Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures Webinar Series

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mathematical physics analysis of PDEs classical analysis and ODEs complex variables dynamical systems functional analysis numerical analysis spectral theory

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Efstathios Charalampidis*, Christopher Chong, Panayotis Kevrekidis
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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MonFeb 0517:00Triantaphyllos R AkylasTBA
MonJan 0817:00Paul MilewskiResonant free-surface water waves in cylinders
MonDec 0417:00Laurette TuckermanExotic patterns of Faraday waves
MonNov 0617:00Gennady ElEmergent hydrodynamics of soliton gases in nonlinear dispersive waves
MonOct 0216:00Thomas BridgesTravelling wave solutions connecting distinct periodic orbits in Hamiltonian PDEs
TueJun 1316:00Bernard DeconinckThe instabilities of Stokes Waves
WedMay 1016:00Paris PerdikarisResolution-invariant Generative Models for Functional Data
WedApr 1216:00Nancy RodriguezOn local and non-local diffusion-advection-reaction models for animal movement
WedMar 0817:00Peter BatesExistence and Persistence of Invariant Manifolds for PDE's and SPDE's
WedFeb 0817:00David AmbroseDependence on the domain in parabolic dynamics
WedJan 1117:00Peter ConstantinOn the Nernst-Planck-Navier-Stokes System
WedDec 1417:00Mariana HaragusTransverse dynamics of line periodic water waves
WedNov 0917:00Kevin ZumbrunLarge-amplitude modulation of periodic traveling waves
WedOct 1216:00Mark HoeferBreathers as the nonlinear superposition of solitary and cnoidal-like waves
WedSep 1416:00Robert PegoNonlinear waves and photon loss in the Kompaneets model of Compton scattering
TueJun 1416:30Nathan KutzThe Future of Governing Equations
TueMay 3116:30Natalia BerloffUnconventional computing with liquid light
TueMay 1716:30Constance SchoberNonlinear damped spatially periodic breathers and the emergence of soliton-like rogue waves
TueMay 0316:30TBATBA
TueApr 1916:30Matthew JohnsonStability of periodic Lugiato-Lefever Waves
TueApr 0516:30Hermen Jan HupkesWaves in Inhomogeneous Media
TueMar 2216:30Philip RosenauOn multi-dimensional compact solitary patterns
TueFeb 2217:30Wolf-Juergen BeynStability and computation of traveling oscillating fronts in complex Ginzburg-Landau equations
TueFeb 0817:30Arjen DoelmanSpatial Ecology & Singularly Perturbed Reaction-Diffusion Equation
TueJan 2517:30Alexander MielkeOn the longtime behavior of solutions to a coupled degenerate parabolic system motivated by thermodynamics
TueJan 1117:30Jianke YangPattern Formation in KP-I Lumps
TueDec 0717:30Vera Mikyoung HurStable undular bores
TueNov 2317:30Sergej FlachLyapunov spectrum scaling for many-body dynamics close to integrability
TueOct 2616:30Joceline LegaA dynamical systems view of special solutions to the discrete Painlevé 1 equation
TueOct 1216:30Jens RademacherDynamics of some strongly interacting localised non-linear waves
TueSep 2816:30Michael WardTopics in Localized Pattern Formation for Reaction-Diffusion Systems in 3-D
TueSep 1416:30Keith PromislowEntropy, Packing, and Patterns
MonMar 2916:30Gino BiondiniTime evolution problems for (2+1)-dimensional evolution equations: Whitham modulation theory and its applications
MonMar 1516:30Peter MillerUniversal Wave Breaking in the Semiclassical Sine-Gordon Equation
MonMar 0117:30Catherine SulemNormal form transformations and Dysthe's equation for the nonlinear modulation of deep-water gravity waves
MonFeb 1517:30Edgar KnoblochGeostrophic turbulence and the formation of large scale structure
MonFeb 0117:30Anna VainchteinTraveling waves in a driven Frenkel-Kontorova lattice
MonJan 1817:30Eugene WayneBreathers as metastable states for weakly damped lattices of Hamiltonian oscillators
MonDec 0717:30Barbara PrinariInverse scattering transform, solitons and rogue wave solutions of certain matrix nonlinear Schrodinger equations
MonNov 2317:30Dmitry PelinovskyPeriodic travelling waves in nonlinear wave equations: modulation instability and rogue waves
MonNov 0917:30Beatrice PelloniThe phenomenon of dispersive revivals
MonOct 2616:30Thanasis FokasThe Unified Transform: from the Wiener-Hopf technique to the solution of the x-periodic problem for nonlinear integrable PDEs
MonOct 1216:30Mark AblowitzNonlinear Waves, Topological Insulators, Integrability
MonSep 2816:30Bjorn SandstedeDynamics of spiral waves
MonSep 1416:30Michael WeinsteinDynamics of waves in continuum honeycomb structures
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