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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 14:30-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Amadou Bah*, Gyujin Oh*, Eric Urban
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Past talks
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FriApr 2614:30Bao Le HungEquivariant homology of affine Springer fibers and Breuil-Mezard cycles
FriApr 1914:30Ruofan Jiangmod $p$ analogues of the Mumford-Tate and André-Oort conjectures
FriApr 1214:30Joel NaglooFuchsian automorphic functions and functional transcendence
FriApr 0514:30Charlotte ChanGeneric character sheaves on parahoric subgroups
FriMar 2914:30Zheng Liup-adic L-functions for $\mathrm{GSp}(4)\times \mathrm{GL}(2)$
FriMar 2214:30Toby GeeModularity of genus 2 curves
FriMar 0815:30Stephen MillerAn update on the unitary dual problem
FriMar 0115:30Vaidehee ThatteUnderstanding the Defect via Ramification Theory
FriFeb 2315:30Daniel SageMeromorphic connections on the projective line with specified local behavior
FriFeb 1615:30Shizhang LiGeneral relative Poincare duality in nonarchimedean geometry
FriFeb 0915:30Rebecca BellovinModularity of trianguline Galois representations
FriFeb 0215:30Jason KountouridisMonodromy of simple singularities and mixed-characteristic degenerations
FriJan 2615:30Zhiyu ZhangAsai motives, Asai L-functions and twisted arithmetic fundamental lemmas
FriJan 1915:30Romain BranchereauKudla-Millson lift of toric cycles and diagonal restriction of Hilbert modular forms
FriDec 0815:30Peter XuCombinatorial Eisenstein cocycles
FriDec 0115:30Deepam PatelMotivic Properties of Generalized Alexander Modules
FriNov 1015:30Xinwen ZhuThe unipotent categorical local Langlands correspondence
FriNov 0314:30Tsao-Hsien ChenOn a vanishing conjecture appearing in the Braverman-Kazhdan program
FriOct 2714:30Michel GrosFunctoriality of the p-adic Simpson correspondence by proper direct image
FriOct 2014:30Ziquan YangA new case of BSD conjecture and deformation of line bundles
FriOct 1314:30Sean HoweDifferential topology for diamonds
FriOct 0614:30Daxin Xu$p$-adic non-abelian Hodge theory over curves via moduli stacks
FriSep 2914:30Joe Kramer-MillerGeometric Iwasawa theory and p-adic families of motives over function fields
FriSep 2214:30Preston WakeRational torsion in modular Jacobians
FriSep 1514:30Tongmu HeSen Operators and Lie Algebras arising from Galois Representations over p-adic Varieties
FriSep 0814:30Marco Sangiovanni VincentelliA Unified Framework for the Construction of Euler Systems
FriApr 2114:30Michael Groechenigp-adic points of stacks and applications
FriApr 1414:30Haruzo HidaAdjoint L-value formula and Tate conjecture
FriApr 0714:30Yihang ZhuZeta Functions of Shimura Varieties
FriMar 3114:30Gregorio BaldiThe Hodge locus
FriMar 2414:30Tasho KalethaCovers of reductive groups and functoriality
FriMar 1015:30Stefan PatrikisCompatibility of canonical l-adic local systems on some Shimura varieties of non-abelian type
FriMar 0315:30Mathilde Gerbelli-GauthierCounting non-tempered automorphic forms using endoscopy
FriFeb 2415:30Yujie XuHecke algebras for p-adic groups and the explicit Local Langlands Correspondence for $G_2$
FriFeb 1715:30Robert CassGeometrization of the mod p Satake transform
FriFeb 1015:30J. E. Rodríguez CamargoSolid locally analytic representations, D-modules and applications to p-adic automorphic forms
FriFeb 0315:30J. WeinsteinHigher Modularity of Elliptic Curves
FriJan 2715:30A. RaghuramSpecial values of Rankin-Selberg L-functions over a totally imaginary field
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