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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Wednesday 00:00-00:45 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Roxanne jemison*
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Past talks
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WedDec 0700:00Rozita DaraTBA
WedNov 0200:00Degui ZhiTBA
WedOct 0500:00Adam DunnTBA
WedAug 3100:00Chinasa T. OkoloMaking AI Explainable for Novice Technology Users in Low-Resource Settings
WedAug 0300:00Omar HaggagCOVID-19 vs Social Media Apps: Does Privacy Really Matter?
WedJul 0600:00Jiaying LiSARS-CoV-2 in sewer networks: tracking the COVID-19 spread in the community
WedJun 0800:00Caroline ColijnGenomic Epidemiology in SARS-CoV-2: new tools and challenges
WedMay 2500:00Andres ColubriOperation Outbreak: an app-based platform for infectious disease education and research
WedMay 1100:00Max MenziesTBA
WedApr 2700:00Chew, Lock YueModelling COVID-19 Pandemic with Control Measures using a SEIR Multiplex Network Model
WedApr 1300:00Paulo José da SilvaRobot dance: using optimization in pandemic simulations
WedMar 3000:00Bridget HaireMore than just the numbers: the value-add of qualitative research in the evaluation of the COVIDSafe app
WedMar 1600:00Michaël ChassCODA-19: Collaborative Data Analysis to Improve Clinical Care in Patients with COVID-19
WedMar 0200:00James HayUsing viral loads to improve virologic surveillance
WedFeb 1600:00Alina BialkowskiInterpretable machine learning for Chest X-Ray diagnosis and COVID detection
WedFeb 0200:00Fahad AhmedActionable outcomes prediction: Mortality prediction in COVID-19 pandemic and beyond
WedJan 1900:00Jude KongThe impact of social, economic, environmental factors on the dynamics of COVID-19
WedDec 1500:00Pranesh PadmanabhanPredicting the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines and treatments
WedDec 0100:00Amalie DydaAssociations between vaccine coverage and vaccine information exposure on Twitter
WedNov 1700:00Lewis MitchellRisk mapping for COVID-19 using social media data
WedNov 0300:00Romesh AbeysuriyaLong-term COVID-19 strategies with intermittent control measures
WedOct 2000:00Rebecca ChisholmContribution of mathematical modelling to COVID-19 response strategies in regional and remote Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
WedOct 1300:00Colleen LauCRISPER: COVID-19 Real-time Information System for Preparedness and Epidemic Response
WedOct 0623:00Clair SullivanThe Algorithm will see you now
WedSep 0800:00Peter FrazierFighting COVID-19 at Cornell University
WedAug 2500:00Joel MillerCOVID and the misunderstood denominator…
WedAug 1800:00Jeremy HowardHow a little-known data scientist convinced the West to wear face masks
WedJul 2800:00Kirsty ShortThe role of children in the spread of SARS-CoV-2
WedJul 1400:00Christopher RackauckasLearning Epidemic Models That Extrapolate
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