Art and Math Seminar

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Kansas State University

Audience: General audience
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Natasha Rozhkovskaya*
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The scholar interdisciplinary online seminar is dedicated to visual creativity inspired by mathematical sciences. The invited speakers are mathematicians, scientists, engineers, computer scientists, art historians, architects, artists, educators. The seminar is aimed to the university level audience. To attend the talks please complete the registration form at the website of the seminar

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuApr 2517:00Xavier GràciaMusical scales, a never-ending story
FriMar 0818:00Kristóf FenyvesiTBA
ThuFeb 0818:00Asli AgirbasThe Geometry of Muqarnas
ThuNov 1618:00Sergei TabachnikovBilliards in Conics
ThuNov 0918:00Natasha RozhkovskayaHistorical and Mathematical Influences in the Works of Nakamura, Asawa, and Obata
ThuNov 0217:00Neil J. A. SloanePictures from 50 Years of the OEIS
ThuOct 1217:00Antony JeevarajanSpace : A Promising Frontier
ThuApr 2717:00Aurélien AlvarezTBA
ThuApr 1317:00Frank FarrisLovely Tangles: Fourier Series for Mathematical Art
ThuMar 0918:00Jason WebbTBA
ThuDec 0118:00Laurent Di MenzaThe Mathematics of Juggling: about Balls and Braids
ThuOct 2717:00Gregory Moore and Karin RabeSquare Dancing And Its Relation To Mathematics
ThuOct 0617:00Diana DavisIllustrating mathematics
ThuApr 2117:00Vera VianaStudying Polyhedra with Advanced Digital Tools
ThuFeb 2418:00Diogo Pereira HenriquesCreativity and Math as a Common Language
ThuFeb 1018:00George FrancismathARTmath
WedNov 1018:00Henry SegermanTwo projects: Mathematical dice design and Variants of the 15-puzzle and the effects of holonomy
ThuNov 0417:00Zdeňka GuadarramaArt as a Medium for Doing Mathematics In the Classroom
ThuOct 1417:00Steve GoddardCryptograph: Revisiting An Exhibition For Alan Turing
ThuApr 2217:00André RangelObjectile and Utopia – Artistic Expression combining Geometry and Arithmetics
ThuApr 0817:00François ApéryThe Henri Poincaré Institute collection of mathematical models in Paris
ThuApr 0117:00Rebecca BlocksomeThe Gospel of René Descartes
ThuMar 0419:00Curtis T. McMullenIllustrating Infinity
ThuFeb 1818:00Nikolai AndreevMechanisms by Pafnuty Chebyshev: from Watt's problem to the approximation theory
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