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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 19:00-20:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Fabian Gundlach*, Alexander Petrov*
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Past talks
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WedSep 2219:00Alexander PetrovGalois action on the pro-algebraic completion of the fundamental group
WedSep 1519:00Mark ShustermanFinitely Presented Groups in Arithmetic Geometry
WedSep 0819:00Melanie Matchett WoodThe average size of 3-torsion in class groups of 2-extensions
WedApr 2819:00Frank CalegariFrom Ramanujan to K-theory
WedApr 2119:00Bhargav BhattThe absolute prismatic site
WedApr 1419:00François CharlesArithmetic curves lying in compact subsets of affine schemes
WedApr 0719:00Timo RicharzThe motivic Satake equivalence
WedMar 2419:00Daniel LittSingle-valued Hodge, p-adic^2, and tropical integration
WedMar 1719:00Aaron PollackModular forms on G_2
WedMar 1020:00Keerthi Madapusi PeraExistence of CM lifts for points on Shimura varieties
WedMar 0320:00Lars KühneEquidistribution and Uniformity in Families of Curves
WedFeb 2420:00Christian JohanssonOn the Calegari--Emerton conjectures for abelian type Shimura varieties
WedFeb 1720:00Ziquan YangTwisted derived equivalences and the Tate conjecture for K3 squares
WedFeb 1020:00Laura DeMarcoElliptic surfaces, bifurcations, and equidistribution
WedFeb 0320:00Peter ScholzeAnalytic geometry
WedJan 2720:00Niki Myrto MavrakiArithmetic dynamics of random polynomials
WedDec 0920:00Jean-Marc CouveignesHermite interpolation and counting number fields
WedDec 0220:00Arul ShankarThe 2-torsion subgroups of the class groups in families of cubic fields
WedNov 1820:00Si Ying LeeEichler-Shimura relations for Hodge type Shimura varieties
WedNov 1120:00Zijian YaoFrobenius and the Hodge numbers of the generic fiber
WedNov 0420:00Aaron LandesmanA geometric approach to the Cohen-Lenstra heuristics
WedOct 2819:00Karol KoziolSupersingular representations of $p$-adic reductive groups
WedOct 2119:00Elena Mantovanp-adic differential operators on automorphic forms, and mod p Galois representations
WedOct 1419:00David LoefflerThe Bloch--Kato conjecture for GSp(4)
WedOct 0719:00Ziyang GaoBounding the number of rational points on curves
WedSep 3019:00Jiuya WangPointwise Bound for $\ell$-torsion of Class Groups
WedSep 2314:00Kaisa MatomäkiMultiplicative functions in short intervals revisited
WedSep 1619:00Jessica FintzenRepresentations of p-adic groups and applications
WedSep 0919:00Robert CassA mod p geometric Satake isomorphism
WedMay 2019:00Preston WakeTame derivatives and the Eisenstein ideal
WedMay 1319:00Arthur-Cesar Le BrasPrismatic Dieudonne theory
WedMay 0619:00James NewtonSymmetric power functoriality for modular forms
WedApr 2219:00Jared WeinsteinModularity for self-products of elliptic curves over function fields
WedApr 1519:00Daniel KrizConverse theorems for supersingular CM elliptic curves
WedApr 0819:00Jacob TsimermanBounding torsion in class groups and families of local systems
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