Greek Algebra & Number Theory Seminar

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 13:00-14:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Dimitrios Chatzakos*, Ioannis Dokas, Kostas Karagiannis, Angelos Koutsianas*, Chrysostomos Psaroudakis
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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MonMay 2913:00Vasileios MetaftsisSome steps towards understanding the McCool group
MonMay 0813:00Theo DouvropoulosRecursions and Proofs in Coxeter-Catalan combinatorics
MonApr 2413:00Ekin ÖzmanModular Curves and Asymptotic Solutions to Fermat-type Equations
MonApr 1013:00Giorgos KapetanakisTowards the Primitive Completely Normal Basis Theorem
MonMar 2713:00Myrto MavrakiDynamics, number theory and unlikely intersections
MonMar 1314:00Yiannis VlassopoulosLanguage modelling with enriched categories, the Yoneda embedding and the Isbell completion
MonMar 0614:00Yiannis VlassopoulosLanguage modelling with enriched categories, the Yoneda embedding and the Isbell completion
MonFeb 2014:00Maria LoukakiCongruences in finite $p$-groups
MonFeb 1314:00Chris BirkbeckOverconvergent Hilbert modular forms via perfectoid methods
MonJan 3014:00Anastasia HadjievangelouLeft 3-Engel Elements in Locally Finite p-groups
MonJan 1614:00Christina VasilakopoulouDual algebraic structures and enrichment
MonDec 1214:00Stelios SachpazisA different proof of Linnik's estimate for primes in arithmetic progressions
MonNov 2814:00Eleni TzanakiSymmetric decompositions, triangulations and real-rootedness
MonNov 1414:00Konstantinos TsouvalasAnosov groups that are indiscrete in rank one
MonOct 3114:00Ioannis TsokanosDensity of oscillating sequences in the real line
MonOct 1713:00Maria ChlouverakiThe defect of blocks in Hecke algebras
MonOct 0313:00Stevan GajovicQuadratic Chabauty for integral points and p-adic heights on even degree hyperelliptic curves
MonJun 0613:00Robin FrotExplicit bounds for prime gaps and graphic sequence
MonMay 2313:00Tiago CruzRingel self-duality via relative dominant dimension
MonMay 1613:00Morten RisagerDistributions of twists of multiple L-series of modular forms.
MonMay 0213:00Sofia LambropoulouBraidings, braid equivalences and Jones-type invariants
MonApr 1813:00Marc MasdeuNumerical experiments with plectic Darmon points
MonApr 0413:00Vasiliki PetrotouTom & Jerry Unprojection triples
MonMar 2114:00Nicole RaulfAsymptotics of class numbers
MonMar 1414:00Nikolaos TziolasThe role of automorphisms in the classification of surfaces of general type in characteristic $p>0$.
MonFeb 2114:00Angelos KoutsianasSolving generalized Fermat equations with Frey hyperelliptic curves
MonFeb 0714:00Ioannis EmmanouilHomological and homotopical properties of unbounded complexes
MonJan 2414:00Céline MaistretParity of ranks of abelian surfaces
MonJan 1714:00Florian EiseleBijections of silting complexes and derived Picard groups
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