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Czech Technical University in Prague

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 13:45-14:45 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Pavel Exner*
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TueNov 2913:45Olena AtlasiukLinear ordinary differential systems with generic boundary conditions in Sobolev spaces
TueNov 2213:45Davron MatrasulovDynamical confinement in low-dimensional quantum systems: Recent achievements and open problems
TueNov 1513:45Sylwia KondejQuantum system with concentric circles and Aharonov-Bohm flux
TueNov 0813:45Md Fazlul HoqueFamilies of three-dimensional integrable and superintegrable classical Hamiltonian systems in magnetic fields
TueNov 0113:45Andrii KhrabustovskyiDomains with small resonators and what one can do with them
TueMay 1012:45Jiri LipovskyA Gelfand-Levitan Trace Formula for Generic Quantum Graphs
TueMay 0312:45Md Fazlul HoqueHigher rank quadratic algebra of the $N$-dimensional quantum Smorodinsky-Winternitz system
TueMar 0113:45Vladimir LotoreichikIsoperimetric inequality for the two-dimensional magnetic Robin Laplacian
TueFeb 2213:45Lukas HeribanTBA
TueFeb 0813:45Diana BarseghyanSpectral geometry in a rotating frame: properties of the ground state
TueJan 2513:45Kevin ZelayaFourth Painlevé and Ermakov equations: quantum invariants and new exactly solvable time-dependent Hamiltonians
TueDec 2113:45Martin MalachovChaotic features of purification protocol
TueDec 1413:45Artem KandaurovIncremental learning of quantum generative adversarial network
TueNov 3013:45Miloš TaterSpectral asymptotic of quasi-exactly solvable quartic potential
TueNov 2313:45Markus HolzmannApproximation problems for Dirac operators with singular potentials
TueNov 0213:45Frantisek ŠtampachSpectral bounds and stability for 1D discrete Schrödinger operators with complex potentials
TueOct 2612:45Michal JexQuantum Systems at The Brink: Critical Potentials and dimensionality
TueOct 1912:45Dale FrymarkSelf-adjointness of the 2-D Dirac operator with singular interactions supported on star-graphs
TueOct 0512:45Kyle ScarbroughOscillation theory for canonical systems
TueMay 2512:45Vit JakubskyReduction scheme for coupled Dirac systems
TueMay 1812:45Claudio CacciapuotiThe nonlinear Schrödinger equation with isolated singularities
TueMay 0414:00Simon LarsonOn the spectrum of the Kronig-Penney model in a constant electric field
TueMay 0412:45Noema NicolussiLaplacians on infinite graphs
TueApr 2712:45Marco MarlettaA Laplace operator with boundary conditions singular at one point
TueApr 2012:45Matej TusekGeneral delta-shell interactions for the two-dimensional Dirac operator: self-adjointness and approximation
TueApr 1312:45Peter SchlosserTime evolution of superoscillations
TueApr 0612:45Robert SalzmannQuantum Zeno effect for open quantum systems
TueMar 3012:45Pavel ExnerProduct formulae and Zeno quantum dynamics
TueMar 2313:45Martin StefanakAsymptotic properties of quantum walks on lattices
TueMar 1613:45Andrii KhrabustovskyiGeometric approximation of delta interactions
TueMar 0913:45Jiri LipovskyGraphs with preferred-orientation coupling and their spectral properties
TueFeb 1613:45Brice FlamencourtOn the convergence of Dirac operators with large masses
TueJan 1213:45Aurel GabrisClassical and quantum coherences in photonic quantum networks
TueJan 0513:45Konstantin PankrashkinOn the discrete spectrum of a Schroedinger operator in a half-plane with a potential localized along a line
TueDec 2213:45Denis BorisovAccumulation of resonances and eigenvalues for operators with distant perturbations
TueDec 1513:45Hynek KovarikAbsence of positive eigenvalues of magnetic Schroedinger operators
TueDec 0813:45Vladimir LotoreichikSzegö-type inequality for the 2-D Dirac operator with infinite mass boundary conditions
TueDec 0113:45Sylwia KondejOptimization problem for quantum system with star-shaped potential
TueNov 2413:45Dale FrymarkSingular boundary conditions for Sturm-Liouville operators via perturbation theory
TueNov 1013:45Pavel ExnerSpiral quantum wavegudies
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