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algebraic geometry

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Carlos Florentino*, Leticia Brambila-Paz, Peter B. Gothen, Vicky Hoskins
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The Webinar Series was launched in late 2020 by the research group VBAC - Vector Bundles on Algebraic Curves.
It takes place every 2 months and focuses on different topics related to VBAC.

Visit the website vbac.wikidot.com/ for more information and registration.

VBAC Scientific Committee: Jorgen E. Andersen, Usha Bhosle, Steven Bradlow, Leticia Brambila Paz (Chair), Ugo Bruzzo, Carlos Florentino, Oscar García-Prada, Peter Gothen (Vice-Chair), Georg Hein, Daniel Hernández Ruipérez, Victoria Hoskins (Vice-Chair), Antony Maciocia, Ana Cristina López Martín, Margarida Melo, Peter E. Newstead, Montserrat Teixidor i Bigas, Carlos Tejero-Prieto.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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MonJan 2316:00Dan AbramovichThe Chow ring of a weighted blowup
MonJan 2315:00Carolina AraujoBirational geometry of Calabi-Yau pairs
MonNov 2116:00Valeria BertiniSingular symplectic varieties as symplectic quotients of hyperkähler manifolds
MonNov 2115:00Daniel HuybrechtsChow groups of lines on cubic fourfolds
MonSep 2614:00Azizeh NozadMixed Hodge Structures of Character Varieties of Free Groups
MonSep 2613:00Marina LogaresFrom e-polynomials to TQFTs
MonMay 1614:00Hannah LarsonBrill-Noether theory over the Hurwitz space
MonMay 1613:00Jay KopperDevelopments in Brill-Noether theory for surfaces
MonMar 2814:00Chiara DamioliniProjectivity of moduli spaces of quiver representations
MonMar 2813:00Jochen HeinlothProper moduli spaces for algebraic stacks
MonJan 2415:30Madeline BrandtTop Weight Cohomology of A_g
MonJan 2414:30David JensenNon-Abelian Brill-Noether Theory of Genus 13 Curves
MonOct 1115:45G. HarderWhy is the Tamagawa number equal to one?
MonOct 1115:15O. Garcia-PradaThe theorem of Narasimhan and Seshadri and generalizations
MonOct 1114:30T. R. RamadasNarasimhan’s work on conformal blocks
MonOct 1114:00S. RamananMy collaborative work with Narasimhan
MonSep 1315:00Martin OlssonThe Zariski topology, linear systems, and algebraic varieties, II
MonSep 1314:00János KollárThe Zariski topology, linear systems, and algebraic varieties, I
WedJul 0717:15Du PeiVerlinde Formula for PSL(2,C) Higgs bundles
WedJul 0716:15Gabriele RembadoQuantisation of moduli spaces of meromorphic connections, and relations with (irregular) CFT
WedJul 0715:00Sergei GukovBrane quantization of SL(2,C) moduli spaces
TueJul 0617:15Jaime SilvaHodge and motivic structures on abelian character varieties
TueJul 0616:15Alessandro MalusàA new quantisation scheme for hyperkähler manifolds with Sp(1) symmetry
TueJul 0615:00Olivier SchiffmannCohomological Hall algebras of curves and surfaces
MonJul 0517:15William MistegaardQuantization of moduli spaces and TQFT
MonJul 0516:15Victoria HoskinsMotives of moduli spaces of bundles on curves
MonJul 0515:00Edward WittenQuantization by Branes and Geometric Langlands
MonMay 1716:00Brian CollierMaximal variations of Hodge structure and sl2-triples
MonMay 1715:00Kang ZuoArakelov Inequality for Families of Projective Manifolds
MonMar 1516:00Eloise HamiltonCohomology of Non-Reductive GIT quotients and unstable Higgs bundles of rank 2
MonMar 1515:00Frances KirwanNon-reductive GIT and HKKP theory
MonJan 1816:00Camilla FelisettiP=W conjectures for character varieties with a symplectic resolution
MonJan 1815:00Junliang ShenCohomology of the moduli of Higgs bundles
MonNov 2316:00Chenyang XuAn algebraic construction of K-moduli space
MonNov 2315:00Simon K. DonaldsonK-stability and scalar curvature
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