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astrophysics general relativity and quantum cosmology HEP - theory

McGill University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 17:30-18:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Suddhasattwa Brahma*
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Past talks
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MonJul 1216:30Vincent VenninCan we prove that cosmic structures are of quantum mechanical origin?
MonJun 2816:30Alek BedroyaThermal de Sitter and the Swampland
MonJun 1416:30Benjamin LillardBubble-Of-Nothing Decay of the de Sitter Universe
MonJun 0716:30Kaloian LozanovTopics in inflationary cosmology: reheating, gauge fields and gravitational waves
MonMay 3116:30Irene ValenzuelaDistant Strings on the Swampland
MonMay 1716:30Arjun KarWormholes, islands, and ER = EPR
MonMay 0316:30Matheus HostertA dark seesaw at low scales: applications to the MiniBooNE and (g-2) puzzles
MonApr 2616:30Evan McDonoughCatastrophic Production of Slow Gravitinos
MonApr 1216:30Timo WeigandTensionless Strings in Four Dimensions and the Swampland
MonMar 2916:30Horatiu NastaseSolving cosmology puzzles with holographic cosmology and transition to standard RD cosmology
MonMar 2216:30Jean-Luc LehnersPath integrals, black holes and the beginning of the universe
MonMar 0817:30Jonathan HeckmanA Model of Couplings
MonMar 0117:30Gia DvaliS-matrix constraints on de Sitter and on black holes
MonFeb 2217:30SĂ©bastien Renaux-PetelProbing primordial features with the Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background
MonFeb 1517:30Isabel Garcia GarciaP not PQ
MonFeb 0817:30Ralph BlumenhagenDe Sitter Quantum Breaking, Swampland Conjectures and Thermal Strings
MonFeb 0117:30Lam HuiWave dark matter
MonJan 2517:30Benjamin HeidenreichChern-Weil Global Symmetries and How Quantum Gravity Avoids Them
MonJan 1817:30Claudia de RhamPositivity with Gravity
MonJan 1117:30Raphael BoussoIsland Finder
MonDec 1417:30Martin BojowaldNon-adiabatic and non-local behavior in effective theories
MonDec 0717:30Sunny VagnozziThe trouble with spatial curvature
MonNov 3017:30Sumit DasGauge invariant target space entanglement and holography
MonNov 2317:30Thomas Van RietThe problem with a small and positive cosmological constant
MonNov 1617:30Temple HeCovariant Phase Space and Soft Factorization in non-Abelian Gauge Theories
MonNov 0917:30Alessandra SilvestriProbing gravity and dark energy in the era of multi-messenger cosmology
MonNov 0217:30Jun NishimuraEmergence of (3+1)-dimensional expanding space-time from the Lorentzian IKKT matrix model
MonOct 2616:30Yuval GrossmanCharming CP Violation
MonOct 1916:30Sarah ShanderaCosmological Open Quantum Systems
TueOct 1317:00Jens ChlubaCosmology Beyond Equilibrium: Science with CMB spectral distortions
MonOct 0516:30Georges Obied & Cumrun VafaTopological Gravity as the Early Phase of Our Universe
MonSep 2816:30Antony SperanzaAnomalies in gravitational charge algebras of null boundaries and black hole entropy
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