NYC noncommutative geometry seminar

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geometric topology number theory operator algebras representation theory

St Johns University - New York City

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 20:00-21:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Alexander A. Katz, Igor V. Nikolaev*
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Noncommutative Geometry studies an interplay between spatial forms and algebras with non-commutative multiplication. Our seminar welcomes talks in Number Theory, Geometric Topology and Representation Theory linked to the context of Operator Algebras. All talks are kept at the entry-level accessible to the graduate students and non-experts in the field. Click to join us (5 min in advance) and igor DOT v DOT nikolaev AT gmail DOT com to subscribe/unsubscribe for the mailing list, to propose a talk or to suggest a speaker. Pending speaker's consent, we record and post all talks at the hyperlink "video" on speaker's page at the "Past talks" section. The slides can be posted by providing the organizers with a link in the format The duration of talks is 1 hour plus or minus 10 minutes.

Notice of Solidarity: All participants of this seminar support #Strike4BlackLives and #ShutDownSTEM

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedNov 2420:00Xin MaFiberwise amenability and almost elementariness for étale groupoids
WedNov 1720:00Aaron TikuisisNuclear dimension and Z-stability of simple C*-algebras
WedNov 1020:00Vadim AlekseevGeometry of sofic approximations
WedNov 0319:00Gilles CastroKMS states for generalized gauge actions on C*-algebras associated with self-similar sets
WedOct 2719:00Andrey GlubokovCluster algebra and Jones polynomials
WedOct 2019:00Nicolas MonodType I, Gelfand pairs and Iwasawa decompositions
WedOct 1319:00Becky ArmstrongA uniqueness theorem for twisted groupoid C*-algebras
WedOct 0619:00Diego MartínezC* and geometric properties of inverse semigroups
WedSep 2919:00Tyrone CrispFrobenius C*-algebras and local adjunctions of C*-correspondences
WedSep 2219:00Jorge PlazasNoncommutative geometry of arithmetic groups
WedSep 1519:00Kevin BrixFlow equivalence and C*-algebras
WedSep 0819:00Laurent CantierClassification of unitary elements of a C*-algebra
WedSep 0119:00Lyudmila TurowskaMultipliers and Approximation Properties
WedAug 2519:00Stefan WagnerFactor systems as a computational framework for noncommutative principal bundles - with an application to Atiyah’s famous Lie algebra sequence
WedAug 1819:00Jens KaadExterior products of compact quantum metric spaces
WedAug 1119:00Timothy SchenkelRegular Ideals of Locally-Convex Kumjian-Pask Algebras
WedJul 2819:00Bernhard BurgstallerA kind of KK-theory of rings
WedJul 2119:00Scott SchmiedingFlow equivalence and mapping class groups for symbolic dynamical systems
WedJul 1419:00Fabio CiprianiOn a noncommutative Sierpiński gasket
WedJul 0719:00Pieter SpaasCohomological obstructions to lifting properties for full C*-algebras of property (T) groups
WedJun 3019:00Anne-Marie AubertStratified equivalences and Bernstein Center
WedJun 2319:00Shanna DobsonPro-Diamond and the Geometrization of Local Langlands
WedJun 1619:00Mitch HaslehurstRelative K-theory with applications to factor groupoids
WedJun 0919:00Francesc PereraTraces on ultrapower C*-algebras
WedJun 0219:00Alexander KatzOn real Sigma*-algebras
WedMay 2619:00Christian BonickeRegularity properties for ample groupoids and the type semigroup
WedMay 1915:00Alexandre AfgoustidisThe tempered dual of real or p-adic reductive groups, and its noncommutative geometry (joint work with Anne-Marie Aubert)
WedMay 1219:00Igor FulmanIntroduction to von Neumann Algebras, III
WedMay 0519:00Igor FulmanIntroduction to von Neumann Algebras, II
WedApr 2819:00Igor FulmanIntroduction to von Neumann Algebras, I
WedApr 2119:00Vasilisa ShramchenkoPoncelet theorem and Painlevé VI
WedApr 1419:00Alexander FreiRelative Cuntz-Pimsner algebras: Gauge-invariant uniqueness theorem and the lattice of gauge-invariant ideals
WedApr 0719:00Angel RomanThe Mackey bijection for reductive groups and continuous fields of reduced group C*-algebras
WedMar 3119:00Igor NikolaevQuantum dynamics of elliptic curves
WedMar 2419:00Yulia KuznetsovaQuantum semigroups, what is known or not
WedMar 1719:00Cédric ArhancetEntangling quantum information theory and Fourier multipliers on operator algebras
WedMar 1020:00Joakim ArnlindCurvature for a class of noncommutative minimal surfaces
WedMar 0320:00Daniel GonçalvesA generalization of shifts of finite type motivated by C*-algebra theory
WedFeb 2420:00Aristides KatavolosHarmonic functions, crossed products and approximation properties
WedFeb 1720:00Clément Dell'AieraDynamic asymptotic dimension and homology
WedFeb 1020:00Sylvie PaychaRegularised traces and Getzler’s rescaling revisited
WedFeb 0320:00Vrej ZarikianUnique Extension Properties for C*-Inclusions
WedJan 2720:00Matthew KennedyAmenability, proximality and higher order syndeticity
WedJan 2016:00Goncalo TabuadaNoncommutative Weil conjecture
WedDec 1620:00Marat MarkinOn the Smoothness of Weak Solutions of an Abstract Evolution Equation with a Scalar Type Spectral Operator
WedDec 0920:00Francesca AriciSU(2)-symmetries, exact sequences of C*-algebras and subproduct systems
WedDec 0220:00David JekelNon-commutative transport of measure
WedNov 2520:00Bram MeslandGabor frames and Wannier bases from groupoid Morita equivalences
WedNov 1820:00Andre KornellFinite quantum structures
WedNov 1120:00Nik WeaverQuantum graph theory
WedNov 0420:00Erik van ErpThe Heisenberg calculus, index theory, and cyclic cohomology
WedOct 2819:00Valentin DeaconuSymmetries of the $C^∗$-algebra of a vector bundle
WedOct 2119:00Gabor EtesiThe universal von Neumann algebra of smooth 4-manifolds with an application to gravity
WedOct 1419:00Maxim BravermanSpectral Flow of Toeplitz operators and bulk-edge correspondence
WedOct 0719:00Pierre ClareEssential representations of real reductive groups
WedSep 3019:00Cristian IvanescuThe Cuntz semigroup and the classification of separable amenable C*-algebras
WedSep 2319:00Sayan ChakrabortyMorita equivalence of noncommutative orbifolds
WedSep 1619:00Mahya GhandehariFourier algebras of the group of $\mathbb{R}$-affine transformations and a dual convolution
WedSep 0919:00Andrey GlubokovCluster Algebras and their applications to Index Theorem
WedSep 0219:00Toke Meier CarlsenCuntz-Krieger algebras, topological Markov shifts and groupoids
WedAug 2619:00Anton Yu. SavinA local index formula for metaplectic operators
WedAug 1919:00John QuiggBaum-Connes, coactions, and the Tilde Problem
WedAug 1219:00Robin DeeleyMinimal dynamical systems with prescribed K-theory
WedAug 0519:00Tushar DasThe Varieties of Discrete Experience, and Other Tales of Isometric Actions on Gromov Hyperbolic Metric Spaces
WedJul 2919:00Jerry KaminkerOdd analytic differential K-homology
WedJul 2219:00Haluk SengunSelberg's Trace Formula in operator K-theory
WedJul 1519:00Raphael PongeAnalysis on curved noncommutative tori
WedJul 0819:00Chris BruceC*-algebras from actions of congruence monoids
WedJul 0119:00Anna DuwenigNon-commutative Poincaré Duality of the irrational rotation algebra
WedJun 2419:00Jianchao WuThe Novikov conjecture, groups of diffeomorphisms, and infinite dimensional nonpositively curved spaces
WedJun 1719:00Sara AzzaliKK-theory with real coefficients, traces, and discrete group actions
WedJun 1019:00Menevse EryuzluEnchilada Categories
WedJun 0319:00Emil V ProdanIndex theorems in KK-theory
WedMay 2719:00Emil V ProdanCyclic co-homology, Fredholm modules, Kasparov’s generalizations
WedMay 2019:00Emil V ProdanThe C*-algebra of equivariant Hamiltonians over point patterns
WedMay 1319:00Branimir CacicGauge theory on quantum principal bundles
WedMay 0619:00Nicola CiccoliOrbit correspondence and groupoid C*-algebras
WedApr 2919:00Jim Tao 🇳🇴A twisted local index formula for curved noncommutative two tori
WedApr 2219:00Konrad AguilarQuantum metrics on the tensor product of a commutative C*-algebra and an AF C*-algebra.
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