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mathematical physics K-theory and homology logic operator algebras quantum algebra representation theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 15:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: David Evans*, Edwin Beggs, Gwion Evans, Rolf Gohm, Timothy Porter
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Description: Mathematical physics - physical mathematics

Instructions for joining the googlegroup and obtaining the livestream link can be obtained from the organizers.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueNov 2216:30Gregory MooreSumming over bordisms in TQFT
TueNov 1516:30Tatiana Gateva-IvanovaSet-theoretic solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation and their quadratic algebras
TueNov 0816:30Gabor SzaboThe dynamical Kirchberg-Phillips theorem
TueNov 0116:30William SlofstraBell inequalities and decision problems in C*-algebras
TueOct 1815:30Sahand SeifnashriNon-Invertible Symmetries and their Representations
TueOct 1115:30Palle JorgensenReflection positivity
TueOct 0415:30Christopher SchafhauserSubalgebras of simple AF-algebras
TueJun 0715:30Hannes ThielAre C*-algebras determined by their linear and orthogonality structure?
TueMay 3115:30George ElliottClassification of C*-algebras - simple vs. non-simple
TueMay 1015:30Bethany MarshAn introduction to tau-exceptional sequences
TueMar 2216:30Alexis VirelizierState sum invariants of homotopy classes of maps
TueMar 1516:30Elizabeth GillaspyK-theory for real k-graph C*-algebras
TueMar 0816:30David ReutterFusion 2-categories, their Drinfeld centers, and the minimal modular extension conjecture
TueMar 0116:30Amanda YoungA bulk gap in the presence of edge states for a Haldane pseudopotential
TueFeb 2216:30Alexandru ChirvasituFlavors of rigidity
TueFeb 1516:30Jesse PetersonProperly proximal von Neumann Algebras
TueFeb 0816:30Guoliang YuA new index theory for noncompact manifolds and Gromov's compactness conjecture
TueFeb 0116:30Claus KoestlerSpreadability and Partial Spreadability
TueDec 0716:30Gwyn BellamyInvariant holonomic systems for symmetric spaces
TueNov 3016:30Jacob BridgemanEnriched topological codes
TueNov 2316:30Moritz WeberEasy quantum groups and quantum permutations
TueNov 1611:00George WillisFlat groups of automorphisms of totally disconnected locally compact groups.
TueNov 0916:30Colleen DelaneyZesting and Witten-Reshetikhin-Turaev invariants
TueNov 0216:30Adrian IoanaAlmost commuting matrices and stability for product groups
TueOct 2615:30Sergei GukovMTCs and TQFTs from 3d Coulomb branches
TueOct 1915:30Semeon ArtamonovGenus two Double Affine Hecke Algebra and its classical limit
TueOct 1215:30Ehud MeirInterpolations of monoidal categories by invariant theory
TueOct 0515:30Victor OstrikTwo dimensional topological field theories and partial fractions
TueSep 2810:00Arnaud BrothierJones' actions: from conformal field theory to Richard Thompson’s group
TueJun 0115:30Matthew BuicanaXb=c in 2+1D TQFT
TueMay 2515:30Johannes KellendonkBragg spectrum and gap-labelling, a topological approach
TueMay 1115:30Jonathan RosenbergGap Labeling and the Noncommutative Bloch Theorem
TueMay 0410:00Yuki AranoErgodic theory of affine isometric actions on Hilbert spaces
TueApr 2715:30Emily RiehlElements of ∞-Category Theory
TueApr 2010:00Yoshiko OgataClassification of gapped ground state phases in quantum spin systems
TueMar 2316:30Zhengwei LiuQuantum Fourier Analysis
TueMar 1616:30Cain Edie-MitchellType II quantum subgroups for sl_n
TueMar 0916:30Reinhard WernerTopological classification of spin chains and quantum walks
TueMar 0216:30Nilanjana DattaPerfect discrimination of unitary channels and novel quantum speed limits
TueFeb 2311:00Mayuko YamashitaThe classification problem of non-topological invertible QFT’s and a “physicists-friendly” model for the Anderson duals
TueFeb 1616:30Bin GuiCategorical extensions of conformal nets
TueFeb 0916:30Andrew SchopierayNumber fields and the quantum subgroup problem
TueFeb 0216:30Ivan CherednikRiemann hypothesis for plane curve singularities
TueJan 2616:30Claudia ScheimbauerThe AKSZ construction as a fully extended topological field theory
TueDec 1516:30Feng XuRigorous results about relative entropy in QFT
TueDec 0811:00Chris BourneGapped ground states and symmetry protected topological (SPT) phases of infinite fermion chains
TueDec 0116:30Ralf MeyerCoarse geometry and topological insulators
TueNov 2416:30Philippe Di FrancescoTriangular Ice: Combinatorics and Limit Shapes
TueNov 1716:30Cris NegronQuantum groups at even roots of unity and their corresponding vertex algebras
TueNov 1016:30Theo Johnson-FreydPseudounitary slightly degenerate braided fusion categories admit minimal modular extensions
TueNov 0316:30Richard ThomasCounting sheaves on Calabi-Yau 4-folds
TueOct 2716:30Lai-Sang YoungObservable events and typical trajectories in finite and infinite dimensional dynamical systems
TueOct 2010:00Narutaka OzawaAn entropic proof of cutoff on Ramanujan graphs
TueOct 1315:30Inna Entova-AizenbudJacobson-Morozov Lemma for Lie superalgebras using semisimplification
TueOct 0615:30Jon KeatingJoint Moments of Characteristic Polynomials of Random Unitary Matrices Abstact:
TueSep 2915:30Ezra GetzlerLie n-groupoids
TueSep 2215:30Sergey NeshveyevDual cocycles and quantization of locally compact groups
TueSep 1515:30Barry SimonThe Tale of a Wrong Conjecture: Borg’s Theorem for Periodic Jacobi Matrices on Trees
TueSep 0815:30Ian CharlesworthFree Stein Dimension
TueJul 1415:30Mike HartglassRealizations of Rigid C*-tensor categories as bimodules over GJS C*-algebras
TueJul 0709:00James TenerThin cobordisms and operator algebras in conformal field theory
TueJun 3015:30Constantin TelemanGo and No-Go in Chern-Simons theory
TueJun 2309:00Gus LehrerThe second fundamental theorem of invariant theory for the orthosymplectic and periplectic groups
TueJun 1615:30Ilijas FarahRecent applications of set theory to operator algebras
TueJun 0910:00Zhengfeng JiA complexity-theoretic solution to Connes' Embedding Problem
TueJun 0215:30Stefan HollandsState recovery
TueMay 2615:30Tobias OsborneThe search for a Haagerup CFT: a microscopic approach
TueMay 1915:30Makoto YamashitaCategorical quantization of symmetric spaces and reflection equation
TueMay 1215:00Roland SpeicherRandom matrices and their limits
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