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category theory quantum physics

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Audience: General audience
Seminar series time: Wednesday 18:00-19:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Juan Orendain*
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Past talks
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WedMay 1818:00Eric RowellClassification of Modular Fusion Categories
WedApr 1317:00Urs SchreiberAnyonic Defect Branes in Twisted Equivariant Differential K-Theory
WedApr 0623:00David RobertsGeometric string structures on homogeneous spaces
WedMar 3019:00Emily RiehlElements of ∞-Category Theory
WedDec 0119:00Alexei DavydovAutoequivalences of tensor categories and Bogomolov multiplier
WedNov 1719:00Tom LeinsterLarge sets
WedNov 0319:00Stefano GogiosoTBA
WedOct 2718:00Akif Mehmet ErdalActions of monoidal categories and (co)stabilization
WedOct 2018:00Toby St. Clere SmitheThe changing shapes of cybercats
WedOct 1318:00Aleks KissingerA categorical logic of consistency for causal processes
WedOct 0618:00Nick GurskiThe truncated sphere spectrum in homological algebra
WedMay 2619:00Dorette PronkOrbispace Mapping Objects: Exponentials and Enrichment!
WedMay 1918:00Ingo RunkelArea dependent 2d QFT
ThuMay 1300:00Ross StreetViews of centers
WedMay 0518:00Bernardo UribePontrjagin duality on multiplicative gerbes
WedApr 2818:00Maru SarazolaThe stable homotopy hypothesis
WedApr 2118:00Jamie VicaryInfinity categories with strict units
WedApr 1418:00Nadia RomeroLa completación aditiva de la categoría de biconjuntos
WedApr 0718:00Martín SzyldThe three F's in bicategory theory (joint work with P. Bustillo and D. Pronk)
WedMar 3119:00Brendan FongCospans as a tool for composition
ThuMar 2500:00Makoto YamashitaReflection equation and quantization of symmetric spaces
WedMar 1719:00Roberto HernándezActions of unitary tensor categories on C*-algebras
WedMar 1019:00Michael ShulmanDouble categories, multivariable mates, and Chu constructions
WedMar 0319:00Arthur ParzygnatString diagrams for C*-algebras and Bayesian inversion
WedFeb 2423:00Paolo PerronePartial evaluations: the results so far
WedFeb 1723:00David SpivakPolynomials and the dynamics of data
WedFeb 1023:00Robert ParéA case study in double categories
WedDec 0923:00Yasuyuki KawahigashiTopological order, operator algebras and topological quantum field theory
WedDec 0219:00Joachim KockWhole-grain Petri nets and processes
WedNov 2519:00Sophie LibkindTBA
WedNov 1819:00Alcides BussNoncommutative Symmetries -a higher category approach-
WedNov 1119:00Tobias FritzMarkov categories: Probability and Statistics as a Theory of Information Flow
WedNov 0419:00Enrique BecerraAlgunas ideas sobre la entropia de entrelazamiento
WedOct 2819:00Juan Camilo AriasGrupos cuánticos, categorías derivadas y anillos de fusión
WedOct 2118:00Jade MasterOpen Petri nets and their Categories of Processes
WedOct 1418:00Joe MoellerNetwork models
WedOct 0718:00John BaezFock space techniques for stochastic physics
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