PALS Panglobal Algebra and Logic Seminar

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computational complexity category theory logic

University of Colorado Boulder

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 19:00-20:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Keith Kearnes, Peter Mayr*, Marcos Mazari Armida, Agnes Szendrei
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The PALS seminar is a research and learning seminar organized by the algebra and logic research group of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The scope of the seminar includes all topics with links to algebra, logic, or their applications, like general algebra, logic, model theory, category theory, set theory, set-theoretic topology, or theoretical computer science. Please contact one of the organizers for the Zoom password, to join the mailing list or if you want to speak.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueApr 1919:00Michael LevetWeisfeiler—Leman for Group Isomorphism: Action Compatibility
TueApr 1219:00Thomas KuceraSaturated free algebras and almost indiscernible theories: an overview
TueApr 0519:00Nik RuskucDirect and subdirect products in combinatorial algebra, groups and semigroups
TueMar 2919:00Paolo LippariniRelative lengths of Maltsev conditions
TueMar 1519:00Andres VillavecesOn the small index property for AECs with strong amalgamation properties
TueMar 0820:00Monica VanDierenTwenty years of tameness
TueMar 0120:00James RooneyNonlinear idempotent Mal'tsev Condition Satisfaction Problems: why semilattices are hard and lattices are easier
TueFeb 2220:00Jordan DuBeauJónsson Jónsson-Tarski algebras
TueFeb 1520:00Bill De WittThe number of countable subdirect powers of finite unary algebras
TueFeb 0820:00Dragan MasulovicDual Ramsey properties for classes of algebras
TueFeb 0120:00Ross WillardCharacterizing [alpha,beta]=0 using Kiss terms
TueJan 2520:00Charlotte AtenOrientable smooth manifolds are essentially quasigroups
TueDec 0720:00Martin GoldsternCardinals below the continuum
TueNov 3020:00Jennifer HyndmanA Reader's Guide to A Primer of Subquasivariety Lattices
TueNov 3019:00Michael KompatscherG-terms and the local-global property
TueNov 1621:00Peter JipsenA survey of partially ordered algebras
TueNov 0920:00Miguel CouceiroImpossibility theorems over median algebras and beyond
TueNov 0219:00Laszlo ZadoriOn the primeness of 2-permutability
TueOct 2619:00Michael PinskerUniqueness of Polish topologies on endomorphism monoids of countable structures
TueOct 1919:00Marcel JacksonUndecidability of representability as binary relations
TueOct 1219:00Anna Zamojska-DzienioBiracks and solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation
TueOct 0519:00Philipp RothmalerHigh and low formulas
TueSep 2819:00Peter MayrSolving small PCSPs via large CSPs
TueApr 2719:00Alexander HulpkeRewriting systems and group extensions
TueApr 2019:00Ross WillardInherently nonfinitely based nonassociative algebras
TueApr 1319:00Marcos Mazari-ArmidaStability in abstract elementary classes of modules
TueApr 0619:00Nick GalatosAmalgamation for certain conic idempotent residuated lattices
TueMar 3019:00Marcin KozikMinimal (clones with a Taylor term)
TueMar 2319:00Andrew MoorheadHigher Kiss terms for modular varieties
TueMar 1619:00Matthew MooreThe Hidden Subgroup Problem for universal algebras
TueMar 0920:00Lexi V. PasiForcing $\aleph_1$-Free Groups to Be Free
TueMar 0220:00Andrei BulatovIsomorphisms, homomorphisms, and some algebra
TueFeb 2320:00Kristina AsimiFinitely tractable PCSPs
TueFeb 1620:00Erhard AichingerThe degree as a measure of complexity of functions on a universal algebra
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