African Mathematics Seminar

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University of Nairobi

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 12:00-13:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Jared Ongaro*, Bruce Bartlett
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Past talks
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WedDec 0712:00Simon WillertonLooking at metric spaces as enriched categories
WedNov 1611:00Eric LofgrenComputational Approaches to Emerging Infectious Diseases
WedNov 0212:00John BaezCategory Theory in Epidemiology
WedSep 2812:00Ana Rita PiresInfinite staircases in symplectic embeddings
WedDec 1512:00Eric Dolores CuencaPower series representing posets
WedDec 0812:00Bernardo Rodrigues2-modular representations of the Conway simple groups as binary codes
WedDec 0112:00Ken BrownWhat is a Hopf algebra, and why should we care?
WedNov 2412:00Rosanna LakingWide intervals and mutation
WedNov 1712:00Christian EspíndolaMorley's theorem in infinitary logic
WedNov 1012:00Alessio FigalliGeneric regularity in obstacle problems
WedNov 0312:00Jean Marie NtagandaA client-server and Web-based graphical user interface design for the mathematical model of cardiovascular-respiratory
WedOct 2712:00Christian MaireOn Galois representations with large image
WedOct 2012:00Simplice Tchamna-KounaOn Maximal non-Manis extensions
WedOct 1312:00Christian KasumoDividend maximization for a homogeneous insurance portfolio in the presence of reinsurance
WedOct 0612:00David HolgateAn ordered view of continuous maps
WedSep 2912:00Ulrich KrähmerWhat is a Quantum Group?
WedSep 2212:00Spela SpenkoHMS symmetries and hypergeometric systems
WedSep 1512:00Laura ColmenarejoRSK algorithms and partition algebras
WedSep 0812:00Stanislas MuhinyuzaStatistical Inference for the Tangency Portfolio in High Dimension
WedSep 0112:00Emmanuel FouotsaEfficient Computation of the Final Exponentiation in Paring-Based Cryptography
WedAug 2514:00Bernd Sturmfels3264 Conics in a Second
WedAug 2512:00Diane MaclaganSubvarieties of Tropical Toric Varieties
WedAug 1812:00Tony EzomeNormal Bases, Galois Correspondence and Finite Field Arithmetic from Algebraic Groups
WedApr 0712:00Poul G. HjorthApplied Mathematics Applied
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