Theoretical Physics Seminars (Kentucky)

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HEP - theory

University of Kentucky

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Allic Sivaramakrishnan*
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Past talks
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MonMar 2218:00Sean HartnollTBA
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WedFeb 2414:30Aninda SinhaCrossing symmetric dispersion relations in QFTs and CFTs
MonFeb 2219:00Ismail ZahedReggeized scattering, entanglement and chaos using AdS/CFT
WedFeb 1717:00Ramis MovassaghConstructing quantum codes from any classical code and their embedding in ground space of local Hamiltonians
WedFeb 1017:00Roberto EmparanQuantum BTZ black hole
MonFeb 0819:00Anatoli PolkovnikovQuantum eigenstates from classical Gibbs distributions
WedFeb 0317:00Soumyadeep ChaudhuriThermal order in large N conformal gauge theories
WedJan 2717:00Robert De Mello KochScrambling in Yang-Mills Theory
MonJan 2519:00Samir MathurTBA
MonNov 1619:00Thomas BarthelEntanglement entropy of energy eigenstates follows a universal scaling function
WedNov 1117:00Raul BricenoLong Range Processes in QCD
MonNov 0919:00Al ShapereQuantum Codes and Conformal Field Theories
WedNov 0417:00Vishnu JejjalaMachine learning as a discovery tool in hep-th
MonNov 0219:00Mark Van RaamsdonkTowards Microscopic Models of Big Bang Cosmology
WedOct 2816:00Emil MartinecThe Return of the String
MonOct 2618:00Michal P. HellerComplexity and Conformal Field Theory
WedOct 2116:00Lampros LamprouInside the Hologram: The bulk observer's experience
MonOct 1918:00Yoshitaka HattaQCD trace anomaly and the proton mass problem
WedOct 1416:00Ying ZhaoThe complexity of Petz map
MonOct 1218:00Natalie KlcoCalculating Nature Naturally
MonOct 0518:00Petr HoravaLarge N Expansion and Strings Out of Equilibrium
WedSep 3016:30Sabrina PasterskiAsymptotic Symmetries & Celestial CFT
MonSep 2818:00Alexander MaloneyGravity from Averaging CFTs
WedSep 1616:00Partha MukhopadhyayA Covariant Lattice and its Application to String Bits
WedSep 0916:00Diptarka DasVirasoro blocks and quasimodular forms
MonAug 3118:00Igor KlebanovBreaking of Discrete and Continuous Symmetries in Coupled SYK or Tensor Models
MonAug 2418:00Robert BrandenbergerInflation and Alternative Early Universe Scenarios in Light of the Swampland Constraints
MonJun 2218:00Phil SaadSome comments about wormholes and factorization
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