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analysis of PDEs classical analysis and ODEs fluid dynamics

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 19:00-20:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Javier Gomez-Serrano, Benoit Pausader*, Fabio Pusateri, Ian Tice*
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Past talks
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ThuMay 1316:30Cyrill MuratovTBA
ThuMay 0616:30Jean-François BabadjianReduced models for linearly elastic thin films allowing for fracture, debonding or delamination
ThuApr 2916:30Maria Giovanna MoraThe energy of a Möbius strip
ThuApr 2216:30Giovanni Di FrattaMicromagnetics of curved thin films
ThuApr 1516:30Marta LewickaGeometry and morphogenesis: problems and prospects
ThuApr 0816:30Gilles FrancfortBeyond membranes
ThuApr 0116:30Irene FonsecaThe mathematics of thin structures
ThuMar 2519:00Jacob ShapiroTight-binding limits in strong magnetic fields and the integer quantum Hall effect
ThuMar 1819:00Peter HislopEigenvalue statistics for some random Schrödinger operators and random band matrices
ThuMar 1120:00Ákos NagyNovel solutions in Ginzburg–Landau theory
ThuMar 0420:00Michael LossSymmetry and symmetry breaking in functional inequalities
ThuFeb 2520:00Avy SofferEvolution of NLS with bounded data
ThuFeb 1819:00Stephen GustafsonSolitons and dynamics of Landau-Lifshitz equations in 2D
ThuFeb 1120:00Israel Michael SigalThe partial differential equations of quantum mechanics
ThuDec 1719:00Patrick Flynn, Milen Ivanov, and Stefano PasqualiONEPAS Young Researcher Showcase
WedDec 1620:00Jiaqi YangInvariant objects of infinite dimensional systems
WedDec 0920:00Marian GideaTopological methods and Hamiltonian instability
WedDec 0220:00Alex HaroComputer-assisted applications of KAM theory
WedNov 1820:00Rafael de la LlaveHard implicit function theorems
WedNov 1120:00Rafael de la LlaveConstructive methods for the long term analysis of dynamics
TueNov 0320:00Erik WahlénThree-dimensional water waves
TueOct 2719:00Samuel WalshWater waves with density stratification or localized vorticity
TueOct 2019:00Miles WheelerSolitary waves and fronts
TueOct 1319:00Vera Mikyoung HurStokes waves in constant vorticity flows
TueSep 2919:00Susanna HaziotRotational water waves
TueSep 2219:00John TolandVariational aspects of steady irrotational water wave theory
TueSep 1519:00Walter StraussIntroduction to steady water waves
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