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general relativity and quantum cosmology HEP - theory

Albert Einstein Institute, Potsdam

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 13:00-14:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Hugo A. Camargo*, Michal P. Heller, Ignacio Reyes*
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Description: Research seminars in AdSCFT

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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TueMar 0114:00Jacopo VitiThe Classical Limit of the Entanglement Entropy
TueFeb 2214:00Nima LashkariRenormalization Group and Error Correction
TueFeb 1514:00Dalimil MazacBootstrapping Boundaries and Branes
TueFeb 0815:00Shota KomatsuCrosscap States in Integrable Field Theories and Spin Chains
TueFeb 0114:00Sridip PalAutomorphic Spectra and the Conformal Bootstrap
TueJan 2514:00Rob MyersComplexity=Anything
TueJan 1814:00Martin SasietaHolographic Complexity of Quantum Black Holes
TueJan 1114:00Rene MeyerSymmetry-resolved quantum information measures for AdS gravity and beyond
TueDec 1414:00Juan PedrazaLorentzian Threads and Holographic Complexity
TueNov 3014:00Brian SwingleEffective Field Theory of Chaotic Spectral Correlations
TueNov 2314:00Nissan ItzhakiStringy Information and Black Holes
TueNov 1614:00Felix HaehlSpin glasses and holography
TueNov 0914:00Olga PapadoulakiHolography from the Wheeler-DeWitt equation
TueNov 0214:00Tatsuma NishiokaTopological pseudo entropy
TueOct 2613:00Luca DelacretazThermal aspects of 2d QFTs
TueOct 1913:00Mark MezeiThe volume of the black hole interior at late times
TueOct 0513:00Dominik NeuenfeldHolonomy Constraints in Double Holography
WedJun 1613:00Janet Hungpadic tensor network and emergent Einstein equation
WedJun 0914:00Irene ValenzuelaA CFT Distance Conjecture
WedJun 0213:00Onkar ParrikarBuilding tensor networks for holographic states
WedMay 2613:00Erik TonniModular Hamiltonians for the massless Dirac field in the presence of a boundary or of a defect
WedMay 1913:00Jose BarbonThe complexity of gravitational clumping
WedMay 0513:00Dionysios AnninosToward an infrared realisation of dS in AdS?
WedApr 2813:00Matthew DodelsonSingularities of thermal correlators at strong coupling
WedApr 2115:00Arjun KarA hierarchy of complexity growth from integrability and chaos
WedMar 3113:00Jan de BoerThe OPE Randomness Hypothesis, Euclidean Wormholes, and Effective Field Theory
WedMar 2414:00Ignacio ReyesMoving mirrors, Page curves and bulk entropies in AdS2
WedMar 1714:00Ivan MunozLoops in Holographic Correlators
WedMar 0314:00Dongsheng GeEnergy reflection and transmission at 2D holographic interfaces
WedFeb 2414:00Giuseppe PolicastroTransport in TTbar-deformed conformal field theories
WedFeb 1714:00Jean-Luc LehnersCircuit complexity of primordial perturbations
WedFeb 1014:00Joshua KirklinUhlmann Phase, Black Hole Information and Holography
WedJan 2714:00Johanna ErdmengerNew materials for holographic hydrodynamics
WedJan 2015:00Jamie SullySharp Holography for Boundary Conformal Field theory
WedDec 1616:00Xiao-Liang QiEffective entropy of quantum fields coupled with gravity
WedNov 2514:00Marina HuertaEntanglement, Global Symmetries and Topological contributions
ThuNov 1214:00Hugo CamargoTBA
WedNov 1116:00Victor GorbenkoBra-ket wormholes in gravitationally prepared states
WedNov 0414:00Alice Di TucciLessons for quantum cosmology from anti-de Sitter black holes
WedOct 2115:00Jorrit KruthoffBootstrapping Matrix Quantum Mechanics
WedOct 1413:00Horacio CasiniEntropic order parameters for the phases of QFT
WedOct 0713:00Alexandre BelinGravitational path integral from the T^2 deformation
WedSep 3013:00Roberto EmparanQuantum BTZ black hole
WedSep 2313:00Alexey MilekhinHumanly Traversable Wormholes
WedSep 1613:00Pedro Jorge MartinezModular Hamiltonian for (holographic) excited states
WedSep 0913:00Mario FloryGeometry of Complexity in CFT2
WedJul 2213:00Marius GerbershagenComplexity measures from geometric actions on Virasoro coadjoint orbits
WedJul 1513:00Edgar ShaghoulianIslands in asymptotically flat 2d gravity
WedJul 0813:00David KolchmeyerEntanglement Entropy in Jackiw-Teitelboim Gravity
WedJun 2413:00Arjun KarGeometric secret sharing in a model of Hawking radiation
WedJun 1713:00Kevin GrosvenorInformation geometry in QFT
MonJun 1513:00Pascal FriesRelative Entropy and Symmetry in QFT
WedMay 2713:00Ki-Seok KimEmergent holographic dual effective field theory as a mean-field theory with all-loop quantum corrections in the large N limit
WedMay 2014:00Nick Hunter-JonesModels of quantum complexity growth
WedMay 1313:00Nabil IqbalToward a 3d Ising Model with a weakly coupled string dual
WedMay 0613:00Manuela KulaxiziStress Tensor Sector of Conformal Correlators
WedApr 2915:00Mark van RaamsdonkPushing boundaries in holography
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