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information theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 18:30-19:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Mark Iwen, Afonso S. Bandeira*, Deanna Needell, Rayan Saab
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Past talks
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ThuSep 1018:30Rima AlifariTBA
ThuSep 0318:30Daniel PottsTBA
ThuAug 2718:30Nir SochenTBA
ThuAug 2018:30Helmut BölcskeiFundamental limits of learning in deep neural networks
ThuAug 1318:30Dustin MixonIngredients matter: Quick and easy recipes for estimating clusters, manifolds, and epidemics
ThuAug 0618:30Tselil SchrammReconciling Statistical Queries and the Low Degree Likelihood Ratio
ThuJul 3018:30Mary WoottersTBA
ThuJul 2318:30Tamara KoldaPractical Leverage-Based Sampling for Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition
ThuJul 1618:30Caroline UhlerMulti-domain data integration: from observations to mechanistic insights
ThuJul 0918:30Holger RauhutConvergence of gradient flows for learning deep linear neural networks
ThuJul 0218:30Stéphane MallaBeyond sparsity: Non-linear harmonic analysis with phase for deep networks
ThuJun 2518:30Richard BaraniukAffine spline insights into deep learning
ThuJun 1818:30Gitta JutyniokUnderstanding Deep Neural Networks: From Generalization to Interpretability
ThuJun 1118:30Jelani Nelsonterminal dimensionality reduction in Euclidean space
ThuJun 0418:30Ben AdcockThe troublesome kernel: instabilities in deep learning for inverse problems
ThuMay 2818:30Ronald CoifmanThe Analytic Geometries of Data
ThuMay 2118:30Daniel SpielmanBalancing covariates in randomized experiments using the Gram–Schmidt walk
ThuMay 1418:30Ilya RazenshteynScalable Nearest Neighbor Search for Optimal Transport
ThuMay 0718:30Anna GilbertMetric representations: Algorithms and geometry
ThuApr 3018:30Thomas StrohmerPandemics, Privacy, and Paradoxes - Why We need a new paradigm for data science and AI
ThuApr 2318:30Andrea BertozziEpidemic modeling – basics and challenges
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