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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Discrete Optimization Talks*, Aleksandr M. Kazachkov*, Elias B. Khalil
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DOTs are virtual discrete optimization talks, organized by Aleksandr M. Kazachkov and Elias B. Khalil. To receive updates about upcoming DOTs, please join our mailing list. Topics of interest include theoretical, computational, and applied aspects of integer and combinatorial optimization.

The format is two thirty-minute talks and time for questions. Currently (January-April 2021), the seminars are scheduled on end-of-the-month Fridays at 1:00 p.m. ET. A special feature of DOTs is a social component. After a usual talk, you might grab a tea/coffee and chat with other attendees. Why not here too? Join us for some informal discussion after each DOT and throughout the week on our Discord channel.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriApr 2816:30Georgina HallTBA
FriApr 2816:00Yatharth DubeyTBA
FriMar 2416:30Emily TuckerTBA
FriMar 2416:00Marcia FampaTBA
FriFeb 2417:30Kevin TierneySearch heuristics for solving combinatorial optimization problems with deep reinforcement learning
FriFeb 2417:00Harsha NagarajanLearning to Accelerate Partitioning-based Algorithms for the Global Optimization of Non-convex Programs
FriDec 0918:30Anand SubramanianConference scheduling: a clustering-based approach
FriDec 0918:00Claudio ContardoMIP-based branch-and-bound for the discrete ordered median problem
FriNov 1818:30Christopher HojnyThe role of rationality in integer programming relaxations
FriNov 1818:00Joseph PaatThe column-number of a Delta-modular matrix
FriOct 2817:30Sophie HuibertsInteger programming column generation: Accelerating branch-and-price for set covering, packing, and partitioning problems
FriOct 2817:00Anirudh SubramanyamBranch-price-and-cut algorithms for robust vehicle routing under uncertainty
FriSep 2317:30Elina RönnbergInteger programming column generation: Accelerating branch-and-price for set covering, packing, and partitioning problems
FriSep 2317:00Laura SanitàOn the Simplex method for 0/1 polytopes
FriApr 2917:30Emma FrejingerFast Heuristic L-Shaped Method Through Machine Learning
FriApr 2917:00Swati GuptaReusing Combinatorial Structure for Projections over Submodular Polytopes
FriMar 2517:30Alexandra NewmanOptimizing Design and Operations of Concentrated Solar Power Plants
FriMar 2517:00Jorge SefairContinuous location models in the presence of obstacles: an application to wireless sensor networks
FriFeb 2518:30Michael PossOptimization problems in graphs with locational uncertainty
FriFeb 2518:00Danial DavarniaRectangular decomposition of mixed integer programs via decision diagrams with application to unit commitment
FriJan 2818:30Victor ZavalaSolution of Large-Scale Supply Chain Models using Graph Sampling & Coarsening
FriJan 2818:00Marc PfetschPresolving for Mixed-Integer Semidefinite Optimization
FriDec 1018:00Ivana LjubicLower Bounds for Ramsey Numbers on Circulant Graphs: A Bilevel Optimization Approach
FriNov 1918:30Christian TjandraatmadjaConstrained Discrete Black-Box Optimization using Mixed-Integer Programming
FriNov 1918:00Carla MichiniThe Price of Anarchy in Series-Parallel Network Congestion Games
FriOct 1517:30Margarida CarvalhoSequential matching markets
FriOct 1517:00Yuri FaenzaStable matchings, lattices, and polytopes
FriApr 3017:30Ruth MisenerPartial Lasserre Relaxation for Sparse Max Cut
FriApr 3017:00Robert HildenbrandCompact mixed-integer programming relaxations in quadratic optimization
FriMar 2617:30Yiling ZhangBuilding Load Control using Distributionally Robust Binary Chance-Constrained Programs with Right-Hand Side Uncertainty and the Adjustable Variants
FriMar 2617:30Andrew TrappA Comparative Study of Stability Representations for Solving Many-to-One Matching Problems with Ties and Incomplete Lists via Integer Optimization
FriFeb 2618:30Marianna De SantisExact approaches for multiobjective mixed integer nonlinear programming problems
FriFeb 2618:00Thibaut VidalBorn-Again Tree Ensembles: Seeing the Forest for the Trees
FriJan 2918:30Ward RomeijnderA Converging Benders’ Decomposition Algorithm for Two-Stage Mixed-Integer Recourse Models
FriJan 2918:00Merve BodurInverse Mixed Integer Optimization: Polyhedral Insights and Trust Region Methods
TueJul 1418:00Jannis KurtzDiscrete Optimization Methods for Group Model Selection in Compressed Sensing
TueJul 0718:30Aida KhajaviradThe ratio-cut polytope and K-means clustering
TueJul 0718:00Amitabh BasuProvable complexity bounds for integer programming algorithms
TueJun 3018:30Jean PauphiletA Unified Approach to Mixed-Integer Optimization: Nonlinear Formulations and Scalable Algorithms
TueJun 3018:00Timo BertholdLearning to Scale
TueJun 2318:30Austin BuchananImposing contiguity constraints in political districting models
TueJun 2318:00Ricardo FukasawaEnforcing non-anticipativity in a two-stage stochastic program for scheduling with endogenous uncertainties
TueJun 1618:30Dolores Romero MoralesOn Enhancing the Interpretability of Data Science Models via Dimensionality Reduction
TueJun 1618:00Axel ParmentierLearning to approximate industrial problems by operations research classic problems
TueJun 0218:30Andrés GómezOutlier detection in time series via mixed-integer conic quadratic optimization
TueJun 0218:00Weijun XieBest Submatrix Selection: Strong Formulations and Approximation Algorithms
TueMay 2618:30Phebe VayanosActive preference elicitation via adjustable robust optimization
TueMay 2618:00Hadi CharkhgardThe magic of Nash social welfare in optimization: Do not sum, just multiply!
TueMay 1218:35Hussein HazimehSparse regression at scale: branch-and-bound rooted in first-order optimization
TueMay 1218:00Simge KüçükyavuzDistributionally Robust Chance-Constrained Programs with Right-Hand Side Uncertainty under Wasserstein Ambiguity
TueMay 0518:35Margarita CastroA Combinatorial Cut-and-Lift Procedure with an Application to 0-1 Chance Constraints
TueMay 0518:00Beste BasciftciAdaptive two-stage stochastic programming with an application to capacity expansion planning
TueApr 2818:35Siqian ShenNew Results and Applications of Facility Location involving Competition, Prioritization, or Decision-dependent Demand
TueApr 2818:00Sriram SankaranarayananWhen Nash Meets Stackelberg
TueApr 2118:35Pierre Le BodicEstimating the Size of Branch-and-Bound Trees
TueApr 2118:00Hamed RahimianA Model of Supply-Chain Decisions for Resource Sharing with an Application to Ventilator Allocation to Combat COVID-19
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