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astrophysics condensed matter general relativity and quantum cosmology high energy physics mathematical physics classical physics general physics

University of Tartu

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 13:15-14:45 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Laur Jarv, Sebastian Bahamonde*
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Past talks
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TueApr 2713:15Nico BenincasaTBA
TueMay 1113:15Priidik GallagherTBA
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TueApr 0613:15Daniel BlixtHamiltonian analysis of covariant teleparallel gravity
TueMar 3013:15Aleksander KozakInvariant quantities of scalar-tensor theories for stellar strucutre
TueMar 2314:15Celia Escamilla-RiveraExtended theories of gravity to explain the Hubble-Lemaitre tension
TueMar 1614:15Viktor GakisGeneralised Proca theories in teleparallel gravity
TueMar 0914:15Hardi VeermäeProbing primordial black holes with gravitational waves
TueFeb 1614:15Swagat S. MishraCuring inflationary degeneracies using reheating predictions and relic gravitational waves
TueFeb 0914:15Alejandro Jiménez-CanoGravitational wave solutions in metric-affine gravity
TueDec 1514:15Evgenii StrugovshchikovTBA
TueDec 0814:15Anna PacholObservables and quantum spacetimes
TueNov 2414:15Maria BenitoThe Milky Way's Dark Matter halo
TueNov 1014:15Mir FaizalQuantum Gravity Beyond General Relativity
TueNov 0314:15Davi C. RodriguesDark matter and gravity
TueOct 2714:15Kristjan MüürseppThe particle physics and astrophysical properties of dark compact objects
TueOct 2013:15Francisco José Maldonado TorralbaPoincaré Gauge Gravity: stability, phenomenology, and prospects.
TueOct 1313:15Konstantinos F. DialektopoulosRecent developments in Horndeski theory and beyond
TueOct 0613:15Yong Gao and Rui XuDeformed neutron stars and their characteristics in electromagnetic and gravitational radiation
TueSep 2913:15Diego Rubiera-GarciaUnderstanding space-time singularities inside black holes: a proposal for their resolution
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