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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Wednesday 15:00-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Felix Mikus*
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Talks by and for the fission yeast research community and friends!

Announcements and joining details will be sent by email (#pombetalks on Twitter).

If not on the pombe mailing list, please fill out this form (http://bitly.ws/8Mrm) to attend, or to nominate yourself to give a seminar.

We will break after November 25th for the winter, returning in early 2021!

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedJul 0715:00Debatrayee Sinha; Joel LemiereFission yeast polycystin Pkd2p promotes resumption of cell growth after cytokinesis; TBC
WedJun 2315:00Nicholas Ader; Wei, YiTBC; TBC
WedJun 0908:00Yusuke Toyoda; Anupa T. AnilNitrogen-dependent persistence of S. pombe Ght5 glucose transporter on the cell surface is effected by TORC2 inhibition of α-arrestin Aly3; How does spliceosome capture branchpoint-distant 3' splice site?
WedMay 2615:00Melina Vaurs; Arthur MolinesShelterin-dependent telomerase regulation differs between quiescent and vegetative cells; Physical properties of the cytoplasm modulate microtubule dynamics
WedMay 1215:00Sierra Cullati, Stephen HuismanAutophosphorylation of the CK1 Kinase Domain Regulates Enzyme Activity and Substrate Specificity, TBD
WedApr 2807:00Tomoyuki Fukuda, Xiao-Ran ZhangAtg43 serves as a selective autophagy receptor to promote mitophagy by tethering isolation membranes to mitochondria, TBC - Improved auxin-inducible degron system
WedApr 1415:00Ye Dee Tay, Pabitra ParuaTBD, TBD
WedMar 3115:00Udo Onwubiko, Chunmin ShanCdc42 prevents premature Rho1 activation during cytokinesis, The INO80 complex regulates epigenetic inheritance of heterochromatin
WedMar 1708:00Yasuto Murayama, Ken IshikawaBiochemical analysis of the fission yeast structural maintenance of chromosomes complex, dCas9-mediated CRISPRi for S. pombe
WedMar 0316:00Maria Rodriguez Lopez, Olivia Muriel-LopezClr6 orchestrates transcriptional switches to regulate metabolism during oxidative stress, Ultrastructural plasma membrane asymmetries underlie cell-cell fusion in S. pombe
WedNov 2516:00Ulrike Endesfelder; I-Ju LeeTBC; Factors promoting nuclear envelope assembly independent of the canonical ESCRT pathway
WedNov 1116:00Farnaz Mansouri-Noori; Saz BasuThe uncharacterized S. pombe La-related protein 1 functions in translation and affects RNA abundance; TBC
WedOct 2816:00Bassem Al-Sady; Omaya DudinLocal chromatin context dictates the genetic determinants of the heterochromatin spreading reaction; Cellularization of Ichthyosporean coenocytes
WedOct 1415:00Chloe Snider; Dimitrios VavylonisOpposite surfaces of the Cdc15 F-BAR domain create a membrane platform that coordinates cytoskeletal and signaling components for cytokinesis; Modeling fission yeast's polarization pattern
WedSep 3015:00Veneta Gerganova; Alexander LorenzPatterning of membrane-associated proteins through membrane flows; Meiotic recombination in the face of underlying sequence and structural variation
WedSep 1615:00Sigurd Braun; Susan ForsburgSpatial control of silent chromatin; Visualizing genome instability
WedSep 0215:00Francois Bachand; Scott CurranNutrient-dependent control of RNA polymerase II elongation rate regulates specific gene expression programs by alternative polyadenylation; A quantitative and spatial analysis of the cell cycle control network
WedAug 1915:00Joe Magliozzi; Ramakanth NeeliCell polarity kinases regulate RNA-binding protein Sts5 to control cell shape; Mechanisms and Functions of Cell Wall Mechanosensing in Fission Yeast
WedAug 0515:00Feng Li; Ivan SurovtsevIntegrase independent insertion of retrotransposons; Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation, Heterochromatin Domains and Nuclear Mechanics
WedJul 2215:00Sarah Sabatinos, Ann Ehrenhofer-MurrayLong-term effects of surviving replication instability; Queuosine and m5C modification of RNA: Nutritional control of translation in S. pombe
WedJul 0815:00Nick Rhind, Sahana HollaCell Size is Controlled by Size-Dependent Expression of Mitotic Activators (1); Positioning heterochromatin at the nuclear periphery promotes epigenetic inheritance (2)
WedJun 2415:00Sito Torres-Garcia, Julie Rich-RobinsonEpigenetic gene silencing by heterochromatin primes fungal resistance (1); Cell-cycle-dependent cues temporally regulate Cdc42 activity at growth sites in fission yeast (2)
WedJun 1715:00Meredith Betterton, Gautam Dey(Talk 1) Computational modeling of fission yeast mitosis: what we can learn about pombe from computer; (Talk 2) Closed mitosis requires local disassembly of the nuclear envelope
WedMay 2715:00Angad Garg, José López Hernández, Val Wood(Talk 1) Long non-coding RNA control of phosphate homeostasis; (Talk 2) Diverse mating strategies in S. pombe affect the spread of wtf meiotic drivers; (Talk 3) Hidden corners of Pombase
WedMay 1315:00Sarah Lambert, Cornelia Kilchert(Talk 1) Resolution of replication stress in space and time for maintaining genome stability; (Talk 2) RNA-binding proteins in fission yeast - a global perspective
WedApr 2915:00Aleksandar Vjestica, Haitong Hou(Talk 1) Cycling for reproductive fidelity: Coupling the cell cycle and re-fertilisation blocks ensures ploidy maintenance during sexual lifecycle; (Talk 2) Centromeres are dismantled by foundational meiotic proteins Spo11and Rec8
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