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numerical analysis optimization and control

Simon Fraser University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 22:30-23:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Weiran Sun*, Nilima Nigam
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ThuJul 1822:30David WilliamsTBA
FriNov 0823:30Nicolas BoulléTBA
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FriMay 2422:30Gregor MaierOn the Approximation of Gaussian Lipschitz Functionals
MonMar 1822:30Silas PolaniIntraguild Predation in homogeneous and heterogeneous landscapes
FriMar 0823:30Siting LiuAn inverse problem in mean field game from partial boundary measurement
WedMar 0623:30Sam StechmannElement learning: a systematic approach of accelerating finite element-type methods via machine learning
MonFeb 2623:30Lisa KreusserUnlocking the Full Potential of Data: From Applied Analysis and Optimisation to Applications
FriFeb 1623:30Timon S. GutlebA frame approach for equations involving the fractional Laplacian
FriJan 2623:30Liam MaddenMemory capacity of two-layer neural networks
MonDec 1123:00Craig FraserThe Clebsch-Mayer Theory of the Second Variation in the Calculus of Variations: A Case Study in the Influence of Dynamical Analysis on Pure Mathematics
FriDec 0123:30Hansol ParkEmergent behavior of mathematical models on manifolds
TueNov 2123:30Chunyi GaiPattern formation and Spike Dynamics in the Presence of Noise
FriNov 0322:30Blaise BourdinRecent developments in variational and phase-field models of brittle fracture
FriOct 2722:30Miranda Holmes-CerfonNumerically simulating particles with short-ranged interactions
MonOct 2322:30Charles CheungGenerative AI and AI for Science and Mathematics
FriOct 2022:30Stephanie RossA multimodal approach to understanding skeletal muscle mechanics in health and disease
WedOct 1122:30Argyrios PetrasNumerical methods for the solution of PDEs on static and moving surfaces
FriOct 0622:30Christoph OrtnerGeometric Shallow Learning with the Atomic Cluster Expansion (or, Efficient Parameterization of Many-body Interaction)
FriSep 2922:30David SmithFokas Diagonalization
FriSep 2222:30Anotida MadzvamuseImage-based modelling using geometric surface PDEs for single and collective cell migration
FriMay 1922:30Aleks DonevHydrodynamics and rheology of fluctuating, semiflexible, inextensible, and slender filaments in Stokes flow
FriMar 2422:30Nathan KingA Closest Point Method with Interior Boundary Conditions for Geometry Processing
TueMar 1422:30Maria Pia GualdaniRecent progresses in kinetic equations.
FriFeb 1723:30Matias DelgadinoPhase transitions and log Sobolev inequalities
FriJan 2023:30Ruiwen ShuGlobal Minimizers of a Large Class of Anisotropic Attractive-Repulsive Interaction Energies in 2D
FriJan 0623:30TBATBA
WedDec 0723:30Mark IwenLow-Distortion Embeddings of Submanifolds of $R^n$: Lower Bounds, Faster Realizations, and Applications
FriNov 0422:30David WilliamsSpace-Time Finite Element Methods: Challenges and Perspectives
FriOct 2122:00Justin SolomonVolumetric Methods for Modeling, Deformation, and Correspondence
FriOct 1422:30Hansol ParkThe Watanabe-Strogatz transform and constant of motion functionals for kinetic vector models
WedOct 1222:30Robert CorlessCompact cubic splines and compact finite differences
FriOct 0722:30Daniel MessengerWeak-form sparse identification of differential equations from noisy measurements
FriSep 2322:30Jingwei HuDynamical low-rank methods for high-dimensional collisional kinetic equations
FriSep 1622:30David WiedemannHomogenization in evolving porous media
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