Finite Groups in Valencia

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group theory

EDEM University Center / Universitat Politècnica de València / Universitat de València

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Joan F. Tent*
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The seminar meets weekly from February 26th to March 30th 2021.

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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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TueMar 3015:40Ana Martínez-PastorHall-like theorems in products of $\pi$-decomposable groups
TueMar 3014:50Eugenio GiannelliOn a Conjecture of Malle and Navarro
TueMar 3014:20Juan MartínezOn the order of products of elements in finite groups
TueMar 3013:30Emanuele PacificiOn Huppert’s $\rho-\sigma$ conjecture
TueMar 1616:40Carmen MelchorAn Arad and Fisman's theorem on products of conjugacy classes revisited
TueMar 1615:50Rachel CaminaWord problems for finite nilpotent groups
TueMar 1615:20Noelia RizoCounting characters in blocks
TueMar 1614:40Silvio Dolfi$p$-constant characters in finite groups
FriMar 1217:10Zinovy ReichsteinFields of definition for linear representations
FriMar 1216:20Nguyen Ngoc HungBounding $p$-regular conjugacy classes and $p$-Brauer characters in finite groups
FriMar 1215:50J. Miquel MartínezDegrees of characters in the principal block
FriMar 1215:20Nicola GrittiniThe generalization of a theorem on real valued characters
FriMar 0516:20Mandi Schaeffer FryThe McKay-Navarro Conjecture: the Conjecture That Keeps on Giving!
FriMar 0515:50Damiano RossiCharacter Triple Conjecture for Groups of Lie Type
FriMar 0515:20Pietro GheriOn the number of $p$-elements in finite groups
FriMar 0514:30Changguo ShaoGroups in which the centralizer of any non-central primary element is maximal
FriFeb 2616:40Claudio MarchiPicard groups for blocks with normal defect groups
FriFeb 2615:50Carolina VallejoProblems on characters involving two primes
FriFeb 2615:20Álvaro L. MartínezSymmetric groups and the Heisenberg category
FriFeb 2614:30Zeinab AkhlaghiCharacter degree graph and Huppert’s ρ-σ- conjecture
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