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Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Irena Vankova*
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WedMay 1913:00Elizabeth YankovskyConstraining water mass transformation and overflow dynamics on the Arctic shelves
WedJun 0213:00Louis-Alexandre CoustonTBA
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WedMay 0513:00Hartmut HellmerFrom Models to Observations: A Case Study for the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf
WedApr 2113:00Sønke MausDigital Sea Ice Physics - A novel approach for computing and parametrising sea ice properties for geophysical applications
WedApr 0713:00Andrea RochnerContemporary Southern Ocean CO2 flux variability in the UKESM1 and ocean-only simulations
MonMar 2910:00Maria FoxAutomated Strategic Mission Planning for a Future Marine Autonomous Vehicle Fleet
WedMar 2409:00Wilma HunekeSpatial and temporal variability of the Antarctic Slope Current in an eddying ocean-sea ice model
WedFeb 2414:00Peter WashamA synthesis of Antarctic ice-ocean boundary observations from the underwater vehicle Icefin
WedFeb 1014:00Shenjie ZhouOcean’s response to the stochastic atmospheric forcing
WedJan 2714:00Rachael SandersTBA
WedJan 1314:00Anna WåhlinAn AUV underneath the ‘Doomsday glacier’: Revealing pathways and modification of warm water flowing beneath Thwaites ice shelf, West Antarctica
WedDec 0210:00Madi RosevearFine-scale ocean processes in the basal melting of Antarctic ice shelves
WedNov 1816:00Georgy ManucharyanSubZero: Floe-Resolving Sea Ice Model
WedNov 0415:00Luwei YangThe impact of lee waves on the Southern Ocean circulation and its response to winds
WedOct 2113:00Mitch BushukSeasonal prediction and predictability of regional Antarctic sea ice
WedOct 0713:00Rebecca JacksonMelting and mixing at the submarine termini of tidewater glaciers
WedSep 2315:00Margaret LindemanObserving Iceberg Melt in a Greenland Fjord
WedSep 0914:00Hannah ZanowskiArctic Freshwater Storage and Export in CMIP6 Models
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