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analysis of PDEs classical analysis and ODEs functional analysis operator algebras

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: José Manuel Conde Alonso*
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FriJun 1109:30Lluís VenaA compactification result for the set of positive sequences (with applications to graph limits)
FriJun 0413:00Gennady UraltsevVector valued time frequency analysis
FriMay 2809:30Dmitry YakubovichTeoría espectral de perturbaciones de operadores normales y Análisis Armónico
FriMay 2113:00Alex BarronRestriction estimates for hyperbolic paraboloids via bilinear estimates
FriMay 0709:30Mingming CaoTBA
FriApr 2309:30Jorge AntezanaNecessary conditions for interpolation by multivariate polynomials
FriApr 1609:30Marina IliopoulouSharp Lp estimates for oscillatory integral operators of arbitrary signature
FriApr 0909:30Luz RoncalDirectional square functions
FriMar 2610:30Zoe NieraethVector-valued extensions of operators through sparse domination and a multilinear UMD condition
FriMar 1210:30Marti PratsThe two-phase problem for harmonic measure in VMO via jump formulas for the Riesz transform
FriMar 0510:30Karlheim GröchenigNew function spaces associated to representations of nilpotent Lie groups
FriFeb 2610:30Carmelo PuliattiBlow-ups of caloric measure and applications to two-phase problems
FriFeb 1210:30David Pérez GarcíaSobolev-type inequalities in position based cryptography
FriFeb 0510:30Simeng WangPointwise convergence of noncommutative Fourier series
FriJan 2910:00Maria VallarinoCalderón-Zygmund theory and Hardy spaces on trees with nondoubling flow measures
FriJan 2210:30Spyridon KakaroumpasDyadic product BMO in the Bloom setting
FriDec 0410:00Léonard CadilhacSymmetric spaces and noncommutative Khinchin inequalities
FriNov 2710:30Yujia ZhaiBiparameter BMO under the action of a rotation
FriNov 2015:00David BeltranVariation bounds for spherical averages
FriNov 1310:30Bruno PoggiA infinity theory for elliptic measures and generalized Carleson perturbations for elliptic operators on domains with irregular boundaries
FriNov 0611:00Carlos PérezFractional Poincaré inequalities through Harmonic Analysis
FriOct 0909:30Pavel Zorin-KranichBilinear proof of the decoupling theorem for the moment curve
FriJun 1909:30Yonatan Gutman"Nilspaces in ergodic theory and topological dynamics
ThuJun 1116:00José MadridSharp bounds for maximal operators on finite graphs
FriMay 2209:30Pablo Berná¿Podemos ser avariciosos en espacios quasi-Banach?
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