Automorphic Project & Research Seminar

number theory representation theory

Johns Hopkins University / University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 14:00-15:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Raphaël Beuzart-Plessis*, Tasho Kaletha*, Yiannis Sakellaridis*
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This is a weekly seminar on automorphic representations, with background and research talks interspersed. The goal for the background talks will be to revisit some topics in the theory, especially topics which have not been covered in the best possible way in the literature, and rework them for the newly created Automorphic Project. Roughly on alternate weeks, we will have a research talk on recent developments — and we may try to arrange the background and research topics in a way that the former are supportive of the latter. (For recordings of past talks, click on "Past talks" on the seminar calendar.)

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriJan 2813:30Gaëtan Chenevier & Olivier TaïbiInexistence, dimension formulas and classification for level one algebraic cusp forms
FriFeb 0413:30Maarten SolleveldTBA
FriFeb 1113:30Maarten SolleveldTBA
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Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriDec 1713:30Lucas Mason-BrownUnipotent Representations of Complex Groups II
FriDec 1013:30David VoganUnipotent Representations of Complex Groups I
FriDec 0313:30Gilbert MossModuli spaces of Langlands parameters
FriNov 2613:30no seminarno seminar
FriNov 1913:30no seminarno seminar
FriNov 1213:30Peter HumphriesNewform Theory for $\mathrm{GL}_n$
FriNov 0513:00Raphaël Beuzart-PlessisReview of Rankin-Selberg integrals and the non-Archimedean theory of new vectors
FriOct 2913:00Dan CiubotaruA nonabelian Fourier transform for tempered unipotent representations of p-adic groups II
FriOct 2213:00Anne-Marie AubertA nonabelian Fourier transform for tempered unipotent representations of p-adic groups I
FriOct 1513:00Peter DilleryRigid inner forms over function fields
SatMay 2200:00Charlotte ChanGeometric L-packets of Howe-unramified toral supercuspidal representations II
SatMay 1500:00Masao OiGeometric L-packets of Howe-unramified toral supercuspidal representations I
SatMay 0800:00Wei ZhangAFL over F
SatMay 0100:00Rahul KrishnaAn introduction to the arithmetic GGP conjecture and the arithmetic fundamental lemma.
SatApr 2400:00Clifton CunninghamThe geometry of local Arthur packets
SatApr 1700:00Tasho KalethaAn introduction to Vogan's refinement of the local Langlands conjecture
SatApr 1000:00Patrick DelormeOn the spectral theorem of Langlands
SatApr 0300:00Bill CasselmanAnalysis on arithmetic quotients: solved and open problems
SatMar 2700:00Spencer LeslieEndoscopy for certain symmetric spaces
SatMar 2000:00Spencer LesliePre-stabilization and endoscopic groups
SatMar 1300:00Wee Teck GanNontempered Restriction Problems for Classical Groups
SatMar 0600:00David SchweinBackground on the Gan-Gross-Prasad Conjecture
SatFeb 2000:00Hiraku AtobeConstruction of local A-packets
SatFeb 1300:00Yiannis SakellaridisReduction theory: proofs.
SatFeb 0600:00Yiannis SakellaridisReduction Theory, revisited
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