Leiden Algebra, Geometry, and Number Theory Seminar

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Universiteit Leiden

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 15:00-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Marton Hablicsek*, Aline Zanardini*
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Past talks
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MonApr 2517:00Libby TaylorHigher Brauer groups and higher Azumaya algebras
WedMar 1615:15Elden ElmantoWeight structures and applications II: affine stacks and noncommutative Hodge theory
TueMar 1511:15Vova SoslinoWeight structures and applications I: structural results
MonMar 0715:15Tommy HofmannLattice isomorphism and the integral matrix similarity problem
MonFeb 2815:15Giacomo MezzedimiProjective models of Enriques surfaces via elliptic curves
MonFeb 2115:15Shengyuan HuangLie structures in derived categories
WedFeb 0915:15Priyanka MajumderBounds for canonical Green’s functions of Fuchsian subgroups of PSL2(R)
WedDec 0815:15Sergej MonavariHigher rank K-theoretic Donaldson-Thomas Theory of points
WedDec 0115:15Emre SertözSeparating periods of quartic surfaces
MonNov 2215:15Leo HerrTBA
WedNov 1715:15Rachel NewtonArithmetic of rational points and zero-cycles on Kummer varieties
MonNov 1515:15Evis IeronymouBrauer-Manin obstruction and zero-cycles on surfaces
MonJun 2814:00Elie EidComputing Cantor division polynomials via differential equations
MonJun 1414:00Xavier CarusoFast evaluation of some p-adic special functions
MonMay 3114:00Rosa SchwarzThe double-double ramification cycle
MonMay 0314:00Owen BieselA norm functor for quadratic algebras
MonApr 1914:00Giulio OrecchiaBeschrijving: Title: From algebra to topology: the fundamental group via Frobenius
MonMar 2914:00Mirko MauriIntersection cohomology of character varieties of rank two
MonMar 2215:00Carlo PaganoOn the negative Pell equation
MonMar 1515:00Jana SotákováBruhat-Tits trees and supersingular elliptic curves
MonMar 0115:00Jan VonkQuadratic Chabauty and modular curves
MonFeb 2215:00Lawrence BarrottCounting tangent curves via degenerations
FriDec 1115:00Raymond van BommelComputation of BSD invariants in higher genus
FriDec 0415:00Matteo VerzobioSequences associated to elliptic curves
MonJun 2914:00Rachel NewtonExplicit uniform bounds for Brauer groups of singular K3 surfaces
MonJun 2214:00Adam LoganExplicit coverings of K3 surfaces by squares of curves
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