Prague-Hradec Kralove seminar Cohomology in algebra, geometry, physics and statistics

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mathematical physics algebraic topology differential geometry representation theory statistics theory

Mathematical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 11:30-12:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Hong Van Le*, Igor Khavkine*, Anton Galaev, Alexei Kotov, Petr Somberg, Roman Golovko
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedOct 0211:30Alexei KotovTBA
WedOct 0911:30Maxim GrigorievTBA
WedOct 1611:30Michal DouchaTBA
WedOct 3012:30Igor KhavkineTBA
WedNov 0612:30Zoran SkodaTBA
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WedMay 2911:30Alexei KovalevOn nearly parallel $G_2$-manifolds
WedMay 2211:30Aleksy TralleOrbifold constructions of Sasakian structures on Smale-Barden manifolds
TueMay 1411:30Petr ČoupekIterated integrals and controlled ODEs
WedApr 2411:30Karen StrungAn introduction to the classification of C*-algebras
WedApr 1711:30Malkhaz BakuradzeMorava K-theory rings of p-groups in transferred Chern characteristic classes II
WedApr 1011:30Malkhaz BakuradzeMorava K-theory rings of p-groups in transferred Chern characteristic chasses I
WedApr 0311:30Camille Laurent-GengouxThe neighborhood of a leaf of a singular foliation
WedMar 2012:30K V SubrahmanyamStabilizer limits and Orbit closures with applications to Geometric Complexity Theory
WedMar 1314:00Vladimir ChernovVirtual Legendrian knots and possible relations to causality in Borde–Sorkin spacetimes
WedMar 0612:30Aliaksandr HancharukKoszul-Tate resolutions and trees
WedFeb 2812:30Alexandra ZvonarevaFunctorial approach to rank functions
WedFeb 2112:30Alexei KotovZ-graded Q-manifolds
WedFeb 1412:30Artem PulemotovPalais--Smale sequences for the prescribed Ricci curvature functional
WedDec 1313:00Alfonso García-ParradoAn IDEAL covariant characterization of the Kerr conformal structure
WedDec 0612:30Hong Van LeUnital $C_\infty$-algebras and the real homotopy type of simply connected compact 8-manifolds
WedNov 2912:30Stefan SuhrThe theorem of Lusternik and Schnirelmann for reversible Finsler metrics
WedNov 2212:30Tornike KadeishviliHomotopy algebras A(∞), C(∞), B(∞), hGa
WedNov 1512:30Konstantin DruzhkovInternal Lagrangians of PDEs
WedNov 0812:30Jan KotrbaryTowards Hodge theory for smooth translation-invariant valuations
WedNov 0112:30Luigi CaputiFrom the Mayer-Vietoris spectral sequence to überhomology
WedOct 2511:30Fedor PartGeometric complexity theory program and lower bounds for restricted models
WedOct 1111:30Sergiy MaksymenkoHomotopy types of diffeomorphism groups of polar Morse-Bott foliations on lens spaces
WedOct 0411:30Tobias FritzAn approach to homological algebra up to $\epsilon$
WedMay 3111:30Patrick Iglesias-ZemmourGeneralized Prequantum Bundle in Diffeology
WedMay 2411:30Guchuan LiFrom the real cobordism theory to the Kervaire invariant one problem
WedMay 1711:30Jan SlovakAlmost invariant differential calculus
WedMay 1011:30Andrea SantiOn 3-nondegenerate CR manifolds in dimension 7
WedMay 0311:30Johannes NordstroemMassey tensors and the rational homotopy type of 7- and 8-manifolds
WedApr 2613:30Sam NarimanOn local and global invariants of flat bundles
WedApr 1911:30Zoran SkodaNonabelian Čech cocycles in noncommutative geometry
WedApr 0511:30Svatopluk KryslTwistor complexes in symplectic geometry
WedMar 2911:30Filip StrakošAugmentations of Chekanov-Eliashberg Algebra and Geography of Bilinearized Legendrian Contact Homology
WedMar 1512:30Petr PushkarOne parameter Morse theory and Morse theory for manifolds with boundaries
WedMar 0112:30Hông Vân LêComplex reflection groups and classification of $3$-forms in $R^9$ and of $4$-forms in $R^8$
WedFeb 2212:30Arman Taghavi-ChabertPerturbations of Fefferman’s conformal structures
WedJan 1112:30Misha TemkinOn numbers associated with a strong Morse function
WedJan 0412:30Hoang Duc LuuErgodicity of dynamical systems under stochastic noises
WedDec 1412:30Florio CiagliaJordan algebras, coadjoint orbits, and information geometry
WedDec 0712:30Vladimir SalnikovSome constructions from graded geometry
WedNov 3012:30Tommaso PaciniG2 vs. Kähler
WedNov 1612:30Chris Lambie-HansonCondensed mathematics and set theory
WedNov 0912:30Eugenio LandiThe Topological Half of the Grothendieck-Hirzebruch-Riemann-Roch Theorem
WedNov 0212:30Foling ZouSteenrod Algebra and Equivariant Algebraic Topology
WedOct 2611:30Jean-Pierre MagnotOn some diffeologies on spaces of probabilities, spaces of measures, and spaces of means
WedOct 1911:30Hong Van LeFloer-Novikov (co)homology associated with non-abelian coverings and symplectic fixed points
WedOct 1211:30Roman GolovkoOn non-geometric augmentations in high dimensions and torsion of Legendrian contact homology
WedMay 1111:30Willem de GraafClassification of four qubit and rebit states
WedMay 0411:30Patrick Iglesias-ZemmourEvery symplectic manifold is a (linear) coadjoint orbit
WedApr 2711:30Enxin WuSmooth vector spaces
WedApr 2011:30Dimitri LeitesStructures of G(2) type in super setting and in positive characteristic, and related curvature tensors
WedApr 1311:30Martin MarklCombinatorics of multilinear differential operators, or still another explanation of the ubiquity of Lie and strongly homotopy Lie algebras
WedApr 0611:30Stepan HudecekSymmetry and Separation of variables
WedMar 3011:30Andrey KrutovNondegenerate invariant symmetric bilinear forms on simple Lie superalgebras in characteristic 2
WedMar 2312:30Andras StipsiczFour-manifolds and knots
WedMar 1612:30Hong Van LeCR-twistor spaces over manifolds with $G_2$ -and $Spin(7)$-structures
WedMar 0912:30Alexander ZuevskyLie algebra of operators on moduli space of Riemann surfaces
WedMar 0212:30Pasha ZusmanovichOn Lie algebras in characteristic 2
WedDec 1510:30Vladimir ChernovLinking: causality and black holes; and cosmic censorship of smooth structures
WedDec 0810:30Thomas StroblMorita equivalence of singular Riemannian foliations and I-Poisson geometry
WedDec 0110:30Boris KruglikovRelative Differential Invariants
WedNov 2410:30Ha Quang MinhRegularized information geometric and optimal transport distances between covariance operators and Gaussian processes
WedNov 1010:30Dmitri AlekseevskyShortest and straightest geodesics in sub-Riemannian geometry
WedNov 0310:30Arthur J. ParzygnatA categorical approach to quantum probability
WedOct 2709:30Jean-Pierre MagnotOn the differential geometry of groups of diffeomorphisms and of non-formal pseudo-differential operators
WedOct 2009:30Kaoru OnoAn approach to the construction of virtual fundamental cycle/chain with integer coefficients
WedOct 1309:30Mikhail BorovoiUsing second Galois cohomology to search for a real point in a real homogeneous space
WedOct 0609:30Jules Martel-TordjmanModules of quantized Lie algebras and their braiding from homology of configuration spaces
WedMay 2609:30Petr ZimaSymmetry, holonomy and special geometries
WedMay 1909:30Kotaro KawaiDeformed Donaldson-Thomas connections
WedMay 1209:30Andrea Santi$G(3)$ supergeometry and a supersymmetric extension of the Hilbert-Cartan equation
WedMay 0509:30Jean-Pierre FrancoiseInformation Geometry and Hamiltonian Systems on Lie Groups
WedApr 2809:30Jérémie JoudiouxHertz potentials and the decay of higher-spin fields
WedApr 2109:30Michael ReitererFiltered expansions in general relativity
WedApr 1409:30Marco BeniniSmooth 1-dimensional algebraic quantum field theories
WedApr 0709:30Tobias FritzThe de Finetti theorem in categorical probability
WedMar 3109:30Georgy SharyginAround the noncommutative cross ratio
WedMar 2410:30Alexander ZuevskyReduction cohomology on complex manifolds
WedMar 1710:30Jan GregorovicFirst BGG operators on homogeneous parabolic geometries
WedMar 1010:30Hong Van LeDiffeological statistical models and diffeological Hausdorff measures
WedFeb 2410:30Wilderich Tuschmann(MODULI) SPACES OF RIEMANNIAN METRICS
WedJan 1310:30Alexander SchenkelBoundary conditions and edge modes in gauge theories
WedJan 0610:30Alfonso TortorellaDeformations of symplectic foliations
WedDec 1610:30Pavel HajekChain models of string topology coming from symplectic geometry
WedDec 0910:45Mahir CanQuotients of Classical Symmetric Spaces
WedDec 0210:30Alexander AlexandrovKP integrability of triple Hodge integrals
WedNov 1810:30Tat Dat ToConvergence of the Kähler-Ricci flow on varieties of general type
WedNov 0410:30Zoran SkodaGluing bundles over noncommutative flag varieties
WedOct 2109:30Domenico FiorenzaFormally integrable complex structures on higher dimensional knot spaces
WedOct 1409:30Francesco CattafiFormal integrability of geometric structures
WedOct 0709:30Roman GolovkoOn the different perspective of the Casals-Murphy criterion of looseness
WedJun 2409:30Stephen J. WatsonLorentzian Symmetry Predicts Universality Beyond Power Laws
WedJun 1709:30Alexander ZuevskyVertex algebra cohomology of foliations on Riemann surfaces
WedJun 1009:30Luigi CaputiCyclic homology for bornological coarse spaces
WedJun 0309:30Petr SombergAn approach to the representation theory of symmetric groups
WedMay 2709:30Vojtech PravdaUniversal, almost universal and related spacetimes
WedMay 2009:30Alexei KotovGeometry of gauge PDEs II
WedMay 1309:30Alexei KotovGeometry of gauge PDEs I
WedMay 0609:30Mikhail RoopShock waves in Euler flows of gases
WedApr 2909:30Igor KhavkineTriangular decoupling of systems of differential equations, with application to separation of variables on Schwarzschild spacetime
WedApr 2209:30Anton GalaevNon-diffeomorphic Reeb foliations and modified Godbillon-Vey class
WedApr 1509:30Eivind SchneiderDifferential invariants in thermodynamics
WedApr 0109:30Leonid PositselskiKoszul algebras and one-dependent random 0-1 sequences
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