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astrophysics condensed matter general relativity and quantum cosmology high energy physics nuclear physics accelerator physics atomic physics computational physics data analysis, statistics and probability instrumentation and detectors plasma physics space physics quantum physics

Audience: Researchers in the topic
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Organizer: Secretaria Científica ICCUB*
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WedMay 2210:00Emanuele CostaDeep learning density functional theory for simulating quantum many-body systems
WedMay 1510:00Gerard NavóCore-collapse supernova simulations: reduced nucleosynthesis networks and new equations of state
ThuApr 1810:00Sergi González-SolísPhenomenological applications of Khuri-Treiman equations
WedApr 1010:00Beatriz RomeoToward Reliable 0νββ-decay Nuclear Matrix Elements: Exploring the potential of measuring γγ-transitions
TueApr 0910:00Iván MoreraKinetic magnetism and magnetic polarons in cold atom systems
MonMar 1111:00Hiroyuki SagawaQCD sum rules and Charge Symmetry Breaking interactions in energy density functionals
TueJan 2311:00Manuela Rodríguez GallardoReaction dynamics of weakly-bound nuclei using a four-body continuum-discretized coupled-channels formalism
WedJan 1711:00Hristijan KochankovskiHyperons in neutron stars binary mergers
WedJan 1011:00Pierre ChatagnonExploring the gravitational structure of the proton with the dilepton final state using the CLAS12 detector at Jefferson Lab: from Timelike Compton Scattering to near-threshold J/Psi photoproduction
ThuDec 1411:00Teodor ParellaReducing Entanglement With Physically-Inspired Fermion-To-Qubit Mappings
WedNov 2911:00David TsangNuclear Physics from Neutron Star Mergers
WedJun 2810:00Miguel AlbaladejoOne-charm, two-charm, hidden charm: Effective field theories and spectroscopy with charm quarks
WedJun 2110:00Marta P EstarellesAnalog quantum computing: a review
WedJun 0710:00Miguel AlbaladejoTBA
WedMay 3110:00Joanna SobczykTBA
WedMay 2410:00Arnau MarséDouble-Strangeness Molecular-Type Pentaquarks from Coupled-Channel Dynamics
WedMay 1710:00László JenkovszkyDuality and dual models: past, present and future
WedMay 1010:00Lotta JokiniemiFirst principles studies on ordinary muon capture
ThuMay 0410:00Juan RojoA new era for hadronic physics: charting proton and nuclear structure from the LHC to the EIC and the FPF
TueMay 0210:00Caroline RobinEntanglement and quantum simulations of nuclear many-body systems
WedApr 2610:00Haibo QiuSynchronization in coupled Hamiltonian systems: From classical to quantum
WedMar 2910:00Arnau Rios HuguetSolving the quantum many-body problem with machine learning: 1D spinless fermions
WedMar 0811:00Francesco MarinoTowards ab initio-based nuclear energy functionals
WedMar 0111:00Antonio Márquez RomeroSimulating nuclei in quantum computers
WedFeb 2211:00Antonio Muñoz MateoDark solitons in spin-orbit-coupled Fermi gases
WedFeb 1511:00Grigory AstrakharchikMaking a square lattice stable
WedDec 2114:00Albert GallemíSupersolids with dipolar atoms
WedDec 1411:00César Fernández RamírezMachine Learning for Hadron Spectroscopy
WedNov 3011:00José Pablo LinaresGamow Shell Model for structure and reactions
WedNov 2311:00José BenlliureLa composición isotónica de la materia: su impacto en nuestras vidas un siglo después de su descubrimiento
WedNov 1611:00Ángel Reina RamírezInitial state fluctuations in relativistic heavy ion collisions
TueNov 0814:00Tomás RodríguezThe projected generator coordinate method as a versatile tool for nuclear structure calculations
WedOct 2610:00Juan RojoA new era for hadronic physics: charting proton and nuclear structure from the LHC to the EIC and the FPF
WedSep 2810:00Mehdi DrissiNambu-Covariant Many-Body Theory
MonMay 3014:00Luciano RezzollaBinary Neutron Stars: from macroscopic collisions to microphysics
WedApr 2710:00Antonio Márquez RomeroSolving Nuclear Structure Problems with Quantum Algorithms
WedApr 0610:00Alejandro RomeroOn-demand Generation of Dark-Bright Soliton Trains in Bose-Einstein Condensates
WedMar 3010:00Marc IllaUsing Quantum Annealers to Simulate Standard Model Physics
WedMar 2311:00Xiaojun YaoOpen Quantum Systems for Quarkonia
WedMar 1609:00Cyrille ChevalierThe envelope theory and the improved envelope theory : an overview of these approximation methods
WedJan 2611:00Xavier ViñasThe Gogny interaction in non-conventional scenarios: neutron stars and nucleon-nucleus scattering
WedDec 1511:00Clara DehmanThe influence of crustal physics in the cooling of neutron stars
WedDec 0111:00Pablo Cerdá DuránCan fermion-boson stars reconcile multi-messenger observations of compact stars?
WedNov 2411:00Vito Giovanni LuciveroOptical magnetometry and quantum-enhanced atomic sensing
WedJul 1409:00Laszlo CsernaiNano Fusion, a new way for Laser Driven Fusion
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