Seminar on Biological Control Systems

computational biology systems biology biotechnology computational engineering, finance, and science systems and control classical analysis and ODEs dynamical systems optimization and control adaptation and self-organizing systems

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Christian Cuba Samaniego, Ross Jones*, Yili Qian*, Jean-Baptiste Lugagne*, Corentin Briat*, Heidi Klumpe
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This seminar series focuses on the progress in the control of biological systems. The scope is broad and accommodates works addressing theoretical, computational, and experimental problems combining Systems and Synthetic Biology, Systems and Control Theory, Physics, Computer Science, and Applied Mathematics. Topics include, but are not limited to,

We aim at providing a common forum for sharing knowledge and encouraging discussion and collaboration across subfields. In particular we aim at facilitating interactions between junior and established researchers in order to foster career development in academia and industry. These considerations are reflected in the choice of speakers and we will strive to create an excellent, exciting and diverse schedule.

The seminar runs (for now) once a month at 11am to noon EST (observe that this webpage shows the schedule in your current time zone). Each session consists of one 45-minute talk followed by questions. Attendees are welcome to stay longer for casual discussions and questions to the speakers which are not necessarily directly related to the talk.

For this to work well, you need to have the latest version of Zoom installed (version 5.3.0 or higher), and use the desktop client or mobile app (not supported on ChromeOS).

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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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TueJun 2515:00Nam TranTransfer function of network motifs and what they tell us about signal processing in cells
TueJul 3015:00Kirill SechkarTBA
TueAug 2715:00Ted GrunbergTBA
TueSep 2415:00Davide SalzanoTBA
TueOct 2916:00MarĂ­a Cristina CannarsaTBA
TueDec 1016:00Fengjie ZhaoTBA
TueJan 2816:00Massimo BellatoTBA
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TueMay 2815:00Sally WangElectrogenetics and Electro-biofabrication Enable Realization of the "Internet of Bio-Nano Things
TueApr 3014:00Ying TangNeural-network solutions to stochastic reaction networks
TueMar 2616:00Alice BooBurden-Driven Multicellular Control Feedback for Microbial Consortia
TueFeb 2716:00Anna-Maria Makri PistikouEngineering synthetic communication in mammalian cells
TueFeb 0616:00Giuliano De CarluccioThe CASwitch: a synthetic biology solution for high-performance inducible gene expression systems in biotechnology
TueJan 1616:00Charlotte BunnePredicting Single-Cell Drug Responses using Optimal Transport
TueDec 1916:00Jakob RuessFrom single cells to microbial consortia and back: stochastic chemical kinetics coupled to population dynamics
TueNov 2816:00Zachary FoxSingle cell control using Finite State Projection based Bayesian Filters
TueNov 0716:00Gennady GorinStochastic foundations for single-cell RNA sequencing
TueOct 2415:00Enoch YeungData-Driven State Criticality and Observability with Koopman Operator Methods in Biological Networks
TueSep 2615:00Heidi KlumpeDeep neural networks for predicting single cell responses and probability landscapes
TueAug 2915:00Stanislav AnastassovA cybergenetic framework for engineering intein-mediated integral feedback control systems
TueJul 2515:00Brayden KellNoise properties of adaptation-conferring biochemical control modules
TueJun 2715:00Shiva RazaviAutocatalytic base editing for RNA-responsive translational control
TueMay 3015:00Guillaume GinesDNA-enzyme neural networks enabling nonlinear concentration profile classification
TueMar 2815:00Eszter CsibraAbsolute protein quantification using fluorescence measurements with FPCountR"
TueFeb 2816:00Corentin BriatStructural stability in integral rein control
TueJan 3116:00Zibo ChenA synthetic protein-level neural networks in mammalian cells
TueOct 2515:00Diego OyarzunMultiobjective optimization feedback control circuits for metabolic engineering
TueSep 2715:00Fangzhou XiaoBiocontrol of biomolecular systems: polyhedral constraints on binding's regulation of catalysis from biocircuits to metabolism
TueAug 3015:00Jean-Baptiste LugagneHigh-throughput single-cell control using real-time feedback
TueJul 2615:00Edward HancockStabilization of anthitetic control via molecular buffering
TueJun 2815:00Filo MauriceA hierarchy of biomolecular proportional-integral-derivative feedback controllers for robust adaptation and dynamic performance
TueMay 3115:00Chelsea HuLayered feedback control overcomes performance trade-off in synthetic biomolecular networks
TueApr 2615:00Michaelle N MayaluAnalysis and design of paradoxical feedback circuits for homeostasis of cell concentration
TueMar 2915:00Rogelio Hernandez-LopezT cell circuits that sense antigen density with an ultrasensitive threshold
TueFeb 2216:00Ankit GuptaFrequency Spectra and the Color of Cellular Noise
TueJan 2516:00Christian Cuba SamaniegoEngineering synthetic networks for pattern recognition in mammalian cells
FriDec 1716:00Yitong MaSynthetic mammalian signaling circuits for robust cell population contro
FriNov 1916:00Ania BaeticaAnalysis and parameter identification of four incoherent feedforward loop circuit designs
FriOct 2915:00Mariana Gomez-SchiavonCora - A general approach for quantifying biological feedback control
FriSep 2415:00Yili QianDecentralized control for robustness of gene networks to unintended interactions
SatAug 2815:00Noah OlsmanClosing the gap between theory and experiments in the design of biomolecular feedback circuits
FriJul 3015:00Ross JonesRobust and tunable signal processing in mammalian cells via engineered covalent modification cycles
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