(LAGARTOS) Latin American Real and Tropical Geometry Seminar

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algebraic geometry combinatorics

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Alicia Dickenstein*, Ethan Cotterill*, Cristhian Garay López*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriNov 1914:00Mounir NisseOn the topology of phase tropical varieties and beyond
FriNov 0514:00Eric KatzIterated p-adic integration on semistable curves
FriOct 2214:00Alfredo NajeraCluster algebras, deformation theory and beyond
FriOct 0814:00Farbod ShokriehHeights of abelian varieties, and tropical geometry
FriSep 2414:00Ilya TyomkinTropicalizations of families of curves and applications
FriSep 1014:00Laura EscobarWall-crossing phenomenon for Newton--Okounkov bodies
FriJul 1614:00Matt BakerLift theorems for representations of matroids over pastures
FriJul 0214:00Jan DraismaThe geometry of GL-varieties
FriJun 1814:00Dhruv RanganathanPiecewise polynomials and the moduli space of curves
FriJun 0414:00Enrica MazzonTropical affine manifolds in mirror symmetry and Berkovich geometry
FriMay 2114:00Matilde ManzaroliReal fibered morphisms of real del Pezzo surfaces
FriMay 0714:00Lionel LangPatchworking the Log-critical locus of planar curves
FriApr 2314:00Alex FinkTropical ideals of projective hypersurfaces
FriApr 0914:00Alex EsterovTropical characteristic classes
FriMar 2614:00Margarida MeloOn the top weight cohomology of the moduli space of abelian varieties
FriMar 1914:00Alicia DickensteinOptimal Descartes rule of signs for polynomial systems supported on circuits
FriFeb 2614:00Lucía López de MedranoTopology of tropical varieties
FriFeb 1215:00Erwan BrugalléPolynomial properties of tropical refined invariants
FriJan 2914:00Kristin ShawReal phase structures on tropical varieties
FriJan 1514:00Omid AminiThe tropical Hodge conjecture
FriDec 1114:00Claudia YunThe S_n-equivariant rational homology of the tropical moduli spaces \Delta_{2,n}.
FriDec 0414:00Georg LohoOriented matroids from triangulations of products of simplices
FriNov 1315:00Hannah MarkwigCounting bitangents of plane quartics - tropical, real and arithmetic
FriOct 3014:00Fuensanta ArocaTropical geometry in higher rank
FriOct 1614:00Jeffrey GiansiracusaA general theory of tropical differential equations
FriOct 0214:00Bernd SturmfelsTheta surfaces
FriSep 1814:00Felipe RincónTropical ideals
FriSep 0414:00Xiang HeA tropical approach to the Severi problem
FriAug 2114:00Sally AndriaAbel maps for nodal curves via tropical geometry
FriAug 0714:00Oliver LorscheidTowards a cohomological understanding of the tropical Riemann--Roch theorem
FriJul 2414:00Eugenii ShustinExpressive curves
FriJul 1014:00Yoav LenBrill--Noether theory of Prym varieties
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