Simons Bootstrap Collaboration Seminar Series

statistical mechanics strongly correlated electrons HEP - theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 16:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Leonardo Rastelli*
*contact for this listing Meeting ID: 927 6009 7069 Passcode: 183158

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
WedOct 1416:00Max MetliskiBoundary criticality of the O(N) model in d = 3 critically revisited.
WedOct 0716:00Andrea GuerrieriExploring the Dual S-matrix Bootstrap
WedSep 3016:00Dalimil MazacDispersive CFT sum rules
WedSep 2316:00Balt van ReesBootstrapping defects and boundaries for the free scalar field
WedSep 0916:00Slava RychkovMusings and some results about non-perturbative RG
WedSep 0216:00Zahra ZahraeeThe leading trajectory in the 2+1D Ising CFT
WedAug 1916:00Lorenz EberhardtScattering equations in AdS
WedAug 0516:00David MeltzerThe Inversion Formula and the Spectrum of the O(2) Model
WedJul 2916:00Kurt HinterbichlerUnitarization in Kaluza Klein theory and a bootstrap for geometry
WedJul 2216:00Henry Maxfield3D gravity near extremality and JT gravity with defects
WedJul 1516:00Xinan ZhouAll holographic four-point correlators in maximally supersymmetric CFTs
WedJul 0816:00Parijat DeyOperator expansions and layer susceptibility in BCFT
WedJun 2416:00Sasha ZhiboedovAn Analytic Toolkit for the S-matrix Bootstrap
WedJun 1716:00Tom HartmanApplications of the modular bootstrap
WedJun 0316:00Yin-Chen HeO(N) Non-Wilson-Fisher Kinks: Deconfined Phase Transition and Beyond
WedMay 2716:00Abhijit GaddeModularity of supersymmetric partition functions
WedMay 1316:00Baurzhan MukhametzhanovBeurling-Selberg extremization and modular bootstrap at high energies
WedMay 0614:00Damon BinderDeligne categories in QFT
WedApr 2916:00Henry LinBootstrapping Random Matrix Models
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