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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Tuesday 16:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Matthew Swaffer*
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Past talks
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TueJun 2015:30Martí AldeaCell size, transcriptomic balance and optimal growth in budding yeast
TueJun 2015:00Ludovico Calabrese (Cosentino-lagomarsino Lab)TBC
TueJun 0615:30Alison LloydTBC
TueJun 0615:00Shuyuan ZhangTBC
TueMay 2315:30Ariel AmirCorrelations and causation in the bacterial cell cycle
TueMay 2315:00Jarno MäkeläGenome concentration drives bacterial growth through modulation of ribosome activity
TueMay 0915:30Jochen RinkPlanarian flatworms as a model system for metabolic scaling
TueMay 0915:00Madeline Keenen (Gladfelter lab)Multifunctionality in a tissue sized placenta cell
TueApr 2515:30Haochen Fu (Jun lab)What Triggers the Bacterial Cell Cycle: Protein Concentration or Number? Number!
TueApr 2515:00Sujit DattaGrowth and form of microbial colonies in 3D
TueApr 1115:30Zuzana StorchováScaling of cellular proteome with chromosome numbers
TueApr 1115:00Alex LessengerSomatic polyploidy promotes size scaling and biosynthesis in the C. elegans intestine
TueMar 2815:30Arohan SubramanyaCell volume rescue via crowding-induced phase separation
TueMar 2815:00Nishit Srivastava (Piel Lab)Density homeostasis and mass-volume coupling in proliferating mammalian cells
TueMar 1415:30Sandro SantagataTemporal and spatial topography of cell proliferation in cancer
TueMar 1415:00Ian Jones (Bakal Lab)Cell growth dilutes YAP/TAZ influencing its subcellular distribution and phenotypic heterogeneity
TueFeb 2816:30Margarete Diaz CuadrosMetabolic regulation of developmental rate in mouse and human cells
TueFeb 2816:00Richard PooleControl of successive unequal cell divisions by neural cell fate regulators determines embryonic neuroblast cell size
TueNov 2916:30Ethan LevienSingle-cell growth dynamics within and across cell-cycles: what can we learn from noise?
TueNov 2916:00Clotilde CadartCell size and ploidy: from cells to the physiology of vertebrate embryos
TueNov 1516:30Kate AdamalaScaling life beyond the natural boundaries
TueNov 1516:00James PelletierGenetics and mechanics of cell division in a genomically minimal cell
TueNov 0115:30Evgeny Zatulovskiy (Skotheim lab)Sorting out the interconnections between cell size, growth rate and senescence in mammalian cells
TueNov 0115:00Sandhya Manohar (Neurohr lab)Too big not to fail: How cell cycle progression defects and impaired DNA damage signaling drive enlarged cells into senescence
TueOct 1815:30Scott BerryQuantitative imaging approaches to understand mRNA concentration homeostasis in human cells
TueOct 1815:00Matthew Swaffer (Skotheim lab)RNA polymerase II dynamics and mRNA stability feedback determine mRNA scaling with cell size
TueOct 0415:30Sander TansBacterial coexistence driven by motility and spatial competition
TueOct 0415:00Griffin Chure (Cremer lab)Hail to the Flux: How An Optimal Allocation of Resources Dictates Microbial Growth
TueSep 2015:30Wei-Hsiang (Jacobs-Wagner lab)Connecting single-cell ATP dynamics to overflow metabolism, cell growth and the cell cycle in Escherichia coli
TueSep 2015:00Clovis Basier (Nurse lab)Variability in global cellular amino acid incorporation (protein synthesis?) and its genetic modulation.
TueSep 0615:30Jordan RaffHow do centrioles and centrosomes grow to the right size?
TueSep 0615:00Coral Zhou (Heald lab)Mechanisms of mitotic chromosome scaling in Xenopus
TueJun 2115:30Alexis Barr & Tony LyAberrant growth during G1 induces chronic osmotic stress and a biphasic p21 response to promote cell cycle withdrawal
TueJun 2115:00Adrian SaurinOncogenic signals prime cancer cells for toxic cell growth during a G1 cell cycle arrest
TueJun 0715:30Paul FrançoisAdders, sizers, timers: simulated evolution of cell size control
TueJun 0715:00Kristi Miller (Moseley Lab)Strategies for Geometry-Based Cell Size Control in Fission Yeast
TueMay 2415:30KC HuangCell size control during environmental fluctuations
TueMay 2415:00Naama BrennerSloppy control in bacterial growth and division
TueMay 1015:30Mary BayliesNuclei, Position, Activity: Decoding Cell Size Regulation in Muscle Development and Disease
TueMay 1015:00Paolo MaiuriTension biased nuclear import sets nuclear-cytoplasmic volumetric coupling
TueApr 2615:30Terry HwaBacterial strategy to sense and control the rate of cell growth
TueApr 2615:00Thomas JulouGrowth rate controls the sensitivity of gene regulatory circuits
TueApr 1215:30Ran KafriCell size-dependent signal transduction links cell size homeostasis with mammalian longevity, mTORC1 and CDK4
TueApr 1215:00John Devany (Gardel Lab)Tissue confinement controls cell size and growth in epithelia
TueMar 2915:30Teemu Miettinen (Manalis lab)Single-cell monitoring of dry mass and dry mass density reveals exocytosis of cellular dry contents in mitosis
TueMar 2915:00Xili Liu (Kirschner lab)Beyond G1/S regulation: how cell size homeostasis is tightly controlled throughout the cell cycle?
TueNov 3016:30Martin HowardDissecting sizer-based cell size control and the role of cell-to-cell variability
TueNov 3016:00Nick RhindCell Size Regulation by Size Dependent Expression of Mitotic Activators
TueNov 1616:30Severin SchinkMechanistic insights on death of bacteria in starvation
TueNov 1616:00Ulrich GerlandThe effect of cell growth on cell death in bacteria
TueNov 0215:30Renata BastoWhen Double Brings Trouble
TueNov 0215:00Rob de BruinCan Cell Size and Growth Stop Cancer?
TueOct 1915:30Matthew PielDensity homeostasis in cultured mammalian cells
TueOct 1915:00Chantal RoubinetAsymmetric nuclear division in neural stem cells generates sibling nuclei that differ in size, envelope composition, and chromatin organization
TueOct 0515:30Mikael BjorklundSize-scaling promotes senescence-like changes in proteome and organelle content
TueOct 0515:00Mike Lanz (Skotheim Lab)how cell size shapes the eukaryotic proteome
TueSep 2115:30Jan BruguésSpindle Scaling Is Governed by Cell Boundary Regulation of Microtubule Nucleation
TueSep 2115:00Tobias Kletter (Reber Lab)Spindle Scaling in Cellular Differentiation
TueSep 0715:30Robert SablowskiRegulation of plant stem cell size using DNA contents as a scale
TueSep 0715:00Adrienne RoederRole of ribosomes and translation in orchestrating growth patterns in Arabidopsis flowers
TueAug 2415:30Sean SunMechanical Regulation of Cell Size and Growth
TueAug 2415:00Kristin KnouseDelivering insights into organ homeostasis and regeneration through in vivo genome-wide screens
TueAug 1015:30Matthew GoodEpithelial Cell Size Dysregulation In Lung Cancer
TueAug 1015:00Jaan MannikReplication-related control over cell division in Escherichia coli is growth-rate dependent
TueMay 1115:00David SabatiniRegulation of metabolism and food choice by mTORC1
TueApr 2715:00Yuping Chen (Ferrell lab)Diffusivity may affect cell cycle and translation
TueApr 2715:00Petra LevinThresholds in cell division and in cell size homeostasis
TueApr 1315:00Shane McInally (Kondev & Goode labs)Decelerated growth scales actin filament length to the linear dimensions of the cell”
TueApr 1315:00Kurt SchmollerCoordination of mitochondria homeostasis with cell size
TueMar 3015:30Liam HoltTORC1: crushing it in the nucleus
TueMar 3015:00Amy IkuiCell wall integrity pathway in cell size control
TueMar 1615:30Johan ElfCoordinating replication initiation with cell growth in E. coli
TueMar 1615:00Dianyi Liu (Umen lab)Elucidating the mitotic sizer in the multiple fission alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
TueMar 0216:30Theo KnijnenburgA systematic organelle size scaling analysis of 15 cellular structures across 135,000 human induced pluripotent stem cells
TueMar 0216:00Marta ShahbaziBalancing cell fate, tissue shape and embryo size
TueFeb 1616:30Naama BarkaiThe search for fundamental limits on cell growth and cell size
TueFeb 1616:00Jonas CremerThe bacterial swimming machinery - coordinated with cell size and growth
TueFeb 0216:30Orna Cohen-FixThe mystery of nuclear size regulation
TueFeb 0216:00Joël Lemiere (Chang Lab)The role of colloid osmotic pressure in nuclear size control in S. pombe
TueJan 1916:30Min WuDoes Adder Principle Apply to Mammalian Cell Size Homeostasis?
TueJan 1916:00Xili Lui (Kirschner lab)Computationally Enhanced Quantitative Phase Microscopy Reveals Autonomous Oscillations in Mammalian Cell Growth
TueNov 0316:30Nic TaponSeeing is bewildering: imaging growth during fly abdomen development
TueNov 0316:00Bree AldridgeHeterogeneity in environment, growth, and cell size in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
TueOct 2015:30Shangqin GuoCell size bias in converting somatic cells into pluripotency
TueOct 2015:00Hui Chen (Good Lab)Spatiotemporal Patterning of Zygotic Genome Activation
TueOct 0615:30Fred ChangRegulation of cell density in the fission yeast cell cycle
TueOct 0615:00Seungeun Oh (Kirschner Lab)Measuring protein and lipid mass in single cells in tissue environment
TueSep 2215:30Britta EickholtControl of axon growth and branching
TueSep 2215:00Marco Cosentino-LagomarsinoThree hypotheses on the E. coli cell cycle, by model falsification
TueSep 0815:30Bruce FutcherSize-dependent expression of cell cycle regulators may explain size control in yeast
TueSep 0815:00Kora-Lee Claude (Schmoller Lab)Transcription regulates histone homeostasis
TueAug 2515:30Angelika AmonWhy stem cells are small
TueAug 2515:00Simone ReberHow Complexity Arises from Molecular Interactions
TueAug 1115:30Suckjoon JunHomeostatic principles of bacterial cell size control: from phenomenology to mechanistic origin
TueAug 1115:00Benjamin TowbinCoupling of growth and development ensures body size homeostasis of C. elegans
TueJul 2815:30Sven van TeeffelenCoordination of cell volume with biomass growth in bacteria
TueJul 2815:00Shicong (Mimi) Xie (Skotheim Lab)G1 sizer coordinates cell size and cell cycle in mammalian stem cells
TueJul 1415:30Christine Jacobs-WagnerBacterial cell size, scaling laws and the physicochemical properties of the cell
TueJul 1415:00Teemu MiettinenMass measurements during lymphocytic leukemia cell polyploidization decouple cell cycle and cell size dependent growth
TueJun 3015:30Chris BakalA systems look at networks regulating size
TueJun 3015:00Amanda AmodeoExcess histone3 is a Chk1 inhibitor that controls embryonic cell cycle progression
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