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geometric topology

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Friday 16:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Alicia Dickenstein, José-Carlos Gómez-Larrañaga, Kathryn Hess, Neza Mramor-Kosta, Renzo Ricca*, De Witt L. Sumners
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Web-seminar series on Applications of Geometry and Topology

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Past talks
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FriJun 1616:00Gunnar HornigMagnetohydrodynamic relaxation, helicity and minimum energy states in magnetised plasmas
FriAug 1816:00Yulia R. GelTBA
FriSep 0116:00Ran LeviTBA
FriSep 0816:00Petar PavešićTBA
FriSep 2216:00Isabel DarcyTBA
FriOct 0616:00Jens EggersTBA
FriOct 1316:00Ximena FernándezTBA
FriOct 2016:00Dmitry Feichtner-KozlovTBA
FriNov 0316:00Allison MooreTBA
FriNov 1716:00Clayton ShonkwilerTBA
FriDec 0116:00Wojciech ChacholskiTBA
FriDec 0816:00Alain GorielyTBA
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FriJun 0216:00Fernando Galaz-GarcíaMetric geometry of spaces of persistence diagrams
FriMay 1916:00Mónica ClappOptimal partitions for the Yamabe equation
FriApr 2815:00Xin LiuRole of topology in study of cascade evolutions of physical knot/link complex systems
FriApr 1416:00Bastian RieckCurvature for Graph Learning
FriMar 3116:00Koya ShimokawaApplications of band surgery on knots and links
FriMar 1716:00Darrick LeeMapping Space Signatures
FriMar 0316:00Armajac Raventós PujolSimplicial complexes and the index lemma: A pathway to reach agreements fairly
FriFeb 1716:00Ingrid Membrillo SolísSpaces of discrete vector fields and their applications to complex systems dynamics
FriFeb 1016:00Steve OudotSigned rank decompositions for multi-parameter persistence: from Moebius inversion to relative homological algebra
FriJan 2716:00Érika RoldánTopology of random 2-dimensional cubical complexes
FriJan 1316:00Fred ChazalMeasure Vectorization for Automatic Topologically-Oriented Learning with guarantees.
FriDec 1616:00Reidun TwarockGeometry in the Fight against Viral Infection
FriDec 0916:00Francesco Di GiovanniOver-squashing and over-smoothing through the lenses of curvature and multi-particle dynamics
FriNov 1816:00Carlo BarenghiIs turbulence knotted?
FriNov 0416:00Marc LackenbyKnot theory and machine learning
FriOct 2115:00Chad GiustiTracking cycles in neural codes
FriOct 1415:00Peter BubenikTopological Data Analysis for Biological Images and Video
FriSep 3015:00Jérémy LedentKnowledge and topology: a simplicial approach
FriSep 2315:00Alexandru BaltagThe Topology of Knowing (Or How to Avoid Unexpected Exams)
FriSep 0915:00John BaezCompositional Modeling with Decorated Cospans
FriSep 0215:00Martina ScolamieroStable and interpretable topological feature maps
FriAug 1915:00Lisbeth FajstrupCollapsing in directed topology
FriJun 0315:00Xiao-Gang WenFrom topological order to origin of elementary particles (from algebra to geometry)
FriMay 2015:00Claudia LandiMulti-parameter persistence from the viewpoint of discrete Morse theory.
FriMay 0615:00Alexander GrosbergIs Trivial Knot Really So Trivial?
FriApr 2215:00Yang-Hui HeUniverses as Bigdata: Physics, Geometry and Machine-Learning
FriApr 0116:00Carina CurtoDynamically relevant motifs in inhibition-dominated networks
FriMar 1816:00Randall KamienA New Classification of Topological Defects
FriMar 1116:00Kevin KnudsonDiscrete Stratified Morse Theory
FriFeb 1816:00Marco Tulio AnguloCoexistence holes in ecological systems
FriFeb 0416:00Jesús Rodríguez-VioratoTopological Analysis from Latent Semantic Analysis
FriJan 2116:00Tudor RatiuThe Geometry of Fluid Dynamics
FriDec 1016:00Matthew KahleConfigurations spaces of particles: homological solid, liquid, and gas
FriDec 0316:00Jacob LeygonieInverse Problems for Persistent Homology
FriNov 1916:00Antonio RieserApplied topology from the classical point of view
FriNov 1216:00Paweł DłotkoData, their relations and shape - topology in action
FriOct 2915:00Fazle Hussain and Jie YaoDynamics of viscous vortex knots and links
FriOct 1515:00Janet M. ThorntonThe Wonderful World of Protein Structures
FriOct 0115:00Lynn ZechiedrichCooperativity of looping- and supercoiling-mediated base-pair disruption among distant sites modulates the 3-D structure of DNA to control its activity
FriSep 1715:00Enzo OrlandiniGetting interlocked circular chains through the needle’s eye
FriSep 0315:00Yusu WangPersistent Laplacian: properties and algorithms
FriAug 2015:00Bei WangSheaf-Theoretic Stratification Learning From Geometric and Topological Perspectives
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