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commutative algebra

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 19:00-20:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Srikanth Iyengar*
*contact for this listing

Description: National Commutative Algebra Seminar

You have to register to attend the seminar; the registration link is on the webpage. But you only have to register once. Once you register for a seminar, your registration will be carried over (in theory!) to future seminars.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuSep 2419:00Cris NegronNoncommutative hypersurfaces and support theory for Hopf algebras
ThuOct 0119:00Diana MaclanganTBA
ThuOct 0819:00Takumi MurayamaTBA
ThuOct 1519:00Jenna RajchgotTBA
ThuOct 2219:00Gennady LyubeznikTBA
ThuOct 2919:00Alessandro de StefaniTBA
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Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuSep 1719:00Andrew SnowdenInfinite dimensional equivariant commutative algebra
ThuSep 1019:00Juliette BruceSyzygies of Products of Projective Space
ThuSep 0319:00Aldo ConcaIdeals associated to subspace arrangements
ThuAug 2720:30Bhargav BhattCohen-Macaulayness of absolute integral closures
ThuAug 2020:30Eleonore FaberGrassmannian categories of infinite rank and countable Cohen-Macaulay type
ThuAug 1320:30Brooke UlleryCayley-Bacharach theorems and measures of irrationality
ThuAug 0620:30Benjamin BriggsThe homotopy Lie algebra and the conormal module
ThuJul 3020:30Federico ArdilaLagrangian Geometry of Matroids
ThuJul 2320:30Thomas PolstraThe weak implies strong conjecture and finite generation of symbolic Rees algebras
ThuJul 1620:30Alexandra SeceleanuReflection arrangements, syzygies, and the containment problem
ThuJul 0920:30Luis Núñez-BetancourtDifferential powers of ideals
ThuJul 0220:30Dale CutkoskyMixed multiplicities of filtrations
ThuJun 2520:30Hailong DaoA truly mutually beneficial friendship: how Stanley-Reisner theory enhanced both combinatorics and algebra
ThuJun 1820:30Claudia PoliniRees algebras of ideals generated by 2x2 minors
ThuJun 1120:30Matteo VarbaroThe dual graph of a ring
ThuJun 0420:30Jason McCulloughSubadditivity of syzygies and related problems
ThuMay 2820:30Eloísa GrifoSymbolic powers, stable containments, and degree bounds
ThuMay 2120:30Claudiu RaicuCommutative algebra with $S_n$-invariant monomial ideals
ThuMay 1420:30Dan ErmanBoundedness questions for polynomials in many variables
ThuMay 0720:30Jack JeffriesTwo applications of $p$-derivations to commutative algebra
ThuApr 3020:30Christine BerkeschThe geometry of toric syzygies
ThuApr 2320:30Mike StillmanQuadratic Gorenstein rings and the Koszul property
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