Feza Gursey Center for Physics and Mathematics Higher Structures Seminars

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algebraic geometry algebraic topology category theory

Feza Gürsey Center for Physics and Mathematics

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Tuesday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Kazim Ilhan Ikeda*, Semih Ozlem*, Mehmet Akif Erdal*
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Past talks
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TueApr 2514:00Theo Johnson-FreydTBA
TueMay 0914:00Claudia ScheimbauerTBA
TueMay 2314:00Emre ÖzelTBA
TueJun 0614:00K. İlhan İkedaTBA
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Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueMar 2814:00Redi HaderiA simplicial category for higher correspondences
TueMar 1414:00Olivia CaramelloGröthendieck toposes as unifying “bridges” in mathematics.
TueFeb 2814:00Julia PlavnikOn the classification of modular categories
TueFeb 2114:00Yusuf Barış KartalFrobenius operators in symplectic topology
TueJan 3107:00David RobertsLow-dimensional higher geometry: a case study
TueJan 1714:00Neslihan GüğümcüOn a quantum invariant of multi-knotoids
TueDec 2014:00Ödül TetikField theory from [and] homology via [are] “duals”
TueDec 0614:00Kürşat SözerCrossed module graded categories and state-sum homotopy invariants of maps
TueNov 2214:00Can YaylalıDerived F-zips
TueNov 0815:00Aaron Mazel-GeeTowards knot homology for 3-manifolds
TueOct 2511:30Kadri İlker BerktavGeometric structures as stacks and geometric field theories
TueMay 2411:30Tatsuki KuwagakiAn introduction to perverse schober
TueMay 1016:00Juan OrendainHigher lattice gauge fields and cubical $\omega$-groupoids
TueApr 2611:30Haldun Özgür BayındırAdjoining roots to ring spectra and algebraic K-theory
TueApr 1211:30Mehmet Akif ErdalHomotopy theory of monoid actions via group actions and an Elmendorf style theorem
TueMar 0811:30Berkan ÜzeA Glimpse of Noncommutative Motives
TueFeb 2211:30Kadri Ilker BerktavSymplectic Structures on Derived Schemes
TueFeb 0811:30Urs SchreiberHigher and Equivariant Bundles
TueJan 2511:30Masanori MorishitaArithmetic topology and arithmetic TQFT
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