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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 17:00-18:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Marian Gidea*
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WedDec 0718:00Giuseppe De NittisSpectral Theory of the Thermal Hamiltonian
WedNov 3018:00Matteo TanziUniformly Expanding Coupled Maps: Self-Consistent Transfer Operators and Propagation of Chaos
WedNov 2318:00Tere M-SearaOscillatory motions in the planar three body problem
WedApr 1417:30Paolo GiuliettiQuantitative global-local mixing for accessible skew products
WedApr 0717:30Ian JauslinAn effective equation to study Bose gases at all densities
WedMar 3117:30No SeminarTBA
WedMar 2417:30Lea SantosIndicators of quantum chaos and the transition from few- to many-body systems
WedMar 1717:30Yakov PesinThe essential coexistence phenomenon in Hamiltonian dynamics
WedMar 1018:30Francesco TopputoBallistic Capture Dynamics and Applications
WedMar 0318:30Jean-Pierre MarcoRecent developments on the polynomial entropy of dynamical systems
WedFeb 2418:30Jesse BerwaldQuantum Computing: A Brief Tour With Mathematical Highlights
WedDec 1618:30Kasun FernandoExpansions in the mixing local limit theorems for dynamical systems
WedDec 0918:30No seminarTBA
WedDec 0218:30Bassam FayadAround the stability of elliptic equilibria for real analytic Hamiltonian systems
WedNov 2518:30Alessandra CellettiPerturbative methods in space debris dynamics
WedNov 1818:30Diego del-Castillo-NegreteA Feynman-Kac based numerical method for the exit time probability of a class of transport problems
WedNov 1118:30Christopher LutskoDiffusion of the Random Lorentz Gas
WedNov 0418:30Emil ProdanInnovation in materials science via K-Theory and Non-Commutative Geometry
WedOct 2817:30Roy GoodmanInstability and Breakup Dynamics of the Leapfrogging Vortex Quartet
WedOct 2117:30Dimitry TuraevExponential energy growth due to slow periodic perturbations of quantum-mechanical systems
WedOct 1417:30No seminarTBA
WedOct 0717:30No seminarTBA
WedSep 3017:30No seminarTBA
WedSep 2317:30Zemer KosloffOn the local limit theorem in dynamical systems
WedSep 1617:30Adrian Perez BustamanteDomains of analyticity and expansions of singular perturbations of Hamiltonian systems - Part II (Numerical methods, Gevrey properties of expansions)
WedSep 0917:30Rafael de la LlaveDomains of analyticity and expansions of singular perturbations of Hamiltonian systems - Part I (rigorous non-perturbative methods and geometry of domain of analyticity)
WedJun 1715:00Jason D. Mireles-JamesContinuation, bifurcation, and disintegration of homoclinic orbits in a restricted four body problem
WedMay 2715:00Pablo RoldanContinuation of relative equilibria in the n--body problem to spaces of constant curvature
WedMay 2015:00Federico BonettoThe Kac Model and (Non-)Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
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