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category theory quantum physics

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Audience: General audience
Seminar series time: Wednesday 19:00-20:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Juan Orendain*
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Past talks
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WedJun 2918:00Colleen DelaneyZesting, modular isotopes, and Reshetikhin-Turaev invariants
WedJun 2218:00Eric SampertonAnyons, defects, and computational complexity
WedJun 1518:00César GalindoEquivariant fusion categories
WedJun 0118:00Julia PlavnikModular categories arise naturally in many areas of mathematics, such as conformal field theory, representations of braid groups, quantum groups, and Hopf algebras, and low dimensional topology, and they have important applications in condensed matter phys
WedMay 1818:00Eric RowellClassification of Modular Fusion Categories
WedApr 1317:00Urs SchreiberAnyonic Defect Branes in Twisted Equivariant Differential K-Theory
WedApr 0623:00David RobertsGeometric string structures on homogeneous spaces
WedMar 3019:00Emily RiehlElements of ∞-Category Theory
WedDec 0119:00Alexei DavydovAutoequivalences of tensor categories and Bogomolov multiplier
WedNov 1719:00Tom LeinsterLarge sets
WedNov 0319:00Stefano GogiosoTBA
WedOct 2718:00Akif Mehmet ErdalActions of monoidal categories and (co)stabilization
WedOct 2018:00Toby St. Clere SmitheThe changing shapes of cybercats
WedOct 1318:00Aleks KissingerA categorical logic of consistency for causal processes
WedOct 0618:00Nick GurskiThe truncated sphere spectrum in homological algebra
WedMay 2619:00Dorette PronkOrbispace Mapping Objects: Exponentials and Enrichment!
WedMay 1918:00Ingo RunkelArea dependent 2d QFT
ThuMay 1300:00Ross StreetViews of centers
WedMay 0518:00Bernardo UribePontrjagin duality on multiplicative gerbes
WedApr 2818:00Maru SarazolaThe stable homotopy hypothesis
WedApr 2118:00Jamie VicaryInfinity categories with strict units
WedApr 1418:00Nadia RomeroLa completación aditiva de la categoría de biconjuntos
WedApr 0718:00Martín SzyldThe three F's in bicategory theory (joint work with P. Bustillo and D. Pronk)
WedMar 3119:00Brendan FongCospans as a tool for composition
ThuMar 2500:00Makoto YamashitaReflection equation and quantization of symmetric spaces
WedMar 1719:00Roberto HernándezActions of unitary tensor categories on C*-algebras
WedMar 1019:00Michael ShulmanDouble categories, multivariable mates, and Chu constructions
WedMar 0319:00Arthur ParzygnatString diagrams for C*-algebras and Bayesian inversion
WedFeb 2423:00Paolo PerronePartial evaluations: the results so far
WedFeb 1723:00David SpivakPolynomials and the dynamics of data
WedFeb 1023:00Robert ParéA case study in double categories
WedDec 0923:00Yasuyuki KawahigashiTopological order, operator algebras and topological quantum field theory
WedDec 0219:00Joachim KockWhole-grain Petri nets and processes
WedNov 2519:00Sophie LibkindTBA
WedNov 1819:00Alcides BussNoncommutative Symmetries -a higher category approach-
WedNov 1119:00Tobias FritzMarkov categories: Probability and Statistics as a Theory of Information Flow
WedNov 0419:00Enrique BecerraAlgunas ideas sobre la entropia de entrelazamiento
WedOct 2819:00Juan Camilo AriasGrupos cuánticos, categorías derivadas y anillos de fusión
WedOct 2118:00Jade MasterOpen Petri nets and their Categories of Processes
WedOct 1418:00Joe MoellerNetwork models
WedOct 0718:00John BaezFock space techniques for stochastic physics
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