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Centre de recherches mathématiques

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 16:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Centre de recherches mathématiques, CRM*, Khadra, Anmar, Flore Lubin*
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Description: Weekly seminar - math biological

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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueDec 0617:00Amber SmithTBA
TueNov 2917:00John MurrayTBA
TueNov 0817:00James FaederTBA
TueNov 0116:00Peter HarrisonTBA
TueSep 2716:00Amy GoldbergEvolutionary perspectives on malaria: humans, primates, and the parasites we share
TueSep 2016:00Michael FrankBigger data about smaller people: Studying language learning at scale
TueApr 1216:00Sam GershmanTBA
TueApr 0516:00Allison ShawParasites, animal migration, and how perspective shapes science
TueMar 2216:00Antoine AllardTBA
TueFeb 2217:00Josh McDermottTBA
TueFeb 0117:00Becca AsquithTBA
TueJan 2517:00Gary BaderTBA
TueDec 1417:00Guillaume LajoieTop-down optimization recovers biological coding principles of single-neuron adaptation in RNNs
TueNov 3017:00Ben GoultThe MeshCODE theory – does our brain store memories in a binary format?
TueOct 0516:00Marc TimmeModel-free inference of network structural features from observed dynamics
TueMay 1116:00Maryam M. ShanechiDynamical modeling, decoding, and control of multiscale brain networks: from motor to mood
TueApr 2716:00Stephen CoombesNext generation neural field modelling
TueApr 2016:00Arjun KrishnaswamyMolecular cues for the assembly and function of retinal circuits
TueApr 0616:00Jonathan MichaelsCombining deep learning and primate electrophysiology to understand reach and grasp control
FriAug 2816:30Angela ReynoldsModeling the Innate Immune Cells
FriAug 1416:30Mark ChaplainA Mathematical Framework for Modelling the Metastatic Spread of Cancer
ThuAug 1316:30Morgan Craig, Adrianne Jenner, Paul Macklin, Randy Heiland, and Pantea PoolavandComputational modelling to study cancer biology and treatments
FriAug 0716:15Jonathan RubinMultiple roles of synaptic “inhibition” & how they arise in decision-making pathways in the basal ganglia
ThuAug 0614:00Tyler Cassidy, Francesca Scarabel, Shaza AlsibaaiCRM-CAMBAM Mini-workshop in Mathematical Biology
FriJul 3116:30Philip MainiModelling collective cell movement in biology and medicine
MonJul 2713:00Thomas BuryInteractive data visualisations in Python
FriJul 2416:15Frithjof LutscherA seasonal hybrid model for the evolution of flowering onset in plants
FriJul 1716:15Sue Ann CampbellModulation of synchronization by a slowly varying M-current
FriJul 1016:15José Antonio CarrilloAttractive-repulsive models in collective behavior and applications
FriJul 0316:15Carson ChowGlobal predictions of unreported SARS-CoV2 infection from observed COVID-19 cases
FriJun 2616:15Thomas HillenMathematical Modeling of the Immune-Mediated Theory of Metastasis
FriJun 1920:00James SneydModeling Calcium Signaling in Live Animals
FriJun 1216:15André LongtinGamma and Beta Burst Rhythms and E-I network inference
FriJun 0514:00Cambam ZoomposiumCambam Zoomposium: Multiple Timescales in Neuronal and Other Systems
FriMay 2916:15Yoichiro MoriCell volume control and osmosis-driven cell movement
FriMay 2216:30Mathieu DesrochesSlow-fast analysis of neural bursters: old and new
FriMay 1516:30Pouya BashivanAnalyze, Predict & Control: A Pragmatic Approach to Understanding the Visual Brain
FriMay 0816:30Roeland MerksCollective cell nehavior and cell migration
FriMay 0116:15Claire GuerrierModeling axon-myelin relationships: insights on signal propagation and modulation
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