The mathematics of motion

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Eran Igra*, Noy Soffer-Aranov
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Welcome to the “mathematics of motion” seminar! This a a hybrid seminar, intended for grad students and postdocs interested in dynamical systems and their applications – whether in mathematics or the natural sciences. Even though we’re based in Israel, all talks would be given in English, and international participants are welcome to join. Also, as this is a hybrid seminar, all talks would be accessible on zoom (although we might occasionally organize events outside it). For the zoom link, please contact the organizers.

If you are interested to join our mailing list or give a talk, please contact the organizers by mail.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueJun 1311:30Snir HordanComplete Neural Networks for Complete Euclidean Graphs
TueMay 2314:30Lior AlonGap Distribution of Fourier Quasicrystals
WedMay 1709:30Daniel GoldbergAbel Prize Talk - Luis Caffarelli, the Messi of Math
TueMay 1608:00Natalia Wodka-CholewaComputer assisted proof of diffusion - application to PER3BP
WedMay 1012:30Itamar VigodorovichStability of groups and dynamical systems
TueApr 1812:30Łukasz CholewaOn dynamics of expanding Lorenz maps
TueApr 0407:00Daniel IngebretsonOn the symbolic dynamics and fractal geometry of the Kuperberg minimal set
MonJan 2312:00Ori KatzA Kinematic-Dynamic 3D Model For Density Driven Ocean Flows
MonJan 1612:00Tali MondererTBA
MonJan 0912:00Ariel AlexiFrom the room to the street, how to control pandemics from a computational perspective
MonJan 0215:00Or LandesbergHorospherical group actions and rigidity of infinite measures in higher rank
MonDec 1910:30Eran IgraPolynomial dynamics in three dimensional flows
MonNov 2812:00Agamemnon ZafeiropoulosPoissonian correlations: higher orders and weaker variants
MonNov 2112:00Anurag RaoDynamical questions arising from Dirichlet’s theorem on Diophantine approximation
MonNov 2110:30Taehyeong KimEntropy rigidity and its application to Diophantine approximation
MonNov 1412:00Teddy LazebnikSciMED: A Computational Framework For Physics-Informed Symbolic Regression with Scientist-In-The-Loop
ThuAug 2510:40Noy Soffer-AranovFields Prize Talks: The Duffin-Schaefer Conjecture - on James Maynard's Results
ThuAug 2509:30Ron RosenthalFields Prize Talks: Phase transitions in statistical physics – Hugo Duminil-Copin’s results
MonAug 2210:40Alan SoraniFields Prize Talks: Hodge Theory in Combinatorics – June Huh’s results
MonAug 2209:30Noy Soffer AranovFields Prize Talks: Sphere Packings - on Maryna Viazovska's result
SunJun 1910:00Eran IgraKnots and Chaos in the Rössler System
SunMay 2210:00Daniel TsodikovichA Billiard analogue of the Blaschke-Santalo inequality
SunMay 0810:00Daniel GoldbergSurface Diffusion; Well Posedness and Stability
SunApr 2410:00Tsviqa LakrecTBA
SunApr 1010:00Anette KarrerDynamics on boundaries of CAT(0) groups
SunMar 2011:00Martin Mion-MoutonPartially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms of contact type and path geometries
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