Upstate New York Online Number Theory Colloquium

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Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Alexander Borisov*, C. Douglas Haessig, Jeff Hatley, Ravi Ramakrishna, Dinesh Thakur, David Zywina
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Past talks
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TueDec 0718:30Matt PapanikolasProduct formulas for periods of Drinfeld modules
MonNov 0818:30Dino LorenziniTorsion and Tamagawa numbers
TueOct 2617:30Yakov VarshavskyThe Hrushovski-Lang-Weil's estimates
MonOct 1117:30Winnie LiPair arithmetical equivalence for quadratic fields
MonMay 1716:00Jason BellTranscendental dynamical degrees of birational maps
MonMay 0316:00Minhyong KimRecent Progress on Diophantine Equations in Two Variables
MonApr 1916:00Yuri TschinkelEquivariant birational types
MonApr 0516:00Florian PopTowards minimalistic forms of the Neukirch and Uchida Theorem
MonMar 2216:00David HarbaterLocal-global principles over semi-global fields
MonMar 0817:00Gerard van der GeerModular forms and invariant theory
MonFeb 2217:00Michael LarsenElliptic curves over fields with finitely generated Galois groups
MonDec 0717:00Matt BakerThe Algebra of Forgetfulness
MonNov 2317:00Alexandru BuiumSolutions to arithmetic differential equations in the p-adic complex field
MonOct 2616:00Chantal DavidMoments and non-vanishing of cubic Dirichlet L-functions at s=1/2
MonOct 1216:00Michel WaldschmidtSome variants of Seshadri's constant
MonSep 2816:00Hélène EsnaultBounding ramification with covers and curves
MonSep 1416:00Wadim ZudilinCreative microscoping
MonAug 3116:00Dustin ClausenOn the quadratic reciprocity law
MonAug 1716:00Andrew GranvilleUnderstanding the distribution of primes in (very) short intervals
MonAug 0316:00Daqing WanSlopes in Z_p-towers of curves
MonJul 2016:00Michael FilasetaOn a dense universal Hilbert set
MonJul 0618:00Florian SprungSubleading terms of L-functions of elliptic curves
MonJun 2216:00Maxim MornevTate conjectures in function field arithmetic
MonJun 0816:00Chandrashekhar KhareSerre-type conjectures for projective representations
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