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Goethe University Frankfurt

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 12:00-15:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Lorenzo Fantini*, Martin Ulirsch*
*contact for this listing

Description: An afternoon seminar series on tropical geometry, formerly known as TGiF ("Tropical Geometry in Frankfurt").

Please send an email to one of the organizers at the latest one day before a session if you wish to receive the Zoom link and password.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriMay 2812:00Margarida MeloTBA
FriMay 2813:15Baldur SigurðssonLocal tropical Cartier divisors and the multiplicity
FriMay 2814:30Jenia TevelevTBA
FriJun 2512:00Hülya ArgüzTBA
FriJun 2513:15Stefano MeretaTBA
FriJun 2514:30Eric KatzTBA
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Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriApr 3014:30Shiyue LiTopology of tropical moduli spaces of weighted stable curves in higher genus
FriApr 3013:15Jeremy UsatineStringy invariants and toric Artin stacks
FriApr 3012:00Felipe RinconTropical Ideals
FriMar 1215:30Daniel CoreyThe Ceresa class: tropical, topological, and algebraic
FriMar 1214:15Claudia He YunThe $S_n$-equivariant rational homology of the tropical moduli spaces $\Delta_{2,n}$
FriMar 1213:00Anthea MonodTropical geometry of phylogenetic tree spaces
FriFeb 1915:30Laura EscobarWall-crossing and Newton-Okounkov bodies
FriFeb 1914:15Marco PaciniA universal tropical Jacobian over the moduli space of tropical curves
FriFeb 1913:00John Christian OttemTropical degenerations and stable rationality
FriJan 2215:30Daniel LittThe tropical section conjecture
FriJan 2214:15Matt BakerPastures, Polynomials, and Matroids
FriJan 2213:00Alheydis GeigerDeformations of bitangent classes of tropical quartic curves
FriDec 0415:30Lara BossingerTropical geometry of Grassmannians and their cluster structure
FriDec 0414:15Man-Wai CheungPolytopes, wall crossings, and cluster varieties
FriDec 0413:00Xin FangTropical flag varieties - a Lie theoretic approach
FriJun 2614:30Kalina MinchevaPrime tropical ideals
FriJun 2613:15Luca BattistellaA smooth compactification of genus two curves in projective space
FriJun 2612:00Mark GrossGluing log Gromov-Witten invariants
FriMay 2914:30Hannah MarkwigThe combinatorics and real lifting of tropical bitangents to plane quartics
FriMay 2913:15Yue RenTropical varieties of neural networks
FriMay 2912:00Ben SmithFaces of tropical polyhedra - cancelled
FriApr 2414:30Alejandro VargasCatalan-many morphisms to trees-Part II
FriApr 2413:15Jan DraismaCatalan-many morphisms to trees-Part I
FriApr 2412:00Marta PanizzutTropical cubic surfaces and their lines
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