Princeton HET seminar

statistical mechanics HEP - theory mathematical physics

Princeton University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Every other Monday 19:30-20:30, Friday 18:45-19:45 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Bernardo Zan*, Vladimir Narovlansky, Sabrina Pasterski
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriMay 1417:45Anatoly DymarskyTBA
FriApr 2317:45Soumyadeep ChaudhuriThermal order in large N conformal gauge theories
MonApr 1918:30Philip SaadWormholes without averaging
FriApr 0917:45Alfredo GuevaraNew holomorphic features of celestial correlation functions
FriMar 2617:45Grisha TarnopolskiyConformal operators in SYK-like models and their numerical effects
MonMar 2218:30Jordan CotlerBlack hole microstate statistics from Euclidean wormholes
FriMar 1218:45Daniel HarlowAlgebra of diffeomorphism-invariant operators in JT gravity from the Peierls bracket
MonMar 0819:30Alex BelinThe OPE Randomness Hypothesis and Euclidean Wormholes
FriFeb 2618:45Scott CollierComments on the Narain ensemble of free CFTs
MonFeb 2219:30Ying-Hsuan LinLorentzian Dynamics and Factorization Beyond Rationality
FriFeb 1218:45Alex LupsascaThe Black Hole Photon Ring
FriDec 0418:45Alexander ZhiboedovSolving unitarity with contraction mappings
MonNov 1619:30Alexey MilekhinQuantum error correction and large N
FriNov 0618:45Mykola DedushenkoYangians and other algebras you can find at boundaries and interfaces
MonNov 0219:30Thomas Dumitrescu2-Group Symmetries in Six Dimensions
FriOct 2317:45Shai ChesterDerivation of AdS/CFT for Vector Models
MonOct 1918:30Amirhossein TajdiniThe fast conformal bootstrap and sphere packing in high dimensions
FriOct 0917:45Tarek AnousTowards a microscopic model of AdS fragmentation
FriSep 2517:45Oscar VarelaAdS4/CFT3 Squashed, Stretched, Warped and Invaded
MonSep 2118:30Gustavo Joaquin TuriaciThe gravitational path integral near extremality
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