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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 17:00-18:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Alexandre Girouard, Flore Lubin*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
MonOct 1016:00Mostafa SabriTBA
MonOct 0316:00Bram PetriHow do you efficiently chop a hyperbolic surface in two?
MonSep 2616:00Semyon DyatlovRuelle zeta at zero for nearly hyperbolic 3-manifolds
MonSep 1216:00Maxime IngremauHow Lagrangian states evolve into random waves
MonJul 2516:00Polyxeni SpiliotiTBA
MonJul 1116:00Melanie RupflinTBA
MonJul 0416:00Nadine GroßeBoundary value problems on domain with cusps
MonJun 2716:00Nunzia GavitoneTBA
MonJun 2016:00Andrea MondinoOptimal transport and quantitative geometric inequalities
MonJun 1316:00Dennis KriventsovTBA
MonJun 0616:00Jiaoyang HuangExtreme eigenvalues of random d -regular graphs
MonMay 3016:00Romain PetridesMinimizing combinations of Laplace eigenvalues and applications
MonMay 2316:00Dorin BucurMaximization of Neumann eigenvalues
MonMay 0216:00Pedro FreitasPólya-type inequalities on spheres and hemispheres
MonApr 2516:00Mikhail Karpukhin and Daniel SternGEMSTONE mini-course: Harmonic maps, minimal surfaces, and shape optimization in spectral geometry
MonApr 1116:00Jean LagacéVariations on the Weyl law for the Steklov problem on surfaces
MonApr 0416:00Bruno ColboisUpper bounds for Steklov eigenvalues
MonMar 2816:00Mikhail CherdantsevTBA
MonMar 2116:00Young researchers in spectral geometry IVYoung researchers in spectral geometry IV
MonMar 1416:00Pedro FreitasTBA
MonMar 0717:00Nelia CharalambousTBA
MonFeb 2817:00Ilaria LucardesiOn the maximization of the first (non trivial) Neumann eigenvalue of the Laplacian under perimeter constraint
MonFeb 2117:00Malo JézéquelTBA
MonFeb 1417:00Maxime Fortier BourqueThe multiplicity of λ 1 in genus 3
MonFeb 0717:00Francesco FerraressoNeumann and intermediate biharmonic eigenvalue problems on sigularly perturbed domains
MonJan 3117:00Alessandro SavoIsoperimetric inequalities for the lowest Aharonov-Bohm eigenvalue of the Neumann and Steklov problems
MonJan 2417:00Gregory BerkolaikoTowards Morse theory of dispersion relations
MonJan 1717:00Gregory BerkolaikoTBA
MonDec 1317:00Yann ChaubetClosed geodesics with prescribed intersection numbers
MonDec 0617:00Jean-Claude CueninSchrödinger operators with complex potentials: Beyond the Laptev-Safronov conjecture
MonNov 2917:00David SherNodal counts for the Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator
MonNov 2217:00Michael MageeThe maximal spectral gap of a hyperbolic surface
MonNov 1517:00Ben SharpTBA
MonNov 0817:00Sabine BoegliOn the discrete eigenvalues of Schrödinger operators with complex potentials
MonNov 0116:00Jonathan RohlederTBA
MonOct 2516:00Valentin BlomerEigenvalue statistics of flat tori
MonOct 1815:00Daniel SternSteklov-maximizing metrics on surfaces with many boundary components
MonOct 0416:00Philippe CharronPleijel's theorem for Schrödinger operators
MonSep 2716:00Gabriel RivièrePoincaré series and linking of Legendrian knots
MonSep 2016:00Martin VogelSpectral asymptotics of noisy non-selfadjoint operators
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