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dynamical systems

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Claudio Bonanno*, Giampaolo Cristadoro, Anna Florio, Davide Ravotti
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedJun 0514:00Tanja I. Schindler & Jon Aaronson"Properties and limit laws of dynamical systems with two infinite components" & "Open problems in Infinite Ergodic Theory"
ThuJun 2414:00Kasun FernandoExpansions in the mixing local limit theorems for dynamical systems
ThuJun 1714:00Mauro ArtigianiDouble rotations and their ergodic properties
FriJun 0414:00Matteo TanziRandom-like properties of chaotic forcing
ThuMay 2014:00Umberto ZannierTorsion values of sections, elliptical billiards and diophantine problems in dynamics
ThuMay 0614:00Selim GhazouaniPiecewise affine homeomorphisms of the circle and dilation surfaces
ThuApr 2214:00Tanja SchindlerAlmost sure asymptotic behaviour of Birkhoff sums for infinite measure-preserving dynamical systems
ThuApr 0814:00Eva Miranda & Daniel Peralta-SalasLooking at Euler flows through a contact mirror: Universality and Turing completeness
ThuMar 2515:00Álvaro del Pino GómezBilliards in subriemannian geometry
ThuMar 1116:00Alessandro Della CorteThe simplest erasing substitution
ThuFeb 2515:00Paolo GiuliettiInfinite mixing for accessible skew products
ThuFeb 1115:00Misha BialyBirkhoff-Poritsky conjecture for centrally-symmetric billiards
ThuFeb 0409:00Gary FroylandThe dynamic ocean
ThuJan 2815:00Michele GianfeliceStochastic stability of classical Lorenz flow under impulsive type forcing
ThuJan 1415:00Andrea VenturelliHyperbolic motion in the Newtonian N-body problem with arbitrary limit shape
ThuDec 1015:00Carlangelo LiveraniLocating Ruelle-Pollicott resonances
ThuNov 2616:00Anna Miriam BeniniInfinite entropy for transcendental entire functions
MonNov 1613:00Isaia NisoliA simple system presenting Noise Induced Order
ThuNov 1215:00Stefano MaròChaotic motion in the breathing circle billiard
WedJul 0815:00Françoise PèneInvariance by induction of the asymptotic variance
WedJul 0115:00Marta MaggioniMatching for random systems with an application to minimal weight expansions
WedJun 2415:00Andreas KnaufAsymptotic velocity for scattering particles
WedJun 1715:00Sunrose ShresthaThe topology and geometry of random square-tiled surfaces
ThuJun 0415:00Sandro VaientiThermodynamic formalism for random weighted covering systems
ThuMay 2815:00Francesco CellarosiRational Horocycle lifts and the tails of Quadratic Weyl sums
ThuMay 2115:00Martin LeguilSome rigidity results for billiards and hyperbolic flows
ThuMay 1415:00Giulio TiozzoCentral limit theorems for counting measures in coarse negative curvature
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