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cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics general relativity and quantum cosmology HEP - phenomenology HEP - theory

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series times: Monday 13:00-13:30, 13:30-14:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Roberto Franceschini*
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Past talks
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MonMar 0116:30David DunskyShocking Signals from CHAMP Cosmic Rays
MonMar 0116:00Nirmal RajDark Matter Direct(ional) Detection at the High Mass Frontier
MonFeb 1515:00Kieran FinnGeometric Approaches to Quantum Field Theory: the Eisenhart Lift
MonFeb 1514:30Juan Carlos CriadoThe Emergence of Electroweak Skyrmions through Higgs Bosons
TueJan 2615:30Yu-Dai TsaiResonant Self-Interacting Dark Meson and Small-Scale Structures
TueJan 2615:00Evan McdonoughSTUMP Neutron Stars as Dark Matter Halos
MonJan 1820:00Nemanja KaloperRollercoaster Cosmology - 2
MonJan 1819:30Guido D'AmicoRollercoaster Cosmology - 1
TueJan 1214:00Alessandro StrumiaDirect anthropic bound on the weak scale from supernovæ explosions
TueJan 1213:30Hyung Do KimThe Weak Scale as a Trigger
TueDec 1515:30Sebastian ZellQuantum Breaking of de Sitter
TueDec 1515:00Miguel EscuderoEuclidean Wormholes and their implications for the Axion quality problem
MonDec 0716:40Moritz HaslbauerThe KBC void and Hubble tension contradict ΛCDM on a Gpc scale − Milgromian dynamics as a possible solution
MonDec 0716:00Indranil BanikMOND - theoretical motivations and cosmological context
TueDec 0115:30Joao PenedonesS-matrix Bootstrap for Effective Field Theories: Massless Pions
TueDec 0115:00Francesco RivaPositive Moments for Scattering Amplitudes
ThuNov 2615:40Jenny WagnerSelf-gravitating dark matter gets in shape
ThuNov 2615:00Andrea MacciòDo we need to go beyond Cold Dark Matter?
MonNov 2315:30Kfir BlumCould quasar lensing time delays hint to a core component in halos, instead of H0 tension?
MonNov 2315:00Simon BirrerUpdates from TDCOSMO
ThuOct 2914:30Hajime FukadaAxion strings are superconducting
ThuOct 2914:00Yu HamadaElectroweak axion string and superconductivity
MonOct 2613:30Georges ObiedTopological Gravity as the Early Phase of our Universe - 2
MonOct 2613:00Cumrun VafaTopological Gravity as the Early Phase of our Universe - 1
FriOct 2314:40Dominic SchwarzA test of the cosmological principle, constructive criticism
FriOct 2314:00Subir SarkarA test of the cosmological principle
WedOct 2114:30Carlos MartinsVarying fundamental constants, from alpha to omega
WedOct 2114:00Anupam MazumdarWitnessing Quantum gravity via Entanglement of Masses
ThuOct 1515:30Christopher VerhaarenDynamical evidence for a fifth force explanation of the ATOMKI anomalies
ThuOct 1515:00Daniele AlvesSignals of the QCD axion with mass of 17 MeV
MonOct 1214:00Massimo MeneghettiAn excess of small-scale gravitational lenses observed in galaxy clusters
TueSep 2914:15Ville VaskonenOn cosmological interpretations of the NANOGrav result
TueSep 2913:30Alberto SesanaSupermassive black hole astrophysics with pulsar timing arrays: a critical view of the recent NANOGrav analysis
TueSep 2213:00Arthur HebeckerEuclidean wormholes, baby universes, and their impact on particle physics and cosmology
ThuSep 1716:00Harikrishnan RamaniThe Neutron Bottle Anomaly and a Composite Solution
ThuSep 1715:30Massimo PasseraThe muon g-2 anomaly and Δα connection
MonSep 1415:30Surjeet RajendranFirewalls in General Relativity
MonSep 1415:00David KaplanThe Black hole firewall paradox
WedSep 0914:00Juan MaldacenaMagnetic black holes and traversable wormholes
TueJul 2814:00Marco GorghettoMore Axions from Strings
TueJul 2813:30Claudio Bonatiθ dependence of 4D SU(N) gauge theories in the large-N limit
TueJul 2813:00Bjorn GarbrechtAbsence of CP violation in the strong interactions
MonJul 2713:30Josef PradlerNew Physics solutions to the lithium problem
MonJul 2713:00Brian FieldsOverview of Standard BBN and the Primordial Lithium Problem
ThuJul 2315:30Andrew LongGravitational Particle Production in the Inflationary Era 2
ThuJul 2315:00Rocky KolbGravitational Particle Production in the Inflationary Era 1
TueJul 2115:30Fengwei Yangearching for Dark Photon DM with GW Detectors, O1 and beyond
TueJul 2115:00Volodymyr TakhistovProbing Dark Photons with Plasma Haloscopes
MonJul 0614:00Philip MannheimGhost Problems from Pauli-Villars to Fourth-Order Quantum Gravity and their Resolution
MonJul 0613:30Marco PivaPredictions on inflationary cosmology from quantum gravity with purely virtual quanta
MonJul 0613:00Alessandro StrumiaCan negative kinetic energy be physically acceptable?
ThuJul 0215:30Andrea MitridateDetecting Axion Dark matter with collective excitations
ThuJul 0215:00Enrico SchiappacasseOn Merger of Axion Dark Matter Clumps and Parametric Resonance of Photons
MonJun 2915:00Several speakersTheoretical interpretations of the Xenon anomaly (America + Europe time-zone)
MonJun 2908:00Several speakersTheoretical interpretations of the Xenon anomaly (Asia + Europe time-zone)
ThuJun 2515:30Ivano BasileOn vacuum stability in non-supersymmetric strings
ThuJun 2515:00Steven AbelTowards a Phenomenology for the non-supersymmetric Heterotic String
MonJun 2214:30Filippo VernizziDark energy after gravitational wave observations
MonJun 2214:00Lavinia HeisenbergBuilding blocks for gravity
ThuJun 1808:30Takeo MoroiDetecting light boson dark matter through conversion into a magnon
ThuJun 1808:00Takeshi KobayashiPrimordial magnetic fields: origin and evolution
TueJun 1615:30Matthew BaumgartDe Sitter diagrammar and the Resummation of Time
TueJun 1615:00Leonardo Senatore$\lambda \phi^4$ in de Sitter
ThuJun 1114:30Ben SafdiX-ray and Radio Searches for Axions from Nearby Neutron Stars
ThuJun 1114:00Jure ZupanFlavor Phenomenology of the QCD axion and axion like particles
TueJun 0916:30Yacine Ali-HaimoudThe Hubble-Penzias-Wilson tension
TueJun 0916:00Alessio NotariAttempting to alleviate the H0 tension with physically motivated models
TueJun 0915:30Marius MilleaHubble constant hunter’s guide (TBA)
ThuJun 0415:05Luis IbanezStrings, Particle Physics and the Swampland
ThuMay 2815:30Yang BaiMacroscopic dark matter: models and detections
ThuMay 2815:00Nicholas OrlofskyElectroweak-Symmetric Dark Monopoles from Preheating
TueMay 2614:00Jonathan GorardThe Wolfram model
ThuMay 2116:00Clifford CheungLessons from the Color and Kinematics of Scattering
TueMay 1913:00Gerard 't HooftThe cellular automaton interpretation of quantum mechanics
MonMay 1813:30Timothy N. PalmerRethinking superdeterminism 2
MonMay 1813:00Sabine HossenfelderRethinking superdeterminism 1
ThuMay 1414:30Kenichi KonishiNew ’t Hooft anomalies and phases of chiral gauge theories
ThuMay 1414:00Erich PoppitzNew ’t Hooft anomalies and phases of gauge theories
MonMay 1113:30Luca VisinelliBlack hole shadows and new physics
MonMay 1113:00Yann MambriniEeV dark matter in the early Universe
ThuMay 0713:30Alexander AzatovPhase transitions in perturbative walking dynamics
ThuMay 0713:00Kimmo KainulainenUnderstanding very strong electroweak phase transitions
MonMay 0415:30Diego BlasExploring light dark matter with atomic clocks and magnetometers
MonMay 0415:00Maxim PospelovMetastable nuclear isomers as dm accelerators
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