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Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Thursday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Davood Roshan Sangachin
Curator: Michael McGettrick*
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ThuAug 2914:00Leonard HenckelTBA
ThuSep 0514:00Mark DukesTBD topic in Combinatorics
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TueJun 1809:00Sairam Pamulaparthi Venkata (PhD defense)Designing instabilities in inhomogeneous soft auxetic structures
WedMay 2913:00Dr Tom ShearerMathematical Modelling of Biological Soft Tissues
TueMay 2811:00Dr Artur GowerDesigning sensors for wind turbines and other big rotating things
ThuMay 2314:00Dr. Svetlana PetrenkoMathematical models of diatom frustule patterning
WedMay 1515:00Prof Christopher VollEhrhart theory, Hecke series, and vertex enumeration in affine buildings
ThuMay 0914:00Prof. Murray AitkinThe Bayesian Bootstrap: the Universal Multinomial Model and non-informative Dirichlet Prior for statistical analysis.
ThuApr 2514:00Doireann O'KielyMoving out of plane: wrinkling and buckling
ThuApr 2511:00Marcelo Dias[Engineering Seminar] Some Investigations on Stress Localization in Thin Elastic Sheets
ThuApr 1814:00Hannah Conroy BroderickA simple formula for determining in vivo stress difference in human skin
ThuMar 2815:00Mehakpreet SinghEfficient Mass-Preserving Finite Volume Approach for the Rennet-Induced Coagulation Equation
TueMar 2611:00Koushik PaulNovel Construction of Specht Modules for Monomial Groups
ThuMar 1415:00Rachel QuinlanCuriosities of Alternating Sign Matrices
ThuMar 0715:00Katrin WendlandSymmetries of Z_3-orbifold K3s
FriMar 0111:00Victoria Sánchez MuñozBoolean games played in a triangle using bi-partite and tri-partite entanglement
ThuFeb 2915:30Damian MarkhamSecure Networks of Quantum Sensors
ThuFeb 2215:00Leo CreedonThe ring of derivations of a group algebra, and new partial algebraic structures which are almost semigroups, groups and rings
ThuFeb 2209:30Brian O’SullivanComputational approaches to identify and explain sources of error in cancer somatic mutation data
ThuFeb 1515:00Brendan MastersonAuthenticity in Learning, Teaching and Assessment.
ThuFeb 0815:00Joshua MaglioneCategorifying characteristic subgroups: a characterization
TueJan 3015:00Robert OsburnStrange identities, the Habiro ring and resurgence
TueJan 3009:30Lydia KingThe Role of Genomic Data in Stratifying Patients within Predictive Models for Breast Cancer Survival Outcome
ThuJan 2515:00Victoria Sánchez MuñozHow Maths Helped Me to Annoy My Insurance Company
ThuJan 1115:00Nina SnigirevaProperties of Polynomials on Banach Lattices
FriNov 1710:00Noor Kherrah (PhD Viva)Differences in immunogenicity between cancer mutation signatures shed light on immunoediting
ThuNov 0915:00Ted HurleyWhat are your favourite matrices? Why? What are your favourite *types* of matrices? How are they made and for what purpose?
ThuNov 0215:00Conall KellyNumerical solution of nonlinear stochastic systems with jump perturbations.
ThuOct 0514:00Dr Nicholas MooreThe Formation of Karst Pinnacles
ThuSep 2814:00Michael TuiteNew Applications of Bers Quasiforms on Riemann Surfaces
ThuSep 2114:00Dr. Abolfazl MohajerGalois Coverings of Curves and Their Families
FriAug 0414:00Dr. Mikhail PoluektovPropagation and stability of stress-affected transformation fronts in solids
ThuMay 2514:00Svetlana PetrenkoModelling of Silica Pattern Formation in Diatoms Using a Continuum Approach
WedMay 2413:00Nicola Fitz-SimonMathematical and statistical modelling for the covid-19 pandemic in Ireland
TueMay 2311:00Alessandro MusestiOn the mathematical modeling of skeletal muscle tissue
ThuMay 1814:00Groups in GalwayGroups in Galway
ThuMay 1114:00Dr Gibran HemaniThe future of genetic biobanks
ThuMay 1113:00Patrick HeslinHydrodynamics and Infinite-Dimensional Geometry
ThuApr 2714:00Filipa PeresAn introduction to Pauli-based computation
ThuApr 2009:00School Research DaySchool Research Day
ThuApr 1314:00Peter SmithMobility Models for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or drones)
ThuApr 0614:00Dr. Abolfazl MohajerSmoothness of Hodge Loci and Applications
ThuMar 3014:00Michael McGettrickAn overview of Quantum Game Theory
ThuMar 2315:00Raimondo PentaPoroelasticity derived via asymptotic homogenization - Mathematical modelling and numerical simulations.
ThuMar 0215:00Shane WhelanMortality and Longevity in Ireland
ThuFeb 0215:00Stephan RudykhMagnetoactive elastomers: Micromechanics, instabilities, and pattern formations
MonDec 1910:00Dana SalehPhD viva talk: 2-uniform covering groups of elementary abelian 2-groups
ThuNov 1016:00Michel DestradeAcoustic evaluation of material parameters, stresses, and strains in soft solids
ThuNov 1012:00Zdenka GuadarramaThe E-Guadarrama Museum of ART in Math Teaching
WedNov 0912:00Sultan AlzahraniExplicit Computations of Ask Zeta Functions
ThuNov 0316:00John Grant McLoughlinMathematical Logic Puzzles on a Grid
ThuOct 1314:00Sean McGintyUnderstanding how anti-proliferative drug modulates arterial healing following endovascular device deployment: a mathematical and computational approach
ThuSep 2915:00Gotz PfeifferFalling Powers and the Algebra of Descents
TueSep 1311:00Kelvin KilleenPhD viva talk: Computing invariants of knotted manifolds
TueJun 1408:30Beatrice CharambaPhD viva talk: A Bayesian functional concurrent model for missing irregular functional data
ThuJun 0215:00Jason DeVitoThe soul theorem and its converse
WedMay 2515:00Antonia TrottaFinite Element Analysis - Application to Medical Device Design
MonMay 2315:00Stephen RusselA vision based approach to driver assistance systems
MonMay 1608:30Róisín HillPhD viva talk: Moving mesh methods for layer phenomena problems
ThuMay 1216:00Maeve McCarthyControl of Mosquito Populations Through the Introduction of Sterile Mosquitoes
ThuApr 2115:00Máire Ní LeathlobhairTiming landmark events in pre-cancerous evolution
ThuApr 0715:00Workshopworkshop on enumerative combinatorics
ThuFeb 1716:00FYPFYP presentations
ThuFeb 1016:00Dessislava KochloukovaOn the weak commutative construction in group theory
ThuFeb 0316:00confirmedPresentation on two Master programmes
ThuNov 0416:00Pawel DlotkoMild introduction to Topological Data Analysis (ONLINE)
ThuOct 2815:00Quan ZhangLow-Frequency Elastic Wave Manipulation and Vibration Isolation with Metamaterials
ThuOct 2115:00Harold BerjaminRecent developments on the propagation of mechanical waves in soft solids
FriOct 1508:30Faiza AlssaediAlgorithms for the accurate and efficient solution of fourth order boundary-layer problems
ThuSep 1615:00Giuseppe ZurloGrowing, melting, twisting: three stories from mechanics (ONLINE)
ThuJun 2410:30Noemi PiccoModelling Drug Resistance in Cancer Across Scales
WedJun 2313:00Romina GaburroInverse problems and imaging
ThuApr 1508:00Roberto GaliziaPhD viva -- Exploiting individual agent properties for analysis and control of collective network evolution
ThuMar 1816:00Thái Anh NhanFive years after my PhD: life, work, and research
ThuMar 0416:00Martin WinterOn Symmetry, Rigidity and Spectrum of Graph Realizations and Polytopes
ThuFeb 1816:00James CruickshankRigidity and combinatorial topology
ThuDec 1016:00Viola SiconolfiRicci curvature, graphs and Coxeter groups
ThuDec 0316:00Michael TuiteVertex operator algebras and a generalized MacMahon master theorem
FriNov 2712:00Richard BurkeEmergence in hybrid adaptive multi-agent systems
ThuNov 2616:00Bharat TripathiOn Modelling and Simulation of Nonlinear Waves for Biomedical Problems
ThuNov 1916:00Dúalta Ó FionnagáinModelling the winds of low-mass stars like our Sun
ThuNov 1216:00Peter ClarksonSome reflections on Athena SWAN
ThuOct 0815:00Haixuan YangA Heat Diffusion Model on a graph with boundary conditions and its Applications
TueSep 0113:00Hannah Conroy BroderickWrinkles and waves in soft dielectric plates
ThuJun 1810:00Andrew LobbThe smooth rectangular peg problem
ThuJun 1115:00Krishnan ShankarA mathematical exploration
ThuJun 0413:00Sarah MuldoonPersonalized brain network models
TueJun 0216:00Alain GorielyThe surprising shape of planets
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