions with artificial neural networks
ThuJul 0914:00Colóquio Rio de Janeiro de Análise e Equações DiferenciaisAngela PistoiaElliptic systems with critical growth
ThuJul 0914:00Astroparticle Physics Seminar SISSALuis LenherExtensions to GR: Roadblocks & potential way through
ThuJul 0914:00HEP seminars TU Wien (Vienna)Hiroshi OoguriTesting Swampland Conjectures
ThuJul 0914:00PDE seminar via ZoomBogdan-Vasile MatiocThe Muskat problem in subcritical Lp-Sobolev spaces
ThuJul 0914:00London Integrability Journal ClubMarius de LeeuwSolving the Yang-Baxter equation
ThuJul 0914:00One World Probability seminarRonen EldanLocalization and concentration of measures on the discrete hypercube with applications to interacting particle systems
ThuJul 0915:00Analysis, Quantum Fields, and ProbabilityJürg FröhlichResults on interacting Bose Gases
ThuJul 0915:00Bilbao analysis and PDE seminarSagun ChanilloBorderline Sobolev Inequalities after Bourgain-Brezis and applications to Navier-Stokes and Maxwell equations
ThuJul 0915:00PDE seminar via ZoomPhilip IsettA Proof of Onsager’s Conjecture for the Incompressible Euler Equations
ThuJul 0915:00Iskovskikh seminarGiovanni MongardiIHS Manifolds: Automorphisms, Kahler cones and related questions
ThuJul 0915:00Leicester Algebra and Geometry Open ONline Seminar (LAGOON)Alexander PolishchukGeometry of the Associative Yang-Baxter equation
ThuJul 0915:00Lisbon webinar in analysis and differential equationsElvira ZappaleOptimal design problems
ThuJul 0915:00Number Theory Web SeminarLillian PierceOn Bourgain’s counterexample for the Schrödinger maximal function
ThuJul 0915:00Probability & Statistics (IST, Lisbon)Ismael LemhadriLassoNet: A Neural Network with Feature Sparsity
ThuJul 0915:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarHarold BlumOn properness of K-moduli spaces and destabilizations of Fano varieties
ThuJul 0915:00Analysis & PDE working summer seminarJiao HeRegularity criteria for weak solutions to the three-dimensional MHD system
ThuJul 0915:00Nano Explorations from MIT.nanoMilica NotarosLiquid-crystal-based integrated optical phased arrays for augmented reality
ThuJul 0916:00BISTRO - Billiards and Surfaces à la Teichmüller and Riemann, OnlineVincent Delecroix and Elise GoujardThe number of components of a multicurve in large genus
ThuJul 0916:00International Zoom Inverse Problems Seminar, UC IrvineMaarten de HoopGlobally injective deep neural networks
ThuJul 0916:00Talks on contemporary research in magnetic confinement nuclear fusionRemi Delaporte-MathurinTracking hydrogen in ITER's tungsten plasma facing components
ThuJul 0916:00Applications of gauge topology, holography and string models to QCDFrancesco NittiAspects of holographic axion dynamics
ThuJul 0916:00QFT and GeometryIrene ValenzuelaNothing is certain in string compactifications
ThuJul 0916:00Recent Advances in Modern p-Adic Geometry (RAMpAGe)Charlotte ChanL-packets of S-unramified regular supercuspidal representations
ThuJul 0916:00Big Seminar of Lab of CombiGeo StructuresFedor PetrovList colorings of direct products
ThuJul 0916:00Connect Science SeminarsAviv RegevFrom atlases to programs as roadmaps to cancer
ThuJul 0916:00Online open probability schoolAndrea MontanariMean field methods in high-dimensional statistics and nonconvex optimization
ThuJul 0916:30Mathematics, Physics and Machine Learning (IST, Lisbon)Francisco C. SantosClimate action and cooperation dynamics under uncertainty
ThuJul 0917:00Geometry Webinar AmSur /AmSulEmilio LauretDiameter and Laplace eigenvalue estimates for homogeneous Riemannian manifolds
ThuJul 0917:00Seminários online de Grafos, Algoritmos e CombinatóriaPaloma LimaGraph Square Roots of Small Distance from Degree One Graphs
ThuJul 0917:30MAGIC (Michigan - Arithmetic Geometry Initiative - Columbia)Tim BrowningDel Pezzo surfaces by degrees
ThuJul 0917:30Online open probability schoolLeo MiolaneInformation-theoretic limits of Bayesian inference in Gaussian noise
ThuJul 0918:00CUNY Geometric Analysis SeminarIlaria MondelloNon-existence of Yamabe metrics in a singular setting
ThuJul 0918:00Online logic seminarHenry TowsnerShould we believe in nonstandard analysis?
ThuJul 0918:30M-seminarAndrey SmirnovElliptic stable envelopes and symplectic duality
ThuJul 0918:30One World MINDS seminarHolger RauhutConvergence of gradient flows for learning deep linear neural networks
ThuJul 0918:30Seminario de Geometría y Física - Matemática UCNMark GrossIntrinsic Mirror Symmetry
ThuJul 0919:00IAS Special Year Seminar Series on Theoretical Machine LearningAnima AnandkumarRole of Interaction in Competitive Optimization
ThuJul 0919:00Logicians in QuarantineJohanna FranklinRandomness and computability theory
ThuJul 0919:30Fermilab theoretical physics seminarStefan SchachtA new probe of the nature of the B physics anomalies
ThuJul 0919:30MU-MST joint analysis seminarMing ChenStrong instability of Novikov peakons
ThuJul 0920:00Seminario Latinoamericano de Teoría de NúmerosMatilde LalínLa no anulación de funciones de Dirichlet cúbicas en $s=1/2$
ThuJul 0920:00Pomona Research in Mathematics ExperienceRonald Mickens"Al” and “J. Ernest”: friends and colleagues
ThuJul 0920:30Fellowship of the RingLuis Núñez-BetancourtDifferential powers of ideals
ThuJul 0921:00Pacific dynamics seminarPing Ngai (Brian) ChungStationary measure and orbit closure classification for random walks on surfaces
ThuJul 0922:30SFU Quarantined NT-AG SeminarAnthony Várilly-AlvaradoRational surfaces and locally recoverable codes
FriJul 1006:00The 5th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolRoger NakadSpin-c structures on manifolds and geometric applications 4
FriJul 1007:30The 5th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolVamsi Pritham PingaliThe Calabi Conjectures 4
FriJul 1008:00East Asian String WebinarsDavid TongBoundary conditions for chiral Fermions
FriJul 1011:00Number theory during lockdownJulia BrandesApproximations to Weyl sums
FriJul 1011:30The 5th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolSimone CalamaiConstant Scalar Curvature Kähler metric (CscK) problem: A priori estimates 4
FriJul 1012:00Onlineseminar Applied Algebra and AnalysisCarlos AméndolaStructure Learning for Cyclic Linear Causal Models
FriJul 1012:30CMI seminar seriesUtsav ChoudhuryTBA
FriJul 1012:30Exceptional geometry seminar seriesVictor LekeuHomotopy transfer and L-infinity algebras
FriJul 1013:00ICTS virtual seminarNima Arkani-HamedSpacetime, Quantum Mechanics and Clusterhedra at Infinity
FriJul 1013:15Symplectic zoominarPeter OzsvathKnot Floer homology and bordered algebras
FriJul 1013:30HEP-tensor network seminarsPhilipp HaukeQuantum simulating lattice gauge theories – How to make a quantum simulator obey Gauss’s law
FriJul 1013:30Mathematics of Planet Earth webinars: analysis and modellingOana LangAnalytical Properties for Nonlinear Stochastic Transport PDEs
FriJul 1014:00Banach spaces webinarsNiels LaustsenA $C(K)$-space with few operators and few decompositions
FriJul 1014:00Integrable ProbabilityAlisa KnizelTwo-point convergence of the stochastic six-vertex model to the Airy process
FriJul 1014:00(LAGARTOS) Latin American Real and Tropical Geometry SeminarYoav LenBrill--Noether theory of Prym varieties
FriJul 1014:15Mathematics of Planet Earth webinars: analysis and modellingTommaso AlbertiNonlinear decomposition of the Pleistocene climate record and the response to orbital forcing
FriJul 1014:30Bristol probability seminarEnrique GuerraOn the ballistic conjecture in RWRE
FriJul 1015:00Quadratic forms, linear algebraic groups and beyondBenedict WilliamsAlgebras requiring many generators
FriJul 1015:00CRM - Séminaire du CIRGET / Géométrie et TopologieGabriele MondelloOn spherical surfaces of genus 1 with 1 conical point
FriJul 1015:00Integrable ProbabilityEvgeni DimitrovTBA
FriJul 1015:00New York Number Theory SeminarShalom EliahouIterated sumsets and Hilbert functions
FriJul 1015:00Seminars on Quantum TechnologiesKrzysztof PomorskiAnalytic view on N body interaction in electrostatic quantum gates and decoherence effects in tight-binding model
FriJul 1016:00Computational Research in Boston and Beyond Seminar (CRIBB)YUEXIA LUNA LINReference map technique: a fully Eulerian method for fluid-structure interactions
FriJul 1016:00Topological Quantum Field Theory Club (IST, Lisbon)Ricardo CamposThe homotopy type of associative and commutative algebras
FriJul 1016:00Webinar in Additive CombinatoricsThomas BloomBreaking the logarithmic barrier in Roth's theorem on arithmetic progressions
FriJul 1016:00Western Hemisphere virtual symplectic seminarAliakbar DaemiSO(3)-instantons and the Atiyah-Floer Conjecture
FriJul 1016:00Online open probability schoolAndrea MontanariMean field methods in high-dimensional statistics and nonconvex optimization
FriJul 1016:15CRM-CAMBAM Seminar SeriesJosé Antonio CarrilloAttractive-repulsive models in collective behavior and applications
FriJul 1016:30Carnegie Mellon theoretical physicsLuca DelacretazHeavy Operators and Hydrodynamic Tails
FriJul 1017:00Cibercoloquio Latinoamericano de MatemáticasAlejandro AdemGrupos y topología
FriJul 1018:00CUNY Harmonic Analysis and PDE's SeminarCheng ZhangSharp endpoint estimates for eigenfunctions restricted to submanifolds of codimension 2
FriJul 1018:00IReNA online seminarSabrina SchäferTBA
FriJul 1019:00Western Hemisphere virtual symplectic seminarXin JinMicrolocal sheaf categories and the J-homomorphism
FriJul 1019:00Stanford algebraic geometry seminarJohn Christian OttemOn (2,3)-fourfolds
SatJul 1106:00The 5th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolRoger NakadSpin-c structures on manifolds and geometric applications 5
SatJul 1107:30The 5th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolVamsi Pritham PingaliThe Calabi Conjectures 5
SatJul 1110:15ZOOMerFEST: Young Algebraic GeometersAnnalisa GrossiTBA
SatJul 1112:00ZOOMerFEST: Young Algebraic GeometersCamilla FelisettiTBA
SatJul 1113:45ZOOMerFEST: Young Algebraic GeometersMirko MauriP=W conjectures for character varieties with symplectic resolution
SatJul 1115:30ZOOMerFEST: Young Algebraic GeometersCalum SpencerTBA
SunJul 1212:00ZOOMerFEST: Young Algebraic GeometersGijs HeutTBA
SunJul 1213:45ZOOMerFEST: Young Algebraic GeometersMaciej ZdanowiczGeometry of weakly ordinary varieties with trivial canonical class
SunJul 1215:30ZOOMerFEST: Young Algebraic GeometersRaju KrishnamoorthyRank 2 local systems and abelian varieties
MonJul 1305:00Lean for the Curious MathematicianLean communityTech support (installing Lean, using git + GitHub)
MonJul 1308:00KIAS String SeminarsAndy O'BannonCentral Charges of Two-Dimensional Boundaries and Defects
MonJul 1311:00Lean for the Curious MathematicianScott MorrisonWelcome + 1st Lean proof
MonJul 1311:30The 5th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolBuket Can BahadırSpecial Metrics in Complex Analysis 1
MonJul 1311:30Lean for the Curious MathematicianKevin BuzzardNatural number game (demo and exercises)
MonJul 1311:30Lean for the Curious MathematicianRobert Y. LewisMeta-programming and tactic writing
MonJul 1312:00Geometry of differential equations seminarVladimir RubtsovPolynomial Poisson algebras associated with elliptic curves
MonJul 1312:00Paris algebra seminarOsamu IyamaTilting theory of contracted preprojective algebras and cDV singularities
MonJul 1313:00One World Seminar on Combinatorics on wordsMichel RigoBinomial^3 : coefficients, equivalence, complexity…
MonJul 1313:00Extremal and probabilistic combinatorics webinarMatthew KwanExtension complexity of low-dimensional polytopes
MonJul 1313:00One World Optimization seminarPanayotis MertikopoulosGames, dynamics and optimization
MonJul 1313:00Quantum Aspects of Space-Time and MatterEugenio BianchiTypicality of Small Spins in Primordial Black Holes: from the Bekenstein-Hawking Entropy to Gravitational Wave Observations
MonJul 1314:00Classical knots, virtual knots, and algebraic structures related to knotsJ. Scott CarterDiagrammatic algebra, part 2
MonJul 1315:00Algebraic and Tropical Online Meetings (ATOM)Margarida MeloTropical Moduli Spaces - Lecture 1
MonJul 1315:00Seminario Control en Tiempos de CrisisPedro CaroTBA
MonJul 1315:00Swampland seminar seriesOpen mic eventSwampland Open mic event
MonJul 1315:00Mathematical and Computational Biology Seminar SeriesNatalia KomarovaMathematics of Evolution: mutations, selection, and random environments
MonJul 1315:00Virtual East-West Several Complex Variables SeminarSéverine BiardTBA
MonJul 1315:00Analysis & PDE working summer seminarJoao Pedro RamosRecent Progress on Fourier Uncertainty
MonJul 1315:00electronic Algebraic K-theory SeminarGuillermo CortiñasTBA
MonJul 1316:00Brookhaven Neutrino Theory Virtual SeminarLaurie WalkUnderstanding the dynamics of core-collapse supernovae through neutrinos
MonJul 1316:00Build-a-Cell synthetic cell engineeringMark DitzlerTBA
MonJul 1316:00Applications of gauge topology, holography and string models to QCDMarco CardinaliTrace Deformed Yang-Mills Theory: review of lattice results
MonJul 1316:00Quantum Matter meets Maths (IST, Lisbon)Giandomenico PalumboFour-dimensional semimetals with tensor monopoles: from surface states to topological responses
MonJul 1316:00Quantum HuddleDavid MazziottiPreparation of an Exciton Condensate on a 53 Qubit Quantum Computer
MonJul 1316:00Spectral geometry in the cloudsPanagiotis PolymerakisBottom of spectra and coverings
MonJul 1316:00Webinar in Additive CombinatoricsSarah PeluseTBA
MonJul 1317:00Córdoba Lie theory seminarCorey JonesTriangle presentations and tilting modules for SL_2k+1
MonJul 1319:00Graphs and MatroidsFederico ArdilaGeometry of Matroids
MonJul 1319:00Western Hemisphere colloquium on geometry and physicsMina AganagicTBA
MonJul 1321:00SITP seminarShinsei RyuEntanglement negativity and reflected entropy after quantum quench in 2d CFTs
TueJul 1400:00Number Theory Web SeminarKen OnoVariants of Lehmer's speculation for newforms
TueJul 1402:00KEK Theory SeminarNaoki YamamotoMagnetic monopoles and fermion number violation in chiral matter
TueJul 1407:30IBS/KAIST Discrete Math SeminarCasey TompkinsInverse Turán Problems
TueJul 1408:00Lean for the Curious MathematicianPatrick MassotMathematics in Lean: basics
TueJul 1410:00CCTP HEP SeminarsCostantin BachasTBA
TueJul 1411:00Lean for the Curious MathematicianJeremy AvigadMathematics in Lean: logic
TueJul 1411:30The 5th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolBuket Can BahadırSpecial Metrics in Complex Analysis 2
TueJul 1412:30One World Numeration seminarAttila PethőOn diophantine properties of generalized number systems - finite and periodic representations
TueJul 1413:00CAvid: Complex Analysis video seminarJun WangJulia Limiting Directions of Meromorphic Functions
TueJul 1413:00Data Science and Computational Statistics SeminarJinming DuanCardiac Magnetic Resonance Image Segmentation with Anatomical Knowledge
TueJul 1413:00Groups, Operators, and Banach Algebras WebinarFloris ElzingerFree Orthogonal Quantum Groups and Strong 1-Boundedness
TueJul 1413:00One world IAMP mathematical physics seminarHal Tasaki'Topological' index and general Lieb-Schultz-Mattis theorems for quantum spin chains
TueJul 1413:00Lean for the Curious MathematicianRobert Y. LewisDealing with numbers: ℕ, ℤ, ℚ, ℝ, ℂ
TueJul 1413:00Non-local operators, probability and singularitiesFranziska KühnA maximal inequality for martingale problems and applications
TueJul 1413:30The 5th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer Schoolİzzet CoşkunBirational Geometry of the Hilbert schemes of points on the plane 1
TueJul 1414:00CRM-CAMP (Computer-Assisted Mathematical Proofs) in Nonlinear AnalysisJavier Gómez-SerranoUniqueness of Whitham's highest cusped wave
TueJul 1414:00Pangolin seminarAndrea SeppiThe Gauss map for nearly-Fuchsian manifolds
TueJul 1414:00HoloTube: Applied holography webinarsAlexander KrikunTBA
TueJul 1414:00Mathematical Picture Language SeminarPaul FendleyIntegrability and Braided Tensor Categories
TueJul 1414:00One World PDE seminarHelena J. Nussenzveig LopesAnalysis of incompressible flows with helical symmetry
TueJul 1414:00Quasiworld SeminarEnrico Le DonneTBA
TueJul 1414:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarHelene EsnaultTBA
TueJul 1414:00Regensburg low-dimensional geometry and topology seminarClaudius ZibrowiusThin links and Conway spheres
TueJul 1414:30Göttingen topology and geometry seminarJian WangContractible 3-manifolds and Positive scalar curvature
TueJul 1414:30Lean for the Curious MathematicianJeremy AvigadDealing with sets and operations on them
TueJul 1414:30COVID-19 Math Modelling SeminarBeate SanderTBA
TueJul 1414:45Geometry, Dynamics and Mechanics SeminarDarryl HolmWhat can Geometric Mechanics do for Climate Science?
TueJul 1415:00Algebra, Geometry, and CombinatoricsMatthew SatrianoTBA
TueJul 1415:00Lisbon webinar in analysis and differential equationsPavel ExnerVertex coupling and spectra of periodic quantum graphs
TueJul 1415:00One World PDE seminarGigliola StaffilaniThe Schrodinger equations as inspiration of beautiful mathematics
TueJul 1415:00Quarantine ThermoRaam UzdinTBA
TueJul 1415:00Quasiworld SeminarKathryn LindsayTBA
TueJul 1415:00The RepNet Virtual SeminarAndrew SnowdenThe representation theory of Brauer categories
TueJul 1415:00Summer Series on String PhenomenologyGianluca ZoccaratoTBA
TueJul 1415:00Nano Explorations from MIT.nanoAli KhalatpourNew frontiers in THz quantum cascade lasers
TueJul 1415:00Cell Size & GrowthTeemu MiettinenMass measurements during lymphocytic leukemia cell polyploidization decouple cell cycle and cell size dependent growth
TueJul 1415:30Wales MPPM Mathematical PhysicsMike HartglassRealizations of Rigid C*-tensor categories as bimodules over GJS C*-algebras
TueJul 1415:30Summer Series on String PhenomenologyEduardo GonzaloTBA
TueJul 1415:30Cell Size & GrowthChristine Jacobs-WagnerBacterial cell size, scaling laws and the physicochemical properties of the cell.
TueJul 1416:00Geometria em Lisboa (IST)Tian-Jun LiSymplectic rational G-surfaces and the plane Cremona group
TueJul 1416:30IAS Special Year Seminar Series on Theoretical Machine LearningJeffrey NegreaRelaxing the I.I.D. Assumption: Adaptive Minimax Optimal Sequential Prediction with Expert Advice
TueJul 1417:00Seminario de Geometría AlgebraicaIgor DolgachevCrystallographic bases in the Picard group of algebraic surfaces (en inglés)
TueJul 1417:00Online seminar geometric analysisChristian BärCounter-intuitive approximations
TueJul 1417:00Quasiworld SeminarGiulio TiozzoTBA
TueJul 1418:00Discrete Optimization TalksJannis KurtzDiscrete Optimization Methods for Group Model Selection in Compressed Sensing
TueJul 1418:00Ohio State Topology and Geometric Group Theory SeminarJohnny NicholsonProjective modules and the homotopy classification of CW-complexes
TueJul 1418:00Quasiworld SeminarVolodia NekrashevychTBA
TueJul 1419:00Online Seminar of Mathematical Foundations of Data ScienceMichael I. JordanTBA
TueJul 1420:00Computability theory and applicationsMariya SoskovaPA relative to an enumeration oracle
TueJul 1420:00Pomona Research in Mathematics ExperienceTalithia WilliamsTBA
TueJul 1420:30N3AS Zoom SeminarShirley LiExciting Prospects for Detecting Late-Time Neutrinos from Core-Collapse Supernovae
TueJul 1421:00UC Berkeley - BCTP string seminarJinzhao WangOuter entropy = Bartnik-Bray inner mass, and the gravitational ant conjecture
WedJul 1502:00KEK Theory SeminarMasazumi Honda[KEK-PH lectures 2020] Resummation of perturbative series and Resurgence in quantum field theory II
WedJul 1505:30Applications of Combinatorics in Algebra, Topology and Graph TheoryPriyavrat DeshpandeThe Combinatorics of Counting Faces of a Hyperplane Arrangement
WedJul 1507:00Strings and QFTs for Eurasian time zoneAninda SinhaRelative entropy in scattering and the S-matrix bootstrap
WedJul 1507:00Variational Analysis and Optimisation WebinarJames SaundersonLifting for simplicity: concise descriptions of convex sets
WedJul 1508:00Lean for the Curious MathematicianFloris van DoornStructures and classes
WedJul 1509:00Online Nottingham algebraic geometry seminarChris LazdaA Neron-Ogg-Shafarevich criterion for $K3$ surfaces
WedJul 1510:00Latin American Webinars on Physics (LAWPhysics)Paola FerrarioTBA
WedJul 1510:30Applied Analysis Seminar SeriesGiuseppe Maria CocliteNonlinear Peridynamic Models
WedJul 1511:00International seminar on automorphic formsNikos DiamantisTwisted L-functions and a conjecture by Mazur, Rubin and Stein
WedJul 1511:00Lean for the Curious MathematicianKevin BuzzardRebuilding an algebraic hierarchy
WedJul 1511:00Preserver WebinarDenny H. LeungNonlinear biseparating maps
WedJul 1512:00Virtual seminar on geometry with symmetriesMartin KerinA pot-pourri of non-negatively curved 7-manifolds
WedJul 1512:00eNBSAN (the electronic seminar of the North British Semigroups & Applications Network)Robert GraySolving equations in one-relator monoids
WedJul 1512:00ICTS virtual seminarTom HartmanTBA
WedJul 1513:00Federated Learning One World SeminarSashank ReddiAdaptive federated optimization
WedJul 1513:00Lean for the Curious MathematicianAlex J. BestRebuilding a topological hierarchy
WedJul 1513:00Portsea Maths Research WebinarCharles R JohnsonTBA
WedJul 1513:30The 5th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer Schoolİzzet CoşkunBirational Geometry of the Hilbert schemes of points on the plane 2
WedJul 1514:00E-NLA - Online seminar series on numerical linear algebraChristian LubichDynamical low-rank approximation
WedJul 1514:00ICTP Math SeminarLothar GoettscheBasic Notions Seminar on Tropical Geometry
WedJul 1514:00MAD+Samory KpotufeTBA
WedJul 1514:00Quasiworld SeminarAlex EremenkoTBA
WedJul 1514:00Sherbrooke algebra seminarAdam-Christiaan van RoosmalenLocalizations of exact and one-sided exact categories.
WedJul 1514:30Harvard CMSA Wed: Quantum Matter/QFT/Condensed Matter/MathCenke XuInterplay between two boundary effects
WedJul 1515:00Virtual Seminar on Modeling Biocomplexity: Cancer Invasion and ProgressionMarek KimmelSite frequency spectra and related statistics, and inference of tumor evolution
WedJul 1515:00Global Seminar on Mathematical Modeling and ApplicationsChun LiuLaw of mass action and energetic variational approaches
WedJul 1515:00HU Berlin algebraic geometry seminarAlexandru SuciuPoincaré duality and cohomology jump loci
WedJul 1515:00Point Distributions WebinarMateus SousaUncertainty principles, interpolation formulas and packing problems
WedJul 1515:00Quasiworld SeminarKirill LazebnikTBA
WedJul 1516:00Applied algebraic topology research networkAustin LawsonPersistence curves: A canonical framework for summarizing persistence diagrams
WedJul 1516:00Simons Bootstrap Collaboration Seminar SeriesXinan ZhouAll holographic four-point correlators in maximally supersymmetric CFTs
WedJul 1516:00Theoretical Physics Colloquium @ ASUBjörn SchenkeThe smallest fluid on earth
WedJul 1516:00Global ImmunotalksManuela RaffatelluTBA
WedJul 1517:00Algebraic and Tropical Online Meetings (ATOM)Margarida MeloTropical Moduli Spaces - Lecture 2
WedJul 1517:00Advances in Boolean Function Analysis Lecture SeriesDor MinzerOn the Fourier-Entropy Influence Conjecture
WedJul 1517:00Quasiworld SeminarYilin WangLarge deviations of multichordal SLE0+, real rational functions, and zeta-regularized determinants of Laplacians
WedJul 1517:00Fields Number Theory SeminarLiyang YangHolomorphy of Adjoint $L$-functions for $\GL(n):$ $n\leq 4$
WedJul 1518:00Quasiworld SeminarTBATBA
WedJul 1518:30Brazilian algebraic geometry seminarMaral MostafazadehfardDivisor class group of Hankel determinantal rings
WedJul 1519:00NYC noncommutative geometry seminarRaphael PongeAnalysis on curved noncommutative tori
ThuJul 1601:30CEVIS2020Takasada ShibauchiTBA
ThuJul 1603:00ANU Research School of Earth Sciences school seminarChengxin JiangProbing the structure and evolving state of three western U.S. volcanos with seismic noise
ThuJul 1608:00Lean for the Curious MathematicianKevin Buzzard“Order”, including Galois connections
ThuJul 1609:00Lean for the Curious MathematicianJohan Commelin“Groups, rings and fields”
ThuJul 1610:00Bilbao analysis and PDE seminarRenato LucàTBA
ThuJul 1610:00Western Sydney University Abend SeminarsJean RenaultGroupoids Extensions
ThuJul 1610:00Probability & Statistics (IST, Lisbon)Miguel de CarvalhoElements of Bayesian geometry
ThuJul 1610:15EDDy weekly seminarAmina MecherbetOn the correction to Einstein's formula for the effective viscosity
ThuJul 1610:30One World Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) seminarRuth BakerMulti-fidelity Approximate Bayesian computation
ThuJul 1611:00Lean for the Curious MathematicianAnne Baanen“Linear algebra”
ThuJul 1611:30The 5th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolBuket Can BahadırSpecial Metrics in Complex Analysis 3
ThuJul 1612:00ICTP Math SeminarIvaldo NunesMath Associates Seminar: Characterization of free boundary CMC surfaces in the ball
ThuJul 1612:00Leicester Algebra and Geometry Open ONline Seminar (LAGOON)Markus ReinekeFano quiver moduli
ThuJul 1612:15University of Vienna relativity seminarsAnne FranzenStrong cosmic censorship — black hole interior stability analyses on the level of scalar waves
ThuJul 1612:30SCMS-Fudan Algebraic Geometry SeminarDavesh MaulikTBA
ThuJul 1612:30Online Nottingham algebraic geometry seminarHendrik SüßTBA
ThuJul 1613:00PDE seminar via ZoomOmar LazarOn the Muskat problem with data in critical Sobolev spaces.
ThuJul 1613:00Lean for the Curious MathematicianScott Morrison“Category theory”
ThuJul 1613:00FD SeminarKarin BaurTBA
ThuJul 1613:30The 5th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer Schoolİzzet CoşkunBirational Geometry of the Hilbert schemes of points on the plane 3
ThuJul 1613:30CENTRA SeminarSarp AckayPrecession in Stellar-mass Compact Binary Inspirals
ThuJul 1613:30Quantum Aspects of Space-Time and MatterCliff BurgessScaling the Landscape: Robust EFT Implications from UV Physics
ThuJul 1614:00Astroparticle Physics Seminar SISSAPantelis PnigourasSecular instabilities in neutron stars
ThuJul 1614:00PDE seminar via ZoomAaron NaberRicci Curvature and Differential Harnack Inequalities on Path Space.
ThuJul 1614:00Virtual seminar on algebraic matroids and rigidity theoryDaniel Irving BernsteinGeneric symmetry-forced infinitesimal rigidity: translations and rotations
ThuJul 1614:00MIT Lattice ColloquiumAurora ScapellatoNucleon PDFs and GPDs from lattice QCD
ThuJul 1614:30Harvard CMSA Thur: Quantum Matter/QFT/Condensed Matter/MathLiujun ZouDeconfined metallic quantum criticality-II
ThuJul 1615:00PDE seminar via ZoomConnor MooneyThe Bernstein problem for elliptic functionals
ThuJul 1615:00Number Theory Web SeminarJennifer BalakrishnanA tale of three curves
ThuJul 1615:00UK Virtual operator algebras seminarKaren StrungTBA
ThuJul 1615:00Analysis & PDE working summer seminarGael DiebouThe Dirichlet problem for weakly harmonic maps with rough data
ThuJul 1615:30ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarMatthias SchuettTBA
ThuJul 1615:45UK Virtual operator algebras seminarSven RaumC*-superrigidity
ThuJul 1616:00BISTRO - Billiards and Surfaces à la Teichmüller and Riemann, OnlineMaxim KontsevichTBA
ThuJul 1616:00Oxford-Warwick Complexity MeetingsLijie ChenSharp threshold results for computational complexity
ThuJul 1616:00International Zoom Inverse Problems Seminar, UC IrvineNiky KamranTBA
ThuJul 1616:00MIT (applied) categories seminarTobias FritzProbability theory with Markov categories
ThuJul 1616:00Applications of gauge topology, holography and string models to QCDKoji HashimotoNuclear states and spectra in holographic QCD
ThuJul 1616:00Recent Advances in Modern p-Adic Geometry (RAMpAGe)Peter ScholzeTBA
ThuJul 1616:00Big Seminar of Lab of CombiGeo StructuresJózsef SolymosiDirections in an affine Galois plane and the clique number of the Paley graph
ThuJul 1616:30Mathematics, Physics and Machine Learning (IST, Lisbon)João Miranda LemosReinforcement learning and adaptive control
ThuJul 1617:00Bachelier Finance Society One World seminar seriesJulien GuyonThe Joint S&P 500/VIX Smile Calibration Puzzle Solved
ThuJul 1617:00Analytic and Probabilistic Number Theory seminarAlexander MangerelTBA
ThuJul 1617:30MAGIC (Michigan - Arithmetic Geometry Initiative - Columbia)Stephanie ChanA density of ramified primes
ThuJul 1617:30Seminario de Geometría Diferencial: Córdoba, Argentina (Differential Geometry Seminar) webinarGil Salgado-González(In Spanish) "Álgebras de Lie de Frobenius y de contacto"
ThuJul 1618:00Online logic seminarLinda Brown WestrickBorel combinatorics fail in HYP
ThuJul 1618:30One World MINDS seminarCaroline UhlerTBA
ThuJul 1619:00CUNY Geometric Analysis SeminarHyun Chul JangMass rigidity of asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds
ThuJul 1619:00It from QubitHong LiuEntanglement entropies of equilibrated pure states and replica wormholes
ThuJul 1619:00Logicians in QuarantineMario BenevidesWhat makes a Logic Dynamic?
ThuJul 1619:30Fermilab theoretical physics seminarMatthew ReeceTBA
ThuJul 1619:30MU-MST joint analysis seminarBenoit PausaderTBA
ThuJul 1620:00Pomona Research in Mathematics ExperienceRanthony A.C. Edmonds and John H. Johnson, Jr.TBA
ThuJul 1620:30Fellowship of the RingAlexandra SeceleanuReflection arrangements, syzygies, and the containment problem
ThuJul 1620:30M-seminarSergei GukovTBA
ThuJul 1622:30SFU Quarantined NT-AG SeminarBianca VirayIsolated points on modular curves
FriJul 1702:00One World Signal Processing Seminar SeriesSantiago SegarraInferring Networks and Network Properties from Graph Dynamic Processes
FriJul 1708:00Lean for the Curious MathematicianPatrick Massot“Topology”, including filters
FriJul 1709:00Lean for the Curious MathematicianYury Kudryashov“Calculus”
FriJul 1711:00Lean for the Curious MathematicianYury Kudryashov“Measure theory and integration”
FriJul 1711:00Number theory during lockdownPing XiOn the modular structure of Kloosterman sums after Katz
FriJul 1711:30The 5th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolBuket Can BahadırSpecial Metrics in Complex Analysis 4
FriJul 1712:00Onlineseminar Applied Algebra and AnalysisAnna VeselovskaProny-type polynomials
FriJul 1712:00ICTS virtual seminarEdward WittenDeformations of JT Gravity and Matrix Models
FriJul 1712:30Exceptional geometry seminar seriesSaskia DemulderTBA
FriJul 1713:00Lean for the Curious MathematicianSébastien Gouëzel and Heather Macbeth“Differential geometry”
FriJul 1713:15Symplectic zoominarYusuke Kawamoto (Paris); Shira Tanny (Tel Aviv); Javier Martínez-Aguinaga (Madrid)Three 20 minutes research talks by young researchers.
FriJul 1713:30The 5th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer Schoolİzzet CoşkunBirational Geometry of the Hilbert schemes of points on the plane 4
FriJul 1713:30Mathematics of Planet Earth webinars: analysis and modellingLeonardo KosloffAsymptotic behavior for the wind-driven ocean circulation model of surface temperature
FriJul 1714:00Banach spaces webinarsJavier Alejandro Chávez-DomínguezTBA
FriJul 1714:15Mathematics of Planet Earth webinars: analysis and modellingCristiano RicciNumerical experiments with Kolmogorov equation associated to SPDEs
FriJul 1715:00CRM - Séminaire du CIRGET / Géométrie et TopologieJoshua HowieTBA
FriJul 1716:00Topological Quantum Field Theory Club (IST, Lisbon)Pedro Boavida de BritoGalois symmetries of knot spaces
FriJul 1716:00Western Hemisphere virtual symplectic seminarJagna WiśniewskaTBA
FriJul 1716:15CRM-CAMBAM Seminar SeriesSue Ann CampbellModulation of synchronization by a slowly varying M-current
FriJul 1716:30Carnegie Mellon theoretical physicsMichael LandryThe coset construction for non-equilibrium systems
FriJul 1717:00Geometry Webinar AmSur /AmSulGregorio PacelliTBA
FriJul 1717:00Cibercoloquio Latinoamericano de MatemáticasInés ArmendárizPor anunciar
FriJul 1717:00Integrable ProbabilityAlan HammondTBA
FriJul 1717:00Seminario de álgebra, combinatoria y teoría de LieAlicia DickensteinTBA
FriJul 1718:00CUNY Harmonic Analysis and PDE's SeminarLaura De CarliTBA
FriJul 1719:00Western Hemisphere virtual symplectic seminarCheuk Yu MakTBA
FriJul 1719:00Stanford algebraic geometry seminarLaura Escobar VegaWall-crossing phenomena for Newton-Okounkov bodies
SatJul 1811:30The 5th GTSS Geometry-Topology Summer SchoolBuket Can BahadırSpecial Metrics in Complex Analysis 5
SatJul 1816:00GOATS 3Orsola Capovilla-SearleTBA
SatJul 1817:10GOATS 3Niall TaggartTBA
MonJul 2001:30CEVIS2020Yuto Ashida/Moonjip ParkQuantum Rydberg central spin problem: remnant of integrability/Higher-Order topology in Twisted Bilayer Graphene
MonJul 2013:00One World Seminar on Combinatorics on wordsLaurent VuillonCombinatorics on words for Markoff numbers
MonJul 2013:00Extremal and probabilistic combinatorics webinarShoham LetzterMonochromatic triangle packings in 2-coloured complete graphs
MonJul 2013:00Geometric and functional inequalities and applicationsWilliam BecknerSymmetry in Fourier Analysis – Heisenberg to Stein-Weiss
MonJul 2013:00One World Optimization seminarXiaoming YuanTBA
MonJul 2013:30Quantum Aspects of Space-Time and MatterVijay BalasubramanianThe black hole information paradox
MonJul 2014:00Classical knots, virtual knots, and algebraic structures related to knotsDavid FreundSome Algebraic Structures for Flat Virtual Links
MonJul 2015:00Algebraic and Tropical Online Meetings (ATOM)Melody ChanThe top-weight Euler characteristic of the moduli spaces of curves - Lecture 1
MonJul 2015:00Seminario Control en Tiempos de CrisisEduardo CerpaTBA
MonJul 2015:00Swampland seminar seriesJohn March RussellTBA
MonJul 2015:00Virtual East-West Several Complex Variables SeminarLuke EdholmTBA
MonJul 2016:00Brookhaven Neutrino Theory Virtual SeminarManibrata SenTBA
MonJul 2016:00Build-a-Cell synthetic cell engineeringDrew TackTBA
MonJul 2016:00Applications of gauge topology, holography and string models to QCDMithat UnsalTBA
MonJul 2016:00Quantum Matter meets Maths (IST, Lisbon)Christophe GarbanA new point of view on topological phase transitions
MonJul 2016:00Quantum HuddleJuan Carlos Idrobo2020 A New Resolution Odyssey: An Electron Microscope for Quantum Materials Research
MonJul 2016:00Spectral geometry in the cloudsAsma HassannezhadEigenvalue bounds for the mixed Steklov problem
MonJul 2016:00Upstate New York Online Number Theory ColloquiumMichael FilasetaTBA
MonJul 2016:00Webinar in Additive CombinatoricsNikos FrantzikinakisTBA
MonJul 2017:00Algebraic and Tropical Online Meetings (ATOM)Melody ChanThe top-weight Euler characteristic of the moduli spaces of curves - Lecture 2
TueJul 2102:00KEK Theory SeminarKazushi YamashiroInformation geometry encoded in bulk geometry (in Japanese)
TueJul 2106:00Sydney Dynamics Group SeminarDavid PfefferleTBA
TueJul 2107:30IBS/KAIST Discrete Math SeminarIlkyoo ChoiFlexibility of Planar Graphs
TueJul 2108:00Number Theory Web SeminarWadim ZudilinIrrationality through an irrational time
TueJul 2111:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarJihun ParkTBA
TueJul 2112:00Data Science and Computational Statistics SeminarWei ZhangRecent developments of Monte Carlo sampling strategies for probability distributions on submanifolds
TueJul 2113:00Groups, Operators, and Banach Algebras WebinarHenrik WirzeniusThe quotient algebra of compact-by-approximable operators.
TueJul 2113:00One world IAMP mathematical physics seminarHugo Duminil-CopinMarginal triviality of the scaling limits of critical 4D Ising and φ_4^4 models
TueJul 2113:00Non-local operators, probability and singularitiesPanki KimTBA
TueJul 2114:00CRM-CAMP (Computer-Assisted Mathematical Proofs) in Nonlinear AnalysisXuefeng LiuSolution verification for the stationary Navier-Stokes equation over bounded non-convex 3D domains
TueJul 2114:00Mathematical Picture Language SeminarVaughan JonesApplied von Neumann Algebra
TueJul 2114:00Regensburg low-dimensional geometry and topology seminarMarc LackenbyTBA
TueJul 2115:00Quarantine ThermoIrene d'AmicoTBA
TueJul 2115:00The RepNet Virtual SeminarGunter MalleTBA
TueJul 2115:00Summer Series on String PhenomenologyThomas RochaisTBA
TueJul 2115:00Nano Explorations from MIT.nanoAlbert Liu2D-Material enabled colloidal electronics
TueJul 2115:00Geometry and TACoSJoana Cirici, Jean-Pierre Demailly, Claude LeBrun, Stefan SchreiederCohomology and Characteristic Classes of (almost) complex manifolds
TueJul 2115:30Summer Series on String PhenomenologyMiguel MonteroTBA
TueJul 2116:00Geometria em Lisboa (IST)Colin GuillarmouTBA
TueJul 2116:00MIT topology seminarMura YakersonNew Models for Motivic K-Theory Spectra
TueJul 2116:00Quantum Group SeminarPiotr SoltanTBA
TueJul 2116:30IAS Special Year Seminar Series on Theoretical Machine LearningMax WellingGraph Nets: The Next Generation
TueJul 2117:00Online seminar geometric analysisCarla CederbaumOn CMC-foliations of asymptotically flat manifolds
TueJul 2120:00Pomona Research in Mathematics ExperienceErica Graham, Raegan Higgins, Candice Price, and Shelby WilsonTBA
TueJul 2120:30N3AS Zoom SeminarErmal RrapajDark photons and supernovae: Lessons from astrophysics
WedJul 2205:30Applications of Combinatorics in Algebra, Topology and Graph TheorySajith P.Distinguishing coloring and its variants
WedJul 2207:00Strings and QFTs for Eurasian time zoneTakahiro NishinakaArgyres-Douglas theories, S-duality and AGT correspondence
WedJul 2207:00Variational Analysis and Optimisation WebinarOliver SteinA general branch-and-bound framework for global multiobjective optimization
WedJul 2208:00POINTS - Peking Online International Number Theory SeminarEsmail Arasteh RadLocal models for moduli of global and local shtukas
WedJul 2209:30ICTS virtual seminarSubhroneel ChakrabartiTBA
WedJul 2210:00CENTRA SeminarAlejandro Torres-OrjuelaPhase Shift of Gravitational Waves induced by Aberration
WedJul 2211:00International seminar on automorphic formsAnna von PippichTBA
WedJul 2211:00Preserver WebinarJavad MashreghiTBA
WedJul 2212:00eNBSAN (the electronic seminar of the North British Semigroups & Applications Network)Benjamin SteinbergHomological finiteness of one-relator monoids and related monoids
WedJul 2213:00CDSNS virtual colloquium on dynamicsLewis BowenA von Neumann algebra valued Multiplicative Ergodic Theorem
WedJul 2213:00CERN TH ColloquiumTom RudeliusThe Weak Gravity Conjecture
WedJul 2213:00Federated Learning One World SeminarNati SrebroHeterogeneity and pluralism in distributed learning
WedJul 2213:00Portsea Maths Research WebinarAlexander BeltonTBA
WedJul 2213:30Harvard CMSA Wed: Quantum Matter/QFT/Condensed Matter/MathQing-Rui WangDomain Wall Decorations, Anomalies, and Fermionic SPT
WedJul 2214:00Applied Analysis Seminar SeriesAnatoly ZlotnikTBA
WedJul 2214:00E-NLA - Online seminar series on numerical linear algebraMichael NgNonnegative Low Rank Matrix Approximation and its Applications
WedJul 2214:00Sherbrooke algebra seminarSven-Ake WegnerIs functional analysis a special case of tilting theory?
WedJul 2215:00Applied algebraic topology research networkCheng XinGeneralized persistence algorithm for decomposing multi-parameter persistence modules
WedJul 2215:00Virtual Seminar on Modeling Biocomplexity: Cancer Invasion and ProgressionBob GatenbyEvolution-based models to control and cure metastatic cancers
WedJul 2215:00Global Seminar on Mathematical Modeling and ApplicationsWenzhong ZhangTBA
WedJul 2215:00Point Distributions WebinarGiuseppe NegroTBA
WedJul 2215:00pombeTalksTBC, Ann Ehrenhofer-MurrayTBC; Queuosine and m5C modification of RNA: Nutritional control of translation in S. pombe
WedJul 2216:00Simons Bootstrap Collaboration Seminar SeriesHenry MaxfieldTBA
WedJul 2216:00Theoretical Physics Colloquium @ ASUXin-Nian WangJet tomography of hot and cold nuclear matter
WedJul 2216:00Global ImmunotalksAlexander RudenskyTBA
WedJul 2217:00Advances in Boolean Function Analysis Lecture SeriesShachar LovettImproved Bounds for the Sunflower Lemma
WedJul 2218:30Brazilian algebraic geometry seminarAmar HenniOn the fixed locus of framed instanton sheaves on $\mathbb{P}^3$
WedJul 2219:00NYC noncommutative geometry seminarHaluk SengunSelberg's Trace Formula in operator K-theory
WedJul 2220:30Winnipeg Institute for Theoretical Physics SeminarOmer BlaesTBA
ThuJul 2303:00ANU Research School of Earth Sciences school seminarJason SharplesExtreme Wildfire Developments
ThuJul 2310:00Western Sydney University Abend SeminarsBe'eri GreenfeldTBA
ThuJul 2310:00Probability & Statistics (IST, Lisbon)Joaquim FerreiraCOVID, uncertainty and clinical trials
ThuJul 2311:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarRuadhai DervanTBA
ThuJul 2312:00ICTP Math SeminarAlicia DickensteinMath Associates Seminar "Positive solutions of sparse polynomial systems"
ThuJul 2312:00Leicester Algebra and Geometry Open ONline Seminar (LAGOON)Laura SchaposnikOn Generalized Hyperpolygons
ThuJul 2313:00PDE seminar via ZoomEduard FeireislErgodic theory for energetically open compressible fluid flows
ThuJul 2313:00Quantum Aspects of Space-Time and MatterBrian SwingleConformal field theories are magical
ThuJul 2313:00FD SeminarCris NegronFinite generation of cohomology for Drinfeld doubles of finite group schemes
ThuJul 2313:30CENTRA SeminarErik LentzBreaking the Warp Barrier: Hyper-fast Solitons in Einstein-Maxwell-Plasma Theory
ThuJul 2313:30Harvard CMSA Thur: Quantum Matter/QFT/Condensed Matter/MathKazuya YonekuraTBA
ThuJul 2314:00PDE seminar via ZoomShuang MiaoOn the free boundary hard phase fluid in Minkowski spacetime
ThuJul 2315:00PDE seminar via ZoomSteve ShkollerShock Formation for the 3d Euler Equations
ThuJul 2315:00Number Theory Web SeminarJordan EllenbergTBA
ThuJul 2316:00Oxford-Warwick Complexity MeetingsBenjamin RossmanSize-depth tradeoff for multiplying k permutations
ThuJul 2316:00International Zoom Inverse Problems Seminar, UC IrvineHiroshi IsozakiTBA
ThuJul 2316:00MIT (applied) categories seminarEvan PattersonThe algebra of statistical theories and m
ThuJul 2316:00Applications of gauge topology, holography and string models to QCDAldo CotroneDark Holograms and Gravitational Waves
ThuJul 2316:00QFT and GeometryAbhijit GaddeTBA
ThuJul 2316:00Recent Advances in Modern p-Adic Geometry (RAMpAGe)Bogdan ZavyalovTBA
ThuJul 2316:30Mathematics, Physics and Machine Learning (IST, Lisbon)Marylou GabriéTBA
ThuJul 2317:00Analytic and Probabilistic Number Theory seminarRamon NunesTBA
ThuJul 2317:30MAGIC (Michigan - Arithmetic Geometry Initiative - Columbia)Mark ShustermanTBA
ThuJul 2318:00Online logic seminarDana BartošováTBA
ThuJul 2318:30One World MINDS seminarTamara KoldaTBA
ThuJul 2319:00CUNY Geometric Analysis SeminarDan LeeTBA
ThuJul 2319:00IAS Special Year Seminar Series on Theoretical Machine LearningYoshua BengioTBA
ThuJul 2319:00Logicians in QuarantineAlejandro Díaz-CaroExtensional proofs in a propositional logic modulo isomorphisms
ThuJul 2319:30MU-MST joint analysis seminarGabriela JaramilloNumerical Methods for a Diffusive Class of Nonlocal Operators
ThuJul 2320:30Fellowship of the RingThomas PolstraTBA
FriJul 2403:00East Asian String Webinarsiangyu CaoScrambling vs chaos
FriJul 2404:30ICTS virtual seminarSean HartnollTBA
FriJul 2407:30One World Signal Processing Seminar SeriesEmil BjornsoonA programmable wireless world with reconfigurable intelligent surfaces
FriJul 2411:00Number theory during lockdownSomnath JhaTBA
FriJul 2412:00Onlineseminar Applied Algebra and AnalysisJonathan LeakeTBA
FriJul 2412:30Exceptional geometry seminar seriesDan ButterTBA
FriJul 2413:00Mathematics of Planet Earth webinars: analysis and modellingDarryl HolmStochastic Upper Ocean Dynamics (STUOD)
FriJul 2413:15Symplectic zoominarJohn PardonTBA
FriJul 2414:00Banach spaces webinarsFlorent BaudierTBA
FriJul 2414:00Integrable ProbabilityYan FyodorovTBA
FriJul 2414:00Mathematics of Planet Earth webinars: analysis and modellingValerio LucariniA new mathematical framework for atmospheric blockings
FriJul 2415:00CRM - Séminaire du CIRGET / Géométrie et TopologieLivio LiechtiTBA
FriJul 2415:00Online Nottingham algebraic geometry seminarElana KalashnikovTBA
FriJul 2416:00Topological Quantum Field Theory Club (IST, Lisbon)Ezra GetzlerGauge fixing in supersymmetric field theories with topological terms
FriJul 2416:00Western Hemisphere virtual symplectic seminarEva MirandaTBA
FriJul 2416:15CRM-CAMBAM Seminar SeriesFrithjof LutscherA seasonal hybrid model for the evolution of flowering onset in plants
FriJul 2416:30Carnegie Mellon theoretical physicsPeter GrahamTBA
FriJul 2417:00Cibercoloquio Latinoamericano de MatemáticasLiz VivasPor anunciar
FriJul 2417:00Integrable ProbabilityJinho BaikTBA
FriJul 2418:00CUNY Harmonic Analysis and PDE's SeminarJoris RoosSpherical maximal functions and fractal dimensions of dilation sets
FriJul 2419:00Western Hemisphere virtual symplectic seminarEgor ShelukhinTBA
MonJul 2713:00One World Seminar on Combinatorics on wordsJames CurrieTBA
MonJul 2713:00One World Optimization seminarCoralia CarțișTBA
MonJul 2714:00Extremal and probabilistic combinatorics webinarOleg PikhurkoTBA
MonJul 2714:00Classical knots, virtual knots, and algebraic structures related to knotsRhea Palak BakshiSkein Modules and Framing Changes of Links in
MonJul 2715:00Algebra, Geometry, and CombinatoricsAnna WeigandtTBA
MonJul 2715:00Mathematical and Computational Biology Seminar SeriesSantiago SchnellDeveloping models for the accurate measurement of enzyme kinetic parameters
MonJul 2715:00Virtual East-West Several Complex Variables SeminarWeixia ZhuTBA
MonJul 2715:00electronic Algebraic K-theory SeminarWiesława NiziołTBA
MonJul 2716:00Brookhaven Neutrino Theory Virtual SeminarAnna SuligaThe impact of keV sterile neutrinos on core-collapse supernovae
MonJul 2716:00Build-a-Cell synthetic cell engineeringMichael BoothTBA
MonJul 2716:00Applications of gauge topology, holography and string models to QCDMirzayusuf MusakhanovGluons, Heavy and Light Quarks in the Instanton Liquid Model (ILM)
MonJul 2716:00Quantum Matter meets Maths (IST, Lisbon)Raquel QueirozTBA
MonJul 2716:00Quantum HuddleDanna FreedmanChemistry for the second quantum revolution
MonJul 2716:00Spectral geometry in the cloudsJulie RowlettSame-same but different: Polyakov formulas via microlocal analysis and mathematical physics
MonJul 2716:00Webinar in Additive CombinatoricsXuancheng ShaoTBA
MonJul 2719:00Western Hemisphere colloquium on geometry and physicsLaura FredricksonTBA
TueJul 2807:30IBS/KAIST Discrete Math SeminarEun Jung KimTBA
TueJul 2812:00Data Science and Computational Statistics SeminarLong Tran-ThanhOn COPs, Bandits, and AI for Good
TueJul 2813:00Groups, Operators, and Banach Algebras WebinarSimeng WangIndividual ergodic theorems on von Neumann algebras
TueJul 2813:00One world IAMP mathematical physics seminarNicolas RougerieTBA
TueJul 2814:00CRM-CAMP (Computer-Assisted Mathematical Proofs) in Nonlinear AnalysisNilima NigamA modification of Schiffer's conjecture, and a proof via finite elements
TueJul 2814:00Pangolin seminarDmitry FaifmanTBA
TueJul 2814:00Mathematical Picture Language SeminarDavid GrossTBA
TueJul 2814:45Geometry, Dynamics and Mechanics SeminarYvette Kosmann-SchwarzbachTBA
TueJul 2815:00Quarantine ThermoAdam StokesTBA
TueJul 2815:00Summer Series on String PhenomenologyNikhil RaghuramTBA
TueJul 2815:00Cell Size & GrowthSven van TeeffelenCoordination of cell volume with biomass growth in bacteria
TueJul 2815:30Summer Series on String PhenomenologyStefano AndrioloTBA
TueJul 2815:30ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarJean-Pierre DemaillyTBA
TueJul 2815:30Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueJul 2816:00Geometria em Lisboa (IST)Mark GrossTBA
TueJul 2816:00MIT topology seminarDustin ClausenTBA
TueJul 2817:00Online seminar geometric analysisNadine GroßeTBA
TueJul 2820:30N3AS Zoom SeminarDavid RadiceNeutron Star Merger Dynamics
WedJul 2903:30ICTS virtual seminarMark Van RaamsdonkTBA
WedJul 2905:30Applications of Combinatorics in Algebra, Topology and Graph TheoryBiplab BasakThree-dimensional normal pseudomanifolds with relatively few edges
WedJul 2907:00Strings and QFTs for Eurasian time zoneHee-Cheol KimBranes and the Swampland
WedJul 2907:00Variational Analysis and Optimisation WebinarAkiko TakedaDeterministic and Stochastic Gradient Methods for Non-Smooth Non-Convex Regularized Optimization
WedJul 2911:00Preserver WebinarYing-Fen LinSchur multipliers and positive extensions
WedJul 2912:00eNBSAN (the electronic seminar of the North British Semigroups & Applications Network)Marianne JohnsonTBA
WedJul 2913:00Federated Learning One World SeminarKrishna PillutlaRobust Aggregation for Federated Learning
WedJul 2913:00Portsea Maths Research WebinarPietro PaparellaTBA
WedJul 2914:00University of Zurich (joint with Neuchatel) applied algebra seminarsDaniel PanarioAnalytic and Probabilistic Combinatorics for Polynomials over Finite Fields
WedJul 2914:00MAD+Guilio BiroliTBA
WedJul 2914:00Sherbrooke algebra seminarMikhail GorskyExact structures and degeneration of Hall algebras.
WedJul 2914:30Harvard CMSA Wed: Quantum Matter/QFT/Condensed Matter/MathMirjam CveticTBA
WedJul 2915:00Applied algebraic topology research networkMateusz JudaUnsupervised features learning for sampled vector fields
WedJul 2915:00Point Distributions WebinarTania StepaniukTBA
WedJul 2915:00Virtual seminar on geometry with symmetriesGavin BallTBA
WedJul 2916:00Theoretical Physics Colloquium @ ASUMarc KamionkowskiTBA
WedJul 2916:00Global ImmunotalksRon GermainTBA
WedJul 2918:30Brazilian algebraic geometry seminarRodrigo BarbosaTBA
WedJul 2919:00NYC noncommutative geometry seminarJerry KaminkerOdd analytic differential K-homology
ThuJul 3001:30CEVIS2020Jason AliceaTBA
ThuJul 3003:00ANU Research School of Earth Sciences school seminarDavid LescinskyUsing a PhD in geology for a career in academia, industry and government
ThuJul 3010:00Western Sydney University Abend SeminarsArun RamTeaching mathematics in the next life
ThuJul 3013:00PDE seminar via ZoomToumo KuusiTBA
ThuJul 3013:00FD SeminarŠpela ŠpenkoTBA
ThuJul 3013:30Harvard CMSA Thur: Quantum Matter/QFT/Condensed Matter/MathLing LinTBA
ThuJul 3014:00PDE seminar via ZoomYao YaoAggregation-diffusion equation: symmetry, uniqueness and non-uniqueness of steady states
ThuJul 3014:00Online Nottingham algebraic geometry seminarBenjamin BraunTBA
ThuJul 3014:15Applied Analysis Seminar SeriesAlexander KeimerControllability of nonlocal conservation laws on bounded domain
ThuJul 3015:00PDE seminar via ZoomJavier Gómez-SerranoTBA
ThuJul 3015:00Number Theory Web SeminarJoseph SilvermanTBA
ThuJul 3015:00UK Virtual operator algebras seminarGábor SzabóTBA
ThuJul 3015:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarZiwen ZhuTBA
ThuJul 3016:00International Zoom Inverse Problems Seminar, UC IrvineSergio VessellaTBA
ThuJul 3016:00Recent Advances in Modern p-Adic Geometry (RAMpAGe)Wieslawa NiziolTBA
ThuJul 3017:00Analytic and Probabilistic Number Theory seminarJing ZhaoTBA
ThuJul 3018:00Online logic seminarManuela BusanicheTBA
ThuJul 3018:30One World MINDS seminarMary WoottersTBA
ThuJul 3019:30MU-MST joint analysis seminarHuy NguyenTBA
FriJul 3102:00One World Signal Processing Seminar SeriesWei YuMachine Learning for Massive MIMO Communications
FriJul 3111:00Number theory during lockdownIgor ShparlinskiTBA
FriJul 3112:30Exceptional geometry seminar seriesNiall MacphersonTBA
FriJul 3114:00Banach spaces webinarsValentin FerencziTBA
FriJul 3115:00Point Distributions WebinarMathias SonnleitnerTBA
FriJul 3116:30CRM-CAMBAM Seminar SeriesPhilip MainiModelling collective cell movement in biology and medicine
FriJul 3116:30Carnegie Mellon theoretical physicsCarl RodriguezTBA
FriJul 3117:00Advances in Boolean Function Analysis Lecture SeriesHao HuangSensitivity Conjecture and Its Applications
FriJul 3117:00Cibercoloquio Latinoamericano de MatemáticasRita Jiménez RollandPor anunciar
FriJul 3118:00CUNY Harmonic Analysis and PDE's SeminarBen KrauseTBA
MonAug 0316:00Build-a-Cell synthetic cell engineeringEric WeiTBA
MonAug 0316:00Upstate New York Online Number Theory ColloquiumDaqing WanSlopes in p-adic towers of curves
MonAug 0316:00Webinar in Additive CombinatoricsJulian SahasrabudheTBA
TueAug 0407:30IBS/KAIST Discrete Math SeminarJune HuhTBA
TueAug 0413:00Groups, Operators, and Banach Algebras WebinarThomas GotfredsenThe Quantised Interval as a Quantum Metric Space
TueAug 0414:00CRM-CAMP (Computer-Assisted Mathematical Proofs) in Nonlinear AnalysisDaniel WilczakRigorous numerical investigation of chaos and stability of periodic orbits in the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky PDE
TueAug 0414:00Mathematical Picture Language SeminarGilles PisierA non-nuclear C*-algebra with the Weak Expectation Property and the Local Lifting Property
TueAug 0414:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarHamid AhmadinezhadTBA
TueAug 0416:00MIT topology seminarBenjamin AntieauTBA
TueAug 0417:00Online seminar geometric analysisMelanie RupflinTBA
TueAug 0420:30N3AS Zoom SeminarXilu WangGamma rays from neutron star mergers: a unique signature of the r process
WedAug 0505:30Applications of Combinatorics in Algebra, Topology and Graph TheoryS. VenkiteshA Tour of Chip-firing Games
WedAug 0507:00Strings and QFTs for Eurasian time zoneMauricio RomoTBA
WedAug 0507:00Variational Analysis and Optimisation WebinarRegina BurachikTBA
WedAug 0511:30ICTS virtual seminarDerek TeaneyTBA
WedAug 0513:00Federated Learning One World SeminarKonstantin MishchenkoLocal decentralized gradient descent with fast convergence
WedAug 0514:00AIMS Virtual Research SeminarWalter Van AsscheOrthogonal Polynomials and Random Matrices
WedAug 0514:00Sherbrooke algebra seminarAndrea SolotarTBA
WedAug 0515:00pombeTalksFeng Li; Ivan SurovtsevIntegrase independent insertion of retrotransposons; TBC
WedAug 0516:00Applied algebraic topology research networkÁlvaro Torras CasasThe persistence Mayer Vietoris spectral sequence
WedAug 0516:00Theoretical Physics Colloquium @ ASUMark G. AlfordTBA
WedAug 0516:00Global ImmunotalksElina ZúñigaTBA
WedAug 0517:00Advances in Boolean Function Analysis Lecture SeriesRonen EldanConcentration on the Boolean Hypercube via Pathwise Stochastic Analysis
WedAug 0518:30Brazilian algebraic geometry seminarRoberto VillaflorTBA
WedAug 0519:00NYC noncommutative geometry seminarPierre ClareTBA
ThuAug 0601:30CEVIS2020BJ KimTBA
ThuAug 0603:00ANU Research School of Earth Sciences school seminarLuigi RenzulloUsing the scaling properties of rainfall to merge radar, satellite and model data for improved national-scale real-time rainfall prediction
ThuAug 0606:00MATRIX Online Seminar: Modular Representation Theory and GeometryProf. Geordie WilliamsonModular Representation Theory and Geometry
ThuAug 0610:00Western Sydney University Abend SeminarsBob GrayTBA
ThuAug 0615:00Number Theory Web SeminarBjorn PoonenTBA
ThuAug 0615:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarMarina LogaresTBA
ThuAug 0616:00MIT (applied) categories seminarValeria de PaivaRelevant Dialectica Categories
ThuAug 0616:00QFT and GeometryTudor DimofteTBA
ThuAug 0616:00Recent Advances in Modern p-Adic Geometry (RAMpAGe)Ana CaraianiTBA
ThuAug 0617:00Analytic and Probabilistic Number Theory seminarWinston HeapTBA
ThuAug 0617:30MAGIC (Michigan - Arithmetic Geometry Initiative - Columbia)Seoyoung KimTBA
ThuAug 0618:00Online logic seminarJames WorrellDecision problems in program analysis
ThuAug 0618:30One World MINDS seminarTselil SchrammTBA
ThuAug 0619:00Logicians in QuarantineCarlos ArecesTBA
ThuAug 0620:30Fellowship of the RingBenjamin BriggsTBA
FriAug 0702:00One World Signal Processing Seminar SeriesGeert LeusTBC
FriAug 0712:30Exceptional geometry seminar seriesTomas OrtinCompactification, duality and black-hole entropy in stringy black hole
FriAug 0714:00Banach spaces webinarsPete CasazzaTBA
FriAug 0716:15CRM-CAMBAM Seminar SeriesJonathan RubinMultiple roles of synaptic “inhibition” & how they arise in decision-making pathways in the basal ganglia
FriAug 0716:30Carnegie Mellon theoretical physicsNabil IqbalTBA
FriAug 0717:00Integrable ProbabilityVadim GorinTBA
FriAug 0718:00CUNY Harmonic Analysis and PDE's SeminarMáté VizerTBA
MonAug 1008:00KIAS String SeminarsNoppadol MekareeyaTBA
MonAug 1014:00Classical knots, virtual knots, and algebraic structures related to knotsNic PetitThe multi-variable Affine Index Polynomial
MonAug 1015:00Algebra, Geometry, and CombinatoricsTimothy MageeTBA
MonAug 1015:00Mathematical and Computational Biology Seminar SeriesBREAK - no talksTBA
MonAug 1015:00electronic Algebraic K-theory SeminarSander KupersTBA
TueAug 1113:00Groups, Operators, and Banach Algebras WebinarJuan OrendainFormal Haagerup standard form on infinite index morphisms of factors
TueAug 1114:00CRM-CAMP (Computer-Assisted Mathematical Proofs) in Nonlinear AnalysisRenato CallejaTorus knot choreographies in the n-body problem
TueAug 1114:00Pangolin seminarThierry Barbot$CP^1$ surfaces with real holonomy and essential conformally flat lorentzian manifolds.
TueAug 1115:00Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueAug 1115:30Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueAug 1117:00Online seminar geometric analysisJulian ScheuerTBA
TueAug 1117:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarRobert LazarsfeldTBA
TueAug 1120:30N3AS Zoom SeminarYuber F. Perez-GonzalezOn massive neutrino emission from primordial black holes via Hawking radiation
WedAug 1205:30Applications of Combinatorics in Algebra, Topology and Graph TheoryHiranya Kishore DeyOn Determining Number of Kneser Graphs
WedAug 1207:00Strings and QFTs for Eurasian time zoneDongmin GangTBA
WedAug 1207:00Variational Analysis and Optimisation WebinarXiaoqi YangTBA
WedAug 1209:30ICTS virtual seminarAtish DabholkarTBA
WedAug 1213:00Ari Laptev's 70th Birthday ConferenceP. ExnerOpening
WedAug 1213:00Federated Learning One World SeminarPeter KairouzFederated analytics
WedAug 1213:10Ari Laptev's 70th Birthday ConferenceS.T. YauStability and Partial Differential Equations in Mirror Symmetry
WedAug 1214:00Ari Laptev's 70th Birthday ConferenceL. CarlesonTBA
WedAug 1214:10Ari Laptev's 70th Birthday ConferenceR. BenguriaA variational formulation for Dirac Operators in bounded domains and applications to spectral geometric inequalities
WedAug 1215:00Ari Laptev's 70th Birthday ConferenceS. SmirnovTBA
WedAug 1216:00Applied algebraic topology research networkEllen GasparovicTBA
WedAug 1216:00Ari Laptev's 70th Birthday ConferenceT. EkholmTBA
WedAug 1216:00Theoretical Physics Colloquium @ ASUCharles J. HorowitzDense matter in the gravitational wave sky
WedAug 1216:10Ari Laptev's 70th Birthday ConferenceR. FrankTBA
WedAug 1217:00Advances in Boolean Function Analysis Lecture SeriesEsty KelmanKKL via Random Restrictions
WedAug 1218:30Brazilian algebraic geometry seminarRodrigo GondimWaring problems and the Lefschetz properties
WedAug 1219:00NYC noncommutative geometry seminarRobin DeeleyMinimal dynamical systems with prescribed K-theory
WedAug 1220:00Winnipeg Institute for Theoretical Physics SeminarAda ChanTBA
WedAug 1223:00Virtual seminar on geometry with symmetriesJorge LauretTBA
ThuAug 1301:30CEVIS2020Takashi OkaTBA
ThuAug 1303:00ANU Research School of Earth Sciences school seminarHeather HandleyMainland Australia's next volcanic eruption: Insights into future activity from volcanology, petrology, Indigenous knowledge and public perceptions
ThuAug 1313:00Ari Laptev's 70th Birthday ConferenceG. HanssonTBA
ThuAug 1313:10Ari Laptev's 70th Birthday ConferenceE.H. LiebSharpened L^p Triangle Inequalities
ThuAug 1314:00Ari Laptev's 70th Birthday ConferenceA. LindquistTBA
ThuAug 1314:10Ari Laptev's 70th Birthday ConferenceM. EstebanMagnetic interpolation inequalities in dimensions 2 and 3
ThuAug 1315:00Ari Laptev's 70th Birthday ConferenceV. MehrmannTBA
ThuAug 1315:00Number Theory Web SeminarCarl PomeranceTBA
ThuAug 1315:10Ari Laptev's 70th Birthday ConferenceB. SimonThe Tale of a Wrong Conjecture: Borg’s Theorem for Periodic Jacobi Matrices on Trees
ThuAug 1315:30ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarYuchen LiuTBA
ThuAug 1316:00Ari Laptev's 70th Birthday ConferenceExner, Frank, Gesztesy, Holden, WeidlClosing
ThuAug 1316:00International Zoom Inverse Problems Seminar, UC IrvineJohn SchotlandTBA
ThuAug 1316:00MIT (applied) categories seminarToby St Clere SmitheTBA
ThuAug 1316:00Recent Advances in Modern p-Adic Geometry (RAMpAGe)Richard MagnerTBA
ThuAug 1318:00Online logic seminarJames HansonTBA
ThuAug 1318:30One World MINDS seminarDustin MixonTBA
ThuAug 1319:00Logicians in QuarantineBrendan FongBackprop as Functor: A compositional perspective on supervised learning
ThuAug 1319:30MU-MST joint analysis seminarTaryn FlockTBA
ThuAug 1320:30Fellowship of the RingBrooke UlleryTBA
FriAug 1417:00Integrable ProbabilityLeonid PetrovTBA
FriAug 1418:00CUNY Harmonic Analysis and PDE's SeminarFelipe NegreiraTBA
MonAug 1702:00One World Signal Processing Seminar SeriesJi LiuTBC
MonAug 1716:00Upstate New York Online Number Theory ColloquiumAndrew GranvilleTBA
TueAug 1814:00CRM-CAMP (Computer-Assisted Mathematical Proofs) in Nonlinear AnalysisCaroline WormellTBA
TueAug 1817:00Advances in Boolean Function Analysis Lecture SeriesPooya HatamiPseudorandom Generators from Polarizing Random Walks
TueAug 1817:00Online seminar geometric analysisRichard BamlerTBA
TueAug 1817:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarAlessio CortiTBA
TueAug 1820:30N3AS Zoom SeminarJeffrey BerrymanTBA
WedAug 1905:30Applications of Combinatorics in Algebra, Topology and Graph TheoryDharm VeerOn h-Polynomials of Hibi rings
WedAug 1909:30ICTS virtual seminarPavel PutrovTBA
WedAug 1915:00pombeTalksJoe Magliozzi; Ramakanth NeeliCell polarity kinases regulate RNA-binding protein Sts5 to control cell shape; Mechanisms and Functions of Cell Wall Mechanosensing in Fission Yeast
WedAug 1916:00Applied algebraic topology research networkPierre BaudotTBA
WedAug 1916:00Theoretical Physics Colloquium @ ASURaju VenugopalanTBA
WedAug 1919:00NYC noncommutative geometry seminarJohn QuiggTBA
ThuAug 2001:30CEVIS2020Sungbin LeeTBA
ThuAug 2010:00Western Sydney University Abend SeminarsRalf MeyerTBA
ThuAug 2015:00Number Theory Web SeminarChristopher SkinnerTBA
ThuAug 2015:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarNicola PaganiTBA
ThuAug 2016:00International Zoom Inverse Problems Seminar, UC IrvineLiliana BorceaTBA
ThuAug 2016:00MIT (applied) categories seminarMaru SarazolaA 2Cat-inspired model structure for double categories
ThuAug 2018:00Online logic seminarDamir DzhafarovTBA
ThuAug 2018:30One World MINDS seminarHelmut BölcskeiTBA
ThuAug 2019:00Logicians in QuarantineJeremy AvigadTBA
ThuAug 2020:30Fellowship of the RingEleonore FaberTBA
FriAug 2116:30Carnegie Mellon theoretical physicsAndrey GromovTBA
FriAug 2117:00Integrable ProbabilityLi-Cheng TsaiTBA
FriAug 2118:00Integrable ProbabilityAmol AggarwalTBA
MonAug 2407:30One World Signal Processing Seminar SeriesDavid GesbertLearning to team play
MonAug 2415:00Mathematical and Computational Biology Seminar SeriesJames GlazierMultiscale multicellular modeling of tissue function and disease using CompuCell3D: A simplified computer simulation of acute primary viral infection and immune response in an epithelial tissue
TueAug 2514:00CRM-CAMP (Computer-Assisted Mathematical Proofs) in Nonlinear AnalysisMaxime BredenTBA
TueAug 2514:45Geometry, Dynamics and Mechanics SeminarCarlos TomeiTBA
TueAug 2515:00Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueAug 2515:30Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueAug 2517:00Online seminar geometric analysisMax EngelsteinWinding for Wave Maps
TueAug 2517:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarChristian BoehningTBA
TueAug 2520:30N3AS Zoom SeminarBen Margalitconstraining cold dense matter using multi-wavelength & multi-messenger observations of merging neutron stars
WedAug 2604:30ICTS virtual seminarRaghu MahajanTBA
WedAug 2605:30Applications of Combinatorics in Algebra, Topology and Graph TheoryNavnath DaundkarAsphericity of chain spaces
WedAug 2607:00Strings and QFTs for Eurasian time zoneMatteo SacchiTBA
WedAug 2612:00Virtual seminar on geometry with symmetriesAnna SiffertTBA
WedAug 2619:00NYC noncommutative geometry seminarAnton Yu. SavinTBA
WedAug 2621:00Bogotá logic seminarDaniel CalderónTBA
ThuAug 2701:30CEVIS2020Gang ChenTBA
ThuAug 2703:00ANU Research School of Earth Sciences school seminarRuth MusgraveTBA
ThuAug 2710:30One World Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) seminarTBATBA
ThuAug 2711:30ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarRobert BermanTBA
ThuAug 2715:00Number Theory Web SeminarHector PastenTBA
ThuAug 2715:00UK Virtual operator algebras seminarJacqui RamaggeTBA
ThuAug 2716:00MIT (applied) categories seminarMichael RobinsonAssignments to sheaves of pseudometric spaces
ThuAug 2717:30MAGIC (Michigan - Arithmetic Geometry Initiative - Columbia)Arul ShankarTBA
ThuAug 2718:30One World MINDS seminarNir SochenTBA
ThuAug 2719:00Logicians in QuarantineRehana PatelTBA
ThuAug 2720:30Fellowship of the RingBhargav BhattTBA
FriAug 2801:00One World Signal Processing Seminar SeriesUsman KhanTBC
FriAug 2814:00Integrable ProbabilityJon WarrenTBA
FriAug 2815:00Integrable ProbabilityNikos ZygourasTBA
MonAug 3116:00Upstate New York Online Number Theory ColloquiumDustin ClausenTBA
TueSep 0114:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarZachary SylvanTBA
TueSep 0117:00Online seminar geometric analysis(reserved)TBA
TueSep 0120:30N3AS Zoom SeminarManibrata SenTBA
WedSep 0207:00Strings and QFTs for Eurasian time zoneNoppadol MekareeyaTBA
WedSep 0213:30ICTS virtual seminarNetta EnglehardtTBA
WedSep 0215:00pombeTalksFrancois Bachand; Scott CurranNutrient-dependent control of RNA polymerase II elongation rate regulates specific gene expression programs by alternative polyadenylation; A quantitative and spatial analysis of the cell cycle control network
WedSep 0221:00Bogotá logic seminarJohn BaldwinTBA
ThuSep 0301:30CEVIS2020Mike ZaletelTBA
ThuSep 0315:00Number Theory Web SeminarKevin FordTBA
ThuSep 0315:30Seminar In the Analysis and Methods of PDE (SIAM PDE)Felix OttoTBA
ThuSep 0317:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarJarod AlperTBA
ThuSep 0317:30MAGIC (Michigan - Arithmetic Geometry Initiative - Columbia)Hannah LarsonTBA
ThuSep 0318:30One World MINDS seminarDaniel PottsTBA
ThuSep 0319:00Logicians in QuarantineGiovanni SambinTBA
ThuSep 0320:30Fellowship of the RingAldo ConcaTBA
FriSep 0413:15Symplectic zoominarGeorgios Dimitroglou RizellTBA
MonSep 0713:00One World Optimization seminarAmir BeckTBA
TueSep 0810:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarAndreas HöringTBA
TueSep 0814:45Geometry, Dynamics and Mechanics SeminarDmitry TreschevTBA
TueSep 0815:00Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueSep 0815:30Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueSep 0817:00Online seminar geometric analysis(reserved)TBA
TueSep 0820:30N3AS Zoom SeminarTongyan LinTBA
WedSep 0913:00ICTS virtual seminarVijay BalasubramanianTBA
WedSep 0914:00E-NLA - Online seminar series on numerical linear algebraDavid KeyesTBA
WedSep 0915:00Virtual seminar on geometry with symmetriesGabriela OvandoTBA
ThuSep 1001:30CEVIS2020Masaki OshikawaTBA
ThuSep 1010:30One World Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) seminarTBATBA
ThuSep 1012:00Heilbronn Annual Conference 2020Özlem ImamogluTBA
ThuSep 1013:00Heilbronn Annual Conference 2020Ronald de WolfEfficient algorithms for graph sparsification
ThuSep 1014:30Heilbronn Annual Conference 2020Maria ChudnovskyInduced subgraphs and tree decompositions
ThuSep 1015:00Number Theory Web SeminarBianca VirayTBA
ThuSep 1015:30Heilbronn Annual Conference 2020Kurt JohanssonScaling limits in random tiling models
ThuSep 1016:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarJoaquín MoragaTBA
ThuSep 1017:30MAGIC (Michigan - Arithmetic Geometry Initiative - Columbia)Jennifer BergTBA
ThuSep 1018:30One World MINDS seminarRima AlifariTBA
ThuSep 1020:30Fellowship of the RingGraham LeuschkeTBA
FriSep 1112:00Heilbronn Annual Conference 2020Adam HarperRandom multiplicative functions: progress and problems
FriSep 1113:00University of Copenhagen DidMat-seminarProfessor Carl WinsløwProfessional and academic bases of university mathematics teaching for the 21st century
FriSep 1113:00Heilbronn Annual Conference 2020Ailsa KeatingTwo-variable singularities and symplectic topology
FriSep 1113:15Symplectic zoominarVincent ColinTBA
FriSep 1114:30Heilbronn Annual Conference 2020Ulrike TillmannConfigurations of monopoles and branch points
FriSep 1115:30Heilbronn Annual Conference 2020Hendrik LenstraIndecomposable algebraic integers
FriSep 1116:00Topological Quantum Field Theory Club (IST, Lisbon)Alexis VirelizierHomotopy Quantum Field Theories
MonSep 1412:00Paris algebra seminarLiran ShaulTBA
TueSep 1510:00Geometria em Lisboa (IST)Robert BermanAn invitation to Kähler-Einstein metrics and random point processes
TueSep 1515:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarJulie RanaTBA
TueSep 1517:00Online seminar geometric analysis(reserved)TBA
WedSep 1609:30ICTS virtual seminarSujay AshokTBA
WedSep 1614:00E-NLA - Online seminar series on numerical linear algebraElisabeth UllmannTBA
WedSep 1615:00pombeTalksSigurd Braun; Susan ForsburgSpatial control of silent chromatin; Visualizing genome instability
ThuSep 1703:00ANU Research School of Earth Sciences school seminarHancock Library TeamScholarly Information Services for RSES
ThuSep 1712:00Leicester Algebra and Geometry Open ONline Seminar (LAGOON)Karin BaurTBA
ThuSep 1715:00Analysis, Quantum Fields, and ProbabilityThierry BodineauLog-Sobolev inequality for the continuum sine-Gordon model
ThuSep 1715:00Number Theory Web SeminarÖzlem ImamogluTBA
ThuSep 1715:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarAnthony Varilly-AlvaradoTBA
ThuSep 1719:00Logicians in QuarantineDamian SzmucThe fragment of Classical Logic that respects the Variable-Sharing Principle
FriSep 1813:15Symplectic zoominarCheol-Hyun ChoTBA
FriSep 1816:00Topological Quantum Field Theory Club (IST, Lisbon)Nicolai ReshetikhinPoisson sigma model and integrable systems
MonSep 2115:00Mathematical and Computational Biology Seminar SeriesAlain GorielyModelling dementia
TueSep 2214:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarJean-Louis Colliot-TheleneTBA
TueSep 2214:45Geometry, Dynamics and Mechanics SeminarAnnalisa CaliniTBA
TueSep 2215:00Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueSep 2215:30Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueSep 2217:00Online seminar geometric analysis(reserved)TBA
WedSep 2309:30ICTS virtual seminarAbhijit GaddeTBA
WedSep 2323:00Virtual seminar on geometry with symmetriesRamiro LafuenteTBA
ThuSep 2410:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarAlan ThompsonTBA
ThuSep 2410:30One World Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) seminarTBATBA
ThuSep 2415:00Number Theory Web SeminarEmmanuel BreuillardTBA
ThuSep 2419:00Logicians in QuarantineJavier LegrisTBA
FriSep 2516:00Topological Quantum Field Theory Club (IST, Lisbon)André HenriquesRelative mapping class group representations via conformal nets
FriSep 2517:30Harvard CMSA Math Science Literature Lecture SeriesCamillo De LellisTBA
TueSep 2914:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarYuri ZarhinTBA
TueSep 2917:00Online seminar geometric analysis(reserved)TBA
WedSep 3014:00ICTS virtual seminarLuca DelacretazTBA
WedSep 3015:00pombeTalksVeneta Gerganova; Alexander LorenzPatterning of membrane-associated proteins through membrane flows; Meiotic recombination in the face of underlying sequence and structural variation
ThuOct 0115:00Number Theory Web SeminarWei HoTBA
ThuOct 0115:30Seminar In the Analysis and Methods of PDE (SIAM PDE)Laure Saint-RaymondTBA
ThuOct 0116:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarBurt TotaroTBA
FriOct 0216:00Topological Quantum Field Theory Club (IST, Lisbon)Davide MasoeroA solution of the Riemann-Hilbert problem on the $A_2$ quiver
TueOct 0615:00Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueOct 0615:30Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueOct 0616:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarJunliang ShenTBA
WedOct 0709:30ICTS virtual seminarSeok KimTBA
ThuOct 0802:00ANU Research School of Earth Sciences school seminarKatie CooperTBA
ThuOct 0810:30One World Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) seminarTBATBA
ThuOct 0815:30ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarTimothy LogvinenkoTBA
FriOct 0913:15Symplectic zoominarLev BuhovskyTBA
FriOct 0916:00Topological Quantum Field Theory Club (IST, Lisbon)Alexander ShapiroCluster realization of quantum groups and higher Teichmüller theory
TueOct 1314:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarAna-Maria CastravetTBA
WedOct 1409:30ICTS virtual seminarUpamanyu MoitraTBA
ThuOct 1508:15EDDy weekly seminarChristian KlingenbergTBA
ThuOct 1514:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarSandra Di RoccoTBA
TueOct 2015:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarGergely BercziTBA
TueOct 2015:00Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueOct 2015:30Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
ThuOct 2210:30One World Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) seminarTBATBA
TueNov 0316:00Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueNov 0316:30Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
ThuNov 0509:15EDDy weekly seminarMária Lukácová-MedvidováTBA
ThuNov 0511:30One World Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) seminarTBATBA
ThuNov 0516:30Seminar In the Analysis and Methods of PDE (SIAM PDE)Vlad VicolTBA
ThuNov 1209:15EDDy weekly seminarUmberto HryniewiczTBA
TueNov 1716:00Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueNov 1716:30Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueDec 0116:00Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueDec 0116:30Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
ThuDec 0316:30Seminar In the Analysis and Methods of PDE (SIAM PDE)Alessio FigalliTBA
TueDec 1516:00Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueDec 1516:30Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueDec 2916:00Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueDec 2916:30Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueJan 1216:00Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
TueJan 1216:00Cell Size & GrowthTBCTBA
MonMar 0113:00Additive categories between algebra and functional analysisConference Poster.