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statistical mechanics mathematical physics combinatorics probability

Institut Henri Poincaré

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Friday 08:30-10:00, 12:00-13:00, 13:30-14:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Guillaume Barraquand*, Laure Dumaz
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Description: Monthly seminar on random matrices and random graphs

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriJun 1113:30Leonid PasturOn Random Matrices Arising in Deep Neural Networks
FriJun 1112:00Justin SalezSparse expanders have negative curvature
FriJun 1108:30Cécilia LancienMini-course: Quantum expander graphs
FriMay 0714:00Tatyana ShcherbinaUniversality for random band matrices
FriMay 0712:30Olivier GiraudSpectral properties of structured random matrices
FriMay 0708:30Romain CouilletWhy Random Matrices can Change the Future of Research in AI?
FriApr 0913:30Antti KnowlesThe spectral edge of (sub-)critical Erdös-Rényi graphs.
FriApr 0912:00Michel PainOptimal local law and central limit theorem for beta-ensembles.
FriApr 0908:30Mathieu LewinMini-course: Riesz and Coulomb gases: what's known and unknown.
FriMar 1214:30Pierre YoussefMixing time of the switch chain on regular bipartite graphs
FriMar 1213:00Gaultier LambertApplications of the theory of Gaussian multiplicative chaos to random matrices
FriMar 1209:30Mylène MaïdaMini-cours: Rigidité pour les processus ponctuels
FriFeb 0514:30Alexey BufetovInteracting particle systems and random walks on Hecke algebras.
FriFeb 0513:00Giorgio CipolloniCorrelated DBMs and fluctuations in the circular law: CLT for i.i.d. random matrices.
FriFeb 0509:30Guillaume CébronMini-cours : Introduction à la théorie des trafics.
FriJan 1515:30Benedek ValkóThe stochastic zeta function.
FriJan 1514:00Emma BaileyCharacteristic polynomials of the classical compact groups.
FriJan 1509:30Dan BeteaMini-course: Multi-critical Schur measures and unitary matrix models.
FriDec 1114:30Elliot PaquetteThe edge scaling limit of the Gaussian beta-ensemble characteristic polynomial
FriDec 1113:00Alexandre KrajenbrinkFredholm determinants, exact solutions to the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation and integro-differential Painlevé equations
FriDec 1109:30Sylvia SerfatyLois locales et fluctuations pour les gaz de Coulomb
FriNov 1314:30Gregory SchehrExact persistence exponent for the 2d-diffusion equation: from random polynomials to truncated random matrices.
FriNov 1313:00Camille MaleApplications of Freeness over the diagonal of large random matrices.
FriNov 1309:30Alain RouaultMini-cours: Analyse spectrale et grandes déviations.
FriJun 0513:30Theodoros AssiotisJoint moments of the characteristic polynomial of a random unitary matrix
FriJun 0512:00Joseph NajnudelThe bead process for beta ensembles
FriMay 1513:30Roland BauerschmidtRandom spanning forests and hyperbolic symmetry.
FriMay 1512:00Martin VogelSpectra of Toeplitz matrices subject to small random noise.
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