Webinar on PDE and related areas

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analysis of PDEs dynamical systems functional analysis optimization and control spectral theory

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India

Audience: Advanced learners
Seminar series times: Tuesday 09:30-10:30, Thursday 09:30-10:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Prosenjit Roy*, Ujjwal Koley, Mousomi Bhakta, Shirshendu Chowdhury
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The webinar is organised jointly from IIT-Kanpur, TIFR-CAM,Bangalore, IISER-Pune and IISER-Kolkata.

Zoom Link for the talk will be available on iitk.ac.in/math/weekly-webinar-on-pde-and-related-areas

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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueDec 1509:30Sylvain ErvedozaTBA
ThuDec 1009:30Luca EspositoDensity lower bound estimate for local minimizers of free interface problem with volume constraint
TueDec 0809:30Gyula CsatoFractional Michael-Simon Sobolev inequalities
ThuDec 0309:30Arick ShaoControllability of Waves and Geometric Carleman Estimates
TueDec 0109:30Manjunath KrishnapurThe random plane wave and related objects
ThuNov 2609:30Martina HofmanovaOn ill- and well-posedness of dissipative martingale solutions to stochastic 3D Euler equations
TueNov 2409:30Enrico ValdinociBoundary behavior of nonlocal minimal surfaces
ThuNov 1909:30Giampiero PalatucciHolder regularity for nonlocal double phase equations
TueNov 1709:30Xavier Ros-OtonThe Neumann problem for the fractional Laplacian
ThuNov 1209:30Moshe MarcusBoundary value problems for Schrodinger equations with Hardy type potentials
ThuNov 0509:30Itai ShafrirMinimizers of a variational problem for nematic liquid crystals with variable degree of orientation in two dimensions
TueNov 0315:00Plamen StefanovLocal and global boundary rigidity
ThuOct 2909:30Guy ValletLewy-Stampacchia’s inequalities
TueOct 2709:30Stefano BianchiniOn the sticky particle solutions to the multi-dimensional pressureless Euler equations
ThuOct 2209:30Laurent VéronNonlinear boundary value problems in connexion with harmonic functions
TueOct 2009:30Helge HoldenA Lipschitz metric for the Camassa–Holm equation
ThuOct 1509:30Eduard Feireisl(S)-convergence and approximation of oscillatory solutions in fluid dynamics
TueOct 1312:30Gunther UhlmannSeeing Through Space Time
ThuOct 0809:30Jean-Michel CoronStabilization in finite time of some partial differential equations
TueOct 0609:30Jean-Pierre RaymondExistence and uniqueness of maximal strong solution of a 1D Blood flow in a network of vessels
ThuOct 0109:30Siddhartha MishraDeep Learning and Computations of PDEs
TueSep 2909:30Saugata BandyopadhyayOn the Equation (∇u)^tH(u)(∇u) = G
ThuSep 2409:30Emil WiedemannWeak and measure-valued solutions of the compressible Euler equations.
TueSep 2211:00Eduardo CerpaControl properties of a parabolic-elliptic system
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